1. Sai

    The bloggers should probe the below:

    Why was Treasury secretary John Snow booted out in 2006 and Hank brought in? The white house knew the brewing problem. Also Tim G tried to address just the acknowledgement of backlogs in IRD and Credit derivatives trades.

    Can someone break down GS P&L/BS within FICC?

    Blankfein has defended in the senate hearing and on Charlie Rose show that selling Abacus is akin to market making. And the gullible public does not know how different market making in non equity OTC is compared to equities/exchange trades.

    And LB also claimed he makes 10% of revenue by way of prop trading. Prop trading is much more than 10%. They front run on all that they see – order flows from asset management, servicing, prime brokerage, block trades, and also use research to off load block trades they take on their books.

    And they are in collusion with hedge funds to force sell IRD and currency swaps to munis and school districts and small and large businesses, and fleece the main street when the rates turn.

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