1. psychohistorian

    Thanks for the seasonal parody. Nicely done!

    Two of the memorable phrases…..”

    All Hail to Shale……….

    With Heaven and Nature Getting Barbecued………….


  2. Susan the other

    Clever. The news from the latest summit on the environment (qatar or dubai?) is the same standoff – the US and the EU and developed countries are getting frustrated because the developing giants India and China refuse to cut back their emissions by saying “well you did it!” So now the question has become, How much are the developed countries willing to pay the developing countries to stop their bad practices? Mostly a coal burning problem I’m assuming – that would partly explain the frenzy to drill. But it doesn’t explain why we are cutting both China and India off from every source of oil we can get our clutches on. Looks like we plan to control the distribution of oil as frugally as possible even tho this pushes the use of coal. Things never make sense.

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