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Blessing of the Animals in NYC. Sunday at 4 PM. You can see from past years that it’s mainly dogs that get the benedictions. Cats remember when they were gods and think this is de trop.

Deadly lake turns animals into statues New Scientist. Where does Richard Smith find these anti-antidotes???

Books by Christie Sims Amazon. An antidote to Richard’s anti-antidote. Be sure to read book descriptions and reviews

The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads “Chicken Little” American Journal of Medicine (furzy mouse)

The Three Grossest Sentences You’ll Read About Chicken Nuggets Today Atlantic

VIDEO: Snow storms hit central US states BBC. In the meantime, we had a cool summer in the East and an unusually warm September. Go figure.

FACEBOOK BUILDING MAJOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM TO UNDERSTAND WHO WE ARE Singularity Hub (furzy mouse). So those of you who do FaceBorg, please mess up your profiles. Go like something that you have absolutely no interest in and that is at odds with your presumed interests, like Nascar or child beauty pageants or authors of trash literature or really pompous intellectuals or extreme sports or taxidermy.

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? New York Times

The Lessons of Aaron Swartz MIT Technology Review (Chuck L). This is offensive and the subhead is a hatchet job. I hope alumni give the school a big piece of their mind.

The End Of The Power User BuzzFeed (Chuck L)

Families hoard cash 5 yrs after crisis Associated Press (Lambert)

Two million’ monitor web in China BBC

Canadian-Based Company Sues Canada Under NAFTA, Saying That Fracking Ban Takes Away Its Expected Profits TechDirt (Jeremy). A precursor of the type of suit you’d see all the time if the TPP and EU-US trade deals get done.

Merkel starts German coalition talks BBC

Spanish court convicts 53 in corruption trial Associated Press

U.S. strikes Somali militants, al-Qaeda member Washington Post

Food for Thought on the Effectiveness of Drone Strikes Just Security

Shutdown Showdown:

Why the government shutdown is bad for Americans’ health Aljazeera

The shutdown and the economy Walter Kurtz

Confusion over 4506-T and The Shutdown – Lenders & Aggregator’s Various Policies Mortgage News Daily

Economist: “There’s Absolutely Nothing Resembling A Debt Crisis In The US” Real News Network

Inside the GOP, a report from Democracy Corps mathbabe (Chuck L). Explains why the Republican behavior (as a party, not from an individual perspective) is not as nutty as it seems. Having just been in Texas, I can attest to the pervasiveness of Fox News and the pretty close to overt racism among people you’d expect to keep it under wraps.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch:

I Con the Record Admits All This Spying Also Serves Counterintelligence Marcy Wheeler

Spies versus Scribes Naomi Wolf, Project Syndicate

What happened to Obama’s NSA reforms? Time. Someone believed Obama was sincere?

In Months Before Wild Capitol Scene, Miriam Carey Battled Psychosis Associated Press. Brace yourself for blame the victim. First she had post-partum depression. Now she’s bipolar. Um, my impression was that mania is highly productive (see Churchill, plus various personal accounts) and the problem was the depressive part of the cycle.

Majority of US executions stem from 2 percent of counties, study finds Aljazeera (Lambert)

NYPD youth cricket league marred by spying scandal Aljazeera (Lambert)

Getting Older, Growing Poorer New York Times

At the S.E.C., a Question of Home-Court Edge Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times

A Truth Slips Past MSM Gatekeepers Heteconomist

Blackstone, big investors slow their $800 million Tampa Bay home-buying binge Tampa Bay Times (Lisa Epstein)

Notices of default spiked in days before Homeowners Bill of Rights kicked in Las Vegas Review Journal (Mark A)

Occupy vaporware Felix Salmon

Commodity hedge funds face bleak future Financial Times

Hedge Funds Used Obscure Bond Bet to Win in GM Bankruptcy Bloomberg (Lambert)

Unconventional monetary policies revisited (Part II) VoxEu

The White Man’s Last Tantrum? Consortiumnews

Global cities revisited Economist

Financial Literacy, Beyond the Classroom Richard Thaler, New York Times. Debunks the “teach financial literacy” meme

Antidote du jour:

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  1. G3

    Little late (written before the shutdown started) but relevant still. Description :

    “This is the first installment of “If It Happened There,” a regular feature in which American events are described using the tropes and tone normally employed by the American media to describe events in other countdries. ” :

    Can we say “failed state” loudly?

  2. dearieme

    Ms Carey’s madness was not a sufficient reason to murder her. I watch the video
    and I see her gently bump a bollard (or perhaps halt just in front of it). I see that the drivers of the white cars are too incompetent to block her exit. I see nobody deploying a stinger to halt her. I see armed men surround her car; I see that none of them has the presence of mind, intelligence, competence, courage, or what-you-will, to reach in and take the car keys, or even just pull her out of the vehicle. Instead they cower behind their pistols and then try to shoot her in the back.

    What is also disgraceful is the number of people on the web who seem content to defend this brutal, cowardly display.

    Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

    1. LucyLulu

      That was the first time I’d seen the video. That wasn’t a “ramming”. People are hit from behind by other vehicles all the time with more force, even people who aren’t being chased by flashing sirens.

      Madness is never sufficient reason for murder.

    2. Goin' South

      Notice also that this entire sequence takes place after she allegedly tried to ram her way into the White House. How much front end damage do you see on that car? Infinitis may be well made, but they’re not able to “ram” steel poles set in concrete and come away relatively unscathed.

      And have cops all forgotten how to shoot out the tires in a car?

      1. susan the other

        Right. Or a barricade of police cars. Or anything except shoot her. This story is a cameo of American thinking. Don’t bother with the underlying facts. Post- partum depression is a real condition, hyper real, it takes a long time to get over. Women who suffer from it have little or no control over their emotional devastation. They are basically frightened into a state of panic. Childbearing is a poorly understood process. No doubt because men don’t have pregnancies. Science does know that if the baby is male, its Y chromosome stays in the mothers system for up to 20 (yes 20 – forgot the cite, try Science News) and creates an almost telepathic connection. The only reason they can’t prove the same connection to girl babies is that it is too difficult to spot another X chromosome in the mother. So this is just an example of how intricate procreation is. Postpartum depression is not the fault of the mother. In a society that gives her nothing or less than nothing, it becomes unbearable. Clearly we are looking at it. She had her baby in the car. You think you know what the fight or flight instinct feels like? Try having a baby.

      1. James Levy

        And yet they are, to put it grotesquely but accurate, “bulletproof.” Nobody stands up to the cops. People came out of the 60s and 70s so shit-scared of blacks that they will fawn over these “heroes” and allow them almost any breach and defend almost any behavior. The trope is “because their job is so hard” they just can’t help acting like thugs. Well, if the job is too tough for you, get another gig. If you can’t take the stress, find alternative employment. Stop intimidating, roughing up, and shooting the populace.

        1. ambrit

          Mr. Levy;
          You are assuming that all police are rational actors. My personal experience tells me that such is not true for a significant percentage of the security services. As we say down here; “Give them a badge and a gun and they start thinking that they’re God.”

        2. from Mexico

          Here’s another video of police, this time in Michigan, summarily executing a man:

          And here’s another of a US Border Patrol agent executing a 15 year-old Mexican boy, standing on his own side of the Rio Grande:

          The video didn’t surface until several days after the incident, giving the agent and his superiors time to spin all sorts of lies to exculpate the agent for his actions, as discussed in this earlier video:

          The video, when it emerged, disproved all their lies.

          It only goes to show that our police agencies are not only inhabited by murderers, but pathological liars as well.

          How many innocent people do the police execute each year?

          The police in the United States operate with complete impunity. There is no accountability. None.

    3. Butch in Waukegan

      More imperial blowback. How many of the DC cops (of all flavors) involved in this shooting were veterans of US overseas occupations?

      What Iraq’s Checkpoints Are Like Christian Science Monitor, 2005

      You’re driving along and you see a couple of soldiers standing by the side of the road – but that’s a pretty ubiquitous sight in Baghdad, so you don’t think anything of it. Next thing you know, soldiers are screaming at you, pointing their rifles and swiveling tank guns in your direction, and you didn’t even know it was a checkpoint.

    4. optimader

      It was an intentional execution. An object lesson to the public.

      In our surveillance State surely the radio chatter was recorded.
      I hope someone has the ethics to Fall on the Sword and reveal them

      1. from Mexico

        The DC incident is an extreme example of what Glenn Greenwald has called “the Government-created climate of fear.”

        A government can guarantee all the political liberties in the world on paper (free speech, free assembly, freedom of association), but if it succeeds in frightening the citizenry out of exercising those rights, they become meaningless.

        So much of what the U.S. Government has done over the last decade has been devoted to creating and strengthening this climate of fear. Attacking Iraq under the terrorizing banner of “shock and awe”; disappearing people to secret prisons; abducting them and shipping them to what Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter (when advocating this) euphemistically called ”our less squeamish allies”; throwing them in cages for years without charges, dressed in orange jumpsuits and shackles; creating a worldwide torture regime; spying on Americans without warrants and asserting the power to arrest them on U.S. soil without charges: all of this had one overarching objective. It was designed to create a climate of repression and intimidation by signaling to the world — and its own citizens — that the U.S. was unconstrained by law, by conventions, by morality, or by anything else: the government would do whatever it wanted to anyone it wanted, and those thinking about opposing the U.S. in any way, through means legitimate or illegitimate, should (and would) thus think twice, at least.

        That a large percentage of those brutalized by this system turned out to be innocent — knowingly innocent – is a feature, not a bug: that one can end up being subjected to these lawless horrors despite doing nothing wrong only intensifies the fear and makes it more effective. The power being asserted is not merely unlimited and tyrannical, but arbitrary.

        Christian Parenti wrote about the phenomenon in Lockdown America 14 years ago. At that time the police terror was aimed mainly at blacks, hispanics, and poor people:

        Physical terror and spectacular displays of violence are still central to the state’s control of the dangerous classes…. The point is that ritualized displays of terror are built into American policing. Spectacle is a fundamental part of how the state controls poor people.

        Criminologist Steven Spritzer described the cast-off populations produced by capitalism as either “social junk” or “social dynamite.” This “surplus population” requires “uniquely tailored strategies of social control.” As capitalism becomes more and more dysfunctional, however, the ranks of the “dangerous classes” are growing exponentially.

        1. Jim S

          Excuse me if this has been discussed in the past few days, but the random stories one reads of about the National Park Service attempting to close the Atlantic Ocean, ejecting people from private property bordering Lake Mead, and of course the more mundane closures of national monuments in DC can only be the Department of Interior following this policy.

          1. Dr. Noschidt

            Those people on land bordering Lake Mead are being “evicted” by DeepState. Haven’t you heard? FEMA/Department of Homeland Security has “legally” staked and enforced its CLAIM to ALL coastlines of the Continental U.S., 100 miles in from each coastline. Because “TINA” to the DeepState Protection Racket.

          2. afisher

            Sorry, I quit reading the Brietty network a while ago – as it is full of nonsense and it only feeds the CT bottom feeders.

            1. Jim S

              Haha, while it’s true that a conspiracy is the least likely explanation, it’s worth considering just how many significant events in world history have been orchestrated by conspirators.

              Well, maybe the militarization of police, spying on citizens, Citizens United, GMO protection acts, Trans-Pacific Partnerships, Too Big To Fail bailouts, the health insurance industry bailout act, whistleblower prosecution, reporter prosecution, reporter gagging, maybe all those are just coincidences after all.

              1. Lambert Strether

                I like the concept of “emergent conspiracy.” In essence, a class or faction collectively sees opportunity, and takes it, each acting spontaneously in their own interest. Rather like a flash mob.

                1. Jim S

                  I would prefer that theory to be true; however I would expect more squabbling over the sizes of the pieces of pie–as Heinlein described such a conflict, “… an intramural fight between the big boys.” If I were a smarter and more diligent man I would draw up a set of indicators to fit each scenario and tally off scores on a clipboard as I read the daily news. A fascinating subject, and by no means insoluble.

    5. Lambert Strether

      If she slammed into the bollard there’s going to be physical evidence (making the usual assumptions). It would sure be nice if some enterprising reporter found it. Maybe Fred Hiatt will give them some stock options if they do.

  3. LucyLulu

    Hypomanic states, which are milder versions of mania, can be quite productive. Full-blown mania, OTOH, is a psychotic state. Delusions, rapid mood changes, and behavior inappropriate to situation are common, with hospitalization usually required (almost invariably escorted by police).

    1. skippy

      “psychotic state” lots of guns pointed at – your face – can have that effect ie fight or flight.

      If the officer had succeeded in opening the car door, she still would have revived some special attention.

      These are military tactics developed to subdue armed enemy combatants when their positions were over run and consolidation begins. Your average civilian has zero capacity to think clearly under these tactics, its a crap shoot.

      Skippy… Especially when the civilian is indoctrinated in the free and the brave meme IMO a form of mental rape occurs.

    2. Paul Tioxon

      This woman is a familiar distressed person whose profile fits a community of self described TIs, Targeted Individuals. The mental illness represented in her by all reports is very real. The response of the police is poor, but that is the usual response to the behavior of many mentally ill acting in out in public and unable to do a reality check. Sometimes, a tragedy is just that, and nothing more. This woman was clearly not well and of all of the places to exhibit dysfunctional driving, the front gate of the White House and a US Senate building could not be worse for compelling an over reaction from the police.

      The targeted individual community is a large, well organized community of people who believe the government uses high frequency electronic surveillance equipment, especially “voice to skull” communication. Quite simply, the CIA talks to them in their minds, as they would agents in the field around the world with global satellite technology. In their case, they are experimented upon to see the results of the effectiveness of this advanced communication. In many cases, it is also accompanied by teams of CIA stalkers, who are field testing their trade craft on ordinary citizens. This reduces people to a nervous wreck. On the site, petitions to Congress to investigate this abuse of secret government technology being used against the citizenry is published along with support group info.

      I am not sure how many mentally ill people are similarly affected, but blaming the victim in this case is simply describing the sickness. If she has been on anti-psychotics and went off of them, the voices come back. There are a lot of problems that people have in the world in terms of mental illness. And America all but ignores mental health until it is public threat. A unarmed woman driving a car in her state of mind was risking a catastrophe, not a terrorist assault, but the driving catastrophe could have been worse.

      I don’t want to belabor what her probable diagnosis is, it will all come out in due time I’m sure, but I just want readers to her to know that whatever story of craziness is revealed, it is a story widely reported, that many thousands of people suffer from. I don’t believe that they are being assaulted by our government in the way they believe they are, just in the fact that they can not get the help they need to be well, to become highly functioning people, and to live lives removed from the pain they suffer due to a lack of proper mental health delivery.

      1. ambrit

        Mr Tioxon;
        As for “voices” coming out of the blue, there is the story about the non US soldiers being held prisoner in Southern Iraq during the, I believe, first Iraq war. Being held in a modern building, the Black Ops boys had satellite based communications manipulate the power supply to the building to make the background hum associated with fluorescent lights “talk” to the guards and convince them that Allah wanted them to release the unbelievers. It is supposed to have worked. The story comes from someone who did have access to some of the cutting edge technology available to the DoD during that time.

      2. from Mexico

        Paul Tioxon said:

        Sometimes, a tragedy is just that, and nothing more.

        Sorry Paul, but that sounds entirely too much like Rumsfeld’s “Stuff happens” comment:

        It’s exculpatory, making excuses for criminal acts on the part of the militarized police.

        It’s amazing how the difference between our police when they engage American citizens and military personnel when they engage putative foreign enemies has all but disappeared.

      3. James Levy

        I call BS on you. Those police were not under any threat of death or grievous bodily harm. They panicked as much as she did, it’s just that authoritarian types hide their panic beneath aggression. Your Monday-Morning-Psychoanalysis is crud. Face it: cops murder people in the US and get away with it because we are a nation of sniveling cowards who want our bodies and stuff protected from the evil Other with a dark complexion, be he Black or Arab or Chicano. And we’ll sell or souls and our birthright of freedom for that protection. The evidence for this, rather than your diagnosis, is overwhelming.

        1. skippy

          Cops Panicked is not the phrase I would use, more like deploying their training in an acute manner.

          @Paul, until you can show me your expertise in this matter IMO lay off the arm chair analysis. This stuff goes on more than you think and across a vaster landscape than you might be comfortable with.

          Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting

          I can provide almost an endless supply of such incidents where the law is perverted beyond all reasonable thinking. Seriously with all the laws littering the the streets in plain view you have the audacity to make the mental case meets a hole company of armed men stuff happens defense. Ping me when the medal ceremony kicks off for these heroes!

          Skippy… people will start to push back and their increasingly going to be hard to pidgin hole as whack jobs, what then… eh.

          1. optimader

            They fully intended on killing her, It’s all about Black and White, no Gray in that world.
            At a high level, “Law Enforcement” is not a field that, for the most part, attracts people w/ any inclination to risk using their own discretion. At the lower echelons at least, populated w/ high time preference people that finally have a venue for receiving respect.
            Think of it as a State sanctioned gang. The window dressing of Internal Affairs is there to be the final arbiter to sacrifice ones that are most flagrantly stupid and get caught on the radar.

            I suspect if not a LEO, many would be thugs. Same goes w/ Firemen. What is the alternative for someone w/ an overwhelming fascination with fire?

          2. Paul Tioxon

            Aside from everyone else denouncing of me, I choose you to respond to. Lucky you. I don’t come to this site for any political analysis what-so-ever. It has none. I come here for the community. I came first to try to understand what the capitalists had done this time around to make a mess. This site broke the garden variety bourgeoisie taboo of using the word capitalism. Like a sale, it is assumed, part and parcel of the entire civilization we inhabit, to which, there is no alternative. As of yet.

            Today, I offer a glimpse into a world of people, who by any definition are considered mentally ill. But of course, now I can see your condescension is just a cheap coping skill used to dismiss someone who points out a glaring problem of our society which is getting people killed. Mental illness as the long and short of this story, is shrugged off as my inability to accept police brutality, police deadly force, and the over reaction of police in our civil society, especially during peaceful political protests of mass gatherings. Fortunately for those who read here, I will not subject them to some sort of spectacle of venal back and forth spitting.

            I want NC readers to be aware of the delusional people in this society who live with hearing voices, from the government, who fear that the government is stalking them, when they are just a dental assistant from Connecticut, far away from home and off her meds.

            I am offering a compelling story of the mentally ill, who have organized themselves into functioning communities of mutual aid and support. Even if this woman is not specifically one of them, I want the NC readership to be aware of something other than the default analysis of an undifferentiated mass corruption by the police, the state, the politicians, to the point where we can not tell what specifically is going on any instance, because it always the overlords oppression. We don’t need false fears. A woman from out of state showing up in front of the White House would not be shot at by the Capitol Police if she just stayed at home and on her meds. The police did not go hunting her. She showed up there. To fix the problem, and not the blame, you need to know her story. By all reports, it is one of untreated mental illness.

            As for the police. Please, skippy, spare me your bile, if you excrete more than you can handle, you have yr bad guys to fix the blame on, the police, give it to them, I don’t want it, didn’t ask for it and do not deserve it.

            1. James Levy

              Your reply is so abstract, amoral, pinched, and idiotic I can’t really take the hours necessary to unravel how badly it misses the point, how much it blames the victim, and how stupidly it absolves a bunch of armed people gunning down an unarmed woman. Mental illness is not a capital offense, and trained police officers should be able to deal with an unarmed disturbed woman without shooting her dead.

            2. skippy


              Firstly you have not provided – any means – to validate your position, knowledge, experience, nada. Its is completely off the cuff and one could go to any MSM outlet for this milquetoast offering. In summery I could a parallel to a fauxnewbs taco comment of late:

              “Brian Kilmeade turned to Maria Molina, who is of Nicaraguan descent and said, “You grew up on tacos, correct?”

              That’s how bad I actually read you. I mean do you have any grounding in the field of psychoanalytical observation, friends, anything. Additionally you do realize that you come off as nothing more than a apologist for cold blooded murder. There is such a thing in Law as diminished responsibility for FFS.

              And I have to say compared to your past offerings, this from the hip stuff is not on par with your usually game, it smells of desperation. Lots of stored potential out there… eh.

              So back to the point, the military tactics deployed on civilians. Lest you forget I have a past in this regard, the vanguard of instructors that distilled these techniques within the Security Forces… cough… Police Depts across America and abroad since the late 70s. Which is now acerbated by the hiring of ex military sorts, that have all kinds of issues – far more worrying – than this small lady was afflicted with. So if push comes to shove I can get extremely granular in this arena, folks that owned gyms in L.A. teaching both the American and the Mexican tough guys, ex service members entering the police force and laying the foundation for this battlefield theory, their counter parts in the military that went for the bucks and helped the white collar criminals yet were on easy terms with their counterparts. L.A. to Miami and all points beyond… globally mate.

              skippy… hint… stick with what your good at… political polemics.

      4. diptherio

        The real “crazy” thing is that if the technology that TI folks talk about actually existed, it would be just like the CIA to use it in the way described. The more leaked/declassified documents one reads, the less whacko some of this stuff starts to sound…

        Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

        1. Dr. Noschidt

          d, like that brilliant CIA “staring at goats” means to “knowledge”?

          “They Live!” tipped the “Intel” hand way back.

          Anyone in upper level at Palo Alto or in Salt Lake could tell you the truth, but their lips are zippered tight for right to life.

      5. craazyman

        You are correct Paul, in my view.

        I’d only observe that it was a collision (no pun intended) of mental illnesses. One somewhat more personal than the other. The latter being one so widely accepted it becomes disguised as a form of sanity.

        From reading about mental illness and altered states of consciousness in other cultures, it’s clear (and very strange) how culturally specific certain distorted states of mind are.

        It’s as if the larger mental/emotional architecture by which a culture organizes itself effects a unique and quite specific design on the states of consciousness which fall under the label “illness”. It’s almost as if there’s a unique kind of culturally specific consciousness cloud (not to overuse the current IT concept to a cliché) and certain individuals for some reason are so ultrasensitive to aspects of that cloud’s design and composition that it deranges their ability to navigate the boundaries of its intersection with physical/psychological reality. It’s odd the role that molecules play in this, which they must since certain drugs can help block the sensitivity. Of course, a few glasses of wine show the role molecules play in forming perceptions, as does anesthesia. It’s no wonder they called alcohols “spirits”. Maybe there’s a reality to that.

      6. Brian

        For Toxemia; You make a wide variety of assumptions with no actual knowledge. You do know what such behavior means?

        1. LucyLulu

          Are you sure Paul has no actual knowledge? How? In turn, what does it mean when one assumes Paul has no actual knowledge?

      7. LucyLulu

        I don’t know where Paul gets his information from, but he does an excellent job in describing what this woman was most likely experiencing, given what articles state her family has described. Psychosis most often takes the form of delusions, less often actual hallucinations, generally limited to schizophrenia and organic disorders. Delusions are typically either paranoid or grandeur in nature, or both. Both religious themes and the CIA or some sort of covert military type operation commonly play a part in the delusional process. It’s not unusual for the sufferer to believe either they are on a mission from the CIA or being pursued by them. Ideas of reference are common, the classic example being beliefs that the tv news contains messages for the sufferer, or that they are being subject to some sort of control.

        Though mental health parity is allegedly how the law, meaning mental illness is required to be treated as diligently as physical ailments, the reality is far different. Civil liberties require consent for treatment unless a person is suicidal or homicidal, which is interpreted strictly. Rarely do hospitalizations exceed three days before victims are discharged to community followup. Unfortunately, when denial and paranoia are prominent features, compliance with outpatient treatment and medication is a major problem. Many end up in a revolving door with the system. Ideally, Ms. Carey would have been linked with a team that would have gone out to the community to check on her every couple days and trouble shoot problem before they turned into crises. Often the team administers medications by injections that need only be given every 2-4 weeks, instead of daily pills, which will often suffice to solve the medication compliance problem. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough of these treatment teams. Our team, one of three in county, only accepted those on Medicaid. All had been privatized…. all have since gone out of business. Our team, the only one in the state from our company or any company that turned a profit, depended upon a willingness to work ungodly hours for low wages, exempt from overtime. Three team-mates with master degree preparation earned salaries in the mid-thirties with family health coverage for single parents costing $700/month. How is that affordable? Still, the state would cut reimbursement rates each year. Our clients don’t vote and have few advocates to fight for their programs.

        I’ve worked on these teams and worked many years with those with “severe and persistent mental illness”. Paul did an amazingly accurate job of describing what I often saw and heard. I also often had occasions where police had become involved, sometimes out of necessity for transportation to hospital if the person could not be convinced to go voluntarily. Some cops were patient and empathetic in their dealings. Some were real jerks who thought some manhandling and time in a cell would do them a world of good. They’d develop a real attitude, even threaten to refuse to help, if asked to use a more low-key approach (and if inside, told they needed to leave their weapons outside).

        Sure, the cops over-reacted, and her death was un-necessary. It was most definitely a tragedy. It could easily have occurred had she been white. Discrimination against the mentally ill exists independently of racism. Most people believe those who are mentally ill, especially those with paranoia, are also dangerous. The reality is there is only a very small increase in the incidence of violence, unless there is a coexisting issue with drug and alcohol abuse (and then the incidence is 12-14 times seen in the general population. However, there are estimates that as many as half of those incarcerated suffer from mental illness. Instead of treatment in state hospitals, largely closed down over the last 30 years, they are warehoused in the prison system.

        Thanks Paul for providing a glimpse into the world of the most vulnerable people in our society. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and can destroy lives otherwise full of hope and promise. I’ve seen a plastic surgeon, wealthy owner of multiple auto dealerships, and university professor lose their careers and families to live on government benefits. The first two could have managed their illnesses successfully had they been compliant with treatment. Would they have refused treatment had they suffered from MS?

        Yes, the murder was senseless and an over-reaction on the part of police too willing to resort to lethal force. But it also highlights the ignorance and stigma, and consequences, those who suffer mental illness live with.

        1. craazyman

          Righteously nailed. If your words were graffiti on a warehouse wall in Queens, not one writer with paint can would touch it. SearEuslee.

  4. Skeptic


    “…please mess up your profiles. ”

    Where are the computer entrepreneurs who will write the software to do so automatically? Where is the vaunted American ingenuity? This software would either run in background or when not online and skew one’s use of the Internet thereby making these snoopers and their data worthless.

    Programmers are looking to too complex solutions to the privacy issue. Just skew the databases with garbage and make them either suspect or worthless. Who is going to pay for information from a database filled with garbage data?

    Maybe some programmer in China can write this software for us, Americans don’t seem to be up to the job.

    1. hunkerdown

      ecause all that will tell them is that your interests are eclectic and that they should try throwing any really good pitch at you. Or alternately that you’re unquantifiable and you should receive only Walmart ads, because everyone likes Walmart and Walmart demands to be liked. I thought we went over this with the NSA stuff… :)

      Also because any noise a computer might add, a computer can filter out. It’s much easier than one might think to tell organic from synthetic actions on a site, especially if they’re instrumented to the gills with telemetry as many big-name sites are and they’re already fighting other sorts of bots so they know what bots look like. Really you could get a fair-to-good picture from just referer URLs and timestamps too, but naturally they have a bigger haystack than just that.

  5. financial matters

    US GDP 14 trillion USD
    Global GDP 72 trillion USD

    securities linked to rigged LIBOR rates 300 trillion USD (

    many of these securities are derivatives which have superpriority over such mundane things such as money market fund accounts and savings accounts (think MF Global and Cyprus)

    As Randy Wray said ‘we know what our major problem is, our major problem is Finance. This time as compared to 1929 we didn’t let the market kill it off but bailed it out with the Fed and Treasury and let it essentially continue on unchanged. It will collapse again only this time hopefully we’ll build another kind of economy more weighted toward social democracy.’

  6. Jim Haygood

    Rule by decree, comrades:

    Mr. Hagel said “most DoD civilians” would be exempted from the furloughs and would return to work this week because Pentagon and Justice Department lawyers interpreted a stopgap budget measure signed into law last week by President Obama, which guaranteed pay for service members, to also apply to a larger number of civilian workers.

    That action came as the House, in a rare Saturday session, voted unanimously to guarantee that federal workers would receive back pay once the shutdown ended, offering a promise of relief, if not an actual rescue, to more than one million government employees either furloughed or working without pay.

    Nothin’ stops Leviathan — not even a supposed ‘shutdown.’

    Ask yourself who’s the loser here. If you’re not relaxing on paid vacation — IT’S YOU!

    1. Jim Haygood

      To adapt an old communist slogan to Obamunism:

      ‘We pretend not to work; they pretend not to pay us.’

      Bwa ha ha ha … days of wine ‘n roses, as it were.

      1. James Levy

        Now you’re just getting silly. The communism thing is a gross distortion of what is going on. People are not “pretending to work”, they are waiting to go back to work, and to do some vital things like keep the National Parks, CDC, air travel, and the food supply safe, and keep the courts operating, the one thing Libertarians believe government must do (because if you can’t enforce contracts, no capitalism).

        The real issue, which you allude to but drop, is that Bush and Obama have gone further than any Presidents before in openly insisting that laws that say one thing mean another. It’s the reign of some demented form of legal postmodernism that scares me to death. Laws say what any president can get a lawyer to say they say. War is peace, my friends, and ignorance strength–that’s what we should be terrified of, not government workers getting their back pay.

        1. Dr. Noschidt

          “because if you can’t enforce contracts, no capitalism”

          Really? Then the fact that the Muppet Counterparties of Looting by MF Global and GS “executives” can’t enforce their countracts means that there is “no capitalism” involved in what the BigBoys of Monopoly Finance do to their “clients” — while hiding behind *Derivatives* Potemkin Villages? “No capitalism”?

          Of course we knew that, but it’s nice to see it stated so succinctly.

  7. from Mexico

    @ “Inside the GOP, a report from Democracy Corps”

    What is this, a report for Obots? It certainly seems that way.

    Unlike what this report leads one to believe, what I perceive going on inside the GOP, just like inside the Democratic Party, is a great deal of cognitive dissonance. Furthermore, I do not believe this happens by accident. I cannot help but agree with Carroll Quigley when he says that when a society enters an age of crisis, “The vested interests encourage the growth of imperialist wars and irrationality because both serve to divert the discontent of the masses away from the vested interests.”

    In the report there’s much ado about how various factions of the Repbulican Party are “small government.”

    But the US’s quest for global full spectrum dominance is not small government.

    The balooning US surveilance state, which supposedly just spies on foreigners, is not small government.

    The creeping US police/judicial/prison “criminal” industrial complex is not small government.

    Trillions of dollars of federal funds to bailout and prop up proven serial f_ck-ups like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein is not small government.

    The intrusion of the government into people’s wombs and bedrooms is not small government.

    And if we take a look at “U.S. Government Size (as Measured by Spending) by President/Political Party” it’s certainly difficult to see anything that distinguishes the Republicans from the Democrats as being “small government”.

    Any talk of the Republican Party being the party of small government is a lie, and only meant to augment the level of irrationality and cognitive dissonance operative in the polity.

    1. Hugh

      The primary weapon of class war is distraction. The shutdown and budget follies are purposeful distraction by our illegimate rulers to mask their illegimacy even as they prepare their next round of looting.

  8. diptherio

    While Pennsylvanians still bicker over gay marriage, other parts of the country are already moving on:

    Washington Permits Marriage Between Man and Pizza

    Olympia, WA | Oct 4, 2013:

    For years, Rick Santorum has warned that this day would come. His opponents called him crazy, some even called him a bigot, but yesterday’s ruling from the Washington State Supreme Court has silenced their jeers. That’s because sometime early next month Washington will become the first state to officially recognize a marriage between a man and a pizza.

    In a controversial ruling on Friday, the Washington Supreme Court has declared that the state does not have an over-riding interest in preventing the marriage of Walla Walla resident James M. Harrison to his favorite Italian pie. While many are hailing the landmark decision as a watershed moment for human and pizza rights, Christian groups from across the country have called the ruling “outrageous” and “insulting.”

    “The State has failed to prove the necessity of placing limitations on the bonds of human affection, whether those bonds be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a man and a pizza,” wrote Chief Justice Gaston Moore, who authored the majority opinion. “The State’s outdated maritial laws have violated Mr. Harrison’s 14th Amendment rights to equal protection, as well as his God-given rights to love who, and what, he chooses.” Harrison reports that he plans to wed his beloved pizza in a civil ceremony sometime next week.

    Groups like the North American Man-Food Love Association (NAMFLA) have called the ruling an historic step forward in the struggle for recognition of human-food couples. However, several Christian groups have decried the ruling. Rev. Bill Wigglestaff of the group Christians Under the New Testament released a statement on Friday condemning the decision and warning that this new development will undoubtedly bring the down the wrath of the almighty. “The Lord is not mocked,” said Rev. Wigglestaff, “but he is sorely pissed off.”

    In the wider population, views are equally mixed. A recent poll showed that 52% of Americans support civil unions between people and food, 46% are opposed, and 2% can’t believe someone’s actually getting paid to ask them this sh*t.

    On Friday, Mr. Harrison expressed his gratitude to Judge Moore and his joy at finally being able to recieve official recognition for the years-long relationship he has enjoyed with one very special pizza. “Before this ruling, if I had to go to the hospital for some reason, my delivery driver wasn’t allowed to come see me. Now, they’ll be allowed to escort my beloved pie into my room. It may not seem like much, but for someone like me it’s a real big deal .”

    “I only see my parents a couple times a year, but I see [delivery drivers] Chuck and Wanda practically every day,” Harrison added, “they’re as much a part of my family as anybody.”

    Outside the courthouse, protestors both for and against made their feelings known.

    “We need more love in this world,” said Sharon Reese, one of the pro-human-food-marriage activists, “and when someone finds it we shouldn’t judge them for it or tell them it’s wrong. If someone wants to have intimate relations with a food product in the privacy of their own home, I say more power to them.”

    Others were not so sanguine. “Mark my words, the Lord will make us pay for this,” said one anti-marriage protestor. “Marriage was intended to be between man and woman, not man and pizza. What’s next, letting someone get married to their favorite TV show?” Another protestor added, “The bible is very clear; it says if a man lies with a falafel as with a woman, he shall be stoned to death. God obviously does not approve of man-on-food relationships. No good will come of this.”

    God could not be reached for comment.

    1. ambrit

      Dear diptherio;
      At last! There is finally hope for me and my beloved ‘Baguette!’ Of course, it did happen way up on the Left Coast. How long now before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans legalizes unions with ‘Lattes?’ We here, hiding in our closets in the Deep South, eagerly anticipate our region being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Twentieth Century. Thanks for ‘keeping up’ our hopes. Our resolves are firm. No longer will we conflate tumidity with timidity!

    2. craazyman

      This doesn’t sound like love to me, it sounds like cannibalism.

      My view is: Let him marry the pizza, but if he tries to eat her, send out the swat team and put the cuffs on him — if he’s still fogging a mirror after the shooting stops.


    3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      I smell gold in human-pizza dating websites.

      Hopefully it’s not too late and not all easy money has been made.

    4. anon y'mouse

      so, since women carry cell phones in their bras (uhh, sure!) does that mean that we can legally adopt them and make them our heirs?

      cell phone as baby. except that instead of constantly tending to it, it tends to your emotional emptiness and need to look busily important.

      1. Lambert Strether

        IIRC, there was a Japanese electronic toy that worked exactly that way. You had to “feed” it periodiclly, IIRC by pressing a button — hence not as vicious as RL, which would have required a cash payment — or it died.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          Tamagouchi. Big in the 1980s for about 2 years.

          People got very upset if their Tamagouchi died due to neglect.

  9. eeyores enigma

    “A Truth Slips Past MSM Gatekeepers”

    He talks as if the treasury is in charge of currency creation.

    I agree that is how it should be but it is certainly not.

    The Fed (a group of private banks) is given the exclusive rights to currency creation.

    We know that Banking/finance is responsable for our current situation and are currently involved in bailing themselves out, making the largest stakeholders whole again.

    What makes him think that they wouldn’t mind if Gov just decides to change this situation? What happened when other Presidents attempted didto do that?

    1. Dr. Noschidt

      re KAREN HUDES — of YALE and formerly of the World Bank — has the chops and and the whistleblower balls to tell the unvarnished truth, as the author of the piece relates.

      She refers to the “heads” of central bank owners of the BIS: The Central Bank of Central Banks that began with Dulles, Schacht, Bush, and all of the 1930’s “Conspirators” to “Rule the World” …

      It’s these “heads” that cry out for their just place “on pikes” — after the guillotinage takes place. I think they still use guillotines for swift execution of death sentence in the German prison system: “compassionate conservatism”.

  10. John

    Leu just said on the Sunday talking heads that Obama wants to do Entitlement Reform and Tax reform.

    Here it comes.

    1. AbyNormal

      i just walked past a room where i heard boehner screaming “democrat’s want to let all these unions and big corporations in”…i kept walking afraid a particular sugar cube from the past had licked me back :-/

  11. Benedict@Large

    “… my impression was that mania is highly productive …”

    You are referring to what is called hypermania, the “high” side of the manic depression cycle. To say it’s “highly productive” is an understatement. Periods of hypermania can last months, during which the “sufferer” not only has endless energy, but can go almost without sleep. (Hemingway) Sufferers also tend to be highly charismatic during episodes, attracting others with ease to the sufferer’s every idea. (Manson)

    Having experienced it, I only wish I could bottle the stuff. There wouldn’t be another drug in the world that would compete with it.

    NOTE: Still, you probably don’t want to be manic. The low side is really not so nice. That’s when manics commit suicide.

    1. Roger Bigod

      It’s “hypomania”, literally translated as “low mania”, to suggest a state below psychosis and frantic energy levels.

  12. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    So few women in science.

    Brain washing is one possible explanation.

    Girls are given numerous explicit and implicit signals to avoid that, but still enjoy the fruit (Yeah, smartphone or in some case, yeah, more citizen monitor gadgets!) but not to exert the labor. Buy it; don’t try doing it.

    The same with exotic dancing. Why so few men? Boys are given signals to enjoy the fruit but not to exert the labor – i.e. to buy the performance and not try doing it themselves.

    It’s sad; we all should be allowed to fulfill our potential without the brainwashing from our society.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef


      I don’t think people should go into either. Certainty there is nothing glamourous about science as I have always pointed out here. And I don’t believe girls and boys should go into that or exotic dancing.

    2. AbyNormal

      there are ‘distractions’…

      I hadn’t been aware that there were doors closed to me until I started knocking on them. I went to an all-girls school. There were 75 chemistry majors in that class, but most were going to teach it … When I got out and they didn’t want women in the laboratory, it was a shock . . . It was the Depression and nobody was getting jobs. But I had taken that to mean nobody was getting jobs . . . [when I heard] ‘You’re qualified. But we’ve never had a woman in the laboratory before, and we think you’d be a distracting influence.’
      — Gertrude B. Elion
      quoted in Sharon Bertsch McGrayne, Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles and Momentous Discoveries (1993)

      and then there are ‘distractions’…

      funnee…we’re seldom distracted when we determine ourselves

        1. anon y'mouse

          if Barbie’s dream house backs a trailer park vs. fronts on a beachfront (Malibu!) lot, how much will the value go up over x years, y years out of which are recessionary?

          how many pairs of shoes really fit into that closet, if shoes were liquid and the closet its volume?

          what kind of life-threatening cancer will you get if you set Barbie’s corvette on fire in an enclosed garage, with exposure of t=390 seconds?


    In most of the secret service and counter terrorism manuals,it is said that women terrorists and radicals should be eliminated without delay…
    can’t find link from FBI manual now but it is there..

    The women(Ms Carey),who tried to kill DC cops was obiviously violent psychopath and a terrorist.So she was killed ASAP.

    I applaud courageous cops/ss agents of USA for preventing another violent attacks on ua

    1. AbyNormal

      “preventing another violent attacks on *ua*”

      i can’t even imagine how the *Ukraine* would make sense of your comment

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    1. anon y'mouse

      multiple choice, or short essay?

      long essay–APA or MLA?

      powerpoint presentation? group project?

      you have to be more specific about these things. and provide a study guide.

  14. SubjectivObject

    Regarding: “Economist: “There’s Absolutely Nothing Resembling A Debt Crisis In The US””

    Can Mr. Polin address four questions:
    -) Should we wait for interest rates to rise before calling it a crisis?
    -) When and how will principal be paid back?
    -) Is not the US currently in a technical debt default with all the current Fed programs to QE4ever, purchase B$&B$ of US bonds when no one else will, load MBS and other junk assets on its (tax payer backed) ballance sheet?
    -) Why should Congress not just cut the Fed out of the money printing game and let the (actual) Federal government take the money issuance responsibility for itself?

    Unfortunately, Mr. Polin appears to be one of those disinfo enemies one is compelled against their will to keep close.

    1. heresy101

      Just saying the debt is not a problem ignores what is really going on. Yves rss reader probably is not aimed at zerohedge because of all the Ayn Randist’s and gold bugs but there is an execellent article by David Stockman today:

      He ably explains how all the FED saving of the economy from the Great Recession just furthers the transfer of money from the 99% to the 1%. Debt is not an issue because of debt itself but its ability to allow the bank gambling casino to go it’s merry way of destroying the productive economy.

      Stockman subscribes to the cult of the free market, but barring his jabs at green energy (he is right about the high speed rail boondoggle), he hits home. Rather than let the banks fail in 2008, the solution was (and is) to commit bankcide and kill off all the parasites and create a public banking system.

      When MMT talks about debt, they never address what the money from the FED is really used for – speculation not produtive uses. It would be interesting for someone from MMT to address how the debt has enabled the massive transfer from the 99% to the 1%.

    2. Massinissa

      For number 2: It wont.

      Governments dont pay back principal. They just pay interest on it into perpetuity.

      We still pay interest on loans made in the civil war, though its only like a few dollars a year. Gotta love inflation right?

  15. Glen

    Families hoard cash 5 yrs after crisis

    Wow, talk about a red herring. I’m not sure where to start on this one.

    First, I don’t link the collapse of Lehman as the “start” of the crisis. There had been plenty of warnings that housing was a bubble and that the derivatives market was a sham. To me, the warning signs that collapse was coming was watching Greenspan and the MOTU inflate the economy way beyond any realistic evaluation – I’m not sure why that was happening, I always assumed it was to make W’s economy look much better than a limp noodle.

    Second, to me, watching Lehman collapse was not a bad thing. I knew the market was way overblown (it is today too), and had assumed any Wall St crash would finally start corrective actions to bring back reality. What I did not expect was the completely blatant bailout of the bad actors that caused the crisis, and the whitewash of “new regulation”. So, to me, the crisis has never ended, and I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop fully expecting that we are going to be on our own while once again the rich who caused the next crisis get bailed out.

    Third, the last thing anybody with any sanity would get at this time is a loan. Even people who are current on their loans are losing their homes. The continuing criminality and fraud are astonishing, and can seem to strike anyone.

    I would hazard a guess that the pullback in spending has more to do with the fact that the lower classes are tapped out, see no way to advance and get financially healthy, and are more than aware that exposing yourself once again to the criminality of Wall St via loans, credit cards, etc, is a risky maneuver.

    The collapse of Lehman was more of a wake up call to the crooks on Wall St that they had to step up their game. They did, and successfully held a gun to the head of our country and got a get out of jail card, and a government working hard to re-inflate the bubble and suck more blood out of the lower classes.

    I’m not saying that there are not any small individual investors able to make money in the market. I know a few, but it’s no longer a matter of making sound analysis and long term investments as it is trying to figure out which way the MOTU and the Fed is going to move and going along for the ride.

    It’s obvious that the MSM wants to convince all of us that it’s 2007 once again and we should all just go back to sucker town. Anybody with half a brain can see the MSM lies, the continued FIRE sector criminality, the global unrest, and put it all together. We’re acting and hoping for change, real change, not the BS we were stuck with before. That’s what this blog is about.

  16. Klassy!

    That article did not seem to debunk the idea of financial literacy– rather it said we’re not doing it right.
    I think Helaine Olen’s Pound Foolish was a better debunking (I believe she may have discussed the JIT financial lessons too.)

    1. anon y'mouse

      you folks need to get with the program. if everything is pathologized, then we are all ridden with mental illnesses which can be used to justify just about anything they want to do to us.

      this is like that article a few weeks ago where they were expecting the teachers to be in two totally different places at once. if you constantly fall short in your personnel file, even over small inconsequential things, when the time comes they can fire you for those instead of the real reason (insert here—about to get a raise. new manager doesn’t like your face. you’re in that “bottom 10%” that is considered disposable in any workplace. you don’t hew to the cultural/color/ line dispositions prevailing, etc. ad infinitum).

      1. optimader

        Actually my link was meant as a reply to petridishes test pattern..

        But “…if everything is pathologized, then we are all ridden with mental illnesses…”

        Aren’t we all ??

  17. Dissecting Political Spin

    The “Blessing of the Animals” is a healing ritual.

    Several of our dogs have received “the blessing.”

    One vicar was even kind enough to bless the cremated remains of one of our dogs, who “passed” before we became aware of the ceremony.

    BTW, love the Antidote du jour!

  18. Alexa

    We’ve participated in several ‘Blessing of the Animals’ ceremonies–it is very “healing.”

    Love the Antidote du jour!

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