DC Meetup on March 18?

I’ll be in Washington DC on Tuesday, March 18, to speak at the Atlantic Economy Conference. As with past appearances, I’m part of what amounts to the warm-up act, but it’s still good to have the opportunity to present some candid views to an audience that normally hears well-packaged neoliberal talking points.

I can be free as of 6 PM or perhaps even a smidge earlier, so I could meet with interested readers. The problem is you folks will need to find a venue.

In New York, even when I’ve picked off times (late August, a cold winter night), we’ve had 40-50 people turn up, which can be difficult in terms of mingling. Given that DC has less than 1/10th the population of New York, one might therefore assume turnout (given that the weather will be better and I might have a higher followership density in DC given the policy focus of that town) would be 15 at the max, and could be as little as 5. 15 is a little awkward in terms of venues if we have that high class problem (as in it’s large enough to make it hard to mix if we just go to a bar or take over some tables at a restaurant).

In other words, assuming I do have some readers who are takers in comments, it’s only remotely possible that we’ll have a crowding issue, but if we can allow for that, we should. But the onus is on someone local to figure this out and make a recommendation if you’d like this to happen. The readers have enjoyed the New York events, so I hope we will be able to set something up.

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  1. astrid

    The conference is only a few block from my office, so I plan to be at the meetup. I would not be surprised if the number turned out higher than 15 – a lot more people work in DC than live there, so perhaps some folks can swing by after work.

    One place I would recommend for a gathering is Vidalia – they have a great happy hour (great southern/modern American food and some drinks specials). It’s a beautiful space that can comfortably accommodate probably upwards of 30 people. It’s 6 blocks away though – I don’t know if that would be too far to be considered.

    Kellari Taverna is about 2 blocks away and also has a nice happy hour. It’s Greek with a heavy seafood and dip/meze emphasis.

    Taberna del Alabardero, Equinox, TakEatEasy, and the Oval Room are also decent possibilities.

    1. Joe Firestone (LetsGetitDone)

      I’ll be there. On the gathering place, I wonder if Vidalia isn’t a bit too expensive for many people who might want to attend. Jeff Buben is among DCs “star” chefs, but the prices reflect that. I’d suggest Elephant & Castle. There are two in the area. The closest one is at 900 19th Street, NW, just around the corner from Eye (I) Street and 19th. It’s about 4 blocks away between K and I.

      I’ve been there, but don’t remember whether they have the big back room the other E & C location at 1201 Pennsylania Avenue has. I’ve been in the back room at this location many times and it can accommodate large parties. It’s farther than Vidalia from the Capital Hilton by about 3 blocks, and about 6 blocks farther than the 19th Street E & C, and is about a half mile away from that hotel.

      E & C has happy hours from 4 – 7 PM every week day. It also has half-price bottles of wine on Tuesdays. The menu is here: http://elephantcastle.com/menu so everyone can check out offerings and prices.

      I’m looking forward to our meetup -:) -:) -:)

  2. John B.

    RFD in Chinatown (7th & H) has a large back room, adequate food, and good beer. For that matter, my house in Takoma Park could take 10-20 people or so, though it’s almost 1/2 mile from the Metro.

  3. Ernesto Lyon

    Buca di Beppo on Connecticut has spaces you can configure for that size group. Someone would have to call it in and make the reservation. I don’t know what the rules are in terms of deposit.

  4. Dan

    I live in Seattle and read NC daily, but will actually be flying into the DC area on business on the 17th. If this happens I could jump on the Metro after work and would love to meet up.

  5. Dan Pennell

    I will attend.
    I know NOVA better than DC even though I am in near Lenfant a lot.
    Is there a place off the mall that would be good?
    Maybe near the National Gallery area?
    Anyway….I will make an effort to show up.

  6. Michael Vaughn

    Hope to be there, coming back from a trip that day. The suggestion of vidalia makes sense.

  7. Lambert Strether

    I’d just say that not all DC readers are upscale — I know for a fact that free Tacos are a big deal for some Senate staffers — and so it would be great if the choice of venue also took price into account. Just saying, ’cause I can’t be there, but I wish I could!

  8. Dmitri

    I’d be keen as well. For people’s convenience, there are a couple of Dupont bars that could fit 15-20 decently well. We did it a couple of times with our class (I’m finishing my MA in econ here in DC).

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I’ll post over the weekend on this, readers are making me choose when I told them to choose.

      Look forward to seeing you!

      1. Joe Firestone (LetsGetitDone)

        OK. If there are no strong objections, then, let’s set the meetup at 6 PM or so at Elephant & Castle, 900 19th Street, NW, just around the corner from Eye (I) Street and 19th. Everyone should be able to find something to eat and/or drink there, and we should be able to get in one hour of happy hour at least.

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