Procrastinators of the World, Unite! Last Day, Last Chance for Our Fundraiser!

Thanks to the generosity of many loyal readers, we’re within striking distance of meeting our targets. We’re at 1222 donors, just 28 shy of our 1250 donor target, and we need another $7,525 to meet our last target of $25,000 or more original reporting.

Give now, and give generously through our fundraiser page, and help us make this fundraiser a rousing success! Remember, if you help us beat our goals, that means we can do even more on your behalf.

We’ve deeply appreciated not only the many donations we’ve gotten, but also the kind, and sometimes humbling notes from readers. For instance, from Mati:

Thanks for continuing to provide insightful and real news to the community. Although it can be sad (eg; Greece coverage). I’d rather know what’s really happening with the powers that be than fairy tales.

And Greg:

Making it without Naked Capitalism? I just couldn’t do it.

And Tim D:

My pleasure to be able to help a little. Keep up the important and noble work you are doing. Truth is an under valued investment these days.

From Dan S:

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the work you do, and I’m gratified to finally be able to donate. I found NC and ECONned as a college sophomore incredibly frustrated with the way no one — neither professors nor classmates — seemed willing to investigate the ideology undergirding the “science” being taught. I remember once asking an advisor if the department offered any courses outside the standard neoclassical framework. He was totally baffled, recommending I take some sociology courses. I took his advice but more importantly I found your blog.

This was five years ago, and I’ve learned so much from following NC since then

Today is the last chance for this 2015 fundraiser. You can give through our fundraiser page, where you can use a credit or debit card or a PayPal account (the charge will be in the name of Aurora Advisors).

You can also send a check (or multiple post dated checks) in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated to

Aurora Advisors Incorporated
903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10075

Please also send an e-mail to with the headline “Check is in the mail” (and just the $ en route in the message) to have your contribution included in the total number of donations.

So give now to Naked Capitalism. If you can’t afford much, give what you can. If you can afford more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. This isn’t just giving, it’s a statement that you are want a different debate, a different society, and a different culture. It’s time to join us as we make sure this site can do an even better job of debunking the lies that prop up a diseased power structure and promoting a more just social order.

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  1. abynormal

    i rise with the Sun, but my Light is Naked Capitalism

    Rise up!
    RISE UP everyone!
    Rise up and salute the sun!
    Rise up and synergize as ONE.
    And division there shall be none.
    And division there shall be none!

    Wise up!
    Wise up and salute the sun!
    So what is right will always be won –
    And so what is wrong will be never be
    So what is wrong will never be done,
    And justice will always be won!

    Rise up!
    Wise up and salute the sun!
    Because what is turning
    Can never be undone,
    And what is churning
    Has already been spun.
    The lies are distorting the sum.
    And they’re quickly earning
    The minds of our young.

    Rise Up!
    Wise up and vibrate knowledge and peace
    Throughout the streets and
    Spread light to replace all the hatred
    And ignorance in the world –
    With Truth and amplified WISDOM!

    Rise up!
    Rise up and salute the sun.
    Get wise and join lights as ONE.
    Because the journey has just begun.
    The REVOLUTION has just begun.

    So wise up!
    Wise up and free all your minds.
    Rise up and stand up for all mankind!
    Put on your gold crowns and SHINE!
    Because the sun symbolizes what’s lit inside.
    Illumination frees us and gives us eyes.
    It’s what heals us and gives us life.
    It’s also the symbol of the Most High —
    — THE LIGHT,
    The light in all its MIGHT!

    So RISE UP.
    Rise up and salute the sun!
    Wise up because the hour
    And they’ve already sent us
    More than one drum!

    Hurry up!
    Hurry up before the last chime is STRUCK!
    RISE UP before the TIME IS UP!
    Rise up before they kill our dove!
    Wise up and fight with
    LIGHT and LOVE!

    RISE UP!
    Rise up EVERYONE.
    Rise up and salute the sun.
    Rise up and salute the sun!


  2. tegnost

    Thanks for all you do, sent in $200 yesterday, accompanied by the requested email. I think the site deserves at least the dollar a day I once spent on newspapers so will be looking to add more in the coming months, also appreciate the efforts of lambert and in the next few weeks will send a 50 or two his way because I don;t want him to have to code with gloves on, or, god forbid, move on to higher paying less stressful work. And both of you please get a good night sleep and eat well. Interesting times ahead.

  3. Tammy

    Thank you for all your great work! I don’t necessarily agree with every position you’ve (staff) has taken but I agree with enough to make a contribution. That contribution will have to be in two weeks. Again, thank you for your hard work and helping people, such as myself, think through policy issues.

  4. craazyman

    There was some dude who used to comment here and he said he had an 8 figure net worth. I don’t think he was including pennies.

    I asked him to send me $1 million but he didn’t as far as I know. I gave him a PO Box in Magonia so maybe he did and I never saw it.

    If he did, I never cashed the check.

    If he’s still posting comments, he can send that $1 million in to NC.

    Somebody like Lambert should be making $300 or $400 K per year as a “Senior Executive Editor”. Then he’ll lighten up on us rich guys. It’s hard. It’s really hard. To choose between Edward Green and two pairs of Crocket & Jones. If you’ve never experienced it, you just don’t understand.

  5. participant-observer-observed

    My modest but noble donation is in and not too shameful when compared to other indigent doctoral students! 3-4 x a year will add up, lol!

    Thanks for saving me the headache of having to waste time on other sites (unless i link to them from NC), and for the efficiency of watching the finance and staying 6 months-a year+ ahead of political dynamic drivers ($$$ and related shenanigans!)

    Long life and vigorous health of body and mind to NC staff (Yves, Lambert et al.), commenters, guest writers, etc.

  6. Lambert Strether

    This is the last day, so but and I’m looking at that thermometer.

    It seems low.

    Everything before this last part of the fundraiser brought us to the baseline to keep NC functioning at the (admittedly high) level it has already achieved.

    But this part of the fundraiser will let us break into new territory — much more original reporting. Two, three, many CalPERS!

    So if you want more NC, or if you’ve hesitating or procrastinating, now is the time to dig deep! The Tip Jar is to your right.

  7. madarka

    I’ve been lurking here since I was a college freshman. First time commenting. Your work is more valuable to me than the years I spent getting an Economics education. I only wish I could give more. Thank you.

    Also, how about more coverage of Latin America? The looting is never over down here in the tropics…

    1. Lambert Strether

      Thanks very much! (And the best way to jumpstart Latin American coverage is to start adding links to it in comments… (In English, sadly, but there have to be some good Latin American blogs out there in English.))

  8. Moma

    Thank you, Yves, for your work on PE. The progress that is beginning to be made is unprecedented and hopefully indicative of what more will occur.

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