San Francisco July 30 Meetup Options

Readers may recall I announced a meetup for San Francisco on July 30. Assume for now that the time is 6 PM. I’ll confirm later in the week. I will be flying in that day, but my plane gets in at 2 PM, so absent a horrible delay we should be all systems go.

Californians had many excellent suggestions for what to do in San Francisco, but not so many on venues for the meetup! I asked the hotel concierge, and she thought that the ideas that were served up (pun intended) were for places that ran the risk of being too noisy.

Here are the three spots she recommended, all near BART stops, which was one thing readers regarded as important.

The Press Club. The idea of meeting at a place called “Press Club” amuses me. The wine and draft beer list is extensive, but it might be too pricey for some. Of course, we can order bottles…

Hidden Vine. This place looks comfy/clubby from the pix and it has some wines and beers at better price points than Press Club (several wines at $8 a glass and two local draft beers at $6).

The Palace. I stayed there when speaking at a conference. The bar is ginormous but not sure the layout is amenable to being taken over by a group of 10-20.

If any readers have a point of view on these venues, I’d very much appreciate the input. I’m leaning towards Hidden Vine but let me know if there are reasons to prefer the others.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you later this month.

Update: From a reader via e-mail:

Press Club is a great space, good for a group. Lots of space, and with reservations, we should be able to have a nice quiet-ish corner. I haven’t been there in a couple of years though, but from the Yelp reviews, seems like the quality has held up.

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  1. mellon

    Since you are Internet VIPs, (you are) why not call the DNA Lounge, which is owned by former Mozilla coding guru Jamie Zawinski? DNA Lounge has a web site..

    Most clubs have what’s called a VIP Room, a room within the larger space which is reserved for private parties. Some of them are quite nice.

    Another place that I used to really love but have not been to in a very long time is “Big Heart City”. They (also) have a VIP Room which you should ask about. I have been to a lot of very nice small parties in that space. Its a small to medium sized room with couches, chairs, etc. You can hear one another. Its perfect for a party.

    Big Heart City is a Thai restaurant during the day and a club on some nights. They are at 836 Mission, which is up a ways from the Financial District. However, its just a short walk from Market St.

    Not as good, for small groups, perhaps but two other clubs are the Sound Factory and 1015 Folsom.
    There are also some very nice bars in Berkeley, close to the BART station, that are good for small groups. Some even have fireplaces/private rooms.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I can’t book a room like that when I have no idea how many people are coming. Most rooms require a minimum # of people and dollars spent. I’ve done this on a meetup basis with MUCH bigger groups in NYC and DC and it has always worked out.

  2. Deloss

    Pay no attention to this. My Ph.D. is in Ignorance. If I was there, I couldn’t contribute anything, and I’m too shy to drink in public. But–

    Oh, Yves! Since you and most of your readers are in NYC, why should you choose a place across the continent? (Although I have lived and worked in SF, and it is a beautiful city–although it’s 0 compared to NYC.)

    Look, I hope the affair is a splendid success, and that everybody reading this who intends to go lifts (and drains) a glass to me. Not that I deserve it.

    Confusion to our enemies. May they all fly Malaysia Air.

    Deloss Brown

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