Antidote du Jour

The fact that you are getting this means I was unable to complete Links and that in turn is due to Irene induced Internet suckiness. Irene will probably be a big ho-hum here is Casco Bay, 35 MPH winds max (although we could still lose electricity, all it takes is one tree limb falling on a power line).

However, the Internet has been terrible all day, mainly not accessible (and this appears to be a server/Internet problem). When it is working, it is watching-paint-dry slow.

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  1. attempter

    Here’s a link along the same lines as Graeber’s discussion of how community sharing preceded community credit which preceded State-imposed formalized money/debt.

    This discusses how cooperative land usufruct preceded land propertarianism which, just like formal money/debt, was never a natural evolution but was imposed by the State for power purposes.

    Once again we see how the very people who shriek the most about the government are the most ardent fetishists of the most purely governmental concepts and practices.


  2. stibbert

    whereas it is henceforth resolved that:

    1) Yves will be allowed to vacation at stated intervals,

    2) the tubes won’t totally collapse during those intervals (except for when antidote du jour is unavailable),

    3) commenters such as attempter will postalink or 2 to keep the pot boiling, and that

    4) Yves is further req’d to post a follow-up on the adventures of bird-boy, & also to enjoy the lobsters.

  3. Skippy

    Lobster alone[?], never[!], seafood pan!. Cured black skillet medium high heat, mussels (in shell), scallops, lobster (shell on), fresh white fish, a sprig of cilantro, garlic, and butter. Times ingredients to cook properly, finish with favorite pasta and let set for 5 min in pan covered. Serve in pan at table placed on wooden block.

    Skippy…whoops…don’t forget home made lemon rime and basal mayonnaise! Enjoy!

  4. Jim Haygood

    The MSM fesses up to the “Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was.”

    It was stone obvious while Irene was still off the coast of South Carolina as a Cat. 2 storm, that a partial landfall in North Carolina and cooler waters farther on would reduce it to a tropical storm before it reached NYC.

    This is like, Meteorology 101 — DOH! But the MSM had to warm up for the great 9/11 collective catharsis. I think I’ll watch some paint dry instead … or perhaps perform an autotrephination on the kitchen table.

    1. ambrit

      Dear Mr Haygood;
      Indeed sir, wouldn’t an autotrephination be infringing on the patent s of the folks who brought us the Sunroof? I prefer to do mine out back by the garage.
      As for watching paint dry, this activity occasionally leads to introspection. That in and of itself is sufficient reason to enshrine said ‘boring’ occupation. “Know thyself,” and all that. One of the more compelling visions I’ve recently encountered is a table of grown adults in the break and lunch room at my new place of employment all intently playing with their cell phone thingies. No conversation, comment, or interaction of any sort happened for about ten minutes. Nine Cyborgs in the room and one bemused Fogey.
      So, most felicitous Mz Smith, go ahead and have a real vacation. There’s a wonderful world out there waiting for you. Enjoy!

  5. scraping_by

    Yves —

    Go off and have a vacation vacation, rather than watching the pacifier bar on your browser. You can do that stuck in your warren in Manhattan, while you’re at some of the best beaches I’ve seen.

    We’ll look after ourselves.

  6. Psychoanalystus

    Wow! An earthquake and a hurricane in the same week! That’s like living in Florida and California at the same time. :)

  7. kaj

    from a person who does not have a cell phone or television: vacation time and not work, especially the kind of intense work you do. Cosco Bay is a nice place, enjoy it; don’t blow it. Good luck.

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