1. Chris LaHaie

    Loved this interview Yves. You articulated the issues with amazing clarity. I also wanted to compliment you regarding your style of promotion for your book. I watched the Walen interview and he referenced his book several times during his spot on the show. My opinion that answering the questions so well as you did without trying to sell your book made for much better marketing. Walen’s first concern seemed to be plugging his book and his second concern was the interview. I thought it made him look desperate to sell books.

  2. Keenan

    Most excellently done, Yves. Your use of the words “hocus pocus” perfectly describes the ongoing game that Fed / Treasury are running in collusion with the bankers. America continues to be Econned by these deceivers.

  3. Cedric Regula

    I’m happy to announce I finally started to read Ives book.

    I must confess I took it out at the library, but my ZIRP income is forcing me to become even more of a cheapskate than usual. But maybe I’ll get a Amazon gift certificate for Christmas so I can buy my own copy.

    Only made it thru Chapter 3 so far, but it is confirming what I new already…economics is a bunch of crap…and I’m sure I’ll learn some new stuff as I progress thru the rest of the book.

    1. anon48

      Nice job. Succinct, clear and matter of fact. Good vocal variety. Looks like you’re trying to use hand gestures more effectively to reinforce key points. You’ve become a real pro at doing TV interviews.

      Only suggestion- try to smile a little more if you can do it naturally.

  4. Jack Rip

    The clarity in the BBN appearance is evident at Naked Capitalism day in and day out. The question is why are the banks and the Obama gang ignoring the obvious?

  5. niki

    What appears to be missing is that the banks are apparently making more money by cashing in on dredit default swaps than by allowing the mortages to mature. If this is true, why would they not want as many mortages to default as possible?

  6. bsmi021

    It so nice to hear someone speck the truth and it also so unfortunate that the people who could do the most with it DO NOT LISTEN! Also folks please do not forget that the wonderfully (tongue in cheek) financial team in Washington change and allows banks and large companies to hide large losses (mark to market) this was change to make the banks look better than they are. So the reckoning is still to come the US will have a lost decade, and to many do not believe we will.

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