Links 6/2/12

If you vote out Obama, it will make you feel better Washington Post

Mexican Farmers Block Monsanto Law to Privatize Plants and Seeds Food Freedom News

Obama Is More Likely to Approve Bombing Than Romney MJ Rosenberg

Income Inequality Can Be Seen From Space BoingBoing

Zombie Apocalypse: CDC Denies Existence Of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents Huffington Post

The BLS Jobs Report Covering May 2012: More Nothing Correntewire

Human Rights Record of United States in 2011 China Daily… China is now throwing the crackdown against Occupy in America’s face.

Analysis: Angst at Zynga over tumbling share price Reuters… Is this going to be a trend in Silicon Valley, a sort of dot com bust 2.0?

This Week in Poverty: Will Janitors Strike in Houston? The Nation

10 Year Bonds Around the World The Big Picture

The Skipping Stone and Job Growth The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Video: On Capitol Hill, Reporter Attacked For Daring To Ask A Question To A Powerful CEO Republic Report

Is Your State Asking Congress for Toll Roads to Close Budget Gaps? Autodiscovery

U.S. job growth remains weak, May data show Washington Post

* * *

D – 98 and counting.

lambert here:

As the clever hopes expire Of a low dishonest decade. –W.H. Auden, September 1, 1939

Montreal. Awesome panoramic drawing of characters in a Montreal demo. Be sure to scroll! AnarchoPanda to Flik: “I’ll wait for you with a not bad stash and a pint of stout, and we’ll find the way out of this bullshit.” RDI news reader Geneviève Asselin on negotiation halt: “Coming up, we will have other reactions to that which sucks.

The din of the casseroles has changed the game. Police are less present, calmer, and more polite in these demonstrations against the Loi Speciale (78) which bring the average Joe and Jane out with their pots and pans. For the first time, police officers have treated him with respect, saying “please” and “thank you” while giving their orders. Before, it was insolence and a nightstick.” Safety in numbers. “The arrest and $634 fine haven’t dampened his resolve, Denis said. ‘My son… said ‘I’m proud of you,’ so the next night I was out.'”

“[T]he student groups sent two letters urging the government to send the dispute to mediation, but never received a formal response.” HEC’s Lemelin: ‘The parties have established their differences at the level of principles. And a principle is not an easy thing to negotiate.’ Add into the mix that the disparate student groups don’t behave like traditional bargaining units – where the leadership actually leads – and you had a recipe for trouble, Lemelin added.

Charest: “But they’re in the process of hurting Quebeckers and the people from whom they’re seeking support. I think they have to examine their consciences when it comes to their acts.” As if the students and casserolistes [?] were not Quebeckers! Charest: “These people [!!] have the ultimate responsibility and I expect them to assume it totally.” Well, that would make the movement sovereign. Eh? Charest: “There will always be subjects on which we don’t agree. But nothing justifies intimidation and violence.” If only Charest could live by his commitment to Ghandian non-violence! “As a teacher, I can’t tolerate this. My job is to love these kids. We’re treating them as though they were enemy soldiers. There is no sense in it.”

AZ. Tinpot Tyrant Watch: See photos, which show “students who walked out of the school when they learned about teachers being fired. The police are there, according to the source, because the administration called them, and the police threatened the students with arrest.”

DC. “It could have been any of us. We all had our phones out.”

GA. Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers ballot access suit of Greens and Independents before decision, news in itself; mentions Ballot Access News.

FL. “Two Miami-Dade men caught up in a controversial voter-purge could face criminal charges for … casting unlawful ballots in FL elections.”

MA. “[D]isgruntled Cherokees are planning to protest at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Springfield, Mass., on Saturday.” Funding? “Warren, for Socrates’ sake, earned her college scholarship in debate.” Well, let Liz be Liz, then! Who’s running this campaign? Ilya Sheyman’s brain trust?

NM. Affordable passive solar houses come to Santa Fe.

NV. “New details surfaced — including on the role of real estate agents — in the long-running criminal investigation into fraud and corruption at Las Vegas-area homeowner associations.” The fish rots from the head, but the whole fish rots.

OH. “Akron group of volunteers try to locate and help isolated gay seniors.”

TX. “If we don’t interpret and imagine the world for ourselves and for the good of fellow everyday people, you can be certain that somebody who does not have our interests at heart will interpret and imagine the world for us.” Truer words.

VA. “Southwest VA’s economy will become as stagnant as coal itself unless new jobs are created in the area, jobs that range across a wide spectrum of the economy so that any coal-like monopolization of the local job market will never happen again.” “Former AL congressman Artur Davis is shifting his voter registration to VA and says that if he seeks public office again, it will be as a Republican.” Davis was “the first congressman outside IL to endorse the presidential candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama.” Ha.

WI. Viruses in Non-Disinfected Drinking Water from Municipal Wells and Community Incidence of Acute Gastrointestinal Illness. Rs deregulated drinking water; reregulation urged. “Obama flew over WI twice Friday to visit Minneapolis and Chicago without ever stopping.” “While protesting at the Wisconsin State Capitol I wondered why President Obama did not find the collective bargaining issue one that needed a larger voice–namely his–and why Air Force One was not fueled and ready to head to Madison.” Because he’s just not that into you. “[Walker] has even managed to maintain a significant toe-hold – of about 38% – among union voters. “[M]any have observed that the Walker attack ad featuring the [dead] two-year-old child is not the kind of spot a campaign runs if it’s extremely confident of winning. ”

Greens. “Go ahead and shake hands with a bully–but don’t expect him to let go.” One person’s story of Green involvement.

Ron Paul. “One of Romney’s sons, Josh Romney, was greeted with boos by Paul supporters when he spoke to the [WA] convention Friday morning.”

Grand Bargain™-brand cat food. Obama to donors in Minneapolis: “I believe that if we’re successful in this election – when we’re successful in this election – that the fever may break, because there’s a tradition in the Republican Party of more common sense than that. My hope and my expectation is that after the election … we can start getting some cooperation again … now that it turns out the goal of beating Obama doesn’t make much sense because I’m not running again. … [P]eople will accept a balanced plan for deficit reduction.” Like a “balanced” diet of Whiskas?

Inside Baseball. Immanual Wallerstein: “The fluctuations in everything are large and rapid. This applies as well to social protest. This is what we are seeing as the geography of protest constantly shifts.” Austerity: “Why on earth a reduction in spending from the one sector that does not face a budget constraint should be hailed as good news is beyond me.” Horton: “Only one man has plainly benefited from the Edwards prosecution: former U.S. Attorney George Holding, who used the case to launch his political career. ” Wolf: “Smart women may be unwilling to marry high-profile political men these days, owing to the tremendous potential downside.” Gingrich: “I was probably naive in forgetting that your opponents have every right to try to clutter your message.” “Person in the street” piece: “Some insisted they were not political. But as they began talking, it became clear they were intensely political and had strong views.” Surprise, the interviewees don’t fit into d/R boxes. Matthew Dowd R: “So in this extremely tight election environment, [independent] voters are looking for those signals. They’re looking for moments that give them an indication of what the right choice is.” NYT point: “The United States has repeatedly used cyberweapons to cripple another country’s infrastructure.” RT counterpoint: “[T]he US is arguably the one country in the world most vulnerable to cyber attacks on its infrastructure. ”

Robama vs. Obomney Watch. “Mitt Romney vows change on Day One; it’s not that easy.” And the proof it’s not easy? Obama.

Jawbs. Atlantic: If you happened to hear a loud, sustained moan of pain around 8:30 this morning, chances are it was the collective sound of the financial world reading this month’s jobs report. New York magazine: “miserable failure” (ouch!) Former White House official: “There’s no sugarcoating this one.” Yglesias (!): “[I]t’s important to remember that this is first and foremost a human tragedy.” Normally I distrust word clouds. But. Romney: “He’s not up to the task. He’s [in] over his head.” Salmon: “Obama is bizarrely reluctant to talk about anything which rhymes with ‘stimulus’.” Actually, not “anything”; one thing: “Limulus” (horseshoe crab). So, can you blame him? Obama: “As we learned in today’s jobs report, we’re still not creating [jobs] as fast as we want.” You learned TODAY?! “Just like at this time last year, our economy is still facing some serious headwinds.” (Hate headwind trope. It speaks to people who take airplanes a lot, one: Like our policy making elites. Two, comparing the economy to an airplane is as stupid and reductive as comparing government to a household.) Obama — in shocker — blames somebody else. “Right now, Congress should pass a bill to prevent more layoffs.” Oh, bollocks. (Apologists chime in.) Guardian: “You can’t brag about pulling the country out of the economic ditch Bush dug if the car’s still in the ditch.”

Romney. Charts: “Romney completely dominated this race from the very beginning.” Romney alleges Inspector General says Obama friends and family benefitted from Solyndra, which they did, but the IG didn’t say that. Margaret Carlson: “Romney is a man with no fixed positions from which to deviate.” Also, too, hope and change. Romney chief strategist: “It is like the last scene in the Alien movie when they start coming out of the air vents. It is time to go the full flame throwers.”

Obama. “CHILD: I love you, Obama. AUDIENCE: Aww –” Scripted? The Big Dog on the trail: “Times are tough, and you’ve got to get up every day… and you start the day, you look in the mirror and you say, ‘God, is it going to get better? How long is it going to be? What’s my future going to be like?’ And when people are uncertain and afraid it’s easy to get them confused and divided.” Geraldo on Obama’s ‘”kill list”: “I don’t care about losing the moral high ground.” No doubt. “Obama Friend Whitaker Denies Wright Allegation of Bribe.” Teebee ad, on R economics: “It didn’t work then. It won’t work now.” ObamaCare: “[A] planning memo, including a reminder that it’s important ‘to continue projecting confidence that the court will uphold the law,’ was discussed at a May 29 meeting … attended by officials from the White House.”

Bain feeding frenzy (late reprise). “Bain is a perfectly fine company. They have a role in the private economy, and I’ve got a lot of friends there,” said [MA Gov and Axelrove Obama replicant Deval] Patrick. (Hat tip Klassy!)

* 98 days ’til the Democratic National Convention feasts on North Carolina barbecue on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. 98 problems…

A la prochaine fois!

* * *
Antidote du jour:

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From 2011-2012, Matt was a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He contributed to Politico, Alternet, Salon, The Nation and Reuters, focusing on the intersection of foreclosures, the financial system, and political corruption. In 2012, he starred in “Brand X with Russell Brand” on the FX network, and was a writer and consultant for the show. He has also produced for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show. From 2009-2010, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Alan Grayson. You can follow him on Twitter at @matthewstoller.


    1. jgordon

      Obviously newly dead–there were still only a few flies on its head at the time of this photo it looks like.

  1. craazyman

    well it looks like Mish Shedlock and John Hussman have been right as rain. Thanks to you two dudes and I am so appreciative I donated to Mish’s ALS fundraiser.

    Reading those political blurbs up there under links is so nauseating I donm’t know how you political junkies can even stand it. I can’t. How can you find fascination with this sh*t? Two complete jerks trying to outjerk each other, and us. What a poisonous spectacle it is. “No.” That’s my vote.

    The wheels are about to come off the global looting machine that some naive people call the “financial system”. Finally the big plunge. It’s not a mystery. Only the when is the mystery. No man knoweth the day or the hour.

    What fascinates me is the process of causation that turns incipient chaos into real chaos. The advent of WWI. The rise of the Nazis. The conflagration of the Amer. Civil War. What butterfly on what breeze flips it’s wing and starts it all? I don’t really think it works like that though. There’s a build-up of potential psychic energy in some invisible holding tank — some group mind — and something triggers the bursting of the tank’s walls, somehow, some procession of thoughts through some medium of which we only sense but can’t describe. More reason to stare out the bus window and figure it out. If I can only figure out what the point, line and plane are, then it’ll all fall into place.

    Wonder if Yves made it out of the absinthe bar? Wonder if Europe is still there? They say so on TV but I don’t believe much of what I read or see on the internet. There’s a big logical problem with that form of ontological research. hahahahahah.

    Right now everthing is very very sickly golden and decayed in the upper mind skies. It’s like an over-ripe peach and behind it is a turbulent vacuum of dark potential. God knows what’s behind that but I suspect it’s something like the Wizard of Oz.

    1. Lambert Strether

      That “over-ripe peach” metaphor is great. (And a lot easier on the sensibility than mine, which is “a sac of pus waiting to burst.”

      As for the “political blurbs”, well, yes, of course! The quotes are curated for maximum redolence. But there are two additional tracks of “politics” in there, not just one:

      (1) The occupations (loosely naming Occupy, Montreal, and the Capitol actions as one thing), and (2) local citizen efforts, often to constrain rentier resource extraction (fracking). Right now all three tracks proceed in parallel. If all three begin to “correlate” (as I think the finance people would say) then we should see events not without interest. And not in a “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” way.

      1. Lidia

        I love your news aggregates, Lambert! I really do feel like it’s a multi-level EKG scrolling by every day.

        1. Lambert Strether

          The fourth track — or perhaps I should say Zero-th track, since geeks count from zero — is the finance world which Yves and her posse cover so brilliantly. And Stoller adds depth to the political world that my mosaic can’t. So thanks for the kind words, but it is an interwoven whole.

          Also, I worry that it’s too long and out of balance. There are so many amazing things happening (both good and evil) that it’s hard to keep track…

          1. Rex

            “The fourth track — or perhaps I should say Zero-th track, since geeks count from zero”

            Or perhaps you should have said the *third track* since geeks count from zero. (0, 1, 2, *3* is the 4th item in the list.) As a fellow geek, though your intent was clear, I felt the need to be pedantic.

            “Count on me through thick and thin”

            I do number sytems base 8, 10, or 16 and indexes based 0 or 1, commonly. Other tricks, perhaps, upon request.

          2. Rex

            Forgot to mention base two, as it is tedious if you are not a machine.

            As a radio ham and a binary-aware person let me close with

            73 (dec)
            0111 0011 (BCD) or
            01001001 (actual binary value)
            49 (hex version)

      1. Walter Wit Man

        His 2008 campaign is probably what gave me my last bit of hope in the Democratic party.

        He did a good job of defending fairly liberal positions.

        But now I don’t have such a kind view of his role. He’s there to keep people like me in the Democratic party and to prevent us from achieving the very goals he so coherently expressed. He helped sell Obama’s hope by being involved in the process, and lest I remind you, supporting Obama for president.

        1. Carla

          I agree with you, WWM. That was precisely Dennis’ role. That is the way the game is played.

          So I invite you and other disaffected members of either of the Titanic parties to join me and support Jill Stein for President in the Green Party primaries, and in November.

          Just remember, the Republicans tell you they’re going to F* you over, and then they F* you over. The Democrats tell you they’re going to help you, and then they F* you over.

          Go Green!

          1. different clue

            Did Senator Wellstone ever fuck his constituents over?

            The Greens fucked Wellstone over but good. The Greens fucked Wellstone right into an early grave. And voting Green is dancing on that grave. Some things will never ever be forgiven.



            1. Lambert Strether

              What, they sabotaged Wellstone’s plane in 2002? Do tell. And since when were political parties immune from error? Still, I grant you that this is a more interesting talking point than deflecting blame for the rotten and cowardly campaign that Joe Lieberman’s running mate ran in 2000. Snark! Partly.

          2. different clue

            The Greens ran that McGaw creature with Republican funding among other things in order to draw enough votes from Wellstone to defeat Wellstone. Wellstone increased his
            campaign effort and flying frequency to try and counter the Green-Republican effort, thereby exposing himself to more risky flight time exposure. But you knew that already. The fact that you would tell the diversionary lies you tell about what I must be suggesting indicates the moral sump in which you dwell. You are one of those people who gleefully spit on Wellstone’s grave and then dance upon it joyfully everytime you vote Green or suggest that others do so.
            Did you think I missed your other lie about my supposedly attributing Gore’s defeat primarily to Nader’s effort? Even as you knew that I was condemning Nader’s motives, not his impact? But you keep right on ringin’ dem bells.

            1. Lambert Strether

              By that logic, anybody who opposed Wellstone in the election campaign is guilty of his death. Morally depraved I may be, but at least my reasoning faculties are intact.

          3. Carla

            @different clue: being different doesn’t mean you have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

            None of us does. Some of us know it.

          4. different clue

            Did I say I have the whole truth? No. As you knew before you made the implied accusation. Typical Green. Just like some of the original Greens I met in the latest 1970s.

            And did you rebut what I said about the Green-Republican
            coalition reason for running McGaw against Wellstone? No. Because you can’t. So you will just dodge it. Typical Green.

            There are many other third party wannabe choices besides Green. And those others have the advantage of not being immoral and decietful.

  2. Dave of Maryland

    You will note the long Chinese laundry list of US human rights violations did not include the gays. . .

      1. Chauncey Gardiner

        Not a graphic designer, but perhaps a similar font since letters do not have a copyright. Color scheme… hmmmm… perhaps something neutral too… like GREEN.

        1. Lambert Strether

          Mixed message. Presumably Green is more worthy of support, but we would like to parody.

          Would need an O, would need the (horrible) air-brushed gradients, and the generally typographical air of precious finickiness, but perhaps a bubbling sewer of something or other coming out of the O…

          Anybody here got any graphics talent?

      2. EH

        I thought maybe you could just reverse the colors, but I took a look at both logos and noticed something very curious: they’re both red, white and blue. There doesn’t seem to be any GOP:red, Democrat:blue color scheme anymore, which would appear to be a metaphor for both parties being effectively the same.

      3. cwaltz

        To make it really obomney, you should merge the logos and the slogans……Take the blue arch from Obama and the red white and blue aquafresh looking colors from Romney.

  3. Johnny

    re Why I left the Democratic Party…

    Why should I support a party that works against the interests of the White Working Class?

    Affirmative action for women, minorities–what’s next gays?

    This party mouths platitudes about working people and then goes out of their way to exclude the largest percentage
    working people, White Males, from their activities.

    The Republicans would have no traction if the Democrats
    didn’t do this. I want a Democratic Party that is Populist and that represents the majority of working Americans, not a select group of outsiders that they pander to.
    Oh, and please stop calling me for money and sending me
    donation requests. You don’t do jack shit for me so I’m not going to send you a penny. Voting for Ron Paul in the primary and then no one for president.

    And no, I’m not writing in the Jewish woman doctor

    1. Carla

      Gee, Johnny, you really cover a lot of bases. I would like a Populist party too, but not if it’s misogynistic, racist and anti-semitic.

      1. F. Beard

        “Populist” sounds good and in the face too.

        I suggest “Proud to be a Populist” as a slogan.

    2. starve whitey

      Yeah how come there’s no affirmative action for white losers like Johnny? He needs it more that smart Indians like Warren and banker’s grandbabies like Obama.

    3. TK421

      Do you really, truly think minorities are a bigger threat to your way of life than wealthy corporations and the parties they have bought?

    4. craazyman

      That’s what NASCAR is for! bowahahahahahaha

      guys like you.

      and me too, but I can’t stand watching cars go round and round and round, unless I’m behind the wheel.

      that’s my problem with politics in general. and yes, it’s nauseating to see that demographic hair-splitting pandering — because it’s not because the politicians really care about these people, it’s just another con, another lure, like human fishing, to get their vote you find a way to put the hook in the mouth and then YANK!!!! — and where you put your pee-pee too. why does anyone give a shit about that? I don’t know.

      You don’t see this stuff happen where people are down to earth like in France. but here it’s nausea and identity politics in every direction with these democons. It takes a strong stomach and I don’t have one. I’m too sensitive and it sort of makes me faint.

  4. dcblogger

    The Guardian reports on Bilderberg

    and a new name on my radar – Michael J Evans – who enjoys the elegant title: vice-chairman, global head of growth markets, Goldman Sachs.

    Evans will be conferencing with his esteemed colleages, James A Johnson (director of Goldman Sachs) and Peter Sutherland (chairman of Goldman Sachs International) – the last two both members of Bilderberg’s Steering Group. The strong Goldman showing this year does so much to reassure me of the benign and worthwhile efforts of Bilderberg. They just want to get on and help us, quietly and secretly. Like a corporate cross between Santa Claus and a big friendly squid.

  5. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Income inequality from space.

    Actually, income inequality is best seen from our hearts.

    People explore from without when they should be exploring from within.

    Again, income inequality should be seen from the quantum nooks of our hearts where everything is wave-like so that we are all connected.

    Why do we fascinate over strange, far away things when what we need is right in front of us, simple and common?

    Just consume less – forget about ‘green’ things.

    Funny overpopulated cats (or dogs) are not a threat to the world – overpopulated Homo-Not-So-Sapiens are.


    The enemy is us.

    1. F. Beard

      The enemy is us. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Speak for yourself.

      And you’re ignoring that justice is required, not cheap consolation.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Hopefully I am not alone in feeling this way.

        But you never know.

        If I’m the only one taking this road, so be it.

  6. Jim Haygood

    ‘Most … wealthy Jewish donors do not give to Democrats out of hawkishness on Israel … Jews support Democrats because of their preference for a liberal, tolerant, economically just America … the lobby has been very successful in conveying that if a donor’s name is Goldberg, the money is about Israel, and now Iran, even though it’s more likely to be about opposing racism or environmental destruction.’ — MJ Rosenberg

    HA HA HA HA! That’s like claiming that Hitler’s supporters were liberal, tolerant folks who just wanted more autobahns, art deco architecture, and tougher anti-smoking laws. They were shocked — SHOCKED! — when he resorted to ethnic cleansing.

    Opposing racism means your heart’s in the right place, even if it results in $4 billion a year in US aid for the world’s last apartheid regime.

    1. Lambert Strether

      We have a planned economy right now, just as the other multi-lingual, mult-national decaying imperial police state of continental did, before it collapsed. So there’s that.

  7. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    China talking about Occupy in America….

    The reason China can say that is because there are no Occupiers in China.

    Where is Occupy China?

    By the way, I am looking for information on Occupy Earth.

    A story I heard – someone ran across some occupied toilets on a flight the other day. he banged on the doors to let them know he supported their ‘occupations.’

  8. kevinearick

    Auschwitz Again: Never Say Never Again

    Before long, someone is going to start publishing all the research done in the concentration camps. And then the investigators are going to tie it all into what has transpired since, and it’s going to get ugly. Before that, or equivalent war misdirection, happens, you want your community buffered against shock. The Swiss Franc is in much bigger trouble than suspected, and the doctor controlled towns, running on government dependency, are designed to collapse in short order.

    Most will be surprised by how much of the US consumer led, global economy came straight out of the camps. The German technocrat has attitude for a reason. Little Johnny and Suzie are about to get an education. Ignorance is not bliss. Stupidity has a steep price, all participants pay, and any delay in recognition only increases the penalty and interest at reversion.

    By the way, just where is Soros keeping all his eggs, playing both sides against the middle? Bilderberg, Smildenberg. Have you noticed that the Hitlers are starting to show their true selfish, delusional, and controlling colors? Actually, the world is beginning to wake up.

    If your medical treatment, your computer application, or your psychiatric evaluation was based upon psychographic research in a concentration camp, how much stock would you buy in the participating institutions? More importantly, what would you use for money? The Bible hasn’t withstood the test of time by accident.

    Eye for an eye and do unto others say the same thing, from opposite sides of the looking glass. The perpetrating behavior of this little experiment in global population control is horrendous, but so isn’t the willing participation of the manufactured majority. Obama sees 2000 years back in time. Christ saw 2000 years ahead in time.

    Stupidity is a test of patience. Don’t expect the basic operation of gravity to change any time soon. It’s the past. The goal is to look further and further into the future, to realize the unknown, in a feedback loop.

    Ask anyone who has made any headway into the martial arts, or take a poke at that skinny old farmer some time. Physical strength is a function of spiritual strength at the higher altitudes. If you can adjust time itself, it doesn’t matter how powerful your opponent is. We barely increased the speed of time relative to the banks and they are falling apart at the seams. The German central bank refuses its counterparts and the Euro collapses, surprise, surprise.

    Each community, knowingly or not, has a surplus or deficit relative to its self-sustainment, which drives its event horizon, one way or the other. What the Bible is telling you is that you want to employ counter-currency as a feedback loop, to adjust for necessary gravity. For some, the event horizon of the time fulcrum is a cow.

    If you were given a blank canvas and told to draw time, what would you draw? If you value that which is timeless as your foundation, everything else will take care of itself. You were granted that which is unique at birth. Employ it.

    Tobacco adjusts the time fulcrum, gold adjusts the time fulcrum, etc. Now, you are given another blank canvas. What would you draw? Don’t wait in line at the trough with replicating robots and expect a different outcome.

    You are your own worst enemy, your own best friend, or something in between. Yelling at a rock may be therapeutic, but it does not change the nature of the rock. Build bridges with your spirit, and any physical opposition will work against itself, like clockwork.

    Just because a manufactured majority known as US Government has the attention span of a gnat does not mean that America is so disabled. Digital money is like a radioactive dye in the blood. It reveals disease character quite effectively. A sword has two edges. A pendulum only requires one.

    What is your unique durable good? Where is it relative to the root in the cycle of life? What does your import/export portfolio look like relative to you demographic requirements? At what demographic acceleration do you throw your life’s work into the black hole?

    Have you taken a look at the disability and surgery rates relative to public health? If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

    Following the law isn’t about obeying the king. It’s about disrobing an effeminate boy, who “thinks” majority rule gives him the authority to direct grown men and women, only to see his strings being pulled by a girl. Ever notice how these muppets are always trying to surround you?

    Making little monsters of their own children is one thing, but taxing real people, kidnapping their children, and borrowing against their grandchildren’s future is another. No such rule of law has ever withstood the test of time, but the lizards keep manufacturing majorities to that end. Bless their little hearts, because they are doing you a favor.

    Empires are built to be destroyed, as an example to future generations. Bet any way you like, but God wins every time. That is History. It’s just a sh-show.

    Be on your way. God has much better things for you top do than play doctor. Tend to your spirit and your intellect will flower. The body will heal itself, which is why it is so difficult to beat a fast walking man. If the goal is to know more than the unknown, failure is the only possible result.

    Simple physics.

  9. AccruedDisinterest

    That panoramic drawing is magnifique!–and I can’t even read French. Merci for that.

  10. emptyfull

    I know people here have mixed feelings about Krugman, but he is great at taking down conservatives and may be breaking through the austerity madness in Europe.

    There’s a moment in the video above (bbc link) where Krugman calls out the conservatives on screen with him for only pretending to care about the deficit while using the crisis for ideological purposes. They really have no response, because they had just had basically admitted as much.

    1. F. Beard

      Those STUPID (Is there any other kind?) conservatives!

      Plus Krugman should have made the following point “What your economy needs is government money with or WITHOUT government jobs. Don’t let your hatred of government blind you to that need. The population needs to payoff the debts they were driven into by the banks. They need money for that. The government should provide that.”

      Of course, Paul Krugman can never admit that the banks are the problem so he is unlikely to hit on the above solution.

  11. Glen

    Human Rights Record of United States in 2011 China Daily

    (This gets put in the “So I know this makes me look bad, but” category.)

    Man, that’s an awfully long story there, I’m impressed if most Chinese will read the whole thing. I don’t think the average American has the concentration or will power to hang in on that one.

    Just say’n.

  12. F. Beard

    What’s this:

    Elizabeth Warren, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show.

    A Herald review has found that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices.

    1. wunsacon

      Meh. The article author basically dislikes it when an seemingly honest player criticizes the game. It’s a weak smear.

      1. F. Beard

        Someone said (paraphase): “What difference does it make if one can read the fine-print if he has has no choice but to sign anyway?”

        Plus, she seems to have used the counterfeiting cartel quite a bit herself, not to just put a roof over her head but to get rich. And charging her brother interest?!

        1. wunsacon

          >> she seems to have used the counterfeiting cartel quite a bit herself,

          So what? Are we going to restrict our public official candidates to people who came from outer space?

          I live in this system, in this empire. I enjoy a good standard of living because of it. Yet, I criticize it consistently, because I would like it to be a “kinder, gentler” empire, better to its people and to everyone it rules around the world. Am I supposed to refrain from one of those? Then, I guess everyone should just shut up and just follow the horse in front of them. Or else go Amish and write a blog. “No thanks” to either one of those.

          1. F. Beard

            Are we going to restrict our public official candidates to people who came from outer space? wunsacon

            One doesn’t have to look that far. There are lots of smart people who earn their living honestly – engineers and I dare say a few lawyers and prosecutors.

            But a real estate spectator seriously reforming the money system? The money system that allowed her to get rich with other people’s stolen purchasing power?

            I think we’ll have more luck with some inherited wealth guy – a “traitor to his class” sort than with a money hungry climber.

            But may she prove me wrong

          2. F. Beard

            Btw, things will have to get pretty bad before most engineers will sully themselves with politics, I’d bet.

          3. wunsacon

            >> Btw, things will have to get pretty bad before most engineers will sully themselves with politics, I’d bet.

            DOn’T gOaD me, maaan. ;-)

  13. Man+steel

    Love it how Iran is erasing evidence of its multi-site peaceful healthcare-focused nuclear weapons program, as seen in satellite images this week, but we are worried about short-term internal politics. Love it when Assad is moving his chemical missiles to hezbollah in Lebanon, yet it is Obama and Israel who are pro war. Love the conspiracy by democrat self-hating jews about their own elected (failed) president, as if he hasn’t tried to prevent war until now. Love it how the US Israeli lobby is hated by the left in Israel, by most Jews in the US, and yet it is seen as a reflection of Zionism. Hate it when all the haters-racist-opinionated-liberal-anti-everybody-else of the world pop up as soon as tough economic times ruin cute globalization schemes build around human harmony.

    1. K Ackermann

      And here I was thinking it was a mess, but you managed to put everything in square boxes, each neatly labeled.

      Thanks for clearing it all up. Pretty good for a Black fella, you are. I thought you were only good at sports.

  14. K Ackermann

    History says it would be smart to listen to the bond markets. So what are the bond markets saying right now?

    Trouble in 6 months.

  15. polistra

    BBC’s “Business Report” has an interesting program about the big four accounting firms, asking specifically why they failed to notice the 2008 crash.

    Doesn’t quite allege direct conspiracy, but shows a lot of “coziness” between the TBTF accountants and their TBTF clients. The clients are more interested in PROtecting crimes than DEtecting crimes.

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