We are Number One on Technorati!

Well, at least we are number one as of yesterday, when Richard Smith noticed our rating, and today among business blogs. Don’t know how long this will last. But look how we beat blogs with a lot more people as dedicated contributors!

And if you look at the Technorati ratings for business blogs + news sites together, we are number two, with the Guardian as number one (although the news category is a bit spotty, odd who is and isn’t included).

Thanks to all you loyal readers and linkers, as well as our regular guest posters and contributors, including Tom Adams, Marshall Auerback, Ed Harrison, Richard Smith, and George Washington!


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  1. toxymoron

    Well deserved indeed. More traffic and more DOS attacks to come :)
    I hope you will continue this blog and not disappear (as e.g. Willem Buiter) being bought in (bought out ?) by the establishment.
    Keep up the good works.

  2. Dikaios Logos

    Big congratulations! That is wonderful to hear. It is great to know that you are getting some credit for all of your hard work and that more people are interested in the issues you have been raising for so long!

  3. Pascal Blacque


    As of yesterday … the PR machine has kicked in high gear (earnings season helping) and the banks seem to have gathered some strong backing (Duh…) even while trampling their own investment rules, the Rule of Law, State jurisdiction, etc. … and Obummer is nowhere to be heard (Duh…) … Gees… never thought the French would lead by example… Ha!

    We are now officially entering the country “Chiquita Banana” … Citizens beware …

    Read this to understand why this is not about faulty foreclosure paperwork and/or “deadbeats” being evicted without cause …

    Some Sand in the Gears of Securitizing:

    Remember that Virgin Airlines TV ad “Where is Everybody?” …

  4. Sufferin' Succotash

    I figured you must be doing something right, given some of the hysterical responses from the Technical-Glitch-Deadbeats-Nothing-To-See-Here crowd.
    I’ve learned more about reality-based economics on this blog than in all the WaPo editorials put together! Isn’t that amazing?!

  5. john bougearel

    Nice to see confirmation of what I and so many of your loyal and avid readers already know.

    Congrats Yves,

    And many thanks for the tons and tons of hard work you do.

    1. readerOfTeaLeaves

      Just a ‘second’ to that hat tip on the hard work. (I can’t fathom the amount of work this blog and some of the posts — including guest posts! — require, but it’s been a pleasure to be able to access such outstanding info.)

      Also, THANK YOU for the Odiego links — great time-savers!

      The Technorati data also give me hope that enough of us value ‘truth, honesty, and frank analysis’ over b.s., and that there’s a growing awareness that the Free Market Fundamentalist ideology and EHM silliness is long overdue for the dustbin.

    2. readerOfTeaLeaves

      Just a ‘second’ to that hat tip on the hard work.
      Also, thanks for the Odiego links — great time-savers!

      The Technorati data give me hope that enough of us value ‘truth, honesty, and frank analysis’ over corporate b.s. and EMH fantasies.

  6. tfitzaz

    Well deserved, a daily go to spot, with the most incisive information and insight that just slams the superficial treatment of these issues as portrayed by MSM.

  7. john

    Best commentary, analysis and comments on the web (and the antidotes are second only to CuteOverload, which is hard to beat).

    I’ve been following since you guest posted on Big Picture…and have slowly stopped visiting most other blogs because the quality elsewhere just does not compare.

    Thanks, Yves.

  8. Peter T

    I am not so interested in the ranking of the best economy blogs as I am interested that they exist in the first place. Without them, I would often have to choose between left and right BS. Thanks again for the good work, Yves.

    1. Kevin de Bruxelles

      I would often have to choose between left and right

      You make and exceedingly important point. I’m also a refuge from the left / right ideological chains that enslave so many people and I am very thankful for this sanctuary from all that.

      Congratulations Yves!

      1. Anonymous Jones

        I feel similarly. I have so little free time; it is great to have a refuge like this where I can read such fantastic posts all in one place.

      2. i on the ball patriot

        Then let’s not call it the deflective left and right.

        Let’s call it what it really is …

        The Top and the Bottom.

        The rich and the poor.

        The have and the have not.

        The oppressor and the oppressed.

        The exploiter and the exploited.

        Choosing between left and right masks the wealth and allows the greedy rich man to hide in a deflective political philosophy. Make him defend and say he is a more deserving human being at the TOP than those humans at the BOTTOM whom he has put under the bridges and into the tent cities.


        Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  9. nowhereman

    Between your book and my daily visits to your site, I have received quite an education.
    Many thanks to Yves and all the other regulars, for here is a site were truth prevails.

  10. DownSouth



    I don’t know how you do it or what keeps you going, but certainly this is a milestone worth celebrating. I and all your other faithful readers are elated.

  11. EmilianoZ

    This is mainly due to other blogs massively linking to your coverage of the foreclosure debacle. Before that, some weeks ago, you were around number 5 in the business blog category where you’re now number 1. It looks Technorati doesn’t take into account stuff like the number of readers or comments.

    That’s a great achievement.

    1. William C

      To add my congratulations. Your success is fully deserved.

      Also to say I much enjoyed Econned and am rereading it to savour it better. I know that you must have put in an enormous amount of work into it, having brought out a book of my own last year (on a completely unrelated topic).

      Keep up the great work. The world badly needs people like you.

  12. Darby Shaw

    As a newcomer to the NC scene, I would like to thank not only you Yves, and your contributers, but to everyone who posts on these threads as well. I have never engaged a forum that has so many amazingly intelligent, engaged, and entertaining readers. The highlight of my morning for since discovering your site has been waking up and seeing who has posted what and the subsequent discussions that follow on these threads. Kudos to all, its rare to see such a well thought out and passionate community!

  13. moslof

    Congratulations This site should lead the ratings. The content is timely and the level of insight is unsurpassed.

  14. gf

    Great site.
    Especially the into to MMT.
    (never would have thought about things that way)

    I hope that you can continue to educate the people over at BNN (boy do they need it, before they slide into the US’s malaise).


  15. i on the ball patriot

    You want to really grow this blog?

    Organize the election boycotts that will dump this crooked government and its crooked electoral process that keeps the wealthy elite gangsters in power by producing an endless stream of subservient political hack puppets.

    The Constitution — revise and devise …

    Create a new government and devise a new FED less banking system that gives money directly to the people at zero interest instead of to the parasitic banks at zero interest that then charge usurious rates and invest in other than the people.

    Devise a system that gives zero interest loans for socially responsible sustainable projects.

    Devise a system that gives you a Constitutionally guaranteed right to equal access to audience and equal power of voice Free Speech.

    Its time to reset the crooked playing field.

    No balls! No brains! No Freedom!

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  16. Francois T

    What? Did I read that correctly?
    Rewards may go where they’re supposed to?


    Well deserved Yves!

  17. OregonChris

    As bad as the news usually is on this site, it brings me a lot of peace of mind to learn about and understand real issues. Reading MSM and left-wing rants was always quite alienating because it was clear that neither had an interest in really understanding and explaining the issues with the seriousness that they deserved. Thank you Yves, contributors and commenters.

  18. Keenan

    Hearty congratulations on the Technorati ranking. NC has been essential to my understanding of the games being played in the world of finance & the economy. Your efforts especially along with those of your contributors and commentators are most appreciated.

  19. Bob Alexander

    Congratulations and thanks for what you do. I forward links and articles 4 or 5 times a week — so you can get to those non-21st century folks that don’t know about you yet! I’d like to say “keep up the good work” — but can you afford to do all this? Does the Tip Jar and donation link help enough?

  20. bystander

    Hooray Yves for your immense efforts, your public spirit, your perseverance, and the heart that you have!

  21. skippy


    When I sit hear reading yours and commenter’s prose…I find your book spline within my periphery…its jacket displaying a man dressed in black…upon a thin red wire…one hand clutching a briefcase…capitalism’s agent non de plume…other outstretched for balance…weights disparity…acts of illusion…grasping at the thin red line…polemic colors of distinction…black capitalism’s heartless inequalities…red empathic ethos…blood flows through out humanity…redress like a lovers failings…figurine with feminine attire…would be better suited methinks…

    Skippy…A small offering of appreciation…


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