Guest Post: Tests Now Being Conducted for Corexit and Oil … Results Not Very Reassuring

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Real testing is starting to be conducted on dispersant and oil in the Gulf, the results are not looking so good:

In related news:

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  1. Travis Bassett

    I don’t think anyone ever had faith in the “smell test” to start with. The FL fish photos are particularly disgusting.

    Is anyone else surprised that 40 percent of Mobile AL have some faith in BP/the government?

  2. Beau Deters

    It would be nice to have a proper functioning government and to prosecute the officers at BP, Trans-Alantic, Hariburton, et al. It would be even better to see the whole MMS prosecuted for watching porn, doing drugs, accepting bribes and lavish gifts from oil drillers instead of insuring the safety of those drilling (IG Report and Finding, not my own opinions, and as of today only 1 person has resigned and no criminal charges have been filed not even for accepting a bribe using drugs during working hours accepting escort services during working hours both on site. Ladies and gentlemen you can not even make this stuff up, it was all in the IG report).

  3. Dubious rex

    That corexit number of 500 ppm is startling high.

    For the non scientists that’s equivalent to 500 mg per liter of water or 1/2 gram per liter of water. Just look at a 500 mg tablet of vitamin C to get an idea of how much you would consume after a large shrimp meal of approx 1 kg or 2.2 pounds.

  4. mg

    I want to say thank you to the author and Yves for continuing to report on the BP oil catastrophe. The media might have moved away from this continuing horror but it still needs attention.

  5. required

    i gave up warm water seafood. fda can’t be trusted to ensure safety of the food supply. but then i wonder, does it matter? genetically modified foods, hormones (and ???) junked up livestock, salmonella, e. coli, listeria, …

    all for a dollar.

  6. Jardinero1

    Given a choice between gulf seafood and oil from the Gulf of Mexico, I will take the oil any day of the week. I live on the gulf and I have never trusted the seafood in any case.

    All this handwringing over Corexit is emblematic of how ignorant most are about the causes and sources of toxins in the gulf. The primary source of toxins is waste from farms and urban areas. The crapp that spews into the gulf from rivers and streams, in both volume and toxicity, absolutely dwarfs what has been emitted by the blown well and the corexit.

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