Reader Notices Plus Blegs

Dear patient readers,

We have actually had a small feature improvement implemented that you probably didn’t notice. Our Archive feature was WordPress standard and sort of nasty. We now have a custom archive feature that allows you to scan a month on a single page. The formatting needs some tightening up, and we’ll get to that in due course.

Second is we are (hold your breath) planning to migrate to a new host in the next week or so. We are still ironing out some details but it’s looking like we’ll start the migration later this week and hopefully switch over during the weekend, or at worst late at night early next week. One warning (and we’ll remind you) is there will be a point when we’ll be sucking the final data over and any comments made at the old host will be lost (waaah!). We’ll post the time window at issue in advance, but be advised we’ll have a period when the site is moving (first the last data comes over, then we redirect the DNS and that propagates through the Web) when comments might be lost.

Third is after we migrate, we’ll start working on a site facelift. No big changes, just sprucing up the site and making it easier to read.

Now to the blegs. As part of the facelift, we need begging animal pictures! Animals giving something to another animal is also good. We’re sure to get lots of dogs and cats, so if you find other begging or giving animals, that’s ever better. These need to be pictures ONLY, no words on them (if you see something you like on Icanhascheezburger, they have a LOL builder that lets you get the picture without the caption). Please send any pictures (put “NC begging animals” in the headline) to

Finally, if anyone has experience on the management side of the temp industry, or knows industry pricing, please ping me at and write “Temp help” in the headline.

Thanks a ton!

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  1. Jefemt

    I think none of the posts and comments will be lost, you’ll just need to head to that shiny new building in Utah with a FOIA request or subpoena….
    Best Bog Ever

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