Be Sure to Catch Us on Harry Shearer’s Le Show Today!

I think this was our best interview with Harry evah, in part because he was in NYC so we were able to record in person. The topic is private equity and Harry guided the conversation so that we were able to hit a lot of bases.

Harry Shearer’s Le Show is broadcast in Los Angeles at 10:00 AM on Sunday on KCSN 88.5 FM , in Chicago on WBEZ 91.5 FM on Sunday at 10:00 PM and in New Orleans on WMNO on Sunday at 8:00 PM. You can also stream it or download a podcast from his site here. Be sure to catch it. And let your friends and family know too!

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      No, that’s an interview from five years ago!!! He doesn’t appear to have the podcast up for the current show, since it hasn’t broadcast yet in Chicago and New Orleans.

      Here’s where you will find a stream:

      And you can download the podcast here:


        1. Yves Smith Post author

          Sorry, my bad for not realizing (duh) that the web stream and podcasts go up AFTER the broadcasts are done. I’ll put up a short post on Monday when they are up. Thanks for your interest and patience.

  1. Jay

    Great show! I’m a public university professor and am scared to death of retiring for fear that my pension won’t be there. Many of my older colleagues (in their late 70s), who had planned on retiring years ago , are still on the job with no intention of retiring anytime soon.

  2. flora

    Great show! The last part about interest rates and bonds and the traditional pension strategy of investing in bonds being undone by zero interest rates was enlightening.

  3. madison

    After Greece the alarm bells should have been ringing off the hook. Wondering, have you looked into all the pension money invested in Puerto Rico? My understanding is Congress won’t be bailing them out. You’re thoughts?

  4. Idland

    Heard the show today on krbx in Boise. The density of the information was incredible ! Painted a nice picture rolling out the perp(s). Congratulations Yves and Harry !

  5. Sluggeaux

    I’ve finally equipped my 12-year old car with a device that lets me listen to podcasts, and heard this edition of Le Show this morning. What a clear and detailed discussion of some very complicated issues!

    My only petty criticism is the failure to mention the Elephant in the Room: former CalPERS board member and CEO Fred Buenrostro’s sentencing on Federal corruption conspiracy charges has been postponed from this week until May of 2016 so that he may continue to “cooperate” with the US DOJ. The former CalPERS board member-cum-PE placement agent who he was originally going to “throw down” blew his own brains out on the eve of trial earlier this year. We’re all waiting to see who else might be sacrificed to reduce a potential five-year prison term…


  6. Jim Hicks

    It makes one feel like “chum” – the stuff thrown overboard to attract the real catch. Bad metaphor but….
    Just another way the middle class is being mined for its assets that have been accruing for the last 100 yrs. The reason I say 100 is that it took the first 30 of blood & sweat fighting capital just to get in a position to accumulate which labor did quite well. Then capital looked around (in 70’s & before) & saw all this accumulation – real-estate – savings/pensions & started mining.

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