Please Join Us at Our NYC Meetup Next Friday, April 25

I hope readers in New York will be able to join us at an informal gathering next Friday, April 25, from 5 PM to 8 PM. The venue is Sláinte, which bills itself as a modern Irish pub. That means it has a big selection of craft beers, good wines by the glass, and better food than the usual bar fare.

The NYC meetup is at 304 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston, so the nearby train stops are the B, D, F and M at Houston and the 6 at Bleecker, or the F at Second Avenue.

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Looking forward to seeing you next Friday!

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  1. CB

    How is Dempsey’s these days? When I was traipsing the streets of NYC, Dempsey’s was a dump.

  2. diptherio

    Yves, I am soooo sorry about not being able to make this one. Believe me, my little heart is breaking. You scheduled it primarily for me? Be still my heart….

    Here’s the thing, I’ve got a weekend meeting for GEO about an hour’s drive out of town. I was under the impression that “weekend” meant weekend, as in sat. & sun., but when I got here, I was told that we start on Friday evening and that’s when we’re driving up. I protested vociferously, tried to say I’d find another ride to the meeting…and got nowhere. I’m the only “staff” person, so I guess it’s pretty important I be there for the whole thing. Bugger!

    However, if you need a new (well, used) piece of furniture, I’m working at Staten Island’s Everything Goes furniture store until May 3rd. I’ll be the one covered in green paint. Or shoot me an email if you wanna get lunch or something…I’m running out of ideas. I’ll be at the Alternative Banking Working Group meeting tomorrow, hoping to meet Mathbabe…

    It KILLS me to be missing this. Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you.

  3. Paul Niemi

    Having events like this is a good thing. The next step is documenting the event by a third party. If you have the acquaintance of a newspaper reporter, you can invite him or her to the gathering. Have some free food available the reporter can sample, to mitigate the bother of being there, but don’t serve alcohol to the reporter. Conduct some business for the group, like electing a meeting chairperson, then present some resolution for debate. When a majority of people in a room stand to support an idea, any idea, that is newsworthy. It may or may not be reported. It may get only half an inch on page 26. However, it impresses the notion that something is going on which is more interesting than just a get-together of friends. This is a way small movements can start to snowball.

  4. ThomW

    Yves, I was in Slainte Thursday night and I asked about a back area they have. I was told that a group of graduate students often reserve the back area on Friday nights but we should call the manager and ask if it’s available to reserve (for free). You might want to do that. Or I’d be happy to call if you’d like.

  5. run75441


    I know civilization stops at the Hudson according to the New Yorker. If you get to Chicago; let us pioneers know.

  6. MikeNY

    I am just back in SF after a *ganz toll* time abroad. I will be on the east coast later this week — so I will try to be there.

  7. Marty Heyman

    Two quick things. Am trying to keep the time open. Slainte is literally next door to the Bowery Poetry Center where we (GEO and SolidarityNYC) celebrated Jessica Gordon-Nembhard’s new book Cooperative Courage a week or so ago.

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