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Your humble blogger is taking a vacation, in large measure due to the success of the fundraiser last year (that was one of the mini-targets we set and you met).

Matt Stoller and Lambert will be running the site while I am away (on an austerity tour, starting in Barcelona, coastal Spain, Portugal, and France). I am leaving tonight (and am hopelessly behind, so if you get more posts, consider yourself lucky). Back June 4.

Be nice to the site DJs and enjoy the change in programming! I know they have some good posts lined up.

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  1. CaitlinO

    Have a wonderful and relaxing time. We’ll miss you but you have certainly more than earned it.

  2. Richard Kline

    Hah! That’s funny, Yves: I was going to do much the same thing a year ago, time in Portugal and a swing by to the northeast, but didn’t go then. Think of me when you have a tall glass and a large platter somewhere far from the maddening crowd.

  3. Ignacio

    Enjoy Yves,

    While in Barcelona, you should try to go to the “barceloneta” (a small and not very charming quarter near the beach but with excellent restaurants) and find a seafood restaurant such as “Passadis del Pep”. Another gastronomic advise it to go to “La Boqueria” market. It is by itself an interesting visit while you have excellent tapas there.

  4. skippy

    Get pisssed… do a naked run on the beach, some where, and let some small waves wash you over.

    Skippy… Friends in Spain a long time ago. Two blokes got pissed in Barcelona… one decided to do the naked run and be free… a trail of his garb was only what he left… to a mate too follow… police ended the mans run before the mate could intervene… the ensuing conversation was clouded… until linguistic back up arrived… a passport rectified the misunderstanding… he’s an aussie!

    1. David

      This is very mild compared to what I have seen the Aussies do at Kuta Beach in Bali

  5. But What Do I Know?

    Have a great time and bring back plenty of anecdotes from the Auterity Tour!

  6. financial matters

    Always nice to take a break and get the batteries recharged. Hope you enjoy!

  7. LeeAnne

    Bon voyage, Yves!! And thanks for all your work. The trip should give you another prospective to add to your considerable world view.

    Its always good and healthy to get away. This is especially good timing with the campaign in full swing -nothing but downhill from here. Nothing to see and worse, nothing to learn. TOTAL IMPLOSION -intellectually speaking.

    Hope posters leave the raw politics to others on the Internet in your absence.

  8. Jim Haygood

    ‘I am away (on an austerity tour, starting in Barcelona, coastal Spain, Portugal, and France).’

    Great concept, with book potential: Couchsurfing Europe on 50 Dollars a Day.

  9. TK421

    An “austerity tour”? Does that mean you’ll only eat white bread and water, and sleep under bridges, and hitchhike everywhere?

    Have a great time.

  10. LeonovaBalletRusse

    Bon voyage. You deserve the best. Enjoy your life and your well-earned success.

    1. Jane

      Hey Lambert – Perhaps Yves can email you some photos to put up for the ‘Antidote de Jour’ – I’d be interested to see pictures of daily life in the ‘Eurozone’ – just a thought…..

    2. bhikshuni

      Great idea! Some postcards with ‘eco-snap-judgments’ in place of those cute fuzzy pics we usually see on the site would be great!

      Have a safe trip and thanks for the hard work over the past year!

  11. psychohistorian

    Don’t get caught up in any austerity riots, Yves.

    Nothing like a holiday in countries that are falling apart to soothe the nerves.

    Enjoy what you can…..

  12. monday1929

    We are all on an Austerity Tour now. Hope you can forget all this for a while, Yves. Have FUN.

    1. Carla

      No one deserves a vacation more than you, Yves, but like Susan the other, I hope you’ll send dispatches or web postcards. Maybe every few days, you’ll think of all of us here going through withdrawal and drop us a line.

  13. Value At Risk

    Join the indignados and crush the grapes of wrath with your fat overpriced feet. That’ll show the som’bitches.

  14. Keenan

    Have a wonderful time in the sun, Yves.

    Doc Holliday used to stage a coup when our hostess took her infrequent leaves. Is the Doc in the house? The boss is going on a Holliday.

  15. Heretic

    Have a good well deserved vacation.

    I am a little jealous now; I have been to Spain once and I really liked it. I was in the southern region of Andulasia… The food was great, the people were very nice, lots of beautiful history and culture. I remember seeing plenty families having dinner together at 10pm and going for nice casual post dinner stroll ( in the small times) Such a happy scene! I felt a great affinity for these people. It saddens me now, to think that such happy scenes may be extinguished.

    Anyways… Sorry for the sentimental meandering. Have a wonderful vacation.

  16. 2laneIA

    Safe travels, and don’t bring any of that austerity back with you. We already have more than we want.

    Maybe Lambert could use the postcards for the links, but only use photos of stuff the government has sold off to keep up with their interest payments, like the Parthenon (didn’t the Greeks sell that?) or Chicago parking meters. I don’t know what the corollaries are for Spain, Portugal and France.

  17. hermanas

    Have fun. Keep an eye on your bags in Barcelona, Espaigna may be the future USA.

  18. scraping_by

    Enjoy without regret, dear hostess. Beautiful places, people who know food, and a culture of wines thousands of years old.

    And, mind, don’t get into the Chautauqua thing. Absorb, don’t swot.

  19. LucyLulu

    If I didn’t miss you already……

    passes bien les vacances, fait quelques choses à te detendre aussi, et bois beaucoup des verres de vin (aux memoires de NC)!

  20. Boyofoz

    Have a great holiday Yves. Rest, recuperate, eat well and drink lots of great Spanish and Italian wines.

    P.S. Do you need someone to carry your bags :{ )

  21. WarrenCelli

    Aren’t you concerned about the Newt Gingrich effect? Newt who?

    Yes, just kidding of course, but now that I have your attention, consider…

    A vacation is a way,
    Of not giving attention,
    To the illusionary demons,
    Too numerous to mention,

    A way to shun them,
    To eliminate their power,
    To foil their legitimacy,
    Each and every hour,

    With no validation,
    They cease to exist,
    The lesson here,
    Should not be missed,

    If you truly desire,
    System castration,
    Consider the lesson,
    Found in the vacation,

    Election boycotts,
    Would give a permanent vacation,
    To the illusionary demons,
    That destroy our nation…

    No Voice! No Vote!

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  22. WorldisMorphing

    HA !
    Now is the time Yves ! Now is the time.

    We all know what’s coming…and you know that if your devotion stays the same(and we all hope so), …let’s just say your going to be busy as a bee …on amphetamines I suspect…

    Have a safe trip and a good time .

  23. IsabelPS

    Just had a thought: if you have the time and inclination to have a peep at deep Portugal on your austerity tour, I would be glad to offer you lunch in my little village; I could take you to the nearby town where you would visit arguably the most interesting monument in Portugal; and I would put you in the train back to Da Capital. Or I could just invite you for a cup of coffee by the river Tagus to thank you for all the insights you have given me for years…

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