1. Larry

    Appointment viewing! Can’t wait. Let’s hope your loyal readers don’t hog their bandwith.

  2. C. dentata

    We don’t get Le Show in DC, but I will keep an eye out for the podcast.

    I have thought that the crisis was about the sadistic pleasure of Merkel and the Germans in squashing Greece like a bug on the sidewalk, not about making Greece pay down its debt. Because destroying Greece is the one way to ensure their debt won’t be paid. But the Geithner book leads me to think that Schauble, at least, is using the crisis to inaugurate a neoliberal hell in the euro zone.

    1. Benedict@Large

      There’s is definitely something going on with Schäuble “proving” that his ordoliberalism is the only game in town, even if he has to do it by taking any Keynesian type of approach off the table. In the end, it’s about hard money (which doesn’t really exist) reigning supreme over soft, which is to say the divine right of kings (he who has the gold rules) is divine.

  3. GnomeDigest

    It feels like the dialogue in the western media about the Grexit is held hostage by a false premise. Its clear that an abrupt exit from the euro will cause a great deal of suffering in Greece. The false premise seems to be that anyone that advocates for a rejection of the austerity deal has no empathy for the suffering of the greek people it will cause.

    The reality as spoken by Tariq Ali and Costas Lapavitsas at the Democracy Rising World Conference in Greece is that leaving is better option given how much more damage this deal with cause, while just kicking the grexit a little down the road. They realize that the suffering is already baked into this situation. Its a question now of what gets you out and to them its obvious that further austerity will not.

    So I hope you all use this platform to discuss the Greece situation with similar bravery as they did. Dont fall into the trap of being boxed in by BS attacks of being cold or unemphatic to suffering because you are willing to see reality for what it is and not what we would like it to be.

    So if you plan to argue that accepting the deal was their only option please also then explain how its better for greece to have a bunch more of its assets privatized and for its economy to shrink even more from more austerity before the inevitable default and grexit. If you argue Greece had to accept this terrible deal you must also answer that question if you are discussing this in any sort of good faith at all.

    The Costas speech: http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=14278

    1. gnomedigest@yahoo.com

      Just to elaborate, its a tactic of the establishment to use arguments about being insensitive to those of perceived virtue as a way to silence dissent.

      Cant be against wars without sleighting the troops. If you are against government subsidizing private insurance companies in order for folks to get health insurance you dont care about those who need healthcare. If you want a higher minimum wage you dont care about all those people who will lose their jobs.

      If you argue to reject further and increasingly severe austerity you dont give a crap about the suffering of the greek people.

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