1. Maju

    Funny indeed.

    However the more I ponder the matter, the less I believe the rape allegations (and notice that I did accept them initially because I presumed that there was a strong case). First, this guy is (was?) far too rich, famous, powerful and smart to need to resort to rape in such unlikely circumstances. Second, would it have been true rape, it is much more likely that he’d been covered up than arrested.

    Have you read Thierry Meissan’s interpretation? He makes no concessions re. DSK or his financial-political career (ultra-Zionist, merciless IMF boss) but he mentions a couple of details that make it look a setup.

    On one side it is most strange that, with all his political clout and network he was paraded before the cameras the way he was, not even allowed to shave. He was not given bail (he resides in Washington D.C.). The Special Victims Unit did not allow the Airport police to handle the arrest (as usual) but insisted on being them the ones to do it, however they ordered a jamming of mobile phones (a most exceptional measure) so DSK could not get any advance notice of the upcoming arrest.

    For Meyssan the reason behind this plot would not be just the political rivalry with Sarkozy but rather it is a (mostly) US-made conspiracy to prevent the plan to create an international reserve currency from being implemented, even if the USA adhered to it in Montreal last year.

    It is also related with the war in Libya because, it seems, Libya was the first state to test the new reserve currency as base for its own, the dinar. The intriguing intervention in Libya, led by Sarkozy with, essentially, US and British support (and opposition by all other powers, including Germany and Italy) would then achieve, among other things, this goal of destroying the SDR-based exchange system and keeps the old US dollar as only realistic option (though I’d rather invest in yuans, sincerely).

    1. P

      Your argument for a setup also suggests a good reason that the US would aggressively prosecute and not cover it up. However, rapists rape. Wealth and power have nothing to do with a propensity not to rape. If anything they encourage certain forms of abuse much like priests molesting children.

    2. attempter

      First, this guy is (was?) far too rich, famous, powerful and smart to need to resort to rape in such unlikely circumstances.

      Yes, it’s like the way once people become rich then they never commit crimes to become more rich because they’re already rich enough.

      1. on the flip side

        He could also be a serial predator who figured in that aspect he was above the law but in reality it was a lure and he could be ‘taken down’ at any time through his own perhaps even predictably bad behavior. The timing does seem rather odd considering it came just ahead of the European bailout talks but it is entirely possible that he really did assault the maid. The set up may have been simply to send her in to clean up the room knowing full well he was still in there and possibly even knowing he was still in the shower, having a good idea of what he’d likely do next.

        1. attempter

          I wasn’t expressing an opinion on the setup theory itself. I don’t have one yet. I was only critiquing the all-too-familiar logic that if a rich guy/actor/jock/whatever could get laid without resorting to rape, then an accusation against him must be false.

      1. Maju

        I know of T. Meyssan since years ago. He is reputed as a first line research journalist. Sadly research journalism has been pushed into the corners of communication space and

        I guess that is often these days accused of “conspiration theories”, which is nothing but a cliché: conspirations are normal stuff and any lawyer will tell you that much (another thing is to prove them).

        I know that in the USA people are trained into patriotic blindness but I was born under a fascist dictatorship and my father taught me to “read between lines”, i.e. not take the news for what they say but for they may hide.

    3. st

      Maju makes the all too common mistake of thinking that rape is about having sex. “Why would a rich man need to rape someone in order to get laid?”

      Rape has very little to do with sex as most of us understand it. Rape is about power, about domination.

      You can’t pay to dominate another person–not really. Paying for it makes it a voluntary transaction all around. You can only pretend-dominate a willing seller. Play at rape. Fun in its own way, but never enough to satisfy a predator. Committing a crime–imposing your will on your victim–is the point of the thing.

      Once you understand that, you’ll never ask “why would a wealthy and successful person ever commit rape?” And until you understand it, there’s not much point in discussing it.

      1. Maju

        You can play rape and all other kinds of sexual domination/submission – that is not the problem. And, as I say elsewhere, he could pay for a kidnapping or whatever (and surely nobody would ever know).

        In any case, anyone so much concerned about power knows that they cannot go around making scandals in general because their rivals will exploit them. This guy was not just the IMF chief but also the main candidate to run against Sarko for the French Presidency. It just does not make any sense.

        And, as they have put it elsewhere, the story is changing every day, so we really can’t judge… We only know that it is very strange and smells foul.

    4. lambert strether

      Surely both/and, not either/or?

      For whatever reason, a faction of the powers that be decided that DSK’s impunity was no longer operative. That’s how I read it.

  2. Crocodile Chuck

    The woman in question is reported to be 6′ tall. DSK is, what, 5’6″?


  3. jbmoore

    If DSK’s bodily fluids are on the woman’s dress, especially semen stains, then he has no defense unless he claims the OJ Simpson defense of contamination of the DNA samples. He would have walked by now if that evidence were lacking or showed that the DNA in the fluids was not his. My guess is that he likely has a history of sexually abusing women and getting away with it. This time he underestimated the woman, the hotel, and the police.

    1. Crocodile Chuck

      Maju-interesting article; thanks for the link.

      things that (also) make you go, hmmmmmmmmmm………..

      1) as I understand it, DSK was trying to reposition the IMF to a stance of ‘all parties taking haircuts’ ie, bondholders. Greece being the proximate focus. On the other hand, we have this:


      so, DSK was on the wrong side of Geithner, the world’s biggest banks and the NY Fed (Geithner’s former domain)

      2) the French political situation with the election later this year does not need any articulation, re: Socialist Party, Sarkozy, etc

      Troubling ‘coincidences’:

      DSK allegedly assaulted the maid coming out of the bathroom naked (anytime I’ve been in this situation, its been ME that’s been taken aback….and I’ve certainly never felt the urge to, erm, ……

      it happened in a Sofitel hotel, owned by Accor, a FR company

      the CEO of Accor, Gilles Pélisson, is a crony and supporter of……Sarkozy

      Sarko wedged between the Socialist party and Le Pen’s daughter, Marine (Nationalist party; far right) in election later this year

      the incident occurred in a US$3,000 per night suite. in my experience, housekeeping staff servicing these areas know the identities of hotel guests on these floors

      furthermore, these female staff do not usually enter rooms inhabited by single men alone, but in pairs, eg with the floor or hsekeeping manager.

      the plaintiff (maid) is an immigrant from Guinea…………………………….a former FR colony

      she is reported to be 6′ tall, and was physically overcome by a man half a foot shorter? for oral sex, no less?

      the maid has a teenage son, and lives (?) in NY on $24,000 per annum

      the incident was first reported in France, via Twitter, by Sarko supporters

      things that make you go, hmmmmmm……..

    2. Externality

      An interesting twist is the way his alibi defense disappeared the minute the media reported that the victim lived in a housing project intended for people with HIV/AIDS. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/imf_accuser_in_apt_for_hiv_vics_oZmUkbtouJ14RHw1434HvJ (Subsequent media reports claim that she sub-lets an apartment from someone with HIV). Until the media reported that the victim had HIV, his lawyers claimed that he was having lunch with his daughter while the alleged rape and forcible sodomy occurred. http://www.businessinsider.com/dsk-alibi-2011-5

      (Considering the reports of blood on the sheets and body fluids all over the carpet, the risk of HIV transmission is not zero. Insertive partners are at lower risk, especially if they are circumcised, as Strauss-Kahn likely is, but the possibility of transmission remains. Trauma or contact with blood increase the risk of HIV-transmission.)

      It would be interesting to see whether he asked to be placed on post-exposure prophylaxis while in custody. (Taking HAART within 72 hours of exposure reduces the risk of contracting the virus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-exposure_prophylaxis#HIV ) Asking his jailers for HAART would be tantamount to an admission that he had had sex with the alleged victim and be wholly inconsistent with an alibi defense.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        The sperm recipient is at vastly greater odds of getting HIV. I don’t approve, but I know of a male gay couple where one partner has HIV, the other doesn’t, and they are having sex without condoms, let us just politely say based on this view of the risks. The consequences of getting HIV are horrible, but it’s not a highly transmissible disease.

        And even though you can theoretically get HIV from oral sex, there are pretty close to no documented cases.

        So even if she has HIV, the odds that DSK got it are pretty much nada (although I’d bet he is still hugely worried). And later media reports said she has a sublet in that building, that she did not get the apartment though the HIV program.

        I think the dropping of the lunch with the daughter story was a coincidence of timing. The hotel is full of cameras, it probably became clear early on it was lame.

        1. gepay2

          I have followed this HIV AIDS thing since it started.It has been based on bad science since the Gallo press conference before his paper was peer reviewed. The heterosexual AIDS plague has never materialized – unless you think diseases are different on different continents.Where are the AIDS deaths of wives of hemophiliacs? Is it possible that college kids use condoms every time they have sex? HIV>AIDS is not a Sexually transmitted disease if the HIV positive>AIDS is even viable itself. Where is the plague of AIDS that was going to bankrupt the states because of the outbreaks in prisons? HIV>AIDS>death was invented to stop the sexual revolution as Herpes just wasn’t scary enough.Remember who was President – a disease that kills homosexuals and drug addicts or people that have indiscriminate sex. Putting chemicals made by gangsters directly into your bloodstream with dirty needles will ruin your immune system. Getting promiscuously f****** up the ass by strangers will ruin your health. Taking the original concoctions of AZT would ruin your health and make HIVpositive>AIDS>death a self fulfilling prophecy. The US army tests for HIV and each year there is an absurdly low positive rate for young American males for a supposedly infectious disease. Also the patterns of positivity do not follow what they would be for a STD. I could go on but at some point in the future HIV positive>AIDS will go the way of fomites causing yellow fever. The only thing stopping it is 10 billion dollar a year+ pharmaceutical and research bonanza.

          1. Yves Smith Post author

            I know quite a few gay men in NYC with HIV and some that have died. I’d not be so casual in dismissing it. It is pronounced in certain populations. As I indicated, it is not highly transmissible but if you have sex repeatedly with people with HIV, you change the odds towards getting it.

          2. mogel

            There were some legitimate doubts at the beginning in the 80s about HIV->AIDS from some respected scientists. Their doubts were legitimate since the science wasn’t there at the time.

            Since then, there has been absolutely overwhelming evidence found for the connection. It’s probably fair to say that more is known about HIV than any other virus at this point.
            Will knowledge about HIV and AIDS change over time? No doubt, and maybe some of it will change, but the connection between HIV and AIDS and sexual transmission seems irrefutably strong at this point.

    1. Maju

      They have not heard that DSK is Jewish: in France everybody is first and foremost French, every other detail such as religion, sexual preferences and affairs, are typically private.

      I was raised in a culture similar to the French in many aspects and I never knew, for example, that Kissinger was Jewish either: he was “Austrian”.

      And, other than Jews and Muslims, nobody gets his attribute peeled, of course.

      1. Antipodeus

        That’s not true, you know. As a long-lapsed Anglican Christian, I can assure you that Christians have long been circumcised.

        1. F. Beard

          True. I was raised Catholic and was circumcised. But if DSK is Jewish then that cartoon is inaccurate.

        2. Maju

          Only in the Anglosaxon world, notably the USA (that’s something that puzzled me at first but it seems it was introduced as “medical” practice in order to hinder masturbation – very “Gringo”!). No Christian Church of European roots demands that. In fact it was a major factor in the divergence between Christianism and other Jewish sects: that circumcision became optional, mostly in order to attract more non-Jews to the sect (equally they also got rid of all other kosher stuff like prejudices against pork and such).

      2. Kevin Smith

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I recall, DSK was born in Morocco, then became French.

        Given DSK’s Moroccan origins, maybe someone will argue that it is time we had another European at the helm of the IMF.

  4. aluminum hat squad

    Maju, you have opened my eyes! I had not thought about it that way.

    Of course, men rape women out of desire! Therefore, DSK could not have been the initiator of intercourse with a lowly hotel maid when he could have any of the most beautiful women in the world! They beg to be with him! Therefore, if he had relations with this woman, it must have been consensual. What woman in her prime, with all the men in the city to chose from, could resist a short, soft, elderly man like DSK?

    And yes, with all his prestige and clout he was taken on the perp walk without being given permission to shave. Alas! Why was he not given special privileges? Why was he treated like any other man accused of rape? What is wrong with the American judicial system?

    That maid, she MUST be a liar and this must all be a conspiracy (an anti-zionist conspiracy?) to discredit a wonderful man! She was 6′ tall? No, no, she was really 6’5″ and had played in the Women’s NBA! Surely, she could not have been overcome by the diminutive DSK. Ah! Now I see. She offered herself to him (what woman wouldn’t?) and he, being a gentleman, politely refused. She is crying rape now in retaliation!

    And zut alors, these Americans, they will not grant bail so that he can take his French passport and jump on a private plane back to Europe. Europeans take this all in stride. After all, Roman Polanski, who drugged and sodomized a 13 year old, has lived comfortably, and socially accepted, in Europe, shielded from extradition. These Americans, so Puritanical, so unsophisticated!

    Libya? No, Maju, it is even more sinister. This entire conspiracy was undertaken to force a new head for the IMF. The Chinese want control of the IMF and they want it now. That’s why they’ve spent years planting evidence against DSK so that they could bring off this coup. Those women in France who have “finally” come forward to tell their stories of “seduction”, and that woman at the IMF who was forced into an affair with him, they are all Chinese plants!

    Keep digging, Maju! The world depends on you to bring the true story to light!

    1. Maju

      Thanks for the unncessary sarcasm. Since when the wealthy and powerful get a regular trial in the USA of all places. Do they ever get brought to justice?

      I have followed with great attention, day by day, the Deepwater Horizon affair for example, and I am still waiting for a single one of those mass criminals to be brought to court. I have also followed with interest the foreclosure mill affair and I have not seen any of those criminals organizing falsification of documents and illegal robbery of private property (homes!) being brought to court.

      Why would a hyper-powerful guy at the very heart of the World Government networks be applied normal law, which is only used for commoners, at least normally? Because of an internal World Government vendetta. And only for that reason.

      Save your sarcasm with me therefore: normal law is only applied to normal people, normally. Would it have been at least an attempt or several of cover up, then we could think it is true.

    1. Maju

      I don’t mind he’s in jail. He surely deserves it… for other reasons.

      What I am interested is on WHY he’s been stabbed.

      1. Glenn Condell

        He stood in the way of the same people Eliot Spitzer did and may have received much the same treatment. I’m not sure either way about DSK, but that cohort now have the means to alter the course of justice, and history, with private security forces which may or may act in concert or have the tacit support of government intel/security institutions.

        I read somewhere a while ago that the NSA and CIA had given the ‘green light’ to some of their agents to work for Wall St; perhaps this is at the sharp end of what they do, but really, the forces arraigned here have a wherewithal to act unilaterally in a secret and illegal way to further their ends which would outweigh that of most sovereign nations, so government assistance and/or approval may not be necessary. And even if government only became aware of such crimes after the fact, who believes the knaves and fools in charge would suddenly turn into heroes? Obama would probably compliment them on being ‘savvy’.

        When you look at the sort of people in senior CIA posts until not so very long ago (Kyle ‘Dusty’ Foggo is probably tip of an iceberg) it is really not a stretch to imagine that the massive power and reach of agencies charged with defending the citizenry has been suborned by Wall St.

        Everyone else has.

  5. Popeye

    My masters at the Carlyle Group won’t allow me to cram it, Crocodile Chuck.

    But think about this: does it make any sense that such a powerful brilliant wealthy man could be brought down in such a humiliating manner? No, of course not, it does not make any sense — thus we can only conclude that DSK is not a truly powerful brilliant wealthy man. In reality he has always been a puppet of the truly powerful and when his usefulness had run out he was put out of the way. Do you really think the Carlyle Group would let a true leftist hero become head of the IMF or President of France? Since DSK was a puppet all along, I don’t think there’s anything very troubling about his fall from grace. At best this is a reminder that we live in the Matrix and there is no spoon.

  6. gepay2

    I think either rape or setup is possible. Rape is different than philandering. It is possible that DSK thought he could get away with it. On the other hand, compare how little was in the news about the much smaller player Jeffrey Epstein. The perp walk and the media conviction makes it look like a setup to me given the way the law apparatus generally treats important people unless … The other thing is the man is 62, do you think he took Viagra hoping a maid that he could rape would walk in at the right time. I’m 62, my ….. needs a lot of encouragement to function that way. Maybe rapists age differently? We won’t know much until the trial.

    1. Kevin Smith

      I would not be surprised to learn that DSK took 40 mg of Cialis every day, the way other people take vitamins.

      1. ambrit

        Mr Smith;
        Have you read the fine print on the Viagra/Cialis/Wimpus box? If he’ taking that much of the stuff, he’s a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Talk about sex and death!

  7. Kevin Smith

    ANOTHER ONE: Egyptian Banker Arrested This Morning For Alleged Sex Assault On Maid at the Pierre
    Robert Johnson | May 31, 2011, 6:05 AM
    Business Insider

    The former chairman of a major Egyptian bank was arrested Monday in New York after being charged with sexually abusing a maid at the Upper East Side hotel, The Pierre.

    According to ABC News, Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, 74, was charged with attacking the 44-year old maid Sunday night when she delivered tissues to his room.

    The woman, whose name is being withheld, claims she entered Omar’s room and once inside he grabbed her breasts and kissed her. The woman claims she was only able top flee when she offered Omar her phone number on a slip of paper.

    She gave him a false number and ran from the room.

    According to a police spokesman, the detectives found the accusation credible and Omar’s arraignment will be held this morning in Manhattan.

    Omar is now head of El-Mex Salines Co. in Egypt and was chairman of the Bank of Alexandria.

    The Pierre is a 5-star hotel at 5th and 61st St. across from Central Park.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/egypt-mahmoud-omar-maid-the-pierre-2011-5#ixzz1NvYsJYv4

    1. ambrit

      Dear Crime Junkies;
      This all reminds me of a fin de sicele French short story, (literary, not porn,) about what happens to a poor chamber maid in a provincial hostelry when two rich men stop over for a night. As an evocation of the mind set of the rich and privileged it is truly chilling. Yes. it all looks too convenient, but, admit it, he did supply lots of ammunition to his rivals.

    2. hotelier

      Pretty soon you’re going to start seeing this in 5 star hotel brochures:

      “Cleaning staff guaranteed not to be present with you in the room. (No possibility of shake down)”

  8. C Kamb

    Maju said; “First, this guy is (was?) far too rich, famous, powerful and smart to need to resort to rape in such unlikely circumstances”

    Maju…I think you better study some basic psychology. Then You will find that man does react in the most irrational ways sometimes. Often it has to do with deep feelings centered around uncounscious kneeds. Not to say OCD. People can risk anything for a kick. And maybe his actions wasn´t rape in the first seconds. Maybe this kind of guys are used to get their will!! An explosive combo of power and psychosis.

  9. Richard

    Oh please!
    The maid could not have known that DSK would still be in the hotel at that hour. It was after checkout time and there was no ‘do-not-disturb’ sign on the door. Neither had he requested a late checkout. It was one hour after checkout time. How could she have known that he was naked? If there’d been a setup she would have made sure to enter the room earlier in the morning.
    For God’s sake, get a grip. There was no ‘setup’ there. The man just hit on the wrong woman!

  10. Firean

    Such a lot of crap from people who know nothing of the facts only what they read ( even the media have changed the story since the initial arrest and revelation ; there was video evidence, then it transpires there’s no video cameras on the upper floor,the maid was alone in the room then there was another member of staff in the room, the rooms have electronic door entry, the lady didn’t knwo who he was and yet the lockeroom for staff had hptos of VIP guests etc., etc etc..) and all the comments from those believe in everything they think about the case to be true because they thought it ! Well here’s another take on the story, if you haven’t read it already, and a little dated already ( may 19):

    DSK and the Rikers Redemption.


  11. the lives of others

    I thought you would have learned by now to drop any reference to DSK. It just invites unsavory comments or worse. You are providing a forum for rape deniers, rape apologists or wealth/power sycophants. The economic issues are drowned in this din.

    Unless you want to go the huffpost route.

    1. Maju

      Mind you that I am as concerned as anybody (or more) about rape and other gender crimes. I just think that this case looks too strange and that, precisely because rape has become so much of a social issue (what is good), it has also become a great tool for character assassination. We saw that in the case of Assange.

      I just say that someone of his ilk does not need to resort to rape, much less improvised rape (he could get anyone kidnapped for his private dirty pleasures if he wished so, no need to ruin his political career by doing it poorly). And that a rapist does not typically have breakfast with his daughter at the scene of the crime.

      There’s something very odd in this case and the combined interests of Sarko and the USA may be enough.

      And while I consider DSK a rapist of nations and hence I think he does deserve jail and worse than that (but he’s not the only one, mind you), I also find strange how he is being proclaimed guilty of this particular accusation without knowing the evidence.

      In the past debate (look at it, please), I did rather stand on the side that he might be guilty. But later the story has changed too much and I cannot really keep that belief. Besides there is a motive for a character assassination: a major imperial raison d’etat: the preservation of the USD as global reference currency for a few more years, so the indebtedness of Washington (and hence the Pentagon) can be kept for some time more.

  12. Keith

    ‘Cell phone jamming’. Pity he left his cell phone in the room. You had a good story going there. Next time try black helicopters for dramatic effect.

    1. Maju

      Meyssan’s version does not include any hurried runaway as presented by some media. He says that he had breakfast with his daughter in that same hotel after the alleged rape. Hence I imagine that the forgotten phone in the room is also a fancy story.

      Whatever the case, someone like the Director of the IMF does not travel alone: he brings at least some bodyguards or other aides with him, of course. If he did not have a phone, his aides would.

      1. Popeye

        Meissan also claims that the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11, so he is obviously a careful deep thinker and not at all someone who tries to stoke wacko conspiracy theories.

        Say you believe that the world is run by unimaginably powerful men with near-absolute power. I love how if one of these men gets arrested for attempting to rape a maid in a foreign country, this just serves as further evidence for your belief, instead of indicating that power is something that exists in degrees and is rarely absolute.

        And think of all the other evidence. Strauss-Kahn was unfathomably well paid, earning over $400,000 a year, more than half of what New York Mets utility infielder Willie Harris earns. He was initially denied bail, as if there was some sort of danger of him getting on a plane to leave the country. It took him a couple of days to get out of Rikers and into a Manhattan penthouse. All of this stuff really blows my mind.

        Now hold on while I go out and do my daily search for Nicole Simpson’s real killers.

        1. Maju

          If you are aware of the facts surrounding the Pentagon “attack” of 2001, you can hardly have any doubt that it was either a missile or a static explosion in the building. Commercial airliners can’t fly so low at such speed (among other evidence).

          “Say you believe that the world is run by unimaginably powerful men with near-absolute power”.

          Not at all. I just understand that the oligarchs have their networks of which you and me do not participate. I also understand that the media is in very very few hands, all of them belonging to these narrow oligarchic circles, and that among oligarchs and their minions none has anything to gain by exposing this (nor he/she would be believed more than I or Meyssan are).

          They are somewhat powerful and the media and parliaments are not doing their job of keeping them in check and exposing their excesses. But I do not think that they are all powerful, not at all – all order emanates from Chaos and therefore all order or power organization is feeble and must collapse at some point. Total control is impossible: a megalomaniac absurdity.

          But that does not mean that there are not powerful mafias ruling and exploiting us in the meantime. And they also lie to us and our gullibility feeds their power, their arrogance and further lies. We have come to a point where politicians and public officials lie almost systematically, even when they do not need to. It’s sick!

          “It took him a couple of days to get out of Rikers and into a Manhattan penthouse”.

          Did he get out of Rikers? I did not know that.

  13. rps

    “First, this guy is (was?) far too rich, famous, powerful and smart to need to resort to rape in such unlikely circumstances…”

    Money, power, and fame has nothing to do with intergrity virture, reasoning, or intelligence. However history and present day has exposed a known truth. Power begets Proclivities that surface like frogs after a rainstorm.

    Secondly, the select few encourage and protect these abhorrent proclivities as a means to control and/or remove the person in power as needed. Spitzer was a prime example when overstepped his usefulness and targeted the Wall Street Congame. He was throttled on his dog leash via public humiliation lost governorship, chance at presidency,….. basically destroyed his professional and family life. Proclivities, what’s in your wallet?

    “Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large…” Thomas Paine

  14. Kevin Smith

    Yet ANOTHER one!


    Home » Headlines , It heats up , policy “Scandal: Luc Ferry Jack Lang accused of pedophilia in Morocco
    Scandal: Luc Ferry Jack Lang accuses of pedophilia in Morocco
    Written by Maximus (24actu) May 31, 2011 Already 19 comments

    The former minister and philosopher Luc Ferry launched without naming him, very serious accusations against Jack Lang, who he said had been arrested in Morocco several years ago after an orgy pedophile. Freeze frame gave the name of the person.

    If Luc Ferry has not named Jack Lang, merely to evoke in the Grand Journal de Canal + “former minister” that he could not give the identity out of respect for privacy, the reference member Socialist is more than obvious and was even highlighted on the board by Alain Duhamel, who told him he was “wrong Lang.

    Luc Ferry said that “the highest state authorities, including Prime Minister (which one imagines to be Jean-Pierre Raffarin) he confirmed the arrest and release in discreetly (orchestrated by the Elysée) of the former minister “would have done” make sticky in an orgy with boys in Marrakech. ”

    The philosopher goes on to say that all Paris is informed of this arrest, but no journalist has ever written a line above the name of protecting privacy. He denounced the same time (and the image of the case DSK) the hypocrisy of the French press.

    Charges not quite correct, since the overlap between what the former minister and “rumors” published in the media for several years is easy to operate and even to jump after a few seconds of searching.

    This alleged arrest of Jack Lang was raised in 2005 by L’Express and the site Still Images also mentions the rumor of pedophilia by Jack Lang. The silence of the rest of the media would do with the fact that no tangible evidence would have been found to confirm this rumor.

    Anyway the times are changing in France. Is this salutary against politicians who believe that everything is allowed, or an open door to all the excesses, the coming months will tell.

  15. neverland

    Why assume that he doing it, or he was set up, are two mutually exclusive options? There are numerous scenarios that can be proposed where he is the predator, and she was a pawn in a set up–maybe without her even knowing. “Tell DSK to wait for the hooker that is planning to show up–his reward for a job well done.” Employee doing her job walks in. We know the rest.

    I will say that it is more likely that things went down roughly in the manner in which the narrative says it did. My question is, why now? People are allowed to do all kinds of bad shit faily openly, the higher they are in the superstructure, until they piss off the wrong people. Then it’s moral indignation time.

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