Final Hours of Fundraiser, Closing in on Our Targets

The Naked Capitalism community has spoken loudly and clearly. You’ve said you want this site to be more effective and you’ve been willing to provide tangible backing for your desire to have us demystify finance, call out chicanery in high places, parse propaganda, and in our small way, help promote the creation of a more just society.

We’re close to both our donor and financial targets. We are at 902 donors towards our goal of 1000 and at $6630 towards our last goal of $8500 for intern support (read here why they aren’t free!). Let’s see if we can meet these goals before the close of this effort, midnight PST. Join us and participate via our Tip Jar, WePay, which is a credit card portal, further down in the right column, or you can send a check made out to Aurora Advisors Incorporated to Aurora Advisors Incorporated, 903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10075

It’s also been great to so many appreciative reader messages. A few from today:

A big thank you for your commitment to critical thinking and challenging institutional norms. I believe those are the two most important societal values that need to be passed on to future generations.

I start every day with Naked Capitalism– it is an oasis of sanity and intelligence in an insane and ignorant world. Thank you for that.

Thanks for all of the useful information and economic insights. Keep up the great work.

If you give, even a little, please do. If you can give more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. Those of you who donated early, I thank you, and if you are able, consider chipping in another $10, $15, $25 on behalf of those in the NC readership who are cash strained but value their participation in the community. We only have a few hours left and on behalf of all of you who contribute, by guest blogging, financially, in comments, by providing links, or the occasional tech advice and prodding, I’d like us to make this effort as big a success as possible.

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  1. Lambert Strether

    We should think of the internship as a wonderful opportunity for some bright good person who’s going to be learning “a ton,” as Yves would say.

    Do we really want to restrict that opportunity only to people who can afford to work for free?

  2. scraping_by

    Amazing what a lot of people doing a little bit can add up to.

    I wonder if this could become an operating principle in the big world?

  3. funkright

    Donated the money I had in my paypal, not a ton, but it’s what I have available. Pretty much same as last year. I admire your tenacity and intellect :)

  4. Kokuanani

    Just donated again.

    I’m in the Hawaii Standard Time zone, but it’s before midnight here. Can I count in reaching the goal?

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