We Are Five Years Old

Actually, this blog was five years old yesterday too, but we didn’t get around to telling you then.

I know many of you are getting Christmas cards with inserts extolling company, or worse, family accomplishments. So I’ll keep it brief. After 8,582 posts, according to Google Analytics, we have close to 2 million page views and 300,000 unique visitors a month (the latter is clearly overstated, since someone accessing the site and home and at the office would be counted as two visitors). But most important, we have an discerning, engaged readership, and we hope our work has shed a bit of light on the dark corners of the financial services industry. As we wrote on our first birthday:

Although we take interest in the traffic, what is most important to us is that we are attracting a high caliber readership and getting the attention of people who have influence. Perhaps it’s naive, but we think our mission is to encourage people to think more critically; finance just happens to be a convenient place for us to operate. One of our favorite mottos is the Will Rogers saying, “It isn’t what you don’t know that will hurt you, it’s what you know that ain’t so.”

There are so many people who have contributed in so many ways to the success of this website that it is hard to know where to begin. Our guest bloggers. The individuals who send us links suggestions. The commentariat. People who have put us on to important stories. Fellow bloggers, some of whom correspond, others who chew over what we have said on their sites. The members of the community who supported us in our recent fundraiser. But ultimately it is the readers that make an initiative like this possible, and I am as always grateful for your interest and participation.

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  1. psychohistorian


    Thanks for all your hard work, insightful perspective and the well guided community you have built…..from one of the outliers you continue to allow to share his idealism.

  2. EmilianoZ

    Long live NC! May it grow into the people’s WSJ, FT and The Economist: a reference on finance and political economy but with an honest slant.

  3. Middle Seaman

    In NC you have accomplished a rare success that is typically rarely achieved by publishers employing dozens of writers. NC is unique among many political and financial blogs by keep high quality uniformly spread from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.

    Personally, you have achieved stardom quality similar to most famous opera singers or ballet dancers.

    Bravo and a 36 especially red roses.

  4. Fiver

    Wish I’d known about NC years ago. Consistently best presentation of finance/economic analysis and group discussion of implications going. Congrats and hopes for many more.

    1. LucyLulu

      Fiver wrote: Wish I’d known about NC years ago.
      Ain’t that the truth!

      Even if 300,000 visits/month includes some redundancy, WOW! I had no idea your site had so much visibility, but I’m really glad you’re managing to get the word to so many people.

      Emiliano wrote: May it grow into the people’s WSJ, FT and The Economist
      I had a subscription until recently to the WSJ. I’ve let it lapse. I wasn’t getting around to ever reading it anymore. I found something better to read. :)

      Thank you to all th guest bloggers for your contributions. And thank you to Peter Pan (grin, see above post) for letting Yves have some occasional time off. And the biggest thank you to Yves for giving up your life to provide us with your latest insights.

      1. Susan the other

        I agree with Fiver and Lucy. I wish I had followed NC from the beginning. It’s the best education I ever had. When Yves asked for donations I didn’t hesitate. That is the first time I’ve donated so willingly. In fact, I took pride in it. Happy Birthday NC, and many more!

  5. Canberra Bill

    Greeting from South of the equator. Whilst I have never raised a comment before, I imagine I am one of the many thousands who simply devour the daily contents in quiet appreciation. I have been visiting since 2007 simply because this site remains a beacon of truth and understanding in a world awash in meaningless sound bites and obfuscation. Since this site is the only one I pass on to interested friends, I wish you many more birthdays – and continuance in the noble task of outing the truth. Hip Hip ….

  6. Mahesh

    Congratulations and Thanks to you and all other contributors here for making this such a wonderful place.
    Keep up the good work.
    p.s.: Merry Christmas in advance.

  7. ambrit

    Esteemed Blogatrix;
    I personally first encountered your wonderful site as a cross connection off of the Krugman blog at NYT. If ‘you are the company you keep’ then NC is in the top drawer. NC is on the blogroll list of so many other good sites it’s eerie. You are become ubiquitous, the touchstone for quality. Thanks for being the ‘go to’ site for all us ‘enquiring minds.’
    Happy Birthday.

  8. Greg R

    Yves, thanks for all the hard work. Thanks for pulling back the curtain and revealing the bogus wizardry.

  9. Gerald Muller

    This blog has helped me understand what really happened since 2008, when I first hit on it (I have unfortunately forgotten how). My way to thank you Yves, apart from a small donation during the fundraiser, is to give “ECONNED” as a Christmas present to all family and friends who a) read English b) have at least one operating brain cell. That turned out to be a (small) mass order.

    1. evodevo

      Ha, ha, ha … ditto. I’ve given out Econned and Bailout Nation to all my conservative friends/relatives, to no avail. They don’t want to hear it. Oh, well, their loss.
      I came here from Barry Ritholz’s and from CR’s blogs. It’s right up there on my link’s bar along with the weather and the Market. I try not to miss a day.
      Thanks Yves, for all you do.

  10. Sufferin' Succotash

    I was going to do a Bill Murray-type imitation of “Happy Birthday” but decided against it.
    Instead, I’ll just say Happy Birthday, thanks for many a morning reality fix, and may there be many more.

  11. The Heretic

    Thank you for all your excellent work. This is my favourite website ‘bar none’… Your capacity to write on such a broad range of subjects with a combinaton of wisdom and humanity is amazing. Thank you.

  12. Melody

    Happy Birthday, all you teachers at NC, and especially Yves. Amazing, isn’t it, that the old Chinese proverb holds true today: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thanks for ‘appearing.’


  13. Tom A.

    Happy 6th birthday and congratulations for all of your great work over these years. Thank you also for including me and my occasional posts on your great site. It’s been great working with you and the rest of the crew – I look forward to much more great work in the coming years!

  14. nonclassical

    When face to face with Amy Goodman, all I could say was “Thank you so much for what you do”…

    Your work is in that same rare league…

  15. PQS

    Second all here. This blog has been fundamental to my education about things financial and the Economic Meltdown. I tell everyone I know about it and it is always my first stop in the morning. I sincerely appreciate the commenters here, too – they make this a very pleasant place to visit, rather like dropping by a local cafe.

  16. Miguel Rakiewicz

    19 December 2011

    Agree or disagree with you, I’m always happy to visit
    because of the content and tone of your valuable blog.

    And the Antidote du Jour is a very distinctive bonus
    for the reader.

    I wish you a nice Christmas and a memorable 2012.

    Miguel Rakiewicz

  17. Peter T

    Congratulations and thanks for writing in the comments, too, Yves. Many ignorant or malicious Fox viewers get set right directly.

  18. mcgee

    Happy 6th anniversary. I am grateful for this site and it’s ceaseless fight to give a honest appraisal of important events.

  19. DSP

    It rarely happens that a decent,intelligent member of the public can have so much influence.And it’s all your own work,too.
    Bravo—played hard,done good.
    Just don’t burn out.Have a holiday in a tax haven.
    And a big hand to the commentariat whose broad literacy,cultural and economic make the comments as important as well as enjoyable as the posts.
    Lastly,I’d like to thank Mr. Internet for making it all possible.

  20. Pwelder

    Congratulations, best wishes, and thanks for everything!

    Maybe I’m doing some wishful thinking here, but doesn’t it seem like you’re getting some traction on the housing/mortgage front? I’m thinking of that story this AM about the FHFA IG collaborating with Schneiderman’s office.

    I’d be shocked if your following doesn’t include a contingent from both offices.

  21. RR

    we are . . . getting the attention of people who have influence

    I sometimes wonder, when encountering a comment of a certain kind (the author tries to change or obscure the subject at hand, misinform, etc.), whether the site may also be making some of them a little nervous. Which would be a very good thing.

    1. OldTimer

      ..Yves, through your Tanta’s spirit from Calculated Risk continues to live within this community…

      many thanks and Happy Trails to you


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