A Note on Our Fundraiser and the Hurricane

Dear Naked Capitalism readers,

I’m very grateful for your generosity. Your response has been gratifying given how many of you have no doubt been busy with making sure you are prepared for the storm.

Hurricane Sandy continues to look like it will be a very serious event. As we noted in our earlier post, even sites that are not dispensers of weather porn are pretty alarmed. This looks like a storm where the damage will not be primarily as a result of the wind, but the storm surge, followed by days of very heavy rain.

It doesn’t seem right to be asking for money when there are legitimate safety concerns among many of our readers. So I’m suspending the fundraiser for now and will resume it after the election. I want again to thank the generosity and speedy action of readers who have given already; we’ll most certainly be counting your donations towards our goals.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves. I’ll be posting from New York City as long as there’s power.

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      So that makes you an official early responder! Your donation still counts and is very much appreciated.

    1. b when

      Is Sandy our great tree today? Then, waiting there for Godot shall do. A hand outstretched in your direction, your Grace.

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