Florida Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America Branch

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I suspect readers will get quite a bit of pleasure from this news story.

Bank of America tried to foreclose upon the home of a Florida couple who had paid cash for their house and therefore did not have a mortgage. The wronged pair not only got the suit dismissed, but the judge awarded them legal fees. After five months of Bank of America ignoring letters and calls to the bank about their failure to pay up, their lawyer foreclosed a BofA branch.

See the CBS video for more details (hat tip reader Barbara W):

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    1. KnotRP

      Waiting an hour for the check instead of taking critical equipment that would shutdown the branch, allows the Corporation to carry on without any consequence, though
      I sympathize for those who want their lawyer costs back in
      cash…HOWEVER, Shutting down the branch temporarily via strategic computer selection and removal itself would’ve made for some interesting discussions between shareholders and the BoA Board of Directors at the next Annual meeting.

      It would be a good way to protest — have all the screwed homeowners continually take BoA branches down, if at least temporarily, to raise the visibility of the problem.

      Too bad they couldn’t take things out of the CEOs house, though….

      1. KnotRP

        ….and the shareholders always end up paying for the management malfeasance (that check was cut out of shareholder profits, not past banker bonuses)…..and shareholders also pay the liability insurance costs for the BoD and CXX suite. What a racket.

    1. tts

      Yea you’ll see stuff like this every now and again, but it’ll usually be a little fish or a scape goat instead of someone who really matters.

      When you see the CEO’s, CFO’s, and their higher up lackeys start to do the perp walk or at the very least forced out of thier positions without their golden parachutes then you’ll know that serious reform is on the way. Until then stuff like this is just a distraction…but I’ll take my schadenfruede where I can get it these days.

  1. PassingThru

    Nice job. It a shame BoA thought they were above the law. Good thing someone in that company now sees the real picture. One employee, or branch at a time.

  2. guidothekp

    This is very bad. Chopper Ben will use this incident as an excuse to start QE3. After all, won’t the bank employees need desks to work?

    The joke is on these people who foreclosed the bank and the rest of us.

  3. Rex

    Not to detract from the enjoyment, but I think I remember seeing this story quite a while ago (a month or two at least?). When I tried to view it yesterday it didn’t play, but I can’t imagine it happened twice in the last few months.

  4. AlwaysRIGHT

    BOA also gives credit cards to illegals. If you press “2” for spanish, the application process doesn’t even bother to ask you for a Social Security Number.

    “So what?” you say? Well, when we’re blown away by nuclear terrorist attack and we later find out that the terrrorists were given mortgages and credit cards by BOA, then maybe you’ll see why BOA should be tried for treason, aiding and abetting NOW!

    1. BondsOfSteel

      Hmm. Please explain how giving credit to spanish illegal aliens has anything to to with terrorism. Especially include nuclear terrorism, which requires significant (state level) resources.

      All the 9-11 terrorists, the majority from Saudi Arabia, had VISAs (some were expired) and entered legally.

  5. brian

    it was a sad day for us in cali when the boys from charlotte took over our local bank
    not saying this was the cause
    but bet their culture contributed to it

  6. Anonymous Jones

    This was so awesome (really, truly awesome), but I do have to point this out: it wasn’t a “foreclosure” of the branch.

  7. Sokrates

    Oh, this is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in months and I’m still laughing. I sent you a tiny tip, Yves. Thank you!

  8. Francois T


    This just made my day!

    Too bad the camera couldn’t capture the expressions of the bank manager.

    It took threats and the use of legal force to move the asses of these crooks. Is it any wonder the banksters fear the nomination of Liz Warren as the head of the CFPB? She would have the power to do what this Florida dude did with the power of the Federal government behind her. Man! Would that be sweet, or what?

  9. Kateryna

    Beautiful! But somehow I am not surprised. I work for a bankruptcy law firm. Last week I spent an hour on the phone with Chase, when they tried to foreclose on our client’s property which was under bankruptcy protection and automatic stay. It took me quite a bit of my persuasive skills to explain the bakers quite obvious things… it was hard.

  10. ken

    Notice how the sound is dropped after he begins to talk about this being a symptom of a larger problem….

    I have done an extensive search and one can not find the remainder (about 30 or more seconds) of dialog.

    I also found the AP did a separate piece where they used the same segment of video and only used cut sections of his conversation and no mention of “this is just a symptom of a larger problem”.


    If anyone can find the remainder of the audio portion at the end, I think it is only fair that America get the full thoughts of this attorney.

    Thanks for any help!

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