1. diptherio

    The Fam is still sleeping, so I haven’t listened yet…but that cover art is AwesomE! Nothing says X-mas like a scowling old guy! Wonderful/horrible graphic design: gotta love it.

  2. Norman

    Isn’t life grand? Everyone gets to listen to what ever floats their boat, regardless if others like it or not. Thanks Yves for the choice you’ve given, certainly a different take, but a refreshing one too these old ears. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  3. WorldisMorphing

    That actually rocks…
    Able guitarist, right distortion and right tone — to perfectly (and oddly) complement Lee’s voice…

    Cool. I always knew that deep down, Yves was a repressed Metalhead waiting to bloom…
    Hang in there Yves ! You have friends who can help !
    [feed you your newfound guilty pleasure and soon to be addiction]… :)

  4. Klassy!

    Is there no situation that the stenographers will not insert the fiscal cliff into as a cause? I’m thinking holiday sales were anemic because you can’t get blood from a turnip. It would be nice to think Americans realized they do not need quite so much crap, but that is probably definitely delusional.
    Where are these surveys which show that the fiscal cliff put the brakes on shoppers spending. (Aw, better just shut up about that or one will be crafted to ensure such a conclusion.)

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