Announcing the Double Your Donation Challenge!

This is Naked Capitalism fundraising week. 1058 donors have already invested in our efforts to combat corruption and predatory conduct, particularly in the financial realm. Please join us and participate via our donation page, which shows how to give via check, credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Read about why we’re doing this fundraiser, what we’ve accomplished in the last year, and our fifth target, more original reporting.

Another donor, inspired by the Harry Shearer Challenge, has offered his own challenge: to double the donations of the next 20 people who give $100. Make this generous offer a speedy success by going to our donation page now! If you missed Harry Shearer’s challenge, you have another opportunity to turbo-charge your gift.

You can make your contribution here, via check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you give by check, be sure to let us know by e-mailing us at with “Double Your Donation Challenge” in the subject line.

Thanks to our anonymous donor for his generosity. I hope readers will respond in kind. And if $100 is a stretch for you, don’t let that stop you from making a donation if you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time yet. Every contribution helps us meet our goals. So I hope you’ll take up this fundraiser challenge in whatever way you can!

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  1. Nigelk

    Sent an email w/ $100 ‘check in mail’ subject header and not five minutes later saw this post and emailed back…

    Thank you to the generous donation doubler, as well as Mr Shearer and everyone at NC (including the best comment section I’ve seen – I truly learn from a lot of you) that makes this such a great site.

    Down with the Oligarchy


  2. DrBob

    Donation confirmed!

    “This email confirms that you have donated $100.00 USD to Aurora Advisors Incorporated ( using PayPal.

    This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL *NAKED CAP”.

  3. readerOfTeaLeaves

    It is so heartwarming and encouraging to see this kind of support for NC.
    It makes me believe that reform is not only possible, it is incubating.

  4. wendy davis

    It grieves me to say that we’re living so close to the bone that I can’t even contribute a tenner, Yves. That may be so for many others, but please don’t cause you to think that we don’t appreciate your site and great work if the kitty doesn’t get full as quickly as you like.

    I’ll add my thanks to Harry Shearer and the anonymous donor. You both rock!

  5. knowbuddhau

    Rats, too rich for my meager income. But I’ll issue my own challenge.

    I’m donating $20 on a monthly income of $900. How many others will donate 1/45 of their monthly income?

    I’ve learned a lot by coming here (mostly that I don’t know even more than I thought), but it’s not just for information that I visit here every morning. It’s for the community, for the chance to hear the thoughts of not just like-minded others but plenty of perspectives I’d never otherwise know. And the encouragement that comes from knowing there are amazing people “on the case” of what’s wrong with our country today, and how we can do something about it right now.

    I bow deeply and humbly in all y’all’s virtual directions.

    Now pony up!

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