Calling All Swedish and Sweden-Connected Readers

This is what is known in the blogosphere as a “bleg”.

We’ve been trying to help move a potentially significant initiative forward in Sweden. A couple of Swedish readers would like to submit a letter to some governmental bodies on a topic near and dear to our hearts. This effort is more likely to succeed if a few more people with experience and expertise relevant to this matter join them.

The signers need to be Swedish citizens. Ideal backgrounds would include academics, like professors of economics (finance specialists and labor economists are particularly likely to take interest), sociologists, and law. Other parties that might want to support this effort are print and TV journalists who cover finance and politics, labor officials, members of left-leaning think tanks, and any others who have been critics of questionable practices in the financial services industry.

We aren’t looking for a large number of additional individuals to join; even one or two more would be a big plus.

If you might be interested or have contacts in Sweden that you think would be game, please e-mail me at with “Sweden” in the subject line so I can tell you more and you can determine whether you’d like to participate in this mission.

Thanks for your help!

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