1. m111ark

    I’ve read elsewhere the you, Yves Smith, are a proponent of MMT. First, is that true. If so, could you explain the fundamentals of MMT… because, nothing I’ve read about it makes any sense.

  2. mainmata

    I love your blog. Wish I could join you but am working in the DC region on international development, especially environment and climate change and have multiple deadlines. But right on.

  3. Eleni Tsigante

    Happy New Year, from Athens!
    Thank you for your excellent website.
    We wish we could come to the meeting…just think of lots of supportive Greek ghosts, there in spirit, and toasting you at home with ouzo!

  4. Wake Up America!

    Is there a chance the meetup might change because of the weather? I’d love to attend and meet the folks I admire so much.

  5. participant-observer-observed

    I wish I could join you all there in NYC but can’t leave LA right now.

    But, I noticed an interesting lecture scheduled for the Harvard Club of NY on 1/15/14:
    “China Series: US-China Cyber Relations after Stuxnet and Snowden” by James Mulvnon, VP of DGI’s Intelligence Division.”

    He is a specialist in Chinese linguistics and “Chinese cyber issues,” and is reported to speak on his latest book, “Chinese Industrial Espionage.” More information on American espionage has been reported since the lecture was scheduled. It could be an interesting program, especially if NC people could get him talking about implications for banking and finance.

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