Links 5/23/12

The Egyptian election is today.

Harvard team cracks the code for new drug resistant superbugs Earthsky (h/t fuzzy mouse)

Toxic mortgage bonds flourish as other sectors slump  CNBC

Israel: Iran deal doesn’t rule out possible strike AP

Facebook advised analysts to cut forecasts before float Reuters

Hollande set for EU summit showdown with Merkel Reuters

Housing chief leaves Morgan Stanley to launch buy-to-rent fund Housing Wire

Greenlight’s Einhorn sees housing rebound Reuters

Top Obama Officials, Secretive Process Create ‘Assassination List’ Common Dreams

Germany rules out common euro bonds FT

Tsipras Says Berlin Must Back Down on Austerity  Spiegel

Greek Leftist Reaches Out, to Little Avail  New York Times

Obama’s Big Lie Abigail Field

The Chinese Stimulus Bull Trap Macrobusiness

Bill Targets Fed Conflict Politico

The Final Days of the Office of Thrift Supervision RegBlog

Chicago History Repeats Itself As Cops and Protesters Clash Rolling Stone (h/t martha)

Revenge of the Weeds The Scientist

* * *
D – 108 and counting. *

Lambert here:

Why, man, they did make love to this employment. William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2

NATO summit. Bridgeport Raid marks the first time state prosecutors have used the Illinois Terrorism law to prosecute individuals. Never let a crisis go to waste. “Were the three Bridgeport suspects targeted because of a candid video they shot and released the previous week, showing CPD officers searching their car and intimidating them as they entered Chicago”?

Montreal. Protests and Marches on Day 100 of the Quebec student protests (red square movement). “Our streets!” Montreal represents (picture). “A river of red-clad protesters” (remarkable, since Quebec’s national color is blue.)

Bill 78, provincial law suppressing student protest increased civil resistance, as all walks of life join. “Coalition of 140 community groups and unions encouraged people to join the demonstration to denounce the tuition increases and the legislation” (italics mine). “People in central Montreal neighbourhoods appeared on their balconies and in front of their houses to defiantly bang pots and pans in a clanging protest every night at 8 p.m.” (Pots and pans as in Argentina.) “We are all criminals,” crowd chants. Arrêtez-moi, quelqu’un! (Note red squares on the site.) “I’ve lived through a lot of big moments in Quebec history, this one feels like it ranks near the top a middle aged woman says.” “Montreal transit union announces they will no longer drive buses being used to transport police.” “Dramatic video circulating online of police pepper spraying protesters and bar patrons likely didn’t help matters.” Bar patrons?! Good one, SPVM!

Interestingly, Montreal is a leader in one central cultural tendency: Indie music. So I can’t help but think the impact of the Montreal red square movement will leap the border, heading south. For example: A bolt of crimson felt used to make red squares rolled out, red-carpet style, in Washington Square, Manhattan (picture).

For students, the issue is “not tuition, but debt”; “tuition” is the mainstream frame (good overview from reader Francois). So, jubilee?

AR. D primary: Obama 60%, Wolfe [Unknown] 39% (40 of 75 counties reporting). Wolfe web site: “Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity.” Ds: “Mr. Wolfe has been completely non-compliant with Arkansas’s Delegate Selection Plan.”

CA. May 22, U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson grants injunction against California’s January deadline for newly-qualifying parties to get on the ballot, for Constitution Party and Justice Party.

CO (Swing State). Microcosm of Obama coalition: “[Y]oung people, minorities, and socially liberal upscale whites, especially suburban women” (Axelrod). “A small group of mothers and children from Erie, CO [presented] a petition [to Encana] signed by 21,000 people demanding that the energy giant forgo a planned natural gas drilling site near elementary schools and an adjoining neighborhood.”

KY. D primary: Obama 58%, Uncommitted 42%.

MI (Swing State). State Court of Appeals rules that the review teams that recommended Emergency Managers for Detroit and Flint were not subject to the Open Meetings Act. The court ruled that they are not a “governing body” so they are exempt from the requirement. Click through and read on ’til you get to “clown show.”

NY. Review of Under the Surface: “[G]as companies try to be nice at the beginning of the process but the rest of their story is pretty completely about power. The regulators may come off even worse… It’s less that they’re personally evil, but more that they largely fail to do their job.” Or not!

OH (Swing state). R Senate passes House Bill 473 to comply with the Great Lakes Compact, puts in place a permitting program and sets withdrawal limits for businesses wishing to draw Ohio water from the lake’s watersheds. D amendments to give plain citizens standing rejected.

PA (Swing state). Fracking backgrounder: I, II, III.

RI. Jamestown Op-Ed on local police: “We do not want to be motivated by fear…. Officer Ted Hebert: “It can be stressful because you want to bring violations back to the station.” Indeed! Outlier, or zeitgeist indicator?

WI (swing state). WI crude oil pipeline would increase flow 40% under Enbridge Inc. proposal. Enbridge’s announcement “reveals their true plans – to bring tar sands to Montreal, Quebec where tar sands can easily be shipped southward into New England” (Trailbreaker). Walker’s Deer Trustee: “Public Game Management Is The Last Bastion Of Communism” (he runs “deer parks” in TX).

Ladies of Negotiable Affection. Not just the SS. DEA. Sen. Susan Collins: “It’s disturbing that we may be uncovering a troubling culture that spans more than one law enforcement agency.” So how about the supervisors and department heads?

Inside Baseball. Hillary veep trial balloons: “If Obama were to attempt this, how would he explain it?” (Her polls.) Anatomy of an Ad: “Basketball.” A “delicate balance….” Oh noez! News apps. Sigh. Why not reporting instead of gimmicks?

Romney. Ann Romney on dressage: “When I was so fatigued that I couldn’t move, the excitement of going to the barn and getting my foot in the stirrup would make me crawl out of bed.” This is good! [Adding, I’m not being ironic!] But here’s a proposition: “Like some other good things, it only remains good if it is not possessed by too many people” (Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant). Does our political class agree, or disagree? There are a great many people in the world who are fatigued, after all. Are they somehow lesser humans than Anne Romney?

Obama. “The Obama campaign says a surrogate’s use of the word “raping” to describe Mitt Romney’s actions at his private-equity firm, Bain Capital, is inappropriate.” Sure, say it then walk it back. Pierce inside OHQ in Chicago’s Prudential Center: “We live garrisoned lives, so why should our politics be any different?” Important, atmospheric post from a keen observer. (I won’t use the word “bunker,” but feel free to think it.)

Booker/Bain flap. Obama team probably figured on a fundraising backlash from some private-equity donors. However, D “lawmakers have noted that Obama’s campaign has not yet committed to transferring money to Democratic congressional campaign committees.” So Booker wasn’t an outlier, but a wannabe factional leader? Then again, “Jonathan Lavine is a long-time Bain Capital executive and co-owner of the Boston Celtics. He is also one of President Obama’s most prolific fundraisers.” Obama: “My job is to take into account everybody, not just some.” Well, for some definition of “everybody.”

* 108 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with a feast of oysters, bread, and butter garnished with pepper and vinegar on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. The number 108 is used in Islam to refer to God.

A la prochaine fois!

* * *




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About Matt Stoller

From 2011-2012, Matt was a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He contributed to Politico, Alternet, Salon, The Nation and Reuters, focusing on the intersection of foreclosures, the financial system, and political corruption. In 2012, he starred in “Brand X with Russell Brand” on the FX network, and was a writer and consultant for the show. He has also produced for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show. From 2009-2010, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Alan Grayson. You can follow him on Twitter at @matthewstoller.


  1. rjs

    new video:
    [The Fuck-It Point]: When you have had enough. When you decide to take matter into your own hands and don’t care what’s going to happen to you. When you know that from now on you will resist with whatever tactic you think is most effective.

    A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down, and why most civilized people don’t.

    (its just over 40 minutes, but worth watching; a lot of it you all know, but here its all in one place…)

      1. MontanaMaven

        Glen will be on the Mark Thompson “Make It Plain” Sirius Left radio show today at 8PM Eastern Time to talk about Cory Booker. Actually the only really “left” time on Sirius Left is the one hour of blackagendareport on Wednesdays and the one hour of Sam Smith of “The Progressive Review” on Mondays on the same show. Dave Marsh has a more left show on Sundays from 1PM-4PM. But the rest of the time, it’s more like Sirius Democrat. But it’s worth it to me to subscribe just for that one hour of Glen Ford and for the music channels.

        Glen Ford is scary smart and I had the privilege to interview him 3 times when I had a radio show.

  2. F. Beard

    “Like some other good things, it only remains good if it is not possessed by too many people” Mitten’s mate

    Is that not the logic of those who feel the Earth is overpopulated?

    According to the Bible, a vast depopulation event is coming – the Great Tribulation. I wonder how those who think the Earth is overpopulated will fare? Not well? Poetic justice?

    1. skippy

      “According to the Bible, a vast depopulation event is coming – the Great Tribulation.”… Beardo.

      Ummm… WWI, the spanish flu that came after it, WWII, the endless murdering of populations for their resources globally for Hundreds of years and on going, destruction of the earths ecosphere for cheep profit (east Indies company rules), etc, etc…

      The list is long beardo… Thats just a short list. The long includes biblical geniocide and other treats.

      “I wonder how those who think the Earth is overpopulated will fare? Not well? Poetic justice?” …beardo

      Skippy… Poetic justice? Your living – in – it.

      1. F. Beard

        Ya ain’t seen nothing yet.

        “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” Matthew 24:22

        1. skippy

          What ever… Mayan calendar… endless priests of doom (every religious generation has one thingy), truly the gift that keeps giving.

          Skippy… yep better belive or we done for, best sales line ever.

          1. F. Beard

            I notice the godless Commies killed tens of millions. Ironically, they had credit creation too, but under State control. Well, they lost. Our banker fascism beat their banker socialism. Now our banker fascism is busy destroying itself and a lot of innocents too.

          2. skippy

            What commies, McCarthy commies? You better read some history, many fine western capitalists helped in the slaughter (their still at it too). How does it feel to be treated like the rest of the world has… felt… for so long?

            Ohhhh better fix it now…sigh.

            Skippy… I support Yves and Co solutions, not yours.

          3. F. Beard

            I support Yves and Co solutions, not yours. Skippy

            Really? Yves supports mortgage principal reductions. When did you change your mind?

          4. F. Beard

            You better read some history, many fine western capitalists helped in the slaughter (their still at it too). Skippy

            Western bankers played a big part. The Commies thought they could play them but got played themselves.

          5. skippy

            No. Right from the start it was funded with help from the West (like DeBeers selling dimonds to both sides during WWII). Reganomics was just the superchared, no holes bared, damn the torpedos, full ahead, well figure out the *conseqences later plan* (the empire needed more real estate to keep going and less competition). See today. Banks were only a conduit for the capital, which sought to play idelogical empire games (of which, gawd head lunecy was a big part of it).

            Mortgage principal reductions makes them eat their own acts (poor judgment) and is a far cry from baling out all the derivitive positions via a printing party, in the guise of a consumer bail out. (I wish the currant form death, but, it has to be a slow one [conseqences thingy]).

            Skippy…. Banks are not your problem, its some of the people in them and a group of wealthy neoliberals. Neoliberals being economic survial of the fittest ideologues… cough Hubert and not Darwin, the editor of the econamist… cough… metaphysical armchair thinking about humanitys perpose… cough Gwads plan.

            PS… there was a world before your gawds name was even though of… seek it and learn something or just keep smacking your head with one book and consider your self enlightend…. sigh.

          6. F. Beard

            Banks were only a conduit for the capital, skippy

            Stolen capital! Credit creates the means for its own repayment (except for the interest which is uncreated except in the form of more debt) but the real capital is stolen from the users of the currency in which the credit is created. The issue is confused because the population is provided jobs (for a while till they replace themselves with automation) with their own stolen purchasing power and cheaper and better products. But the truth is that the population creates its own wealth with the banks as government privileged skimmers.

            But the banks are not the real problem according to Skippy. The banks are, in fact, the root of all sorts of evil from unemployment to world wars.

          7. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            The banks are, in fact, the root of all sorts of evil from unemployment to world wars.

            Do you mind if I ask a question about that assertion?

          8. skippy

            @beardo… Have you any idea what capitol is (out side the arm chair classicist dusty opaque view)? I liken it to the many names of gawd, some spoken, some not, meaning implied and with held, at the same time. Its just a jingoistic word that means what one understands (mostly told too) and what they do not, all rolled up in massive assumptions.

            Skippy… personably I see it as – will expressed – by those that have more of it. So at the end of the day, I gravitate to G. Monbiot “The Age of Consent” and those line of thoughts. Its – will – that needs better distribution, not forms of script which can be gamed endlessly. Your solution does not resolve the underlying problem of power relationships, if anything, I see it as spreading the risk, see unregulated derivitives. Agressive regulation has been shown too work, and de-regulation, well look at the state of the joint.

    2. K Ackermann

      According to the Bible, a vast depopulation event is coming

      I heard something about that. Something like 200,000 people will be whisked straight to heaven.

      Talk about your 1% club.

    3. Lil'D

      A lot of problems will be solved if we repurpose the baby boomers as the “Soylent Green” party

  3. James Cole

    The article on RMBS misses the real reason for the rally — folks are betting that QE3 is inevitable and will involve open market purchases of RMBS.

    1. F. Beard

      So when does the population get its bailout?

      The true moral hazard is that people will realize the system is immoral? And chuck it?

      Or when the Fed owns all the mortgages, is that when the debt will be forgiven?

        1. Synopticist

          “So he called every one of his lord’s debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou unto my lord? 6And he said, An hundred measures of oil. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty. 7Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore. 8And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. 9And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations”.

  4. K Ackermann

    That duck looks just like the 3 baby mallards that adopted me a couple of years ago.

    1. Klassy!

      Luchy you! I love ducks– something about them paddling away, looking so placid yet determined at the same time. Extra cute.

  5. Jim Haygood

    From the Common Dreams article:

    It’s just a tiny cadre of National Security State officials who decide, in the dark, whom they want dead, and then — once the President signs off — it is done. This is the Change with which the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate has gifted us: ”Some of the officials carrying out the policy are equally leery of ‘how easy it has become to kill someone.’”

    Nothing’s new under the sun, comrades:

    Article 58 of the Soviet legal code, which listed prohibited anti-Soviet activities as counterrevolutionary crime, was applied in the broadest manner. The flimsiest pretexts were often enough to brand someone an “enemy of the people,” starting the cycle of public persecution and abuse, often proceeding to interrogation, torture and deportation, if not death. The Russian word troika gained a new meaning: a quick, simplified trial by a committee of three — the NKVD troika — with sentencing carried out within 24 hours. Stalin’s hand-picked executioner, Vasili Blokhin, was entrusted with carrying out some of the high profile executions in this period.

    White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan fulfills Vasili Blokhin’s role for Hussein O’Bomber, the Kenyan-Aquarian peace laureate whose quotidian drone attacks have dispatched scores of Third World children to their heavenly reward, as casually as you or I might swat a fly.

    1. Up the Ante

      “Shrinking the pool of people deciding who goes on the capture/kill list means fewer people to hold accountable ..”

      The ‘laureate’ surrendered to the Rumsfeld Doctrine.

      “.. unelected Death Sentence Czars instead. ”

      Shadowy figures in the background tracing their crosshairs across the silhouette of any who would recognize them, is it, “unelected” and judgement final.

  6. wunsacon

    >> Top Obama Officials, Secretive Process Create ‘Assassination List’ Common Dreams

    Where are the cries over “death panels” now?

        1. Lambert Strether

          1. It’s OK If You’re A Democrat

          2. For those who came in early, you’ll recognize IOKIYAR as the equivalent acronym, much beloved by progressives, for the double standards practiced by Rs in the Bush era, which so many of us who had jobs, then, and maybe even houses or even insurance, look back to with a certain grudging fondness….

          Sadly, what some of us thought was a critique turned out to be mere tribalism!

  7. bull

    indie music is a crucial factor in montreal for one reason that sets it apart from its american counterpart; it is government subsidized…
    canadians and scandinavians receive stipends from the governement to tour, record etc. and thus they are not as cravenly beholden to the market (and their careers dont revolve around trying place songs in commercials) as american bourgeios indie rockers…who it must be said are for the most part children of wealth (the strokes, yeah yeah yeahs, beachhouse, an endless list)
    what there is of american ‘radical’ music tends to be horrific: tom morello and annie difranco
    didactic and awful…with a few noteworthy exceptions like the coup
    a little social democracy could change that

  8. Jim Conte

    I am an assembly and I want your organs-

    Assemblyman Jim Conte (R,I,C,WF-Huntington Station) passes a resolution proclaiming April as Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month in New York.

    Most interesting to me are Breasts, and the people they effect most-

    Conte promotes breast cancer awareness by urging fathers, sons and brothers to join the effort to keep moms healthy this Mother’s Day.

    A real fucking ren a sanse man.

    Henforth, all Anonymous Posts should be made in my name.

  9. Up the Ante

    “How do you sit on a board, which approves $390 billion of low-interest loans to yourself?” Sanders said ..

    But, but .. Geithner .. Geithner said .. “.. it is very important .. that our system of oversight [regulators] and safeguards and the enforcement authorities have not just the resources they need, but they are perceived to be above any political influence ..”

    “Jamie Dimon .. sits on the board of the New York Federal Reserve. ”

    The Geithner Perception Scam,
    “A 2011 Government Accountability Office study that Sanders requested as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill warned of “reputational risks” to the Federal Reserve system because of its affiliation with financial executives. The GAO said there were 18 past and current members of the Federal Reserve’s board tied to firms that got emergency Fed loans during the financial crisis.

    “There is a clear conflict of interest … not a perceived conflict, but a real conflict of interest .. “

    1. Aquifer

      This is why it is good to have indies/3rd parties in office – if Bernie had been a Dem they would have arranged for his denouement some time ago, just as they have “prog” Dems who get a bit uppity. Bernie, like him or not, can do what he likes – he ain’t beholdin’ to a legacy party ….

  10. Aquifer

    Re antibiotic resistance – surprise, surprise – bacteria share genes, amazing. Shows what a little coexistence among bugs can do, transfer of technology and all that. Those MRSAs that couldn’t live with VREs lost out.

    Hmm, wonder if there is a lesson to be learned here – nah, what could bugs possibly teach Homo “sapiens” …

    1. Susan the other

      I thot that was interesting too. Also spiders – the world’s last loners – forming colonies and becoming social insects for survival advantage. Get me the bug sucker quick.

    2. Lidia

      That and the weed story are related. Both superbugs and superweeds are man-made problems. In healthy environments these organisms would be kept in check.

      It’s our monocropped degraded soils and our high-fructose bodies receiving background CAFO antibiotics daily which are going to be susceptible to organisms which—and I say this in all seriousness—are themselves trying to “fix” the problems we made and bring things back into ecological balance.

      We’ll keep resisting balance, and so on to the next round of expensive short-term “fixes” to simple problems.

  11. Aquifer

    So in the AK Dem primary, there’s a real Wolfe and a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the real Wolfe ain’t doin’ so bad

    Vewy intewesting ….

  12. Susan the other

    On Abigail Field and Jamie Galbraith. Jamie G. predicted everything from 2007 till today and advised Obama to no avail. But G. also said there was very little that O. could do until 2012 because everything would be devastated because of finance based on a Chernoble of securitizations. Still G. made clear suggestions, having to do with sufficient fiscal stimulus, that it appears O. – gutless wonder and schmeagle to finance – has screwed up royally. But he still wants our vote. Funny man.

    Abigail calls O. a flat-out liar. It takes dedication to betray that many homeowners and an entire heritage of justice and law. She thinks it will make a difference if we all get mad and demand he do something. It won’t. He has heard it all 1000 times over. The best thing we can do is ignore him completely. That is what he has done to us. I wish NC would air-brush him out of all political discussisons. Romney too while we’re at it, sweet innocent little Romney… When you think about it American politics is like a big, expensive, incompetent day care center. A real nightmare of screaming neglected little kids who are very easy to manipulate.

    1. Abigail Caplovitz Field

      I say in the piece that placing Obama’s reelection in jeopardy may not have any impact on his policies, but that if we don’t we have zero chance at all. The point for people to make clear his reelection is in jeopardy. At this point the disinformation is so thick it’s positively subversive to tell people the truth. I’m trying to encourage people who understand the truth–the readers of this site, e.g.–to inform others, and so on, until the poll data Obama sees is very clear.

      1. Jim

        I believe that the President decided to punt on decimating social security and medicare PRECISELY b/c he thought his reelection chances were falling. Recall about 16 months ago, when his surrogates began to float “reform” proposals. His poll numbers sank, and he “reconsidered” his plans.

        If the President was up by a solid 12 points right now, he would again entertain “reform” plans.

        1. Hugh

          Absolutely, once the election is over and, if Obama is re-elected, he will go after Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It is a question of timing only, not intent.

  13. Up the Ante

    So let’s see, the cops’ parents beat the anti-war protestors’ parents, and did so while being unionized and fully supporting of the ‘the Establishment’, while their children, cops of the present day, are unionized, in full support of war and fraud yet like their parents espouse union-busting ? anti-entitlement for all others but themselves ? and feign to be anti-commie while resembling this most closely [the Evil Empire],
    “Nothing’s new under the sun, comrades:

    Article 58 of the Soviet legal code, which listed prohibited anti-Soviet activities as counterrevolutionary crime, was applied in the broadest manner. The flimsiest pretexts were often enough to brand someone an “enemy of the people,” ”
    [resembling the Commie system most closely]

    Got it. So it’s an open conspiracy, and in Chicago are both angry the protestors want an end to the Afghan war AND refuse to buy the Afghani product .. on the streets of Chicago.

    1. Up the Ante

      Sounds like they’ve broken out the Ugly in Chicago.

      2nd comment, by videopro page 2,

      “In other Chicago related news, a number of citizen journalists/bloggers have indicated they have far more damning information about possible illegal activities and corruption by Chicago Police. However, the information is represented as so incriminating and dangerous to discuss, they are not revealing such until they have safely departed the State of Illinois rather than risk detention. “

    2. JTFaraday

      From the Rolling Stone article:

      “Then we arrived at our final destination, and I was not haunted at all. Instead, I took in one of the most radiant spectacles imaginable: Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and, a shocking number – echoed a 1971 ceremony in which Vietnam Veterans Against the War hurled the medals they had received back at the Capitol dome.”


  14. Hugh

    I am sure I am not the only one but do people note the irony between the Jason Bourne movies and the Brennan assassination program. In the movies, the villains are precisely those running assassination programs first against foreign nationals, then allies, and finally US citizens. They are portrayed as rogues operating out of obscure nooks and crannies of the intelligence agencies. At the end, even the career professional Pamela Landy rebels, saying, “This isn’t what I signed up for.”

    Now we have Bourne on steroids. We don’t have lone super assassins. We have drones and Seal teams. Those calling the shots aren’t in the shadows. They have offices in the White House. What was considered so aberrant in the Bourne movies has become the new normal. Pamela Landy’s protestation comes across now as quaint, even old-fashioned. We live in a world where Bourne’s crises de conscience are so naïve, so yesterday. Yet the first of the films only came out ten years ago.

    1. Up the Ante

      And we have testimony from some of the elite commandos that all is not well. There were a small number of Delta Force who committed suicide upon return from Afghanistan. That would take some doing and I refuse to believe it was purely personal issues that prompted it. Sounds more like they lost their world view.

  15. SR6719

    excerpts from “Dali and Fascism”

    “….progressive forces in Spain have had [difficulty] in correcting the official history promoted by the post-Francoist conservative forces in the country…

    One example of this inability to change the “official” history is how Dali is presented to the public. There is a whole industry aimed at promoting his paintings and his life.”

    Dali was, however, a person with clear fascist positions… The media has kept a complicit silence about it…”

    [Dali] soon made explicit his sympathies for the fascist coup of 1936 and for the dictatorship that it established in a letter to Buñuel, a well-known filmmaker in Spain.

    He made explicit and known his admiration for the figure and writing of the founder of the Spanish fascist party (La Falange), José Antonio Primo de Rivera, and used in his speeches and writings the fascist narrative and expressions (such as the fascist call “Arriba España”), referring to the special role Spain had in promoting the imperial dreams over other nations.

    He sympathized with the anti-Semitic views of Hitler and celebrated Franco’s alliance with Hitler and Mussolini against France, Great Britain and the United States. He also welcomed the “solution to the national problem” in vogue in Nazi and fascist circles at that time.

    Dali became the major defender of the Franco dictatorship in the artistic world.”

  16. SH

    Sobakevich from Dead Souls says they’re all a bunch of card players and scammers that cumber the world. As much as I love this site, I cannot say they’re onto something new.

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