UNCTAD as the Battleground for Role of the State, Trade Policy

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We’ve featured past Real News Network segments on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. UNCTAD has increasingly become a forum for struggles between advanced economies and developing economies over what the rules of the road should be in trade. UNCTAD was early to call the benefits of financialization into question, and has also been taking issue with the comparatively small take countries in the “south” get from extended supply chain production. This, needless to say, is a vision that is a direct challenge to how multinational like to conduct their affairs, so it should be no surprise that the big, rich countries are trying to bring UNCTAD to heel.

From the Real News Network (hat tip Aquifer):

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  1. psychohistorian

    Thanks for the post and link Yves. I was just making this point in comments on another posting.

    Finance is just one of the ways the global inherited rich, through control of the US corps and government have the world by the throat. And the world is complaining……..politely of course, because the US has all the nukes as well.

    I would add that from personal experience the folks in charge control Intellectual Property by fiat both outside AND inside the US.

    The Big Lie machine of US intellectual superiority is now running as fast as the US Treasury printing presses trying to keep the empire afloat. Maybe its time to take the global inherited rich of the “North” and enshrine them in rooms at the Hague where they can be shown daily reruns of the new movie, Bully.

    1. nonclassical

      ….”with the new movie, “Bully”{….AND the olde Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers movie,
      :Magic Christian”…

    2. Susan the other

      Every country can have its own copyright and patent law. I can’t even imagine that the US could strong-arm the rest of the world into thinking that US copyright holders will sue over the general category of product – as if US has a corner on all possible ideas and is owed royalties for eternity. What nonsense. US law states clearly that you cannot copyright an idea, but only the expression of that idea. This is just a con game. We are trying to obfuscate this by advocating a trade practice which shares crumbs, called “supply chain.” Why should anybody go along with that?

      And on the question of whether the BRICS position of an “Enabling State” dedicated to social equity or the “North” position on profiteering and trickle down is the better position, it should be pointed out that the goal of global trade is social equity. “The Efficient State” is also an obfuscation. As soon as the vocabulary gets straightened out, the US is going to be a strong advocate for an “Enabling State” because our clock will be cleaned.

  2. nonclassical

    ..fundamentalists have so corrupted American “belief” system (as climate change belief), Americans cannot perceive value of U.N.functions…

  3. LeeAnne

    James Cartwright Calls For Deep Cuts In Nuclear Arms: HuffPo

    “… Russia not an enemy.”

    A report by the Global Zero U.S. Nuclear Policy Commission, headed by former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James “Hoss” Cartwright

    The panel of military and diplomatic experts urged the elimination of all U.S. tactical nuclear weapons over the next 10 years. “Their military utility is practically nil,” the report said.

    As for hostile countries that possess or are pursuing nuclear weapons, namely Iran and North Korea, “vigilant missile defenses and conventional forces kept on constant alert” are the answer, according to the report.

    But Russia, as well as China, “are not enemies of the United States,” the report stated. It noted that Russia wasn’t included in a recent survey of policy experts as being among the top 20 contingencies directly threatening the U.S. homeland — despite Mitt Romney’s insistence that it is “our number one geopolitical foe.” The Republican candidate, who has promised to increase defense spending, not cut it, has said he would review the implementation of New START if elected president.


    and, while we’re telling the truth, how about fessing up that US drug prohibition policy enforced by the UN worldwide creates the huge profit margins that prop up the power of the CIA and Western banks with laundered 100s of $billions in cash flow.

    Exorbitant taxes on popular consumer products like cigarettes does the same thing; creates a lucrative black market for the underemployed, criminals and the profit making prison system; something the dear Mayor Bloomberg should have some knowledge about -no? No economics for him?

  4. Johnny Clamboat

    “UNCTAD has increasingly become a forum for struggles between advanced economies and developing economies over what the rules of the road should be in trade.”

    Ah yes, managed trade. I’m glad you did not try to conflate that with free trade. At least until you got to the topic tags, anyway.

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