Site Switchover Notice

Dear patient readers,

We are going live on a new webhost at 1:30 AM EDT on June 11.

The way this works is:

1. New webhost will have sucked all content out of the site right before the switchover.

2. The site at the old location goes into maintenance mode. That means you can’t post comments at the old location.

3. The domain name servers are told to start looking at the new webhost for NC.

Those steps are executed rapidly. However, it takes a while for 3 to propagate over the internet. Some of you will not notice any change since the servers near you will have gotten word that NC is at a new place right away. Some of you who access servers that don’t get word as quickly may have a period (at the very outside, a couple of hours) where you see the maintenance mode version of the site.

We are doing step 2 (freezing the old site) because we don’t want people posting comments at the old location after the switchover and having them lost that way. So the hopefully minor inconvenience is for a good end!

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  1. Seal

    you know its better to do this when the Moon is not void of course! get extra-rational guidance

    1. down2long

      Seal, are you being ironic? I did live several years in S.F. checking all the aspects before doing anything rash, like leaving my house. I see value in that it gives one the illusion of control over one’s life. I did not do things of import when the moon was void of course, or God Forbid, Mercury was retrograde. So perhaps I will never know what chaos and catastrophe I avoided. An interesting way to live. I am all for living a life in dichotomies.

      1. AbyNormal

        hey Goldbuggers don’t mess with the big cheese hehehee
        (of course their trades aren’t the sharpest…’))
        Mon Jun 10 5:16 pm To Wed Jun 12 12:59 am
        Moon enters Leo
        Cats are the lap-dancers of the animal world. Soon as you stop shelling out, they move on, find another lap. They’re furry little sociopaths. Pretty and slick — in love with themselves. When’s the last time you saw a seeing-eye cat?
        vachss,safe house

  2. Scott

    Ok, the new site keeps pushing the same page URL into my browser history. For every page I view I have 5 history URL’s for the same page. I’m using Chrome.

    When I click BACK I get 5 more. Can’t get back to the previous page without specifically selecting it from the dropdown list on the BACK button.

    Hope this isn’t intentional.


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