Links 6/14/16

Revealed: Cambodia’s vast medieval cities hidden beneath the jungle Guardian (furzy)

Staring Into The Past and Future at Rattlesnake Lake Medium (Chuck L). Important

Guess What Else Climate Change Hurts? Globalization Bloomberg (resilc)

New discovery may improve future mosquito control PhysOrg (Chuck L)

A “Long-Term” Stock Exchange Could Promote Innovation—If It Ever Happens MIT Technology Review (David L)

Artificial intelligence breaks through a sound barrier Financial Times (David L)

“Genetically MODIfied Babies In Gujarat?” Countercurrents (Shane). Note there is an underlying news source. But I wonder if the guy promoting his technology is selling varporware.


Clinton calls for U.S. ‘intelligence surge’ in wake of Orlando attack Reuters (martha r)

Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Demonize Islam and Justify Anti-Muslim Policies Glenn Greenwald, Intercept DJG: “Wow. The comments.”

Let’s Do Something Else Sam Adler-Bell (martha r)

#OrlandoStrong Tulsi Gabbard, Medium. Martha r: “Nice contrast to Clinton’s call to embrace militarism and reactivity.”

Clinton pivots on ‘radical Islamism’ The Hill (furzy)

Orlando massacre will boost support for Donald Trump Financial Times

House erupts into shouting after moment of silence for Orlando The Hill (furzy)

America Is Stuck with Assault Weapons Vice (resilc)

Orlando shooting headlines gloss over Native American massacres OregonLive (agreenie)

AR-15 Rifle Used in Orlando Massacre Has Bloody Pedigree NBC (furzy)

At Times Like This, We Need To Pull Ourselves Up, Hold Our Loved Ones Close, Block Any Legislation That Would Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns, And Say A Prayer For The Victims Onion

Australian media a China stooge MacroBusiness

Needle in a Haystack: How North Korea Could Fight a Nuclear War 38 North (guurst)

Panama Papers: Behind Malcolm Turnbull’s deal for a tax haven payout Australian Financial Review

Prayut and the cold art of subjugation Bangkok Post. Furzy flags the use of “Winter is coming”.

Refugee Crisis

Emotional toll of reporting the refugee crisis surprises news organisations Guardian (furzy)

Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else: Why I am voting to leave the EU Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. This is a terrific essay, both in tone and in substance.


‘Leave’ open up 7 point lead over ‘Remain’ before EU referendum: YouGov poll Reuters (resilc)

German 10-Year Government Bond Yields Dip Below Zero Wall Street Journal

Brexit’s First 100 Days Promise Chaos, Fear, Damage Limitation Bloomberg. This is a very useful article, except it misses the point we raised yesterday, and UK readers underscored: a Leave vote does not necessarily imply a Brexit. The vote is advisory. Parliament must somehow confirm the vote, presumably with more detailed legislation (something we don’t see happening quickly if at all) and that event would seem to be the trigger for the events (save the market-freakout related ones) outlined here. We also raised the possibility that the EU would give the UK the bribes, um, waivers needed for the UK officialdom to persuade enough voters to change their minds on a second referendum, but a colleague of mine who reads the German press thinks there’s little political will on the Continent to do that. But a few days of bad market reactions could change that.

EU referendum: Britain turning away from world as Brexit vote looms, survey shows Telegraph

Brexit and the Globalization Trilemma Dani Rodrik

Sterling hit by Brexit uncertainty BBC


A Russian warning Vineyard of the Saker (Wat)

MH-17 Probe Trusts Torture-Implicated Ukraine Consortiumnews


CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia Reuters (EM)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Ruin Your Google Search History PixelEnvy

Today I Went to See Julian Assange Michael Moore

Clinton E-mail Tar Baby

WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails – Julian Assange Guardian

Wikileaks will publish ‘enough evidence’ to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange RT


All Hail the Queen of Exceptionalistan Pepe Escobar, Counterpunch

Hillary joins the chorus against BDS: On Israel, she aligns herself with the right, and people like Sheldon Adelson Salon

California Counts Millions Of Provisional And Mail-In Ballots, Counties Flip For Bernie And Nine More Superdelegates Drop Clinton Inquisitur (martha r)

Racketeering Lawsuit Exposing Nationwide Vote Rigging in DNC Primaries Could Derail Clinton Free Thought Project. Hate to say it, but this case will not move forward quickly enough to have any impact on the elections. Litigation is a long game even at the best of times and it is not hard for opposing counsel to throw sand in the gears.

Elizabeth Warren Draws Fire from Left and Right Over Clinton Endorsement Pam Martens and Russ Martens (Carolinian)

Presidential Election 2016: Key Indicators Gallup (martha r). On the one hand, Trump’s unfavorable ratings are up and his favorables are down from his peak.the change is only 3-4 points over a month. But Hillary’s unfavorables are down only 2 points from her peak, and her favorables up only two points. The reason this ought to worry Team Dem is this take place after the Mexican judge self-inflicted wound by Trump and after Clinton’s coronation by AP, her California win, and her self-coronation. She should have gotten a bigger bump than that. But Trump still has a markedly bigger net negative total than she does.

Donald Trump revokes Washington Post press credentials June 13 CNN

To win, Trump needs to get non-college grads to the polls. Here’s why that will be hard. Washington Post (furzy)

U.S. court skeptical of lawmaker immunity in trading probe Reuters (EM)

Bernie Sanders, Labor, Ideology and the Future of American Politics New Labor Forum

Cornel West: Black America’s neo-liberal sleepwalking is coming to an end OpenDemocracy (Shane)

FOIA reform bill headed to Obama Politico (furzy)

Fallout of Illinois budget feud grows Associated Press (martha r)

FedEx Depicted by U.S. as Drug Courier in Corporate Disguise Bloomberg. Here is the indictment.

Court Papers Give Insight Into Stanford Sex Assault New York Times

Yuan Headed for New Low vs. US Dollar? Michael Shedlock (furzy). From yesterday, still germane.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Puerto Rico Debt-Restructuring Law Wall Street Journal

Vix index hits four-month high ahead of Britain’s vote over EU Financial Times

Class Warfare

This Robot Intentionally Hurts People—And Makes Them Bleed Fast Company (guurst)

Companies Pledge to Review Pay to Address Inequalities Wall Street Journal

Liberal Returns Policies for Consumers Can Reduce Retail Workers’ Pay New York Times

Why inequality is worse for your wallet than a weak economy Washington Post (martha r). Fits into my theory as to one of the drivers of the Leave vote, that it’s a vote against rising inequality and the voters are willing to pay a price. Not saying that they are right in their assumptions.

Antidote du jour (furzy):

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See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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    1. James Levy

      What can he do? He can try using executive Orders, but that just makes the jgordon and cwaltz’s of this world shit themselves and scream “TYRANNY!!!!!” and buy more assault rifles which, if we had simply stuck with the Brady Bill, wouldn’t be available. But no, the Gun Nuts had to have that repealed because if they didn’t have assault rifles the government wouldn’t “fear them enough” and their dicks wouldn’t work.

      I am coming to the end of my time around here. The discourse is so dominated by nihilistic assholes or this dispassionate “Beltway Discourse” where we are supposed to meet cruelty, stupidity, and depraved indifference to human life with an arid, detached, but oh so slightly snarky and sophisticated tone I can’t take it any more.

      This whole planet is in jeopardy. And the idea that blowing the fucker up is going to lead to something better is childish, narcissistic, and evil. It’s despair curdled and turned putrid.

      You’ll get your Trump, folks, and I’ll wager that after you vote for him you’ll find yourselves defending that vote, just as Obama voters do. Human nature being what it is I see it as plain as day.

      1. jgordon

        If you don’t like the social contract that America was founded on, and affirmed by the Supreme Court, there is a process for changing it. What really gets to me is that people think they can just arbitrarily ignore the founding principles of America and the rule of law whenever they feel like. In that regard it makes perfect sense that Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to disarm the American people, regardless of legality.

        More than half the people in America either support gun rights or don’t really care that much about the issue either. What’s most amazing to me is that there are people out there who want to subvert the highest source of law and legitimacy in America for a cause that isn’t even all that popular.

      2. kareninca

        I’m an ardent supporter of every constitutional right, including the 2nd amendment, and I don’t have a dick, working or otherwise.

        I don’t know why you are so upset that someone might vote for Trump, if you dislike Hillary equally (which I assume you do, since you say you plan to vote third party). If you’re voting third party, doesn’t that mean you think they are equally bad? In which case – what difference does it make (so to speak)?

      3. vidimi

        i like your posts, james, and find that you have a lot to contribute especially from a historical perspective but i am baffled by your insistence that trump voters are nihilistic. certainly, holding the view that trump is an existential danger the world simply can’t afford is rational; but the absolute conviction and refusal to see the others’ points is not.

        the case can just as easily be made that hillary is the more nihilistic choice.
        -she is arguably the single person most responsible for the war in syria as it was she, as secretary of state, who fomented and supported the rebels almost sparking a world war with both russia and china, both of whom saw an american foray into syria and removal of assad as a red line. as such, she is also responsible for the refugee crisis that is tearing european society apart and the leading catalyst in the rise of the far right.
        -she also deserves blame for what’s going on in ukraine which very nearly sparked a full-on war with russia on a second occasion. this wouldn’t have been just a local war either.
        -she is the architect of the coup in honduras which has increased immigration to the US, fueling the rise of the far right there, including the current rise of trump.

        and this is just a partial scorecard from her four years as secretary of state. her full record is even more damning and, yet, you are convinced that WWE entertainer trump is the greater menace.

        i think the historian in you draws parallels between trump and hitler. i think maybe the better analogy is hillary as kaiser wilhelm.

    2. Arizona Slim

      I was in the audience for his 2011 speech in Tucson. this was right after the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and 18 other people. Six of them died.

      My take on the President’s visit to our town: A lot of soaring rhetoric, and then he flew off into the night.

      The follow-up was nonexistent.

      1. L

        To be unfair to him, if he or the D’s actually did something then the problem might go away and they would be unable to send me email after email demanding money to fight the evil R’s after every mass shooting. This logic applies equally to abortion which no sane R would ever actually get rid of.

        To be fair to him, as powerful as his office is the second amendment is stronger.

        I am certain that he can do more than he has done but he can’t do it all.

    1. TheCatSaid

      Thanks for this link. I’ve passed it on to another media outlet that I hope will cover it. (The Real News Network–they often have good Canadian coverage, but I haven’t seen them cover this yet.)

  1. kj1313

    Yeah the comments in the Intercept were expected by some of the hardliners. But as someone who is a lesbian the new revelations about Omar are making me smh.

    Then again I was beginning to wonder how much of jihadist Omar was when he was having problems with the basics between Sunnis and Shiites.

    1. fresno dan

      “Many Chinese university students were found to have used their nude pictures as IOUs on some online lending platforms, putting themselves at the risks of having everybody – including their parents – see them naked.”

      You know, if I used a picture of myself naked as collateral for a loan, you would see negative interest rates – and I mean REALLY negative….

      Ecccckkkkk!!!! My eyes!!!!! fresno dan, we will send you a million dollars a month, so that your naked body picture will never, NEVER, EVER see the light of day*

      * by the way, are you actually human??? You look like some kind of goat-squid hybrid, eating way more than you should…

  2. Ulysses

    From the Cornel West interview linked above:

    “The emergence of Black Lives Matter… exposes the spiritual rot and moral cowardice of too much of Black leadership – political, intellectual and religious. The myopic careerism and chronic narcissism that prevented any serious critique of Obama’s neo-liberalism are now out in the open, owing to the courageous young people who stood in the face of military tanks in order to show their love of those shot down by unaccountable police under a Black president, Black attorney general and Black homeland security cabinet member.”

    I am cautiously optimistic that at least some of this important critique will be heard in July at the Philadelphia convention!

    1. Paul Tioxon

      At least sensibly armed journalists from The Philadelphia Newspapers will cover the convention, armed with an AR-15. Nothing illegal, just about 7 minutes to walk to a nearby gun shop and fill out the paperwork for a background check and now, she’s armed. Or she can sell it at a mark-up because now that with their panties all up in a bunch, the government will definitely take away our guns because those weirdo types that the libtards are obsessed with have been shot, and not REAL freedom loving militia patriots. And, ya never know if the Red Coats will make a come back for round 3 at our moment of weakness. I think she’s on to something. Instead of the thousands that showed up at Philadelphia City Hall for candles, vigils and thoughtful grief, we should all go out and buy guns. I know its counter intuitive, but maybe this is what people mean by shaking things up.


      News — Helen Ubiñas
      I bought an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in Philly in 7 minutes

        1. Ivy

          I imagine that the FBI’s repeated questioning of him is in one system or another.

          The upshot is that we’ll have more taxes to pay for system linkage. Those old systems just haven’t kept up, and there are some Beltway Bandits available to provide the needed work for a nominal service charge. Somewhere, proposals are being written, politicians invited, junkets planned.

        2. ambrit

          As an employee of a ‘private army’ er, security company, he was covered under looser rules that, I assume, assumed that the company had already done sufficient background checks. The ‘private army,’ sorry, private security company, class of corporations have ‘special’ status. (I get this from Sic Semper Tyrannis.)
          Point three on his list.

          1. cassandra

            Excellent article you reference! This is an unfortunately interesting case that exposes the difficulties and weaknesses in our current approach:
            a) How many people in Mateen’s psychological condition (NOT religion) work in security? Or, how many people you have worked with have been described by co-workers as having anger management issues? Should/could the FBI incarcerate them ALL?
            b) Re the hubbub about whether he was an official member of ISIS: think of the fatwa issued to kill Salman Rushdie. Its issuance gave authorization to anyone who felt sufficiently motivated to do the deed. That would presumably a believer in Islam, but no further affiliation is required. Mateen intentionally claimed his allegiance; can’t ask for much more evidence of loyalty to Islamic extremist intent than that. Yet some are attempting to soft-pedal this connection as not really relevant.
            c) How is disarming everyone else supposed to keep events like this from happening? Does anyone seriously believe Mateen couldn’t/wouldn’t have found some other means to arm himself? Consider how much motivation was already behind this act.

            1. Skippy

              Additionally what was their psychological position before, during, and in some cases after employment.

              Disheveled Marsupial…. not that some profiles are not a good thing in this line of work… especially when some op sort is reading the resume or grinning at the weapons range…

        3. Emma

          Neither the federal and state level for firearm permits/background checks show if you’re under investigation by the FBI. However, given you can be under investigation but still run for POTUS, does it matter?!
          Omar Mateen had valid permission to carry firearms in his capacity as a security guard anyway. In addition, each Agency (NCIS, ICE, NCIC etc. etc.) handles cases differently. And out on the streets of America, there are undoubtedly already a good number of semi-automatics, so if outlawed, I’m not sure how one would go about trying to recuperate them all.
          After so many awful gun-related atrocities within the US, US leaders still don’t seriously feel they’ve reached a point where action is taken to dramatically improve things and protect citizens more appropriately. So, on gun-related matters in the USA, it’s truly as if the US has “all the gear, but no idea”.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            Gun shooting root cause.

            We have to ask why they shoot. Each case is different, but still we have to address it.

            We also have to respond to the effect, or how to prevent people from getting hurt.

            Here, there are at least 3 prongs of attacking the effect-issue:

            A. Trying to, as you say, find those semi-automatics already out on the streets of America. Gun control.

            B. Give everyone a free bullet proof Kelvar jacket and helmet.

            C. Metal detector at all places.

            If we don’t look at the cause part, but solely focus 110% on the effect portion, we need to do as much as we can, and any more ideas will really help to save lives.

            1. Emma

              D. A National Network of Mental Healthcare Facilities (perhaps NRA-funded?!!) in the US where people are appropriately treated, cared for, monitored, supported and respected. And through which both family members and friends may obtain a better understanding of mental illnesses and receive good advice on how to manage as and when such situations arise.

                1. Emma

                  Anon – Do you know how to ascertain dementia? Do you know what treatments are available if someone does indeed have dementia? Did you know that dementia is quite complex and comes under a variety of types with a wide array of symptoms and levels of progression? Do you know and indeed understand the challenges faced by people with dementia? Do you actually know how to appropriately communicate with a person who has dementia in order to provide constructive and beneficial assistance?
                  From what I understand, both emotional support and patience are two minimal prerequisites, and necessary not just in supporting cases of dementia, but in all other mental healthcare conditions. Perhaps the US could look elsewhere at what other nations do humanely for their own people, to both support and provide primary and secondary healthcare services at minimal cost, and with successful results, and enact (perhaps with a little tweaking & tuning) some of those great measures taken elsewhere……

                  1. Anon

                    Well, in a word, No.

                    I was using the term demented broadly (inclusively?) I watched funding for mental illness (of all types) be eliminated by the guy who said his programs (policy) would bring “Morning in America!” I’ve watched a supreme court prevent professional mental illness treatment without subject approval (except under dire situations). I’ve actually lived down the road from a state mental hospital that provided valuable intervention, but was closed in the late 60’s. My questions are real, and not perfunctory.

                    In the US today getting treatment for even those who want it is incredibly difficult.

                    1. Emma

                      Thanks Anon. That’s what I’ve heard too and it’s unfortunate there is inadequate care available. I struggle to comprehend why far less money appears to be spent on delivering effective mental healthcare services than on physical sports services. I think WHO and the World Bank have extensive research and data showing that improving the mental healthcare of a nation produces real ROI in terms of both social and economic factors.

    2. nycTerrierist

      “The myopic careerism and chronic narcissism that prevented any serious critique of Obama’s neo-liberalism are now out in the open…”

      Brother West is not one to waste a bully pulpit and I look forward to hearing him preach.

      Of course, the corporate media will find real news to cover, e.g. a Trump hangnail
      or Honest Hillary’s ‘pivot’ du jour.

            1. Brooklin Bridge

              Oh lord! I can’t stop laughing… Ha, Ha, ha, ha,ha,i arggg p-can’t type itl…Haheha,ahheeoo, hahahahaaaaa. Oeehhoo-haaaha,

    3. TheCatSaid

      Also a reflection on our current lack of courage–see the amazing short segment on TRNN that includes Fannie Lou Hamer’s address to the Democratic Convention in 1964. It is riveting.

      Now THAT is the kind of empowered woman I’d like to see in positions of power.

      What courage. What perseverance. What strength. What an inspiration.

  3. ChrisAtRU

    Elizabeth Warren is Hodor (kind of).

    She has effectively sacrificed herself – putting her immense reputation, and solid body of work against FIRE sector malfeasance at severe risk to (help) prevent the slaughter of Half-Life-Hillary at the polls. If Hillary does “escape” with the presidency, Warren’s endorsement will serve as a touchstone of sorts; for it will have convinced a fair number of the #nonBust division of Bernie’s army that a vote for Clinton was palatable enough to swallow.

  4. Bill Smith

    WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails – Julian Assange Guardian

    Wikileaks will publish ‘enough evidence’ to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange RT

    Note that that Guardian article doesn’t not say what that RT article says Assange said.

    1. Pat

      Both are from an ITV interview with Wikileaks. and both refer to the section that there will be no indictment under Lynch but RT adds that there is enough in them to justify it. I would bet that it is in the actual interview. Both pieces DO put in the money quote which repeats or confirms his agreement with a big theory here:
      “the FBI can push for concessions from the new Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

      1. voteforno6

        I’ve been thinking that this is what’s going to happen. The Republicans won’t seriously fight it, at least initially, because they don’t want Trump to win. After the election, assuming Clinton wins, all bets are off. I really think that the Democrats are going to get buried by this, because they will spend Clinton’s time in office defending her against the inevitable attacks, and it could cost them dearly in ’18 and ’20.

        1. cwaltz

          You have the same theory I do.

          It may very well be though that Donald Trump is able to pull off an election with all the ineptness or corruption that is drip, drip, dripping out about Clinton.

          1. DG

            I agree. But Trump seems determined to burn every bridge hes’s got before November. Don’t see a way out for him, unfortunately!

            1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

              Trump reminds me of the Japanese folktale character, Kintaro, and also the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) from the Ming dynasty Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

              1. ChiGal

                Thanks for this. There is a temple rubbing of Hanuman and Sita over my fireplace but I did not know of the self-named Handsome Monkey King! From Wiki:

                Upon Sun Wukong’s approach, [his] staff glows to signify it has found its true master. It can change its size, multiply, and fight according to its master’s whim. It weighs 13,500 jin (8.1 tons). When not wielding the weapon, Sun Wukong shrinks it down to the size of a sewing needle and tucks it behind his ear.

                In addition to taking the magical staff, Wukong defeats the dragons of the four seas in battle and forces them to give him a golden chain mail shirt (鎖子黃金甲), a phoenix-feather cap (鳳翅紫金冠 Fèngchìzǐjinguān), and cloud-walking boots (藕絲步雲履 Ǒusībùyúnlǚ).

                Hoping that a promotion and a rank amongst the gods will make him more manageable, the Jade Emperor invites Sun Wukong to Heaven. The monkey believes he will receive an honorable place as one of the gods but is instead made the Protector of the Horses to watch over the stables, the lowest job in heaven. He rebels and proclaims himself the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven and sets the Cloud Horses free in vengeance.

                The Heavens are forced to recognize his title; however, they again try to put him off as the guardian of the Heavenly Garden. When he finds that he is excluded from a royal banquet that includes every other important god and goddess, his indignation turns to open defiance.

                Does sound familiar…

        2. Arizona Slim

          Watch for the Independents to start running for higher offices than, oh, mayor of this city or city council member of that town. And watch those indies win.

          BTW, one of my friends was managing the campaign for a local Democrat who’s running for the U.S. House. Things weren’t going so well, so he left the campaign and went to work for an independent senatorial campaign in another state.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            I find it interesting that

            1. Independents can vote in the D party primaries (in some states, and many would like to see that in all states).

            2. Independents can not run in the D party primaries (Sanders had to become a Democrat. He couldn’t just run while remaining independent, like voters).

        1. Gareth

          And then there is this:

          Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails

          And this:

          Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            We can listen in on Angela Merkel, so surely we know something about Putin as well.

            Will it be enough for ‘gentlemen’ to behave like ‘gentlemen?’

            “You’re not a serf. Don’t act like one.”

            All the people who have endorsed Hillary – We’re are a team. We are in this together. They are not just going after one person. They are going after all of us. Let’s unite against those freedom hating barbarians.

      2. Bill Smith

        Thanks for the pointer to the ITV interview.

        But I can’t pass up on this:

        “the FBI can push for concessions from the new Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

        Will the FBI hold a convention to decide what concessions they will push for?

        1. Ivy

          Will the FBI hold a convention to decide what concessions they will push for?

          Every day is a convention for the bureaus, constituencies and interested parties. It just isn’t advertised. K Street, J Street and the other alphabetics have their standing orders.

      1. Jim Haygood

        Just when you thought this freak show couldn’t get any more bizarre … it just did.

        Free Guccifer!

            1. polecat

              ..and then the bar-maid, Victoria, comes wisking around the table, inquiring “anyone for cookies…..they’re to die for!”

        1. fresno dan

          I fear for Guccifer – I expect jack Ruby to shoot him dead when he is being transported…

        2. uncle tungsten

          Definitely FREE Guccifer.

          Maybe a collection to assist his wife and young daughter in Romania would be a good response. There are good journalists there who know the connection.

      2. flora

        Hilarious. A story that’s got everything: the DNC (and by extension Hillary and DWS), a hacked server, and Russians. A story worthy of the old Onion site.
        Expect the hackers took everything they could get, not just Trump oppo.

    2. Teejay

      On its face I would chalk that up to RT not giving a hoot if they’re sent to the veal pen. Whereas the Guardian might be more concerned about good relations with (possibly) the next administration.

  5. Pat

    Thank you for both the antidote and the Sam Adler Bell link.

    I needed both. Perhaps stupidity, fear and self interest has been the go to response for decades, but the largely cynical by rote leadership response is no longer just disheartening but out right sickening. It truly is time recognize that kindness, love and caring last longer and try something else.

    1. Spring Texan

      I really liked the Sam Adler Bell link too. That was so great and expressed my DEEP discomfort when I heard Clinton say that.

      The “9/12 spirit” was what made Clinton and other Democrats vote for the Afghanistan war, which was a very bad idea, and (since I wasn’t imbued with that spirit myself), the Afghanistan war vote was what caused me to change from a “yellow-dog Democrat” to an independent who hasn’t cared for the Democratic Party ever since.

      Last thing I want to see!!!!

  6. HBE

    “We already know we need more resources for this fight. The professionals who keep us safe would be the first to say we need better intelligence to discover and disrupt terrorist plots before they can be carried out, Clinton said.”

    Are you facking kidding me? more data will not make it easier to find these lone needles and that is besides the fact that are intelligence apparatus is a taxpayer funded blackmail and corporate espionage machine.

    The easy way to stop these attacks is to stop murdering Muslims in their homes in the mideast, and tostop subsidizing Israels gulag building.

    At home these tend to be mental help issues, stop imprisoning people, increase funding for treatment instead of cutting it. And most long term but effective solution is education, increase funding for that. More $ for the nsa won’t do anything.

    “That’s why I’ve proposed an ‘intelligence surge’ to bolster our capabilities across the board, with appropriate safeguards here at home.”

    Cause a good surge solves everything right? It worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s only logical to exploit it’s effectiveness at home.

    1. Optimader

      This is the essence of why i thinkHRC is a moron… Yes a moron. There are those that vehemently disagree with her but concede she is “intelligent and a nuanced policy wonk”.
      I am here to tell you she is a moron that wraps issues up in unneccesary complexity then offers gaggingly bad conclusions/moronic solutions.

      She clearly demonstrates the difference between ignorance and stupidity.
      Conceptually she only understands doubling down on war and violence as a foreign policy strategy and a security state as a domestic policy strategy.

      1. fresno dan

        It is truly astounding how the “Peter Principal” pervades our government nowadays….
        Of course, the vast majority of the people covering her are stupid, and the press is just one mega corp that gets its daily “narrative”

        1. polecat

          It’s a well known fact among angry, pissed-off plebs, …er…I mean ‘wolves’….. that vain, and corrupt politicians,….uhh…I mean ‘sheep’, … are stupid!

      2. sd

        Conceptually she only understands doubling down on war and violence as a foreign policy strategy…

        It must pay well….

        1. tegnost

          This from the trump speech article, excerpt from hills speech:
          “The attack in Orlando makes it even more clear: we cannot contain this threat – we must defeat it.

          The good news is that the coalition effort in Syria and Iraq has made real gains in recent months.

          So we should keep the pressure on ramping up the air campaign, accelerating support for our friends fighting to take and hold ground, and pushing our partners in the region to do even more.”
          Nation destroying, perpetual war (in the last few months things are going really great over there in syria yeah sure, you betcha), bombings drone murders and getting more of that business (payola) out of our “partners”
          Everything here is a business opportunity for a special interest, including making refugees and sending them throughout the world, union busting writ large. After watching the whole trump speech the dems better hope bernie actually comes out ahead in cali because I heard a lot of things there that people will vote for, and the fact remains that hillary and her supporters can’t list her stance on things because she’s crazier than trump. Do yourself a favor and listen to/watch the whole speech. You don’t have to support him to know he’s going to clean hillary’s clock.

      3. PhilK

        I get your point, but the average moron hasn’t destroyed a single foreign nation in his or her entire life!

      4. Carolinian

        Shallow mediocrity might be better. Clearly she is someone who never questions conventional wisdom and most importantly never questions her own judgment. This is why she surrounds herself with sycophants who know she likes to be flattered. It’s probably how Bill has kept her on the reservation all these years.

        IMHO someone like that is a lot scarier than a know nothing like Trump. Insecure people are dangerous. Look at how LBJ committed us to disaster because he was afraid of what the Republicans and Kennedy’s Harvard boys would think. Also his lack of war record made him feel he had to prove himself as a hawk. Similarly Hillary’s run is her trying to prove something. It’s not about us.

      5. voteforno6

        I have to disagree with you. She is quite obviously an intelligent and detail-oriented wonk, who just isn’t able to use a PC to check her email.

    2. nowhere

      I’m waiting to hear if he used an iPhone to call in his allegiance to ISIS. Yet another round of “we must break encryption so we can process every communication you make. For your safety, of course.”

    3. craazyboy

      Hillary proposes new agency, “Homeland Security” and a big data center in Utah to archive all our communications.

      Hillary also hinted that she and Vicky Nuland have secretly developed a “Wrong Think Chip” that can easily be implanted in all American’s heads, making an exposed led blink thereby warning Americans in the immediate vicinity that an ISIS Terrorist has been activated and to take appropriate action.

      Once getting their chip implanted thru the Obamcare program, implantees will go to anti-ISIS Terrorist training camp for 2 months of training. Gay camps, code named “Gays Packing Heat”, will also be available for the special needs of the gay community – like how to sneak your defensive weapon past the bouncer-frisking guy at the front door to gay nightclubs.

    4. HBE

      Oh wow… happened to scroll through my original post. Now that is why I should proofread. In my defense I do post from mobile.

    5. Laughingsong

      We could use an intelligence surge . . . In our public discourse.

      Notice how the money for this magically appears: “our law enforcement and intelligence professionals have all the resources they need…” Hey, Mrs. C, substitute “teachers” for law enforcement and “crumbling infrastructure” for intelligence professionals, and we’ll talk.

    6. reslez

      At home these tend to be mental help issues, stop imprisoning people, increase funding for treatment instead of cutting it

      If you’re beating your wife and making outbursts of explosive rage you should be in treatment not out buying AR-15s.

    1. Brindle

      Escobar has nice way with words:

      “If the prospect of seeing the whole world turned into a giant Libya was not enough, public opinion all across the Global South must also get to grips with what arguably will become the most terrifying words in the English language: Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.”

  7. Pat

    The Russian Warning piece from a group of Russians living in America is interesting for more than their perspective that if pushed to its logical conclusion the antagonistic attitude that America has toward Russia is a loser for America. And even if their estimate is a scary and probably accurate of this being a net loser for America and Americans, it is that they take it as a given that most of our seemingly utterly illogical Middle Eastern choices are actually about Russia. And on first glance, they may be right.

    Dear god, what a mess our neo liberal and neo conservative Smartest people in the room have wrought with their stupidity.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      The whole neoconservative philosophy was based on the premise American military superiority and economic hegemony would be undermined by Russian and Chinese technology leaps and the U.S. needed to place as many bases, spread chaos, and find even more pliable rulers before the Russians and Chinese and even Iran were ready to sell defensive weaponry designed to counter U.S. forces. With the decline of the military edge, small countries could shop around between Russia/China and the West instead of relying on Western preferred corporations.

      1. Pat

        I was going to ask how does that explain the neoliberal stupidity, but then I had the duh moment – ‘Western preferred corporations’

      2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Small countries can shop around, but they need the imperial currency to pay for them.

        That’s why it’s critical the military should not be a household and we print as much as we need to fund it to maintain the imperial currency status, so we can print as much as we want.

        Thus, we square the problem with that circular logic.

        Not too many sovereigns can print as much as it wants and still have it accepted everywhere in the world.

        We know Caracas can’t.

  8. JLP

    “a Leave vote does not necessarily imply a Brexit”.

    Yes, it does. There is no way other governments are going to let the UK remain in the EU: they have a public opinion too, and it is increasingly fed up with the UK.

  9. anobserver

    We also raised the possibility that the EU would give the UK the bribes, um, waivers needed for the UK officialdom to persuade enough voters to change their minds on a second referendum, but a colleague of mine who reads the German press thinks there’s little political will on the Continent to do that.

    I already mentioned this in a previous comment, but the French government is against granting the UK further waivers.

    Actually, the French government is seething over all the exceptions the UK already enjoys: Thatcher’s “rebate”, remaining outside the Euro (and hence not having to comply with all attendant harsh rules, as the French must), remaining outside Schengen, leaving asylum seekers wanting to enter the UK as the problem of France (Calais “jungle”), exemptions to EU rules obtained by Cameron prior to the brexit vote, etc.

    Granting further dispensations after a positive brexit vote would not only mightily irritate the French — who do not enjoy any such derogations; it would also signal that the gambit based on threatening renunciation of EU-membership works, and possibly encourage other countries to attempt similar blackmails.

    Whether France has the political and economic power to impose its views is a different matter, though.

    1. William C

      The French will always say things that will improve their bargaining position, so do not expect them ever to make it easy for others when entering into negotiations. They will say they seethe whether they do or not, in truth.

      If anyone is really worried I think it is likely to be the Germans (though do not expect them to say that openly before the Brexit vote takes place). Of the Big Four EU members, France and Italy have traditionally tended to vote together over the years in EU negotiations while Germany and the UK have very often been on the same page (and often the other side to France). Without the UK there, the Germans would feel their position weakened. So expect the Germans to work hardest to try to remedy any post-referendum debacle.

      Thinking about it, I increasingly think a second referendum likely if the UK goverment lose this one. The UK is too valuable to the EU for them to let it go that easily. If I was Cameron I would be working on a plan to announce, immediately a vote to leave was recorded, that the UK was entering into two-track negotiations with the EU without delay. These would be presented as negotiations preparatory to departure but would also leave the door open to a further referendum if sufficient concessions were made. I might even ask Johnson to become Deputy Prime Minister responsible for handling these negotiations. It might head off a leadership challenge from Johnson which would otherwise probably be forthcoming.

      Cameron has largely dropped out of the debate as he is seen as a vote-loser for the Remain campaign among Labour voters. Perhaps he is devoting his time to working up just such a plan B?

      I remain less impressed than others by AEP’s essay. Indeed I find it intellectually incoherent at the end. He says he will vote to leave but that the young should decide. As the opinion polls make it very clear that the young want to remain, is he saying he will vote to leave but hopes that the young will carry the day against him? In which case, why vote against the young? When he says he urges no one else to follow him, does that mean he wants to be the sole vote to Leave?

      Also, just a quick word on the distinction between power and sovereignty (given so much emphasis by the headline). I am a firm believer that power is what normally really matters, not sovereignty. To illustrate this train of thought, observe Murdoch’s recently quoted remark that Number 10 Downing Street (i.e. the UK Prime Minister) does what Murdoch says but Brussels does not. If this is accurate (which I believe it is in significant degree), Murdoch is claiming that he tells the UK government what to do and they of course tell Parliament what to do the vast majority of the time. Parliament may be ‘sovereign’ in making non-EU laws but, as the members are largely puppets of the powers behind the scene, its power is not great. Who would you rather be – the legislators who make the laws or the puppet-masters who pull their strings? Murdoch clearly prefers to be one of the latter.

      After all the Queen is officially the sovereign but has no real power.

      Would Brexit transfer power back to the UK or merely make it more vulnerable to pressure from the multinationals and other big beasts? I am unclear that it would do the former in any significant degree.

  10. Pavel

    Phil Girardi writes on the anniversary of the USS Liberty attack by Israel and the attempts to criminalise the BDS movement:

    The cover-up of the attack began immediately. The Liberty crew was sworn to secrecy over the incident, as were the Naval dockyard workers in Malta and even the men of the U.S.S. Davis, which had assisted the badly damaged Liberty to port. A hastily convened and conducted court of inquiry headed by Admiral John McCain acted under orders from Washington to declare the attack a case of mistaken identity. The inquiry’s senior legal counsel Captain Ward Boston, who subsequently declared the attack to be a “deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew,” also described how “President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” The court’s findings were rewritten and sections relating to Israeli war crimes, to include the machine gunning of life rafts, were excised. Following in his father’s footsteps, Senator John McCain of Arizona has used his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee to effectively block any reconvening of a board of inquiry to reexamine the evidence. Most of the documents relating to the Liberty incident have never been released to the public in spite of the 49 years that have passed since the attack took place.

    After forty-nine years, the dwindling number of survivors of the Liberty are not looking for punishment or revenge. When asked, they will tell you that they only ask for accountability, that an impartial inquiry into the attack be convened and that the true story of what took place finally be revealed to the public.

    Congressional willingness to protect Israel even when it is killing Americans is remarkable, but it is symptom of the legislative body’s willingness to go to bat for Israel reflexively, even when it is damaging to U.S. interests and to the rights that American citizens are supposed to enjoy. I note particularly legislation currently working its way through Congress that will make it illegal for any federal funding to go to any entity that supports the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, better known as BDS. BDS is a way to put pressure on the Israeli government over its human rights abuses that is both non-violent and potentially effective. As the federal government has its hooks all over the economy and at various levels in education as well as state and local government its threat to force the delegitimization of BDS is far from an empty one.

    Existing laws in more than twenty states with more on the way, including most recently New York, punishing entities that support the peaceful BDS movement by labeling BDS as anti-Semitic and making it illegal or sanctionable to support it are direct attacks on free speech. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated “We want Israel to know we are on its side.” And it doesn’t stop with BDS. Recently signed trade agreements with Europe were drafted to be conditional on European acceptance of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian West Bank while Israel is also pushing to censor the internet to make material that constitutes “incitement” banned. Incitement would, of course, include anything critical of Israel or its government on the grounds that it is anti-Semitic.

    And no surprise where Hillary stands on this:

    Democratic candidate presumptive Hillary Clinton has explicitly promised to do all in her power to oppose BDS, telling an adoring American Israel Public Affairs Committee audience in March that “Many of the young people here today are on the front lines of the battle to oppose the alarming boycott, divestment and sanctions movement known as BDS. Particularly at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise across the world, especially in Europe, we must repudiate all efforts to malign, isolate and undermine Israel and the Jewish people. I’ve been sounding the alarm for a while now. As I wrote last year in a letter to the heads of major American Jewish organizations, we have to be united in fighting back against BDS.”

    Unz Review: Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty

    1. anobserver

      In a distantly related case, Larossi Abballa, a muslim French citizen, murdered two policemen before being shot by a swat team (everything took place on 2016-06-13).

      Interestingly, the police had a file on him:

      a) In 2013, he had been condemned to 3 years in jail with 7 other persons for organizing a recruitment center and rat line for people joining the jihad in the Pakistan tribal area.

      b) He was known to have trained regularly with those 7 other people in 2010 and 2011. Some members of the group were Pakistani or Indian, were in possession of plenty of jihadist material (including bomb-making manuals by Al-Qaeda), and were arrested, condemned and expelled from France.

      c) He was known to be in touch with jihadists who had gone to Syria, and his posts on social networks showed his interest in jihad (including pictures of friends posing with weapons).

      d) French intelligence services had repeatedly written reports (called “S-notices”) about him.

      What is astounding, ever since 9/11, the Madrid and London attacks, the various individual and group attacks in France, Belgium, UK, Denmark, USA (Paris and Brussels multi-pronged attacks, Thalys train, Brussels museum, Merah rampage, London assassination of soldier on open street, Copenhagen shootings, Boston bombings, etc) is that in every single case, several of the perpetrators were “well-known to security and intelligence services” as jihadists — in some cases to services from several countries.

      And law enforcement sat still.

      But we need more spying, more information collection, more intrusive capabilities for intelligence services, a bigger data graveyard…

    2. MikeNY

      The comments on the Glenn Greenwald piece really are excellent. They helped me tie together internalized homophobia, blowback, ISIS and guns. It’s still not enough to make the massacre comprehensible, because such a thing never can be, entirely. I think there is always a core of madness or evil or whatever you want to call it that is impenetrable.

  11. RW Tucker

    The meme that this is the worst shooting in history expands beyond forgetting native americans to forgetting that there are enormous numbers of shootings worldwide. “US home to nearly a third of world’s mass shootings”

    Like, is this not a religiously motivated mass shooting? Karachi is an incredibly violent place.

    Start looking at the exclusion criteria and you notice anything that looks like war is excluded from mass shootings. Which is hilarious, but depressing.

    1. hunkerdown

      “Worst shooting in history”… In the US, with a gun, by a single attacker, in a single attack. A lot of caveats there to make their celebratory baseball card.

  12. Expat

    Yves, your comment regarding Glenn Greenwald’s article’s comments is something I have noticed everywhere. The rabid, ignorant, xenophobic Americans are out in force on the Intertubes, brandishing what passes for analysis (“Just need to kill all those ragheads”) and insight into the problem (Obama and Hillary are commie muslim gays bent on destroying ‘Murica).

    Try adding a dose of intelligence and depth into a comment on Zero Hedge and get dozens of replies about how “I would have blown that fucker away with my own AR-15″ or ” Fuck you for even criticizing American; you are the reason these attacks happen.”

    I think that if we were to disseminate Yahoo or ZH commentaries throughout the Arab/Muslim world we would increase anti-American terrorism one thousand-fold. Frankly, I am American and reading those comments makes me wish the oceans would just swallow the whole damn place up.

    We reap what we sow. We slaughtered millions of Muslims. We support some of the worst autocratic Muslim regimes. We invade their countries. We kidnap them, torture them, and disappear them. I would say America is getting off very lightly for all it has done.

    And good luck to me the next time I try to pass through immigration when I visit.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      “We slaughtered millions of Muslims.”

      Can disseminated Yahoo or ZH commentaries throughout the Arab/Muslim world increase anti-American terrorism one thousand fold, on top of millions of slaughtered Muslims?

      These guys can make all the stupidest statements they want here in the land of free speech, but when the legions are all recalled home, the whole world can breath a sigh of relief and treat those inane claimants as inmates in a giant insane asylum.

      1. polecat

        I don’t know about Yahoo…..I don’t lurk there… but it seems, over on 0 Hedge, that whenever there ARE rational comment made by folks there, ….and I’m referring to ‘house’ commentors, they get over whelmed by the seething, propagandized partisans, who live for flame wars!!

    2. vidimi

      i suspect there’s a major hasbara operation going on perhaps coordinated with the clinton campaign.

    3. kareninca

      “I think that if we were to disseminate Yahoo or ZH commentaries throughout the Arab/Muslim world we would increase anti-American terrorism one thousand-fold.”

      I read comments on ZH all the time that I find deeply obnoxious. My reaction is to write a response. It doesn’t make me want to engage in violence against the person who wrote it. If someone in the Arab/Muslim world is incited to “anti-American terrorism” by a blog comment, that is their fault, not the commenter’s fault.

  13. Tom Stone

    Banning susected terrorist from buying guns sounds like a great idea.
    So, who are the suspected terrorists?
    People on the terrorist watch list, of course!
    What are the criteria for putting someone on that watch list?
    Suspicious activity. What’s “Suspicious Activity”?
    Well, that depends.
    Who can put someone on the Terrorist Watch list?.
    Anyone authorized to do so.
    Who would that be?
    Law enforcement officers and others.
    Others, Who?
    You don’t have the “Need to Know”, it’s classified.
    So who is on the Watch list?
    That’s classified information and you don’t have the “Need to know”.
    Is there any way to find out if you are on the watch list and appeal if you think it”s unwarranted?
    Let’s do it, after all what could go wrong with allowing governnment functionaries to arbitrarily deprive Americans of Constitutional rights?
    I’m sure they wont extend the precedent unless it seems necessary…

    1. polecat

      This is what all the anti/ban gun control crowd doesn’t get………Big Bro/Sis is just like a vicegrip……it continually squeezes, until it crushes everyone who doesn’t tow the line the Corprotocrasy wants!

  14. petal

    An update on the religious guy from Utah that wants to build “sustainable cities” right smack in the middle of rural areas no matter what the locals think or want. What a peach!

    “For his part, the wealthy developer cast his local critics as a vocal minority.”
    “On Monday, Hall described the protesters’ opposition to the NewVista model as a simple lack of understanding.”
    ““He has said to me, in particular at a public meeting over the phone, that ‘of course the local people don’t want this — local people don’t want change; they have to be educated first.’ I’m thinking that maybe he needs to be educated first.””

    1. Brindle

      The development is in Vermont, btw. This sounds like a bunch of developer B.S. draped in eco-wash:

      —On Monday, Hall described the protesters’ opposition to the NewVista model as a simple lack of understanding.

      “Oh, absolutely, they want it to stay single-family homes, absolutely,” he said. “But they don’t understand that’s not sustainable for the next generation and the generation after that. It’s a cultural battle. Do we move away from single-family homes and more density and have that style of life, or do we stay with single-family homes?”—

      1. petal

        Sorry I forgot to put in the Vermont bit. I had posted on it before, not too long ago. It’s only a few miles from where I live, so it’s a local issue here. People had found it interesting so I thought I’d follow up. These quotes really paint a picture of him, and it ain’t good. I hope he gets run out of town, and out of all the other places he’s buying up land(some still unknown). Cheers!

        1. aletheia33

          petal thank you for keeping NC updated on this plot to build a sealed kingdom in the “wilderness”. i live in vt and i did not know about this. it needs wider publication in the state. i hope people will come from around the state to help stop this development in its tracks.

          i wonder what kind of home david hall lives in.

        2. lyman alpha blob

          Yes thank you for the update. Going to check with my parents who live nearby and see if they’ve heard about this.

          Somehow I suspect the locals will overcome. As a neighbor, I suspect you’ve heard of Fred Tuttle, the shitkicking dairy farmer who dispatched a carpetbagging republican several years back in the primary election and then turned around and told everyone he didn’t want to go to DC and to vote for Leahy instead. This after being in a fake documentary involving a similar situation. Too bad Fred isn’t around anymore – RIP. But I’m guessing the filmmakers are!

    2. Mark Alexander

      Petal, thanks for keeping us posted on this development. I live a few miles from the proposed disaster area and have friends who live in the affected towns. This is definitely a case of greenwashed arrogance.

      Having 20,000 people suddenly added to that rural area is an insane idea, especially in a state where that many people in one place would be considered a biggish city. Where are all those people going to work? Not likely at home; most of them will be commuting to West Lebanon, NH, to work in the big box stores there. During rush hour, the little two-lane roads will be a giant cluster-f*k reminiscent of the similar roads in the hills of the San Francisco Peninsula. I spent many years living in that bit of California, and moved to Vermont in part to get away from that hell.

  15. Vatch

    California Counts Millions Of Provisional And Mail-In Ballots, Counties Flip For Bernie And Nine More Superdelegates Drop Clinton

    On Friday, June 10, reader Buttinsky pointed us to this site, which showed that 2,586,331 California ballots were still uncounted. As of today, this has dropped to 2,303,639 uncounted ballots. If 3 counties flipped to Sanders when fewer than 300,000 additional votes were counted statewide, imagine what will happen when 2 million additional votes are counted.

    1. Jim Haygood

      A bit tangential, but it’s amazing how the MSM carefully describes Trump as the “presumptive” Republican nominee, while Hillary is the locked-in, done-deal Democratic candidate according to Minitrue AP.

      Only 283,000 ballots counted in four days, with 2,303,639 to go? UFB. This must be Gov. Moonbeam’s counterpart to Loretta Lynch’s “slow walk” investigation of Hillary.

      What a train wreck that the Silicon Valley state can’t even do a vote count as fast as Peru or Upper Volta. USA number 139!!

      1. jrs

        Yes it’s slow as molasses, not an efficient procedure for a population vastly in excess of other states.

        But they seem as far as I can tell to be being very honest about it and unlike many other states they are making an attempt to count the provisional ballots in fact they say legally according to California law provisional ballots must be counted. Compare that to so many other states that have voted which seem to have tossed out the provisional ballots.

        “As it turns out though, California’s thorough official canvassing procedure includes counting all provisional ballots.”

        It’s slow but they seem on the up and up. I will take slow and honest if that’s what we manage to get, though it doesn’t help the optics any when the media has already called it (but then they called it before California even voted).

        1. jrs

          If he does with a legitimate shot at winning in sight, he’s the sheepdog he’s been accused of being.

    2. crittermom

      Are there more updates to be found elsewhere?
      According to the chart, only three counties have updated in days. Are they responsible for keeping ‘someone’ updated and reporting it someplace the citizens can access? (As well as for Bernie, so he can update the superdelegates daily with the number supporting him as his numbers appear to be increasing as the votes s-l-o-w-y come in)

      I admit to being ‘politically blind’ much of my life, having an extreme distaste for politics since being forced to endure a govt class back in h.s. with a teacher I detested, perhaps?

      I’m now 64 & I guess it took losing my beloved home (which included future income, as well) to the banksters to open my eyes (too late).

      I cannot think of a word to adequately describe how I feel about this election.
      A candidate, under investigation by the FBI & possibly topping the list as the least-liked woman in America, coronates herself before votes are counted, after our ‘free press’ has awarded her the nomination the day before the vote.

      Ridiculous, disgusting, dishonest, maddening, unjust, infuriating……..
      Nope. None even comes close.

      Adding Elizabeth Warren supporting her is only a rotten cherry on top.

      1. crittermom

        I suppose further proof of my new found cynicism in ‘the system’ is that as I wonder why only 3 counties have provided updates in days, my first answer is that it took several days for DWS to install her own people to take over the counting when they saw it may be swinging in Bernie’s favor. Wow.

        1. jrs

          If you really want to draw interconnections here, vote by mail ballots have to be posted and received at a certain time. Of course everyone in CA can vote in person if they choose instead. But I have found the post office increasingly unable to deliver ANYTHING in a timely manner lately. So some mail-in votes were surely lost to the crapification of the post office.

    3. Vatch

      More progress! Now there are only 2,128,161uncounted ballots in California. I wonder whether any more counties have flipped?

  16. Otis B Driftwood

    Regarding Trump revoking WaPo’s credentials: the MSM’s No. 1 print lapdog gets their comeuppance. Hooray. I’m no “fan” of Trump, but this is why people like him. Rather the whole mess speaks volumes about how dysfunctional our entire system has become.

    1. Pavel

      Hey Otis, love the Marx Bros handle!

      And regarding neocon, Hillary-loving WaPo, now owned by Jeff Bezos (in favour of TPP and whose Amazon is a global tax-cheater extraordinaire), I wish they would just go away. This goes into the “a broken Trump is correct twice a day” file.

  17. Jim Haygood

    If Hillary had been born fifty years earlier, this is how her anti-BDS letter quoted in the Salon article would have been phrased:

    “From Congress and state legislatures to boardrooms and classrooms, we need to engage all people of good faith, regardless of their political persuasion or their views on policy specifics, in explaining why the civil rights campaign is counterproductive to the pursuit of social peace and harmful to blacks and whites alike.”

    Gotta keep Jig-Abdul in the back of the bus, says the Pantsuit Panderer.

    1. Katniss Everdeen

      And for all her pious and doleful condemnation of the gun violence on display in Orlando, she is just as vehement in her condemnation of the peaceful, non-violent BDS methods to address injustice.

      They also do not understand why BDS, a perfectly legal and nonviolent movement, should be attacked with as much force and venom as if it were advocating militant armed struggle. Look at the three demands of BDS: the end of an illegal occupation; equal rights for Palestinians; and honoring the international human right of return. By what means of persuasion? Not the rifle or rockets, but by the nonviolent means of withdrawing support from Israel through boycotts, divestment and sanctions. And the fact that BDS is finally moving the discussion forward is what is disturbing to Clinton.

      The only justice that will be had is that which clinton decides is deserved, and only by the means that she decides are legitimate.

      1. Jim Haygood

        One hopes Hillary will pay another visit to the West Bank separation wall, in connection with her next fundraiser in Israel.

        She wasn’t able to attend the May 17th fundraiser in Tel Aviv, hosted by Tracey Friedlander, Ricki Lieberman, and Tally Zingher. The fundraiser included a conversation with Sarah Bard.

        “Mr Netanyahu … fortify this wall!

      2. Pavel

        Yes, where was Hillary’s outrage over the Israeli mass murder of civilians in Gaza — in hospitals, schools, and UN premises? Oh, she was “defending Israel’s right to exist” against a few amateur Hamas bottle rockets and molotov cocktails. Gazans killed: ~1800. Israelis killed: <50.

        If the BDS movement should be banned because it is "anti-Semitic" or "hate speech" then shouldn't the entire Israeli government be banned for its "hate speech" against Palestinians, let alone the acts of violence and blatant stealing of land and water?

  18. ChrisFromGeorgia

    I remember the famous quote that Bill Clinton was “an exceptionally good liar.” I think it was Senator Kerrey who coined that phrase.

    It seems that the Queen of Exceptionalistan is exceptionally good at turning the democratic process into a laughing stock, one that a tinpot dictator would envy. What kind of banana republic allows its’ largest state to fail to count all the votes over a week after the primary? How convenient for Hillary that if it flips for Sanders, it will not be made official until long after Bernie has given his concession speech.

    And then there is the whole super-delegate thing.

    They should hold a coronation not an inaugural ball, with serfs paying tribute.

  19. m

    I am happy to see that in interviews Bernie is against Trump, but not for Hillary.
    They will count ballots and show Bernie CA.
    The lawsuit will show how they get away with voter fraud, but we will still end up with Hillary.
    Nice to see blowback of repub, Fox news & Koch stirring up the masses.

  20. Vatch

    I need to vent. Previously I was disappointed by Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to endorse Bernie Sanders for President, and now I am disgusted by her endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the embodiment of much that Warren supposedly opposes in the financial industry. This endorsement is mind boggling.

    1. Arizona Slim

      Methinks that Elizabeth Warren will serve just one term in the Senate. This endorsement will be the reason why.

      1. Jim Haygood

        Next time you receive a fundraising direct mail from Elizabeth Warren with a postage-paid reply envelope, take a red marker and fill in the “amount” blank as “zero (0).”

        Then add, “Next time you need a contribution, call Sheldon Adelson! Har, har, har!

        I used to mail these back by the dozens to turncoat Depublicrats… and they would send me even more appeals with those postage-paid envelopes.

        1. Pavel

          Or fill in “1/32 dollars”.

          I hadn’t followed that “Pocahontas” story, but is it really true Warren put down “Native American” on a Harvard application based on a 1/32 racial mix? Pretty shameless if true.

          1. Vatch

            I don’t think it’s exactly true, although a similar version of this is true. From the Wikipedia article about her:

            In April 2012, the Boston Herald sparked a campaign controversy when it reported that from 1986 to 1995 Warren had listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) directories.[69] Harvard Law School had publicized her minority status in response to criticisms about a lack of faculty diversity, but Warren said that she was unaware of this until she read about it in a newspaper during the 2012 election.[69][70][71] Scott Brown, her Republican opponent in the Senate race, speculated that she had fabricated Native American heritage to gain advantage in the job market.[72][73][74] Former colleagues and supervisors at universities where she had worked stated that Warren’s ancestry played no role in her hiring.[70][71][74][75] Warren responded to the allegations, saying that she had self-identified as a minority in the directories in order to meet others with similar tribal roots.[76] Her brothers defended her, stating that they “grew up listening to our mother and grandmother and other relatives talk about our family’s Cherokee and Delaware heritage”.[77] In her 2014 autobiography, Warren described the allegations as untrue and hurtful.[78] The New England Historic Genealogical Society found a family newsletter that alluded to a marriage license application that listed Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-great grandmother as a Cherokee, but could not find the primary document and found no proof of her descent.[74][79][80] The Oklahoma Historical Society said that finding a definitive answer about Native American heritage can be difficult because of intermarriage and deliberate avoidance of registration.

    2. grayslady

      Vatch, back in the days when Bush was in office I used to occasionally read articles at Talking Points Memo. Writings by Elizabeth Warren were frequently featured on the site. I never understood back then why TPM would include authors like Elizabeth Warren whose viewpoints were littered with such obvious Repub talking points. Consequently, it has always been a mystery to me why anyone considers her a leftist. True conservatives, and there are still a few in Congress, were among the most vigorous opposing the bank bailout, so for Warren to be strong on financial regulation doesn’t make her progressive. That’s a label the press has bestowed upon her.

      I also recommend listening to some of her interviews. She never answers the tough questions. When asked a question which might reveal her true beliefs, she responds by changing the subject in her answer. Hillary does the same thing. To me, it’s a warning sign.

    3. pretzelattack

      and not just endorsing, apparently seeking to be the vp pick. some said an endorsement would be just the price of doing business to remain effective in the senate. remaining effective in the senate doesn’t seem to be the priority.

      1. polecat

        …what is a senate, if not a club in which to beat the plebs into jelly…

        …and don’t get me started on ‘the house from hell’…..

  21. allan

    Some random billionaire’s news site sez

    More Evidence That the Job Market Is Tightening and Wages Are Headed Higher

    The median U.S. worker enjoyed a pay increase of 3.5 percent [LOL] year-over-year as of May, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s wage growth tracker.

    Wage growth has been accelerating since October, quickening to a pace not seen since January 2009: [chart] …

    Meanwhile, the NFIB Small Business Optimism report for May, released on Tuesday morning, indicated that finding quality labor remains one of employers’ most vexing problems. The “failure rate” rose over the course of the month, they said, citing anecdotal evidence, as the share of owners who said they couldn’t fill a job opening lingered at historically high levels.

    “The sure sign of a tight labor market is one where employers are willing to bid up wages to attract talent. The NFIB has signaled this for a while now,” said Neil Dutta, head of U.S. economics at Renaissance Macro Research. …

    The horror, the horror. Time to take away that punch bowl, Dr. Yellen.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Imagine many saying this: “I used to work 40 hours a week at $8/hr. Now, I work 15 hours at $12/hr. My god, wage inflation!”

      If you keep reducing hours, there will not be enough humans to fill those part time jobs.

    2. craazyboy

      Volker had to take rates to 20%. Bernanke took it to a little over 6% – but that popped Wall Street.

  22. MtnLife

    Re: Orlando
    I finally got around to cruising FB and, without fail, every single one of my friends who served are questioning how a single person carried out such an efficient attack. When Marines, who have actually killed people with the exact same weapons as the shooter, are questioning the validity of the story I choose to listen to them over any big media punditry. One of them had a ZH link with a number of interviews with club goers who said there were multiple attackers, people holding the doors shut, and automatic rifle fire (ARs are not made fully auto, not since Vietnam). Yeah, I know, ZH, but the videos seem fairly legit. “Hedge” your believe-ability as necessary.
    Lastly, if he was abusing his first wife that should have disqualified him from owning a weapon. How did the FBI miss that? Did they not talk to her? Some investigatory skills they have.

  23. rich

    Nanex ~ 13-Jun-2016 ~ Guest Post
    Theft Of Opportunity – The Impact Of Regulation NMS On The Retail Investor

    by John C. Marchisi (former U.S. Stock Exchange Official)


    In his final year as SEC Chairman, Arthur Levitt vocalized an almost precognition and now validated warning as to the dangers of order flow internalization. [d] Under current Regulation NMS rules, the adverse effects Chairman Levitt feared, have not only been realized, but have manifested entirely new profit centers for a very small niche of opportunists, at the expense of many.

    Payment for order flow is not a victimless crime, and the theft does not consist of a certain product or a price itself, but of the sheer opportunity. It is a heist of opportunity, of a fair chance to be in the competition, and of a level playing field with which the mere opportunity to buy and sell stock is available.

    As it currently sits as a legalized practice, payment for order flow, results in the theft of the retail investor’s right to the simple opportunity to invest and participate in the market. This is a theft of opportunity.

    I think if you have an equity account you should read this and forward it …..

  24. Gareth

    Judge confirms that the FBI investigation into Clinton email hairball is a criminal investigation:

    “In an order Tuesday, Judge Emmet Sullivan said the public’s need to access details of Bryan Pagliano’s (immunity) deals was “minimal.”

    “Indeed, the privacy interests at stake are high because the government’s criminal investigation through which Mr. Pagliano received limited immunity is ongoing and confidential,” added Sullivan, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.”

    1. Jim Haygood

      And the punchline …

      [Bryan Pagliano’s] decision not to answer Judicial Watch’s questions could still bode poorly for Clinton, because the law allows judges to view someone’s unwillingness to respond in a civil case as incriminating.

      Clinton herself could be forced to testify in the case, Sullivan has said, and Pagliano’s decision to plead the Fifth might increase the likelihood that she is called to appear.

      Sullivan is proceeding step by step, by the book. After Pagliano takes the Fifth, Judicial Watch will motion to depose Clinton. Judge Sullivan would have ample justification to approve that motion, after Pagliano stymies the inquiry.

      1. Pavel

        I saw a similar report over on POLITICO. The hacks are still trying to downplay the seriousness of all this. How many times has HRC and her team said “this is only a security review”? She’s under criminal investigation for serious security lapses FFS.

        This could still all blow up in her face. Fingers crossed!

        1. Jim Haygood

          Can’t wait to see Hillary take the Fifth at her deposition … which she likely will do.

          “So sue me!”

      2. Ivy

        If I were Bryan Pagliano, I’d take precautions starting with having a remote starter on my car, a food taster, and affidavits placed in escrow for immediate release upon any unfortunate circumstance.

  25. rich

    Brigham and Women’s nurses set date for one-day strike
    Jun 14, 2016,
    “We have reached the point where the hospital does not value and respect patients and nurses,” said Trish Powers, staff nurse and chair of the Massachusetts Nurses Association BWH bargaining unit, in a statement.

    “Under corporate owner Partners HealthCare, the Brigham cares more about profits and executive pay than providing safe patient care and treating its nurses fairly.

    We are prepared to strike, unless the hospital returns to the bargaining table and offers a fair settlement.”

    The hospital has said it would lock out the nurses for five-days if they decide to go on a strike, hiring 700 contract nurses to take over responsibilities as well as relying on management and approximately 130 non-union nurses.

    1. allan

      Brigham and Women’s, Brigham and Women’s … that rings a bell

      Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, president of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and one of the nation’s most prominent medical executives, was part of a National Football League effort to “steer funding” for a landmark concussion study away from a group of respected brain researchers, according to a congressional committee report that was sharply critical of the league.

      The report found that the NFL “inappropriately attempted to influence” the National Institutes of Health’s grant selection process. …

  26. readerOfTeaLeaves

    Many thx for the Rattlesnake Lake link, Yves and Lambert.
    Rattlesnake Lake is one more ‘canary in the coal mine’ and I’ve seen more of them than I can stand to think about.

    The simplest way to think about the implications of the math involved in Rattlesnake Lake is to ‘think backwards’. In the beginning, the doubling effect is hard to see for a really, really long time – during which:
    — the Bush family can be pals with the Saudi’s and control vast pools of money,
    — the Kochs can finance bullshit ‘science denial’ that comes from ‘think tanks’,
    — the oil companies can profoundly influence many of the governments across the planet, where
    — political corruption undercuts climate action in governments across the globe while everyone is in denial because the consequences of climate shifts are not yet ‘real’ in their experience of life.

    However, at some point, like photos of Rattlesnake Lake, denial is tougher to maintain.
    So then, people need to think more clearly about the implications of ‘the doubling effect’, and what it means for how they live.

    The simpler way to understand the implications of the ‘doubling effect’ is to ‘think backward’: if doubling can happen ‘forward’, it can also happen ‘backward’. But ‘backward is a whole lot easier to understand’, as an old prof of mine used to say. For example:

    Day 1: Start with Rattlesnake Lake as full.
    Day 2: The next day, it is only half full.
    Day 3: The day after that, it is only 1/4 full.
    Day 4: The day after that, it is only 1/8 full.
    Day 5: The day after that, it is only 1/16 full.
    Day 6: The day after that, it is only 1/32 full.
    Day 7: The day after that, it is only 1/64 full.
    Day 8: The day after that, it is only 1/128 full.
    Day 9: The day after that, it is only 1/256 full.
    Day 10: The day after that, it is only 1/512 full.

    One way of thinking about ‘the doubling effect’ is that in a mere 10 iterations of doubling, the lake goes from a puddle to a pond to a lake. That same mathematical pattern is repeated for many natural processes, and as a result, the world is — literally — becoming more unpredictable.

    1. Thanks for letting me rant. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.
    2. This link explains why I am ‘Bernie or Bust’. Only Sanders has shown the guts and vision capable of acting boldly yet wisely.
    3. Potentially, if we had new economic thinking, we could wisely address climate related issues. But that would require bold leadership, not narcissistic codswaddle.

    1. low integer

      What you are describing is a half-life of one day. The equation for a one day long half-life, for which the system in question considered “full” on day one, is:
      y = 2^(1-x) or alternatively: y = 1/(2^(x-1))
      where y is how full the system is and x is the day number.

      As the term “half-life” is most commonly associated with radioactivity, here are some facts:

      Generally 10–20 half lives is called the hazardous life of the waste. Example: Plutonium-239, which is in irradiated fuel, has a half-life of 24,400 years. It is dangerous for a quarter million years, or 12,000 human generations. As it decays, uranium-235 is generated; half-life: 710,000 years. Thus, the hazard of irradiated fuel will continue for millions of years. This material must be isolated from the biosphere so it will not contaminate or irradiate living things during that time.

      1. readerOfTeaLeaves

        Interesting, I follow your comment — my old prof used the previous example to help students think about how rapidly problems (bacteria, viruses, climate problems, soil moisture problems) can escalate, whereas most of us think in ‘linear’ terms.

        But thanks — great point.
        Perhaps I did not make mine clearly enough.

        1. low integer

          Just to be clear, in this case the system (the lake) is actually stable and tending to equilibrium i.e. the lake being empty. Unstable systems will have a parameter that tends towards infinity, or oscillates with increasing amplitude about a mean value. Using the lake example it would be an unstable system if the volume of water in the lake was doubling (rather than halving) each day, and of course something would eventually give e.g. the water would flood the surrounding area.
          By changing the atmospheric composition of the Earth we are pushing the climate system from being relatively stable towards increasing instability.

        2. low integer

          I wrote a longer reply however I think something happened at my end as I sent it and it got lost. Briefly, the lake in your example is a stable system as it tends towards equilibrium i.e. being empty, as the volume is halving with each iteration. A simple example of an unstable system would be one in which the relevant parameter (e.g. the volume of water for the lake example) is doubling with each iteration, and thus tending towards a value of infinity at an increasing rate.

    2. Anon

      My take on the Rattlesnake Lake article is a little different. The culprit in the story is not the evaporation (literally) of a small lake, but the foolishness of building a small town below a dam with a poor foundation. (See Wiki page for St. Francis Dam (1927) in California: the names are quite familiar to many.)

      Evaporation in the West in small, shallow lakes is enough to create mud-flats even without climate change.

  27. TheCatSaid

    Election / IT news – has just come out with Part 6 of their report about the election-rigging features of the GEMS central vote tabulating system. It includes factual information about opportunities for deployment.

    It’s worse than I thought. The database was structured with numerous hidden features that make it perfect for being able to sell elections–both as a product and a service. Depending on the customer, it can completely control multiple counties and multiple states. By using data from past elections one can choose percentages for specific precincts or demographics that will not raise red flags in the results.

    I hope Part 7 (Whodunnit) and Part 8 (Remedies, Prevention) will be out soon. And I wish media showed SOME interest in understanding election integrity.

    I don’t know if the Sanders campaign is informed about this. In itself it’s a good reason for him to keep going until the Convention.

  28. Plenue

    “America Is Stuck with Assault Weapons Vice”

    My email has been inundated in the last couple days with petitions to ban ‘assault weapons’. I’ve gone ahead and signed a couple of them, even though I know nothing will come of it. I’m tired of this insanity, screw the second amendment. In my ideal world yes, we would be coming for your guns. The gun-nuts have done exactly nothing with their metallic penis extenders in the last 15 years to combat creeping tyranny, and even if they had, I encourage anyone who thinks they can stand up against the ‘gubmint’ to research the Paris Commune. They even had hundreds of pieces of artillery and were still massacred by the tens of thousands.

    All that being said, ‘assault weapons’ is a nonsense term. And it always has been. It doesn’t mean anything, and every time it’s used it only serves to demonstrate the firearm illiteracy of the person using it. However genuine and well-meaning that person, if they use that term they show that they don’t even have a clear idea of what it is they’re calling for a ban on. It also makes the speaker a laughing stock among gun owners, who we should be allying with in our cause, given all the polling that shows overwhelming support for tighter regulation even among gun owners.

    Assault RIFLES are a real class of weapon: “An assault rifle is a select-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.” to quote Wikipedia. Think M-16 or AK. Assault WEAPON is pure gibberish that is carelessly applied to a whole swath of dissimilar guns. Similarly most talk about ‘automatic weapons’ is nonsensical. The AR-15 literally is an M-16 (the other way around in fact, the AR came first). The sole difference is that the civilian AR is required by law to not be capable of fully automatic fire. Not only are there modifications that can be done to alleviate this restriction but again, anyone who has any knowledge of firearms knows it is far less of a handicap than lawmakers seem to think it is. In fact the US military intentionally introduced M-16 variants incapable of full auto after Vietnam taught them infantryman had a tendency to panic and just hold down the trigger until the magazine was empty, never hitting anything. Mass shooters likely rack up more kills with single fire than they would being able to just spray nonstop.

  29. jonboinAR

    Re: The Andidote: I can’t think of a good reason to ever do that. “There was a young lady from Niger…”

  30. witters

    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard essay very interesting. Then the weird bit: the claim that Putin has ‘torn up the international rules-book’ and that UK must be even ‘stronger ally’ of the USA. Is this the VSP element needed at the Telegraph?

  31. Jim Haygood

    Skullduggery in Argentina:

    The former No. 2 at Argentina’s Public Works Ministry was arrested after he was caught burying bags containing millions of dollars in cash in the grounds of a convent near Buenos Aires.

    José López, who served as public works secretary under ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, was found with a .22 rifle and six bags containing dollars, euros, Japanese yen and Qatari riyal.

    The police were tipped off by a neighbor who saw Lopez taking bags out of his car in the middle of the night. They are still counting the money, though local media reported as much as $8.5 million was involved.

    Argentine journalist Joaquín Morales Solá: “This is the end of the line for Kirchnerism as a political force.”

    No doubt.

    1. Skippy

      Strange how GLD is not getting the same stamped to safety….

      Disheveled Marsupial…. “Skullduggery in Argentina” no dramas there… heaps of corruption imported ages ago… some call it corporatism…

  32. troutcor

    So Sen. Warren is back to pretending to be a progressive again!
    Makes her stint as a Native American seem authentic by comparison.

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