Antidote du Jour

Ed Harrison will graciously be providing proper Links later (I’m traveling today and have to be back up in four hours, and so a bit jammed), but I know e-mail subscribers get unhappy if they miss their Antidote du Jour, so I’m putting one up (Ed will have one in the proper Links later) with one wee item:

Fears of global currency war rise Financial Times

Antidote du jour:

Picture 11

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      1. i on the ball patriot

        The slandering of the pig,
        That is made without care,
        Is in fact quite apt,
        For life is unfair …

        Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  1. F. Beard

    Concerning Swine Flu and bankers

    When pigs can fly
    like birdies do
    then I’ll be afraid
    of that there flu.

    Except bankers can fly
    (and always first class)
    so maybe, just maybe
    I should wear a mask.

  2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    I had a little bird
    and its name was Enza
    I opened the window
    in flew Enza

    Congress had a little pig
    and its name was Ence
    it opened its donation chest
    in flew Ence.

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