The ECB Cold Shoulders Greece on QE

Normally, when I post shows from RT, I direct reader attention to the main interview, and treat the introductory four-minute segment as an informative addition.

Here, the key part of the show is that initial section, where Ed Harrison provides an informative, high level look at the ECB’s upcoming QE program. It is seems to be badly thought through operationally (reader Scott pointed yesterday to a Financial Times effort to explain how each country’s purchases and liabilities would work, and declared them to be “clear as mud”). Moreover, as Ed Harrison explains, it’s not clear how the effort can accomplish anything positive in an increasingly negative yield environment.

The other segments are also worthwhile, with regular Boom/Bust host reporting on the Swiss shock live from Davos, and Ed Harrison talking with Dan Alpert about the prospects for the Euro, and the last section on net neutrality.

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  1. susan the other

    Very interesting show. The utter folly of the ECB rejecting Greek bonds shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point. Greece has been written off. If the EZ were a union just think how cheap a Swiss salad could be. I mean $40? Switzerland should be importing the fixins for Greek salads in volume. Not only cheap but to die for. Also I thought it was encouraging to hear Erin talk about the Davos agenda. They are looking at the right problems. The part that is disconcerting is that the titans of Davos only have one answer and that is for capital to be invested at an attractive return. Which requires both growth and exploitation. Which makes the problem worse. How else? The day Davos does a press release stating otherwise will be earth shattering. I’m just wondering what beneficial decisions and actions ever came from the Davos clustserfest.

  2. Peter Pan

    “I’m just wondering what beneficial decisions and actions ever came from the Davos clustserfest.”

    That should best be posed to the makers of high priced exotic liqueurs, high priced exotic automobile manufacturers and high priced exotic sex workers.

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