Colbert Report: Glenn Greenwald Discusses Being Targeted by HB Gary

The Colbert Report did a fine job of recapping the issues in a smear campaign that was being planned by the so-called cyber security firm HB Gary (along with Palantir and Berico Technologies) against journalists who defended WikiLeaks, in particular Salon’s Glenn Greenwald.

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Corporate Hacker Tries to Take Down WikiLeaks – Glenn Greenwald
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  1. psychohistorian

    Well, I have to fully disclose that I currently bank at BofA….I am part of the problem. They had my mortgage until a few months ago and I haven’t taken the time to make a move.

    So the take away I got from the Colbert/Greenwald interview is that we live in a country where the factual news is only provided as humorous satire.

  2. Cedric Regula

    I love this stuff, but I still take Yves as my healthy incarnation of a world where fantasies exist that only we can create with the simple worldly tools we poses.

  3. Paul Repstock

    OT. but a nod to those of you Americans who are sick of my ommenting on your topics. This is how bad things can get in a “democratic” country. Shame on George Orwell for lacking imagination.

    To think that a government body would try to sneak through such a piece of garbage. Very lucky that there are good people atching them. This was not a drill. repeat, /this was not a drill! It was an attempt to free the news media from consequence for spouting anything the government or the corporate world fed them.

    1. psychohistorian

      Thanks for the link, Paul. The last sentence is a good summary of the point.

      “Kania said committee members concluded that free speech guarantees don’t apply to broadcast licence holders in the same way as they do to individuals.”

      This is the difference in the US, plain and simple.

      America is under control of banks, government and corporations all owned by the sociopathic rich that have used that chink in the countries moral and ethical armor to brainwash enough of us pond scum into thinking that their world is the right world.

      History will show whether the rest of us pond scum rise to this occasion.

    2. Paul Repstock

      Thanks guys.
      I think we can all take heart from the lengths they have to go to in justifying these things. The one thing none of us can afford is complacency. Even in those cases where they loose, the money pit for continued assaults is endless.

      I council people to not play by the government rules. That is the most certain path to loose. The bureacratic monster is endless. The only way for good people to win is by rejecting all of their claims of authority.

      I cannot yet identify the specific entity we confront. It is not sufficient to condemn rich people or government people, or even corporations. The enemy is somehow larger than any of these. And also, the groups mentioned are not homogenous; within each of the groups mentioned there are many decent and good people. There appears to be some imperative, some ‘lemming like’, march of mankind toward a cliff of destruction.

      I will welcome any help on the subject so that together we can try to stop it.

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