Links 6/8/16

US scientist accidentally proves terrifying 200-year-old theory about electric eels Indepedent

Nantucket wants to fight a nasty disease by releasing genetically modified mice on the island Business Insider

Physicists have opened up a thrilling wonderland FT (DL).

New Directions in Macroeconomics and Policy Justin Wolfers, NBER. Slideshow. Under “Things that probably aren’t true”: • Rational expectations. Whoops.

Broadband CEOs Admit Usage Caps Are Nothing More Than A Toll On Uncompetitive Markets TechDirt (DK).

Emerging market catch-up set back decades FT

Brazil Prosecutor Seeks Arrests of Top Members of President’s Party WSJ. This is the “interim” President, golpista Temer.

Scandals in new Brazil government offer Rousseff hope of survival Reuters

Wall Street Vet Edges Closer to Winning Cliffhanger Peru Vote Bloomberg


Capital is not fleeing Britain because of Brexit FT

UK’s pro-European politicians have only themselves to blame Politico

MPs ‘considering using majority’ to keep UK in single market BBC

Europe’s Sullen Child LRB

Gov’t edges closer to bailout funds after signing Elliniko deal Ekathimerini


The Latest Attempt to Whitewash the Saudi-Led Coalition’s Crimes in Yemen The American Conservative

Thoughts on Syria – 7 June, 2016 Sic Semper Tyrannis

Agent who interrogated Abu Zubaydah: ‘Where we went wrong as a nation’ McClatchy

‘Explosive’ Papers Seized From Private Detective Investigating MH17 Crash Sputnik News (Chuck L).


Now China’s Fake Island Has a Farm Defense One (Re Silc).

The Pentagon’s Great Wall of Impotence Pepe Escobar, RT

“Why are you still talking about Tiananmen?” Quartz


‘It was just chaos’: Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering whether their ballots will count Los Angeles Times. Third-world stuff.

The “wonderful” US corporate “democracy” fully exposed thanks to Bernie the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens

Bernie’s legacy: One of the most valuable donor lists ever Politico. And if Sanders turns his list over to the DNC, or any Democrat Establishment creature, I’m going into götterdämmerung mode.

Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee: Now the left begins to bargain with a painful reality — and a hopeful future Salon (BB). Rome wasn’t burnt in a day!

Sanders supporters pushed Clinton to the left—now they have to keep her there Quartz. Let’s focus on what’s achievable.

Newly released poll results show informed millennials leading a winning majority in support of Amendment 69 ColoradoCare (the campaign site). I’d love to see Sanders campaign for this.

Pelosi endorses Clinton, says female VP pick would be ‘fabulous’ Politico. That’s another straw in the wind for Warren… Or Gillibrand?

Connecticut Rejects Request For Records About Anthem-Cigna Merger David Sirota, International Business Times. Stench arising from home state of Dan Malloy, co-chair of Democrat Platform Committee.

Defiant Sanders camp: It ain’t over Politico but Inside the bitter last days of Bernie’s revolution Politico. Press going into full pull-the-wings-of-the-fly mode. They always do.

Shut Down the Democratic National Convention Chris Hedges, Truthdig. I’m 100% certain there are more productive things to do in Philly than that.

KING: Hillary Clinton did not win the Democratic Primary, she won a secret survey of party elites NY Daily News

Clinton’s hard-won nomination comes after learning the lessons of 2008 Guardian

Bye-Bye, Bernie Bloomberg

Dick Morris Is in Talks to Join the Trump Campaign New York Magazine. Morriss, of course, is the strategist who introduced Bill Clinton to triangulation. One big happy!

GOP senators say party could still deny Trump the nomination Washington Examiner (Re Silc).

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Jacob Appelbaum, Digital Rights Activist, Leaves Tor Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations Tech.Mic

Hennepin County Sheriff circumvents state to expand facial recognition database Tony Webster

FBI agents OPPOSE naming new headquarters after ‘hateful’ first director J. Edgar Hoover Daily Mail

Facing Data Deluge, Secret U.K. Spying Report Warned of Intelligence Failure The Intercept (guurst).

Guillotine Watch

Flying Shotgun With Breitling’s Aerobatic Jets NYT. Outright product placement at the Times.

Class Warfare

As Common as Ditchwater Econospeak

For poor children to succeed, rich ones must fail FT. The Florence study once more.

Weak Productivity, Rising Wages Putting Pressure on U.S. Companies WSJ

Villain or Victim? The Problem With Assigning Blame for the Financial Crisis WSJ

We’ve Hit Peak Human and an Algorithm Wants Your Job. Now What? Bloomberg

Social Security’s finances can be improved without cutting benefits by even a penny. Here’s how. Los Angeles Times (JT McPhee). If you accept the false notion that Federal taxes fund spending….

‘Bosch. The 5th Centenary Exhibition’ Review: A Painter’s Monsters and Demons WSJ

Meet the queen of sh*tty robots YouTube (DL). Since robots are having a moment.

Antidote du jour (tweep wants to know what kind of bird this is):


See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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About Lambert Strether

Readers, I have had a correspondent characterize my views as realistic cynical. Let me briefly explain them. I believe in universal programs that provide concrete material benefits, especially to the working class. Medicare for All is the prime example, but tuition-free college and a Post Office Bank also fall under this heading. So do a Jobs Guarantee and a Debt Jubilee. Clearly, neither liberal Democrats nor conservative Republicans can deliver on such programs, because the two are different flavors of neoliberalism (“Because markets”). I don’t much care about the “ism” that delivers the benefits, although whichever one does have to put common humanity first, as opposed to markets. Could be a second FDR saving capitalism, democratic socialism leashing and collaring it, or communism razing it. I don’t much care, as long as the benefits are delivered. To me, the key issue — and this is why Medicare for All is always first with me — is the tens of thousands of excess “deaths from despair,” as described by the Case-Deaton study, and other recent studies. That enormous body count makes Medicare for All, at the very least, a moral and strategic imperative. And that level of suffering and organic damage makes the concerns of identity politics — even the worthy fight to help the refugees Bush, Obama, and Clinton’s wars created — bright shiny objects by comparison. Hence my frustration with the news flow — currently in my view the swirling intersection of two, separate Shock Doctrine campaigns, one by the Administration, and the other by out-of-power liberals and their allies in the State and in the press — a news flow that constantly forces me to focus on matters that I regard as of secondary importance to the excess deaths. What kind of political economy is it that halts or even reverses the increases in life expectancy that civilized societies have achieved? I am also very hopeful that the continuing destruction of both party establishments will open the space for voices supporting programs similar to those I have listed; let’s call such voices “the left.” Volatility creates opportunity, especially if the Democrat establishment, which puts markets first and opposes all such programs, isn’t allowed to get back into the saddle. Eyes on the prize! I love the tactical level, and secretly love even the horse race, since I’ve been blogging about it daily for fourteen years, but everything I write has this perspective at the back of it.


  1. nippersdad

    Chimney swift! Those are nice birds to have around. They eat lots of mosquitoes.

    1. Torsten

      I dunno. The incipient brown nape makes me think cowbird. Let’s nominate it to replace the bald eagle as US National Bird.

      1. Torsten

        And while I’m at the top of the queue, kudos to Lambert. Live blogging the primary till 3 AM and back with Links at 7!!!

      2. crittermom

        Definitely not a cowbird. Probably a swift or swallow.

        The Bald Eagle as a national bird has never been more fitting than now.
        Bald Eagles steal as much food from other birds as they catch for themselves, if not more.

        I’m a wildlife photographer & have always believed the Bald Eagle was not a good representation of our country.
        Info from the Cornell University Ornithology site:
        Bald Eagles scavenge many meals by harassing other birds or by eating carrion or garbage. They eat mainly fish, but also hunt mammals, gulls, and waterfowl.” (my emphasis)

        Since this ‘election’ process, I’ve changed my mind. Sadly, they appear to be the perfect symbol.

        1. I Have Strange Dreams

          For the same reason, Franklin thought that the turkey should be the national bird.

        2. Gio Bruno

          Bald eagles are powerful raptors, but they are definitely not courageous birds. (They pick on birds much smaller than themselves.)

          The Channel Islands National Park and The Nature Conservancy have had a website continuously streaming an eagle nest for many months (from hatching to fledge) and the remote camera has repeatedly shown the prey to be smaller aucks and common murre (waterfowl). Sometimes the prey appear to be stolen chicks (down-less young) from another birds nest.

          The truly ferocious raptor is the Golden Eagle. But they had to be removed from the Channel Islands as they were devastating the Island Fox population. (The island fox is native; the Golden is not.)

      3. Praedor

        That’s what I was thinking…cowbird BUT without a solid side view and taking into account poor color reproduction with most basic digital cameras (and depending on the light) I am not certain.

    2. Robert Frances

      The bill doesn’t seem quite right for a swift (which tend to have smaller/rounder bills), but it’s a good guess. The bill shape and light brown nape probably fit juvenile Cliff swallow better, especially if the rump is a buffy color (which we can’t see). It would help to know where it was found since most species have distinct geographic ranges, although Cliff swallows are found across the US and fairly common, often building their mud nests under bridges. It’s prime nesting/fledging season for most species, so if this is a recent photo, it’s most likely a recently fledged juvenile.

    3. Optimader

      I like the bird.
      Reminds me of a robin my dad and sister raised after it was freshly hatched and evicted from nest during a thunderstorm. Cool bird, grew up to be big -eating groundbeef and cornmeal mush and powdered milk iirc.
      They imprinted the bird with the wolf whistle rather than conventional robin speak. He would come back and perch in our yard for years briefly during the spring w/ his posse, and vocalize w his personalized rap. Introducing his posse to the adoptive family i guess

  2. abynormal

    Weak Productivity, Rising Wages Putting Pressure on U.S. Companies
    …proxy wars just aren’t git’n it! 2015 GE list middle market growth necessities and the corps. to pull it off. note half the page is military:

    “DoD OCO funding is expected to remain under pressure. Unless a significant military engagement somewhere in the world demands U.S. involvement, DoD funding for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) will continue to fall. As a result, defense services contractors–including those involved in construction, security and maintenance–will continue to feel the financial brunt of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    ..dissolving wages, state & federal revenue gaps, costly healthcare, food & water destruction and we’ll be your dingle berries. Missions Accomplished.

    1. ambrit

      I dunno aby. We are seeing an uptick in military “training” convoys on the Interstates here. Then there is the ‘Cascadia Rising’ 9.0 Earthquake Drill now starting in the Northwest U.S. For fun, someone on one of the ‘Tinfoil Hat ‘ sites had a picture of military hardware on a train supposedly in Oregon with NATO unit markings on it. Oh boy, the MIBs are next.
      The truth be told, some of those vehicles had the unit insignia of a NATO AWACS squadron based in Germany on them. Granted, as someone mentioned on the other site, most of NATO is American made, and so, these could, just barely could, be returned equipment heading for a refit centre.
      Anyway, the larger point being that this is the most militarized I have ever seen the American Homeland. Someone said last year (?) that, when the overseas wars began to wind down, the MIC would find other, perhaps domestic uses for all that equipment, rather than scrap it.

      1. abynormal

        weeeell i see GE’s guidance as stone carving…we are the wildest west arm-dealers. as GE lobbyist/mega shadowbankers/pension trash haulers, threaten shareholders the US citizen will find it easier to turn a blind eye on convoys parading localities. the elderly i know fear pension deterioration over terrorist groups. the horrors of military turning on its own citizen is economic fears on the dealers part…at least thats always been my opinion, follow the money not the fear.

        1. Chauncey Gardiner

          Re: …”follow the money not the fear.”

          Excellent observation, Aby… and the money has gone into corporate stock buybacks, M&A deals, dividend payouts, military spending and other nonproductive uses rather than R&D, capital equipment and other applications that would have increased productivity.

          1. abynormal

            that’s why Hillery will take it all…the stakes are too high (money flow volatility). Trump could just once fall back on his ‘businessman’ angle/s, which you broadly identified, and throw the houses in a folly…NO time for that. Hell, in these times, Hillery could easily top her husbands 3 strikes with military 3 strikes per city…KA-CHING (Trump would muck that up royally).

        2. christopher murphy

          Anyone with any sense fears pension deterioration over terrorist groups.

      2. christopher murphy

        I don’t believe all the “martial law” nonsense but I bet whoever posted that video now has an FBI file.

  3. jgordon

    Sanders supporters pushing Hillary to the left? In all honesty they’ll have more luck pushing Trump to the left, since in reality he’s already secretly there. It’s ironic that Hillary has a history of supporting hard right neocon/neolib positions for her entire life and moved slightly to the left while getting the rigged Democratic nomination, whereas Trump has a long history of supporting moderate left positions (aside from guns, where he has always been irrationally against them) right up until he decided to take over the Republican Party whereupon he mysteriously became a right wing (but still to the left of Hillary’s ostensible positions) nut. Something about this whole thing is absurdly amusing.

    1. Carolinian

      If by amusing you mean depressing. Personally I blame the news media and as we see in Brazil the malign influence of corporate media is a worldwide phenomenon.

      1. jgordon

        No, amusing. You have to develop an attitude of detached humor about the collapsing society. Otherwise you’ll turn into a basket case.

        1. Chauncey Gardiner

          IMO detached humor is a luxury afforded those on the top rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, among other prerequisites.

          1. Emma

            Which Cynthia McKinney (2008) and Jill Stein (2012) apparently are to Hillary Clinton. McKinney was the first actual female Presidential nominee (Green Party) in the US……
            Oh, and guess what ‘folks’?
            McKinney was not only the first female nominee, but also the first female black nominee.
            So Hillary makin’ history?
            Oh yeah!
            She’s paintin’ it, ‘hill’ yeah! And screw any other woman who gets in her way.

        2. Jeff W

          Life is much too important to be taken seriously.
          paraphrased from Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan (1893)

          But, really, it’s just much too absurd.

        3. Waldenpond


          I’m chuckling right now…. just had that voice “if we resist the forces” and click.

      2. Bev

        The following will change our future for the better by rescuing our democracy and our kids.

        With some few edits, via:
        The GOP’s new plan for voter suppression

        Democratic Primaries: Is Clinton leading by 3 million votes?
        Richard Charnin

        BREAKING NEWS: Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck filed a major RICO racketeering lawsuit June 6, 2016 against the voting machine companies whose code that fractionalized votes and so delegate distribution was found by Bev Harris (
        Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers ), and against the media that was complicit in covering up the crime of election theft by adjusting the exit polls to match the fraudulent voting machine counts which was found by Richard Charnin and Beth Clarkson ( ).

        This is a very strong RICO lawsuit involving State and Federal Courts, involving current and past election crimes, that importantly involves all the states, that means Illinois, Cub fans, for the collection of evidence to determine the correct vote counts, and delegate counts.

        Arnebeck says that by the time of the Republican Convention which is before the Democratic Convention, that this RICO racketeering lawsuit will have changed history, and the minds of politicians and the public so that the true winner will be demanded. What a great legacy.

        See the short video:

Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace

        NYT, Ap and other media are reporting that Hillary has “clinched” the nomination. They, having jumped the shark, want to tell you how she did it. Now they can tell a judge how they did it because the media have been RICOed.

        Attorney Cliff Arnebeck says it does not matter what the media says or Hillary Clinton says, the law, this RICO case will prevail. This will save our Democracy.

        Today is a great day. Today is the beginning of getting our democracy back.

        Thanks to all election integrity people who so trust regular people to create a better future for us all, that you fight for a democracy. What a great day.


        Please spread this important RICO event all around everywhere. Because, I think the media will have a hard time reporting that they have been sued for racketeering. We will have to report widely.

      3. TVG

        and as we see in Brazil the malign influence of corporate media is a worldwide phenomenon.

        The CIA and the U.S. military are also a worldwide phenomenon, so that’s hardly surprising.

    2. OIFVet

      I chuckled when I read that headline. Rahmses of Chicago already revealed what the establishment types of the Democrat Party think of the left. Does the corporate media really think that we are retarded or sumthin’? Whatever happens from now on, the Sanders campaign managed to expose the sham that is “freedumb and democracy” in the imperial homeland. Little wonder, then, that exporting freedumb and democracy by bombing the crap out of recalcitrant natives the wold over has not made them free and democratic. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s a shame that I will get the hell out of here next year, only to find that the old country has become a forward staging area for Hillary and her girl Nuland to start WW3. That’s the ultimate “reset”…

    3. HBE

      While I still have wishful thoughts of the FBI riding in on a white horse and saving us from hillary, it looks highly likely a trump vote will be the only hope of keeping a corrupt warmonger out of office.

      While a third party vote would be preferable this cycle it is not an option for me. It means hillary has a better chance of actually getting into office.

      The woman is too corrupt, warmongering and evil. Someone who will be 100% certain to pass all trade agreements, wants to directly confront Russia, and will likely push into Syria and heat up Ukraine again to poke at Russia cannot be allowed to hold office.

      She is the known candidate of war and suffering.

      1. Jason

        No. A Trump vote will just put a different (and likely even more bloodthirsty, unstable and incompetent) corrupt warmonger into office. Anyone who think Trump would be better is getting conned.

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          All humans have a little bit of corruption and warmonger in them.

          Who is not fallible?

          In the future, the only hope is cleanly programmed robots.

        2. Pat

          So we have a choice between two main candidates where one has a record of supporting war legislatively AND by cheerleading for military intervention while in the meetings where these things were decided. Oh, and being upset when she was overruled in one case. Not to mention cackling about a foreign leader’s death. And the guy who talks big but also mentions that we shouldn’t be where we are and doesn’t want a war with Russia. I fail to see how you came about your evidence that Trump is more blood thirsty or incompetent.

          In the choice between Clinton and Trump – it truly is the devil you know versus the devil you imagine them to be. As I say just admit it the choice is evil vs. evil.

            1. Take the Fork

              I have it on now authority whatsoever that Trump is distantly related to some Whateleys…

        3. m

          I have been listening to Trumps talks and he does not want to get involved in other countries problems: he said Putin is doing a good job in Syria, let him keep it up, against Iraq/Afghanistan invasions, maybe he should start talking about South/Central America. He does not want to continuing funding NATO & all the WW3 nonsense. In that way he reminds me of Ron Paul.
          For me with Hillary we 100% doomed, with Trump it’s 50/50.

          1. marym


            Trump was answering a question about comments from General Lloyd Austin III, the head of U.S. Central Command who said more troops on the ground would be needed to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

            “We really have no choice, we have to knock out ISIS,” Trump said. “I would listen to the generals, but I’m hearing numbers of 20,000-30,000.”

            1. m

              The one thing about Trump is he will say whatever BS is needed at that moment to keep ahead. That is a given. But overall he seems to not want to intervene, often cites cost (money & lives) and it is not our place.
              Hillary & Nuland we know for sure are causing trouble all over the place & will continue.

        4. tegnost

          Jason, we don’t think trump be better, e know that hellery will be worse. Please. Please. Tell me without mentioning trump what is good about hillary,. If you can’t, you are the mark.

          1. tegnost

            unless you’re being paid to espouse the drivel that you consistently present, which I can say here, because your mighty candidate has to resort to paid shills to throw up smokescreens to hide what a repulsive and odious candidate she truly is, unless of course you come through with the list of good things about hillary, always a chance that one of you can produce some actual content.

        5. dcblogger

          No. A Trump vote will just put a different (and likely even more bloodthirsty, unstable and incompetent) corrupt warmonger into office. Anyone who think Trump would be better is getting conned.

          so good it had to be repeated. Trump will empower of the violent repressive elements in American society, it is just a question of how horrible he will be. I think we would be a failed state like Lebanon circa 1985 within 6 months of a Trump presidency.

          Trump has spent his whole life cheating employees and business partners, there is no reason that he would be different as president.

          1. tegnost

            Go to any large city and count the tents that have blossomed under obama and democrats in general and you will see the failed state you’re so worried about continue to grow to fruition as the same policies that put those people on the street will put more on the street. Add in the TPP which will further empower the worst among us and that’s your recipe, and once again we have a hillary supporter who can only talk about trump. As an example of a defensible argument, argue “trump will do x- hillary will do y, and give reasons why y is better than x, use two or three examples at least, and your argument becomes strong as opposed to saying “hillary” like it’s a magic incantation that invokes gravitational strength, prove the strength of the candidate that is being forced down our throats.

            1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

              We have a choice between what one guy has said, and what the other woman has done. The actions of the woman are there to see, broad and wide and clear. I just think this is the ultimate “hold your nose and pull the lever” year, just like every presidential year only worse. You either think the status quo is great and everything will be fine in the same direction, or you vote for the bull who at least promises to break the china.

          2. Yata

            This is one of the disagreements I have with the democrat-party-machine. Just as with an unsecured private server, the message and party line become so low grade and unsophisticated, it’s an even chance that any coments are either; advocate or antagonist (thinking Lee Atwater).
            I’ve come to the conclusion, after watching the D-elite advance their anti-trump human wave assault, to deflect any focus from you-know-who, that:

            1) There really are only two classes in the party, regardless of any vague assurances to the contrary.

            2) The participants were never issued enough crayons to participate in any meaningful way

            3) The standard response of please take off the blinders. and given the current situation, where do you really think this is headed, to a grading system of sorts.
            Anyone wishing to employ the party line would then be graded on aspects such as; sensationalism/hyperbole, originality, and extra points for including a movie villain, or science fiction character.

        6. nippersmom

          Aside from being a literal vampire, I’m not sure it would be possible to be more bloodthirsty than Clinton.

        7. jgordon

          My personal belief is that you have to be paid off by the Clinton’s to seriously mean that. I guarantee you that most people here, that is lefties, are already considering Trump to be the lesser evil. And they’re right.

      2. Emma

        “She is the known candidate of war and suffering” ……….and of cheating. Margaret Thatcher was deemed a warmonger by many, but the Brits aren’t still at war over the Falklands are they? Margaret Thatcher didn’t cheat her way to the top either. Nor have other women of substance like Mary Robinson of Ireland (a real progressive), Helen Clark of New Zealand (a real progressive), Julia Gillard of Australia (a real progressive)….etc. etc. etc. Likewise a handful of decent and aboveboard female leaders kicking ass in the third world and/or previously kleptocratic states.

    4. flora

      “It’s ironic that Hillary has a history of supporting hard right neocon/neolib positions for her entire life and moved slightly to the left while getting the rigged Democratic nomination,”

      Yes. Lots of GOP establishment would rather have Hillary than Trump as pres.

      1. bwilli123

        ” Sources within the Sanders campaign, speaking on conditions of anonymity, say that Sanders has indeed been seriously considering an independent run, and wishes to ensure the option is available to him by performing the necessary work now. If Sanders were to wait until after the convention to lay the legal foundation for an independent run it would be too late. It is this fact that explains the Sanders campaign’s actions toward inclusion on state ballots as an independent at this time.”

        So, is this Bernie’s threat-weapon for the Convention?
        Give us Single Payer and Free College Education or I go 3rd Party ( which splits the Democrats/Left and dooms Preparation H™ vs TheDonald™ )

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          It’s not as good as going all out from the beginning, but it will make sure Hillary can’t move to the center/right.

          Resigning from the senate will show the Democrats his determination.

          1. xformbykr

            I have a ‘sour grapes’ about the last primary outcomes. I would fear for Bernie if he actually became prez and would urge him to be vigilant about his personal security. My hope is that he can return to the senate and make as much noise as Elizabeth Warren does.
            recommended reading “the deep state: the fall of the constitution and the rise of a shadow government”; it describes the components of TPTB entrenched;

        2. MtnLife

          Being that Bernie is a more palatable option for many Republican voters than either Hillary or Trump he could actually pull it off. By running in the D primary he was able to get his name out to millions who would never have heard it had he run 3rd party from the start. Many of his supporters are independents, who make up a third of the electorate now. Primary Bern voters + the excluded independents and those that only vote in the main election due to laziness or apathy + disaffected and hate votes against HRC and Trump (toss a pinch of Gary Johnson taking a larger than usual share of R votes as well) = a good shot for a Pres Bernie. I’d far prefer this scenario to the intoxicated Trump vote.

          1. crittermom

            As I’ve said in the past, I would love nothing better than to see Bernie dump the Demoncratic party, run as an Independent, & become POTUS so we could all send a big ‘birdie’ to both parties!

            1. Katniss Everdeen

              If not Bernie, who, and if not now, when?

              C’mon, Bernie. “History” is being “made” this year, and nobody deserves it more than you.

              1. MojaveWolf


                If it’s Trump or Ms Cheat2Win as our next prez, the whole world is screwed.

                Please Bernie run 3rd party.

                And if not Bernie, I don’t care if the leading 3rd Party candidate is running on a “Raise R’Lyeh” platform, please everyone vote for them. We have to get rid of the people running things now, or again, whole world is screwed.

                (all this said, I’d prefer Trump to Ms. Cheat2Win, but can’t quite imagine forcing myself to mark the ballot for him)

        3. Waldenpond

          I feel like I watched a different primary. Sanders priority is nevertrump. It’s been in every stump speech. He could only have a chance at a win if he was in all states. If he runs green, Trump wins. To run indie, it’s estimated about 900,000 signatures are needed. If his team was organized for this (they aren’t) half the state deadline are over by mid-August.

          The only relevant bit of data in the writing is that Sanders is running out the clock to run indie or green by ‘going to the convention’.

          There is no evidence for an independent run because there is no activity.

          1. JonboinAR

            That’s what I fear. He needs to threaten to burn the house down. If he’s serious he’ll get taken seriously. For all their faults, the Clintons aren’t stupid, and they respond to pressure, I think (Isn’t that what their famed/infamed “triangulation” is all about?) I don’t know if he has the stomach or ruthlessness, or something like that, for it or not.

            1. jgordon

              What will Bernie accomplish by threatening to burn the house down? Getting Hillary to lie some more? You know she wouldn’t have to lie so much if people like her weren’t “forcing her left”.

          2. inode_buddha

            A million sigs would take less than a week with online organizing. At least, while the issue is still “warm”.

            1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

              I mentioned earlier already but I will say it again, if Sanders wants to leave the D party and run in the general election (and that’s up to him), he should resign from the senate.

              1. it shows determination.

              2. there is no going back – this will be war on the D party and who will work with him from that party? May as well be pro-active and resign.

              3. Put some skin in the game, just like those barely able to put up $27 to his cause. They have given up a lot (relatively speaking). This is the least he can show solidarity with them. Renouncing his senate pension will be an extra step, and will be tremendously uplifting, but we can’t ask people to do something we are not ourselves are capable of. Though, that is not a previlege his voters have.

          3. Yves Smith

            This election is Trump’s to lose. If he can bring himself to stay focused on attacking Hillary, stops punching down and wasting energy on un-worthy targets of his personal pique (or at least dials it down to <20% of what he's been doing) and has adequate and not too inconsistent answers on policy matters, he shellacks Clinton. And he may shellack her regardless if Clinton picks Warren as her VP. As I have said before, two East Coats technocratic old lady lawyers will NOT play well in Rust Belt and other flyover states. This is an Acela class idea again showing how out of touch they are with the country.

            I also wonder how well it plays with the group they are presumably targeting, which is Sanders voters. Will millennials be persuaded by Warren? Black Lives Matter? Environmental groups? These are all core organizing groups for Sanders. I'm asking as opposed to asking rhetorically. My guess is BLM would go to Clinton regardless but I'm not sure re the rest and would like informed input.

        4. JonboinAR

          If employed, it is an actual threat. I.e., he can cause her candidacy actual damage that way. I do think it’s one he must employ if he expects to push her left any. Otherwise, given the Clinton’s history, he will more than likely be ignored or patronized. From some of his talk I fear that he may consider Trump such a threat that he’ll more or less simply fall in line as he promised to at the beginning. I surely hope not as that would diminish a good deal of the long term effectiveness of his amazing campaign.

          1. Yves Smith

            I think he’ll fall in because that is what he promised to do. I see Bermie as a man of his word.

            The question is whether he really campaigns for her as opposed to endorsing her as required and stumping minimally.

            There is also a big question as to what his millennial base does if Team Dem serves up Warren as VP. I don’t see that working as well as they elite insiders think it will.

            1. Pat

              I agree with you regarding Bernie. He could shock me, but I really don’t see him running. Both because of his word and because he really does not want a Trump Presidency and his running would almost guarantee that.

              And I don’t think his base will have to worry about a Warren VP nod. They really don’t give a fig about his base AND she doesn’t really help in any of their demographic counts besides being an Eastern lawyer (and I honestly don’t think Clinton wants another woman on her ballot). If Booker or Patrick were from the South or West they would be in top consideration. I’m still on one of the Castro brothers (Southwest and Latino). If I’m wrong about them courting Sanders voters they MIGHT consider Brown. But seriously the lack of possible contenders from the South and West who are corporate friendly demographically diverse (no older white males) ready for a national stage is pretty lacking.

              1. JonboinAR

                Yes, I imagine it’s wishful thinking, June 8th frustration on the parts of some of us to imagine that Bernie will start throwing high and tight at this point, since he played so softly regarding Server Gate, and such. Still, I think that that kind of game is what the Clintons are most vulnerable to. Unfortunately, Sanders does not seem temperamentally turned that way. Also, as Ms Yves said, he appears very much a man of his word, which, by the way, I just considered, has probably accounted for a great deal of his success in this campaign. Alas! Why can’t he be honorable and forthright on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and an evil bastard Thursday through Saturday?

                1. craazyboy

                  I think Bernie “giving his word” to support the winner of the primaries is very much contingent on a fair primary election process. He could and should cry foul, with the worst ever election process in history.

                  Most likely reason he won’t cry foul is he seems to sincerely believe Trump as prez is the greater evil. So that leaves the option of negotiating some crumbs for his supporters in the Democratic platform.

                  Or maybe he has something else brilliant up his sleeve, but I can’t really think of what it could be.

                  But some more Hillary lies aren’t gonna be enough and all Trump has to do is act halfway civil and normal and it seems like that should win it for Trump. Unless the Republican party does screw Trump out of the nomination – and then we get some fireworks from over there. At some point you would think someone would demand from our government why we have two candidates that only 10% of the country would want to vote for, and the split is 5.1% vs 4.9%.

                  Or the FBI could still save the day. Hurry up guys!

            2. HBE

              As a millennial (23) personally I’ll vote for trump over hillary no matter who her vp pick is. Friends /peers consistently have 2 answers and neither of them are hillary. 1 vote for trump 2. Not voting now.

              I have not met 1 other millennial who knows who Jill stein is unfortunately. The greens have shite marketing.

    5. Gaylord

      Trump was put up to it by the financiers he’s beholden to, in order to guarantee Hillary’s win. Watch as he does every crazy thing he can think of to disqualify himself. Your point makes it even more obvious.

      1. Aumua

        Will it be ‘The Producers’ all over again? I think Trump knows he can’t go broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public.

      2. Yves Smith

        Huh? Trump has no “financiers” He’s run his campaign on a shockingly low amount of $, much of which he lent to the campaign. Indeed, one of the big reasons that he’s still regarded skeptically is that he does NOT have big backers, and certainly not in finance. Trump does not have strong personal banking relationship either, it’s been documented his regular business banks are midsize and small banks, not TBTFs that have really affluent employees who are bundlers and/of big donors.

        1. JonboinAR

          Yes, I think it’s been “The Gods”directing this play. Been extremely interesting, if frustratingly lacking in… -What’s that thing a Greek drama’s supposed to bring you at the end? Catharsis? Well, I guess Brunhilde (mixing ’em) ain’t sung her last, yet.

          1. Lambert Strether Post author

            Hamartia, a tragic flaw, prominent among them hubris, over-confidence, leading to nemesis, the agent of downfall for the protagonist that has the flaw. Catharis is the release of pity and terror that comes from viewing the spectacle as a whole.

            Clinton’s circle of sycophants is an institutional feature that would induce hubris. Clinton’s tragic flow is probably her persistence (the flaw is tragic because it’s seemingly good, but yields well, tragic results. Hence greed is ruled out).

        2. Jason

          Look at Trump’s own financial disclosures. Look at his campaign finance director!

  4. allan

    Yale Finds Itself on Both Sides of Employee’s Fight for a Home [Bloomberg]

    A photograph of Frank Douglass’s Victorian house — painted sage green with white trim — is displayed on a website about Yale University’s employee homebuyer program.

    Now Douglass, a 63-year-old custodian, has fallen behind on his mortgage payments after two job-related injuries and is facing foreclosure by a servicing company in which Yale’s endowment is an indirect investor.

    About 30 percent of Yale’s $25.6 billion endowment is targeted for investment in private equity. One of its fund managers, Fortress Investment Group LLC, owns more than half of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., which services Douglass’s mortgage. A hedge fund Yale invests in, Kingstown Capital Management, has a stake in another servicing company, Ocwen Financial Corp. Both mortgage firms have been investigated for unfair practices and ordered to provide relief to some homeowners. In Douglass’s case, a court-appointed mediator said Nationstar didn’t follow guidelines in denying a loan modification last year. …

    Tom Conroy, a university spokesman, said that while he couldn’t comment on specific investments, “Yale is an ethical investor and was a pioneer on the issue.” The school first outlined that position in 1972, creating procedures for considering factors beyond economic return when making investment decisions. “Yale applies its ethical-investment policy to public and private positions alike,” he said.

    Ocwen and Nationstar.
    I’m sure David Swensen has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

    1. abynormal

      The Yale Center for Faith and Culture hosted the Ethics and Spirituality Program as one of its earlies initiatives. In its second iteration, this program hosted the Spiritual Capital Initiative, co-led by Professors Miroslav Volf and Theodore Roosevelt Malloch. The Spiritual Capital Initiative (SCI) sought to move spiritual spiritual capital out of the realm of theory and into business life at both professional business and management schools and into firms across every industry.

      …they should some of that ‘spirituality’ behind their PROOFING. anywho, backed into an interesting Volf quote:
      “In a way, fraud in business is no different from infidelity in marriage or plagiarism in scholarly work. Even people of high moral standards succumb.”
      Miroslav Volf (and we wonder…)

      1. abynormal

        oops, they should *throw* some (i could proof for’em bahahahaa)
        i got soul but i’m not a soldier / killers

      2. Jim Haygood

        The Right Rev Tony Blair, who’s done so much for the children of Iraq, contributed some “spiritual capital” at Yale. From a 2008 announcement:

        Yale University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prime Minister Tony Blair as the Howland Distinguished Fellow for the next academic year.

        Mr. Blair will lead a seminar at Yale and participate in a number of events around the campus. The course in which he will participate with Yale faculty will examine issues of faith and globalization. His efforts at Yale relate to the work of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that he will be launching later this year.

        The Deans of the Yale School of Management and Divinity are working with Mr. Blair on finalizing details of the program.

        Hmmm … contribute to the charitable Clinton Foundation, or the more spiritual Tony Blair Faith Foundation? Choices, choices …

        1. abynormal

          OMG you got to be kidding…at least you make me laff when you drop these bombs! HT JimmyJoeRedCloud ‘)

    2. ambrit

      I agree. Ocwen and Nationstar are some of the slimiest outfits around. Perhaps the University should let the Philosophy Department run the investments department. (The Philoprofs can stand around once every year and throw darts at the WSJ stocks pages. Watch them then outperform the market.)

    3. MtnLife

      I do seasonal work for a corporation that was bought by Fortress. In the years preceding the acquisition we were able to fight for increased pay and benefits. A long, slow struggle to be sure but progress was made. In the years since, they have stripped everything we had gained in those years and continued on to strip away any vestige of pretending to care about their employees – right down to cancelling the annual Christmas employee meal of crappy turkey product and mashed potatoes. Doesn’t surprise me that they have corrupt mortgage servicing companies in their portfolio. Vultures. If Yale wants to invest ethically, pulling out of Fortress is a good start.

    4. JTMcPhee

      Hey, please! The guy’s only a custodian. And he’s not paying on the contract he entered into. Freakin’ zombie taker. Getting what he deserves. /s

      Pillage the weak. Very simple.

      And even if somehow the Yale Establishment performs a mitzvah in this guy’s case, no mercy for all the others who have not gotten some viral attention that is “bad publicity” as if there is such a thing — can’t shame a corporate shite. These individuals, acting through their goddamned collective machinery, serve their own pleasure, free from consequence, never having to face the people (or the planet) they violate. So hey, have a nice snifter of 100 year old brandy,, puff up a Cuban cigar and remind oneself how one is a member of the masters of the universe class…

    5. perpetualWAR

      Just the perfect segway to reveal what the FBI found in an investigation of 300 securitized loans:

      Recently, the courts unsealed United States v. Discovery Sales, Inc. During this litigation, it seems the FBI actually did the investigation into trying to ascertain who was damaged. The FBI said it was impossible to trace the owners of the majority of the 300 mortgage loans because of securitization.

      So, essentially, the FBI couldn’t do what the bank lawyers do every day, which is come into court and LIE about who is the owner/holder of the note to foreclose. Amazing that the scummy bank thugs can do what a team of FBI agents could not.

      1. Rhondda

        This seemed to me like maybe — maybe — a tiny smidgen of good news. Let’s hope something worthy comes of it.

  5. Tenar

    Re: “Chaos in LA”

    Here are some more examples:

    I did a bit of phone banking yesterday for CA and I have to say that I was originally feeling positive about the outcome. In 2 hours of speaking with dozens of people I only ran across 1 H supporter…Everyone else was supporting Bernie and planning to vote/had voted (I know this is not a representative sample, but still). Then again I only spoke with a handful of NPP voters, two of whom were originally under the impression that they couldn’t even vote! I wonder how many other NPP voters were under the same impression…

      1. Roger Smith

        From the comments: “…our President to be look up to Jesus with him everything is possible. Let your faith be strong.”

  6. Marco

    From this morning’s NYT…Howard Dean has some sage advice for Bernie Sanders.

    “You don’t get any points for carrying on or complaining about it…You get points for sucking it up.”

    And how has that whole “sucking up” worked out for Dean? He has all the relevancy now of a cold spaghetti sandwich.

  7. JBaker

    Bernie’s legacy: One of the most valuable donor lists ever

    Just tried to delete my ActBlue profile/account. It’s not an option, or even a searchable subject.

    1. flora

      Bernie is fund raising for progressive down ticket candidates. Bernie still has coattails . And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want his donors giving to DWS. Go Bernie!

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        It won’t matter where the list goes. Lists are a two way street. The great Obama list led to the 2010 beat down. A good Democrat can do well. Hillary had lists, and she had a fight against a 74 year old with no major state or media centers behind him.

        1. nippersmom

          Doesn’t matter if the DNC or Hildebeast’s campaign gets the “list” Getting my name or email address doesn’t mean I will contribute. I wouldn’t spit on that woman if she were on fire; I’m sure as hell not giving her any money.

          1. Dave

            Any “fraudulent” future charges on your credit card should result in you calling the CC company and if they get enough of those calls, they will cancel the account of ActBlue.

          2. NotTimothyGeithner

            I’m completely baffled as to why Democrats think the will just inherit Sanders energy and money. Considering Hillary reliance on seniors and the real state of the economy, they are likely desperate for money. Mega donors tend not to fund down ticket Democratic races which is why the Koch network is important to the GOP. Their candidates are funded early on.

            1. Katniss Everdeen

              All those times during the last several months when the clinton attack dogs accused Bernie of not being a “real” democrat. “Hammer and sickle” claire mccaskill once said.

              And now they not only “expect” but NEED him to save their sorry, corrupt asses.

              Jeez, it’s a “no-brainer” if there ever was one.

              1. tgs

                Paul Begala, Clinton stooge, actually said on CNN last night – ‘yes, we want to appeal to moderate Republican voters, but we can’t win without the left’ Of course, there was no mention of how Hillary would appeal to the left other than appeals to ‘kiss and make up’ and keep the Republicans out of power.

                1. NotTimothyGeithner

                  This election is out of the Team Blue elites’ world view. If Sanders supporters and volunteers don’t donate time and money, I think they have a real problem because the walker brigades won’t.

          3. Waldenpond

            Polling shows 75% of Sanders supporters are for Clinton so there’s going to be outreach. You have to be profane to get them to quit calling. I’m not kidding…. I told one caller I wouldn’t vote for Clinton as she was a bribe laundering war criminal. Still called. They trained me to use profanity right out of the gate.

            1. Lambert Strether Post author

              > Polling shows 75% of Sanders supporters are for Clinton

              One wonders how that’s distributed geographically, and whether it’s “enough.”

            2. Pat

              Really. Is this poll by the same company that told Mitt Romney he was going to be President? Oh, I do believe she will get over half of his voters to vote for her, and probably about a quarter of them will either donate toward her campaign or work on it or both. But any poll that shows her with more than 70% support is either gaming the figures or being gamed, imho. And that number is probably high for her support.
              (For the record I don’t think that Bernie would have a chance with at least thirty percent or more of her voters, if the shoe was on the other foot.)

            3. different clue

              What if some of the not-for-Clinton Sandervoters that the Clinton phone-callers end up calling have time on their hands? Enough time to string along the Clinton caller and keep it talking and talking and talking . . .

              Enough Clinton call-ees taking enough time with enough Clinton callers might slow down the Clinton caller effort.

      2. JBaker

        I agree, totally. According to Politico,

        ActBlue gets to keep a database of Sanders supporters who collectively pumped more than $200 million into his campaign.

        That makes me doubt that Sanders will have a say in how his own database will be used.

        1. different clue

          But the Organized SanderVoter Movement could still create something like a Sanders Report going out periodically to all the Sanders email listees. I can’t imagine that the Sanders group would have to give the list to anyone else as in “and be denied access to it themselves”. If Sanders allowed that to happen, then he will have flunked his Darwin Final in front of God and Everyone.

          So assuming the Sanders group still keeps their own copy of the whole list, even if “everyone else” also gets a copy . . . the Sanders Report can still inform all the listees of which candidates or other targets are shinola . . . and which ones are shit. And the Sanders listees are free to NOT DONATE to shit people and shit causes.

    2. Arizona Slim

      I made my donations by check. Hoping that this keeps my name out of the ActBlue database.

    3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      What good is that list to Clinton?

      What can Hillary do with a bunch of Bernie or Bust voters?

      1. Kurt Sperry

        Indeed. I don’t see that list “falling into the wrong hands” as a dangerous eventuality. As long as it also remains in the “right hands” at least. That’s the bigger deal.

        1. Benedict@Large

          “But why am I on the No-Fly List, officer?”
          “Just a moment, sir. … Hey, boss, I think we have another of those BernieBusters here.”

      2. Jeff W

        I would think Hillary Clinton getting that list and trying to use it to her advantage would make Sanders supporters even less inclined to support her (not that that would occur—or even matter—to her).

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          That’s what I think, and it’s not one of the most valuable lists ever (Politico’s claim) to the establishment.

          Any socialist candidate can attract those same $27 donors without the list – these donors came forth, this time, on their own and will come any time a good candidate runs.

          Fat cat $10,000 donors who donate for access are what those politicians want…not $27 donors.

      3. MojaveWolf

        Based on my experience w/the League of Conservation Voters, they will keep sending you fund-raising emails about the importance of giving them money. This will be followed by me and no doubt others sending them scathing verbal assaults telling them just what worthless frauds they are and detailing exactly why we think that, along w/requests to be removed from their mailing list and mentions of other places that we think it better to send any donations.

        Rinse and repeat.

        Eventually, voters who do this will quit getting the e-mails. After having enjoyed a fair amount of catharsis.

    4. crawlars

      I just cancelled/deleted mine, or so I am told…but I had to email Act Blue from my logged-into account. It was “done” in 10 minutes. Very responsive!

    5. Yves Smith

      Lambert has said that he will vote Trump if Sanders gives his list to Clinton. If others feel that way, someone needs to get that message to Sanders.

      1. different clue

        If Sanders has “intelligence people” reading these threads, then enough people saying that same thing right here on these threads might be enough to get the message to Sanders.

        Also, if everyone who feels that way were to individually write or email or call Sanders’s Senatorial offices in Vermont and/or Washington DC, Sanders’ staffers in those two places would let Sanders know how many such messages are coming in.

  8. NeverForget

    Hello, all.
    Does anyone here know anything about a RICO civil suit that was possibly filed in Ohio on June 6 by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity?

    There is a long video (2.5 hours) about election fraud in general and problems with the current primaries on the Institute’s website,

    I haven’t watched the video above in its entirety as yet, but here is a much shorter excerpt (7:46 minutes) that mentions the suit:
    At around the 6:21 mark of this shorter video, the speaker, Cliff Arnebeck, states “Bernie has won, in fact, and he will win officially before the Republican convention” (as the video continues, it seems he may have meant to say “Democratic” convention). He goes on to state that there is “no way” the convention “is going to nominate somebody on the basis of obviously stolen votes”.

    I haven’t seen much about this online as yet. Here’s a post on Democratic Underground:

    Is this something that could have an effect before or during the convention? Can anyone find out whether the suit has been filed, and, if so, more on what it entails?

    This may shed another light on Bernie’s speech about not quitting.

    1. Christopher Fay

      No. Hillary should already be under indictment for possible corruption. The government has been corrupted itself, some video from Indiana ain’t going to do it.

    2. Christopher Fay

      Anything in the government / media cross hairs to count has to come from NYTimes. I must de-enlist my subscription.

    3. Alex morfesis

      The democratic and republican parties are private business partnerships and the courts will rule in their favor on that basis…
      Also, it does not matter if $hillary or trumpette are inducted or even held by a judgment to be felons…a felon cant vote in most state elections, but a felon can be president…no constitutional prohibition…not that any of the lawyers sitting in political office care about the “con”stitution, except to use it against anyone who complains effectively but is not part of the approved and sanctioned opposition…

    4. Bev

      The following will change our future for the better by rescuing our democracy and our kids.

      With some few edits, via:
      The GOP’s new plan for voter suppression

      Democratic Primaries: Is Clinton leading by 3 million votes?
      Richard Charnin

      BREAKING NEWS: Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck filed a major RICO racketeering lawsuit June 6, 2016 against the voting machine companies whose code that fractionalized votes and so delegate distribution was found by Bev Harris (
      Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers ), and against the media that was complicit in covering up the crime of election theft by adjusting the exit polls to match the fraudulent voting machine counts which was found by Richard Charnin and Beth Clarkson ( ).

      This is a very strong RICO lawsuit involving State and Federal Courts, involving current and past election crimes, that importantly involves all the states, that means Illinois, Cub fans, for the collection of evidence to determine the correct vote counts, and delegate counts.

      Arnebeck says that by the time of the Republican Convention which is before the Democratic Convention, that this RICO racketeering lawsuit will have changed history, and the minds of politicians and the public so that the true winner Bernie Sanders will be demanded. What a great legacy.

      See the short video:

Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace

      NYT, Ap and other media are reporting that Hillary has “clinched” the nomination. They, having jumped the shark, want to tell you how she did it. Now they can tell a judge how they did it because the media have been RICOed.

      Attorney Cliff Arnebeck says it does not matter what the media says or Hillary Clinton says, the law, this RICO case will prevail. This will save our Democracy.

      Today is a great day. Today is the beginning of getting our democracy back.

      Thanks to all election integrity people who so trust regular people to create a better future for us all, that you fight for a democracy. What a great day.


      Please spread this important RICO event all around everywhere. Because, I think the media will have a hard time reporting that they have been sued for racketeering. We will have to report widely.

      1. Lambert Strether Post author

        IIRC, Fitrakis is legit but does he have a site with some prose? I’m not spending the time needed to listen to some video I can’t link to or quote from or make searchable.

        1. Bev

          Hi Lambert, Bob Fitrakis’s writings can be seen at Freepress site below, but I do not YET see an article about the RICO lawsuit. However, Fitrakis was at the RICO lawsuit press release that the video covers, shown below (link seems to work now) with Cliff Arnebeck, and Fitrakis interjected information at points:


          I just checked and I was able to link to the short video:

          The site which has the prose also has the longer video version:

          Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity

Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace

          The video goes through a long history of election fraud. Since at least 2004, Election Attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis have been personally involved in trying to defeat the fraud, and to recover our democracy. Arnebeck was the attorney who was successful in 2012 in shutting down the attempted fraud in Ohio that caused Carl Rove to be surprised as the results came in on election night. No one told Carl that the fix was off, because the FBI were involved and assumed to be wiretapping all conversations.

          Obama owes his presidency to Arnebeck.

          So Arnebeck has already changed history by honoring people’s real votes, thereby changing the person who fraudulently was to occupy the White House. I believe he has the skill sets, and the right lawsuit to do it again.

          This is an important and very strong RICO lawsuit that was filed in both State and Federal Courts concurrently, that includes All States, and that has a long time frame including current and past crimes.

          These are the right attorneys to do this and have it succeed. When Arnebeck says that by the Republican Convention which is before the Democratic Convention, that the evidence of racketeering will turn this election around so the REAL winner, Bernie Sanders, will be nominated at the Democratic convention, I am more than hopeful.

          And, I will bet that a yuuuge majority of the voting public will be grateful, joyful for having recovered their voting rights, and rescued their democracy so that their choice is recognized for their candidate, Bernie Sanders who will deliver better, more humane policies, and a better future for many more people.

          Thanks to you all. We live in amazing times.

        2. Bev

          Lead media contact:
          Lori Grace
          The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity
          Cell (415) 847-5950; Office (415) 435-2583

          For questions regarding exit polling and election integrity:
          Robert Fitrakis
          Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism
          Office 614.374-2380

    5. zapster

      The RICO suit being filed right now is likely to hit the news big time, since it names the 4 biggest media channels directly in it.

      1. Bev

        My guess is that other media will have to report, because those charged with racketeering will not be happy to tell the world how they criminally undermined people’s votes, democracy, and future.

    6. Dave

      I too will vote for Trump before Hillary–unless he selects as V.P. some complete Sheldon Adelson lunatic, like “Rahmses” or Liberman.

      Am examining how Trump is superior to Clinton and the similarities he has to Sanders. [How about a Trump/Sanders ticket? You can dream]
      Will preach these similarities to Sanders supporters and independents.

      Both oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
      Both support maintaining or expanding current levels of Social Security benefits.
      Both support some upper-income tax hikes.
      Both lament the pernicious role of money in politics (this is why, as Stan herself notes, Trump likes to falsely claim he’s funding his own campaign).
      Both opposed the Iraq war (Stan herself notes that Trump “would have left Saddam Hussein in power”) and believe the money spent on it could have been put to better use domestically.
      Both have been known to worry that increased immigration could depress working-class wages.
      Both have supported single-payer health care.

      Greetings to Watertown!

      1. marym

        Trump does not support single payer.

        Trump’s main ideas for a replacement [of Obamacare] are to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines and permit people to make tax-free contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSAs are paired with a high deductible health insurance plan and are intended to make people more conscious of how they spend

        He has off-shored jobs and exploits workers domestically and overseas.

        He’s been all over the map on Social Security, including raising the retirement age, but apparently hasn’t suggested expanding benefits by raising the cap or taxing earnings in addition to wages.

        1. Dave

          Thank you for the Obamacare clarification.

          His business and personal life don’t concern me one bit, that has as much to with his policy as Hillary’s girlfriend has to do with hers.

          1. Waldenpond

            You are the one that referred to trade deals and immigration impact. So you care. Trump financially benefits from exploiting those very same trade deals by outsourcing jobs and firing his US workers and replacing them with visa workers. So you don’t care.

            Trump doesn’t actually have any positions. He’s like Clinton and takes both sides of an issue.

      2. Aumua

        Hey guys, the Trump supporters are here! Get ready for a bigger taste of what you will be aligning yourself with if you manage to convince yourself that its ok to vote for Trump, to keep Clinton out.

        1. Dave

          Nope, I am still a Sanders supporter and will be until the bitter end. You have a better alternative to Clinton? Gary Johnson?

          Best thing in the world would be for the Trump supporters to “be here”, read N.C. and learn about what’s really going on.
          Your kind will keep them marginalized and then wonder why they so strange things and go for ridiculous ideas.

          1. Aumua

            Oh, ok. Nvm then :^) I’ve just seen a few of the more ‘reasonable’ Trump supporters making the same kinds of comparisons between Trump and Sanders lately. Also your comment about how the way Trump runs his business doesn’t matter to you.. I think it should, because Trump’s whole deal is business.

            The only alternatives I can come up are the only alternatives they are giving us, and I can’t vote for either one in good conscience. So I’ll vote for Jill Stein I guess.

  9. Field Marshall McLuhan

    Re: “Peak Human”

    I am utterly in love with the idea of a bank stooge who has spent a considerable part of his career enabling the automating and offshoring of other people’s jobs coming in to work one day to find himself replaced by a software program.

    That is a brain cud I could chew on all day long.

    1. Bugs Bunny

      Hey, you’re talking about my clients! What would I do without them?

      Maybe take up painting again?


  10. craazyman

    What is Gotterdamerung mode?

    It doesn’t matter. I gave $200 to Bernie but I won’t vote for Hillary under any circumstances. I won’t vote for any democrat hack under any circumstances. If the democrat party hack is a women, I don’t care. If it’s a man, I don’t care. If it’s a person of color. I don’t care. If it’s a white man with a tan, I don’t care. If it’s a democrat hack, then what it looks like don’t matter.

    The country is sick in its soul and the democrat-hack-revolving-door-Wall-Street-money-party is the disease.

    Let’s play “Who’s the Fascist”? There might be more than one!

    But I may vote for Trump. That’s right. Yves was correct in her Politico article. I may have 4 or 5 Jamaican Red Stripe beers around lunch time and then go vote for Trump. I don’t think he’s as ludicrous as he sounds. Although he is pretty ludicrous. But if he picks some complete lunatic as the VP, then I may just ignore the election completely. That’s what I did the last two times, since I saw through the Big O like he was a piece of cellophane.

    Bernie Don’t Quit!
    The nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

    I almost feel like writing a whole Madonna Song Pappa Don’t Preach (that was a long time ago) for “Bernie Don’t Quit / We’re in trouble Deep / Bernie Don’t Quit, I been losing sleep / and I made up my mind, yeah, yea they’re killin our country. Kill our country. whoa oh woah oo.” But I don’t have time right now.

      1. aletheia33


        to cheer up, nourish one’s soul, feel the solidarity, and get ready for the next phase, i recommend visiting #ThankYouBernie, now trending on twitter.

        here’s just 2:

        Millennials 4 Bernie
        .@BernieSanders was only the spark. This political revolution is just beginning. We are taking our country back! #ThankYouBernie

        larry from online
        #ThankYouBernie you fought for us every day for nearly 60 years. now 10 million of us will never stop fighting because of you

        THANK YOU yves and lambert for keeping us informed and keeping us awake and fighting. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED

        1. thoughtful person

          It would take more than a few beers for me to vote trump. While he may be the less effective evil, I am just tried of voting evil. I’ll vote Sanders if avail or Stein if not, or skip the pres race. In Va so I know likely a close race. C’est la vie.

    1. cwaltz

      The new Democrat motto- A vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for corruption.

      They should be so proud.

      Didn’t even watch the finale to their little show last night. Headed off to bed. If I were someone headed to Philly I’d be certain to start ORGANIZING. By all means, protest, however, the more important thing to do is start networking and creating a counter balance to the Democrats.

      And if I were in a swing state I’d consider voting for Trump. Why? If the Democrat elite win then you can guarantee they’ll be modeling their next election on this one. It only gets MORE corrupt from here.

      1. Montanamaven

        As a former delegate (2004), it gets real ugly if you so much as raise any kind of protest. But that was when the only real protesters among the delegates were the Kucinich delegates. So they were a small group. Bernie has a lot of delegates and so there may be an opportunity to make some kind of action, but I just don’t know what it would be. Because of the size of the Bernie delegates I don’t think they will be able to bully them the way Richardson’s thugs did the delegates wearing peace neckerchiefs. They told them to take them off. They didn’t like the optics for the TV. It would ruin the warrior aspect of that convention. It was truly a hideous last night with all the vets standing on stage and John Kerry “Reporting for Duty”. I literally bumped chests with one of the Democratic State Committee guys when he told the Kucinich delegate not to do anything funny.
        Revolutions don’t really happen with elections, so I’m wondering where this “revolution” will go.

        1. MojaveWolf

          Good. If they are going to nominate MsCheat2Win I want it to get ugly. The uglier the better. I would hope for a full scale riot. I am not kidding.

          What was that JFK or FDR quote? “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible …” etc.

      2. kj1313

        I think people need to realize that revolution and change is tough. This current movement has been built on Occupy which only occurred a few years back and it is heartening to see how much it has grown. For 40-45% of the Dem electorate to reject the current status quo along with the wholesale rejection by the base on the Republican side makes me think that the genie is out of the bottle and it will be very interesting to see how things progress.

        1. Lambert Strether Post author

          Yep. A 72-year-old Democratic Socialist starting with no money and no name recognition took 45% of the vote against the entire political class, including the Democrat Party and our famously free press, who managed to drag their candidate over the finish line with tactics that included splitting the vaunted Obama coalition (they threw youth under the bus), a million dollars in paid trolling, voter suppression and election fraud, and last minute election fixing by the country’s monopoly wire service.

          It’s a historic election, alright.

          1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

            So we’re supposed to sit through at least 4 more years of Permanent War corporo-fascism, and worry about local races or something? Dems have destroyed everything that looks like opposition to the rapacious billionaire elite policies, and I’m supposed to go gently into that good night? Screw that. Count me in the “lifelong Dems for Trump” camp. When a machine has gone haywire and threatens to blow up the entire factory you don’t tinker with the carburetor, you throw the biggest wrench you can find into the works. ANY change is better than cruise control to obliteration.
            Lord Acton said “eventually the people must go to war with the banks”. True. But I’d say the 2016 version is “eventually the people must go to war with the media”. Trump at least has the stones to do that.

    2. OIFVet

      I am thinking ‘Mrs.Robinson’…

      Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
      Going to the candidates debate
      Laugh about it, shout about it
      When you’ve got to choose
      Ev’ry way you look at it, you lose
      Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio
      A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
      What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson
      Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away
      (Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

      1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

        Our Joe was just a little too old, a little too Jewish, and a little too kindly. That there is not another decent, capable, uncorrupted person who was willing to lead the charge is a huge indictment of the state of our “leaders”.

    3. Pavel

      The entire system is rigged for the plutocrats (I’m preachin’ to the choir here, I know). I see no reason to legitimise it with a vote unless there is a real positive candidate. If you see a poker game and the players are all members of the local crime syndicates and known cheaters, why bother to play?

      Your Jamaican Red Stripe reference brought a smile to my face… been a long time since I had one of those back in my London days.

      1. craazyboy

        Jamaican Red Stripe is a surprisingly good lager. Maybe 3-4 years ago Trader Joes was selling it for $3/sixpack around here! I noticed the market price has since adjusted upward substantially towards the norm.

        1. tawal

          Ever since they started making it in Latrobe, PA for the US market, it hasn’t been good.

        2. so

          Red Stripe was always a bit watery for me. On the other hand, an ice cold 24oz. Genny Cream Ale always hits the spot and its now available at the Red & White down the street here in Savannah. It’s weird how life turns. The favorite bong hit beer of my teens. Only $1.25.

    4. Patricia


      The corporatists and their lackeys are not satisfied to engage in quiet election fraud but also must rub our faces in it. They demand not only their illegitimate win but also our decapitation so we don’t even have influence. They insist their destructive path remains unimpeded, an open freeway. We are roadkill and they claw, caw and crow.

      Much of our planet’s life will be lost but these humans don’t give a shit.

      There are still some months before the general election but for the first time, I am considering a vote for Trump. What other way is there to bring it all down, if we also get involved in national protest and constant hounding of government?

      This isn’t simply incompetence, egocentrism or insanity, for which we have tools to dismantle. IMO, it’s that old-fashioned thing, evil grown wild across the globe. Sanders doesn’t seem to get that. He remains a gentleman and as such, he’s done great service to peel the curtain back. But a gentleman can’t stay clean in chaos and expect to get dirty work done.

    5. Jim Haygood

      Bernie really needed a win in Cali to make the case that the momentum had shifted irrevocably in his direction. But Cali didn’t grant that wish.

      Two rough estimates lead to the same result. One approach puts Hillary’s chances of dropping out due to scandal, health or indictment at 1/3. Likewise, her chance of beating Trump is 1/3. Multiply the two fractions, and Hillary has a 1/9 shot at the presidency.

      Plain old eight-year partisan alternation points to the same 1/9 chance for any D party nominee, since it’s the R party’s “turn” after eight years of what’s his face.

      So who you gonna call … the blood-soaked butcher or the orange-haired flake? As a long shot, it’s about a 1/100 probability that Trump and Hillary unite in a fusion ticket, as they laughingly admit that “There’s only one War Party!

      1. Kurt Sperry

        Tell you what, since I’m feeling generous I’ll put $100 on Clinton and you only have to pay five to one if she wins. Deal?

        1. Jim Haygood

          As an eclownomist would say, your generous offer fails to satisfy my quadratic utility function.

        1. abynormal

          exactly what i thought of Chaney…the difference this time is the war on population is in full steam ahead. i’ll give unbearable to the coming survivors…

        2. Jim Haygood

          If she keeps wearing that ghastly electric blue pantsuit, I may have to poke out my own eyes.

          1. abynormal

            that one that doesn’t fit? i noticed her $12k jacket doesn’t fit either. if anyone still wonders where Lipstick On A Pig came from…

          2. craazyboy

            There was that shiny yellow raincoat thing too.

            Maybe she’s wary of the dreaded Nixon Grey Suit and wants to look like a blob of day-glow paint?

            I saw a funny vid on youtube a while back. Someone had taken some Hillary video footage and messed around with the aspect ratio squishing Hillary’s height and expanding her width. She looked like Cartman on South Park, except with more hair.

            I think that may get popular over the years to come.

      2. xformbykr

        meantime whatter progressives gonna do? hopefully the movement can continue. to that end, a film recommendation: “No”
        it’s about a chilean campaign regarding a referendum on pinochet after some years of that rule. the film’s plot has an advertising guy create a ‘lightheartedly upbeat’ campaign in favor of the ‘no’ vote – not to continue with pinochet. same ideas could be applied to progressivism — “being connected to others”, having fun, living simply. i mean, what if lots of people thought that was kool?

    6. Clive

      I think y’all should stop compaining and just get with the programme. If you’re going to have coronations (Hillary), Royal Weddings (Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky — I am not kidding, the Daily Mail (yes okay, that Daily Mail) actually called it as such) and dynastic rule then you might as well a) get used to it and b) start up some customs to mark these ceremonial occasions.

      On the day of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, my neighbour asked us all round for a garden party. There was cucumber sandwiches, cake and everything. She’s originally from Columbia and so, like you guys across the pond, missed out on all this royalty malarkey and, once here, couldn’t get enough of it. Maybe embracing your new, very own, Royal Family could become a new secret guilty pleasure.

      I don’t, though, think you should simply take our celebrations of royal events without adding some variations of your own devising. Instead of lining up along the Mall as your new Queen is driven by in a horse-draw gilded carriage, maybe instead she can to wave to delighted crowds out the back of an open-top Escalade down Pennsylvania Avenue ? And on her official birthday, instead of Trooping the Colour, there’s a $100k-a-ticket black tie event somewhere nice in the Hamptons ?

      And as for what the hoi polloi should do on coronation (sorry, inauguration) day, maybe you and Yves can get together and knit a “Bill” and “Hillary” tea cosy ? Please do post a picture of the finished article. And try not to drop any stiches, I’ve heard how cack-handed you can be.

    7. wbgonne

      Bernie should accept Jill Stein’s offer and run as the Green Party nominee, with Stein as VP. They could win!

      1. James Levy

        They couldn’t even get on the ballot in all 50 states, which would make the only election that counts (the electoral college) out of reach almost from Day 1.

        Please don’t think that doesn’t mean I am right with you and would love to see them win, but if you think the Democratic nominating process was rigged against Sanders, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

        For what it’s worth, my guess is that, depending on how many crazy-ass statements and volte-faces Trump makes, Sanders and Stein would take 14-18% of the vote and 2-6 states; Clinton would get perhaps 32-36% of the vote, and Trump 60%. If Trump had any coattails the resulting Republican control of both houses would be catastrophic. We too quickly forget that if the House Dems are whores, the House Republicans are psychos.

        1. Ranger Rick

          Ah, but the “election that counts” could be the 5% of the national vote that the Green Party needs to get federal election commission funding.

        2. wbgonne

          If Sanders is serious about a political revolution, then blowing up the two-party system is necessary. This rigged Democratic primary has proven that beyond any doubt.

          And in a splintered election with both mainstream candidates despised and the Libertarians in, I think a Sanders-led Green ticket could be the winner. An outright majority? Maybe, but probably not. So, yes, then it goes to the House, and all hell will break loose. Which is exactly what we need to effectuate a revolution.

        3. Yves Smith

          No, Sanders would get 0 states. Perot got 19% of the vote and no Electoral College votes. And you also have to factor in that both parties will engage in much more aggressive vote-fixig than in ’92. I am sure the Republicans noticed what the Dems did in the NY and CA primaries and will act in kind (and tell the few who still have principles that it is necessary defensively). But yes, he would kill Clinton that way.

        4. heresy101

          Winning would be nice, but isn’t the goal. Trump will clean Clinton’s clock, the 1968 deja vu effect will change the future. The videos of the cops beating the Sanders supporters and the tweets from the corruption and undemocratic DNC will do much more for the future than the Chicago Eight. The corrupt elections, voter suppression, and violence will build the movement for the future.
          If Bernie has any cajones, after 1968 deja vu he will run with Jill Stein on the Green Party ticket. Even if they lose, the 50 state solution can be used to build options and actions for the future.

          Unless this option happens, it is voting for the lesser of two evils, and Trump is evil but less so than the Warmongress!

        5. vidimi

          that wouldn’t be as big of a problem as you make it out to me. it would galvanise the opposition and a real leftist movement would have a chance to emerge. the most dangerous thing is bipartisan concensus.

        1. James Levy

          What combination of states do you see them winning in order to secure an electoral college majority, for if they don’t have one, the election goes to the House, and I somehow doubt they’d put a Socialist and a Green in the White House.

          1. Tom Allen

            And if a third party can’t win the presidency in 2016, why even bother supporting them? It’s instant gratification or nothing!

            1. James Levy

              Since I have every intention of voting for the Greens, your statement is inapt. My contention is that reality and the Constitution collectively make a Sanders/Stein ticket virtually unwinnable, and pointing out that if you want to state that they could win you’d have to tell me how is hardly an irrational thing to ask.

              1. Gaylord

                Seems to me, it’s not about winning this presidential election, but about establishing a viable third party for the future — getting a foot in the door which only barely happened with Ross Perot some years back but since then has been stifled by the party duopoly.

                1. tgs

                  +++ That is the point! That is why a vote for the Greens is not wasted. Getting the Greens back on their feet would be a step in the right direction. Jill Stein is an excellent candidate, so this is a opportune moment given that Bernie has opened up that space in the American political scene.

                  I don’t expect Bernie would run with Stein. She is maybe too far to the left for a guy like Bernie. But I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

    8. craazyboy

      File under “good news”

      This morning I was supposed to wake up, turn into craazytoast, and become a Hillary supporter.

      It didn’t happen!

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        The funny thing is Sanders supporters aren’t even the real problem for Team Blue. It’s the completely disaffected. How many people who are finding out Obamacare insurance insurance is too expensive to use are going to vote Democratic. On the surface, Sanders sounds like promises Democrats made in the past. Most voters can barely identify their own Congressman. It’s impressive Sanders was able to reach so many people.

        The Walker brigades aren’t canvassing, and the fear and abortion based campaign in 2014 was a spectacular failure even with threats of Obama not be going able to nominate his Justices. The issue, Iraq, which rallied Democratic support in 2006 was handed to Trump by Democratic partisans.

    9. Jim Haygood

      Bernie for president … of the Republic of Vermont:

      Bernie Sanders will not become president of the United States. But he could still become president of Vermont if the Green Mountain State secedes.

      It’s not such a far-fetched notion. Vermont was an independent republic from 1777 to 1791, and despite signing the Constitution, Vermont reserved its right to leave the union. New York, Rhode Island and Virginia explicitly did so.

      In researching “Free Dakota,” my novel about secession, I discovered that in the early 1800s, talk of secession was more common among the New England states than among the southern states. Few people questioned a state’s right to secede.

      Next up — Texit (another former free republic, where independence day is celebrated on March 2nd, not July 4th).

    10. jawbone

      Given The Donald’s weird behavior this past week, I wouldn’t count on his having the desire to actually govern and predict he will outsource the presidency to some Republican who can deal with details as well as the big picture.

      Trump may have some issues he really wants to work on, but actually pay attention and learn all sorts of “stuff” in order to do the job? He most likely won’t see that as worth his time.. And time is money, after all….

      I would imagine he’ll pick a VP who he can task with doing most of the work and he’ll be the ceremonial leader of the nation.

      I’m not saying he’s not smart enough to govern, but that it’s just not his area of interest or exertise.

      And that list of potential Supreme Court justices? OMG.

      1. James Levy

        People can lose sight of the fact that Trump knows little and cares less about most policy issues. He’s going to need a team to do the scut work for him and give him a limited menu of A, B, or C. In fact, I’m seeing Trump more and more as a variation on Reagan, another presumed “outsider” (he really wasn’t loved or trusted by the Republican Establishment either, who wanted George H. W. in 1980) with a “populist” touch. My fear, though, is that Reagan had generally competent, rational “handlers”, while Trump has an oversized version of Dubya’s “gut”. I think he will make an inept president, and too many critical issues are on the table for an inept narcissist to be in charge of the Executive at this time (especially after 8 years of drift and gridlock under Obama). Of course, the alternative is almost certainly worse, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t screwed if Trump gets in The Big Chair.

        1. JonboinAR

          You’re right. Reagan fronted a pretty danged well organized team with a well developed policy strategy (and I despise the Reagan Revolution). I see no sign of that kind of organization with Trump, but WDIK?

        2. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

          I see you’re getting there, James, “the alternative is almost certainly worse”. Yes. And I wouldn’t say we have had “8 years of drift and gridlock”, au contraire, we had a tightly focused program of Permanent War, free pass for banking crimes, health care designed for big insurance and big pharma, incredible destruction of civil liberties, and total surrender to extra-national corporate rule via “trade deals”.

      2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Interesting take.

        Trump as the ceremonial president.

        His VP as the premier.

        That’s like a lot of European countries.

          1. ambrit

            Wilson??? I know that his wife ran the Oval Office for his last year, but , Marshall as Chancellor?
            Now, I can see H Clinton engineering the choice of a certain W Clinton for Veep. Then I can see a President Premiere relationship.

    11. Roger Smith

      “…refers to a prophesied war among various beings and gods that ultimately results in the burning, immersion in water, and renewal of the world.”

    12. Jim Haygood

      Clinton fatigue:

      Hillary Clinton’s base of support appears to have hit its high watermark eight years ago.

      With 94.4% of precincts reporting, Clinton won 1,841,285 votes in California on Tuesday, compared to Bernie Sanders’s 1,416,742, Politico reports.

      That’s nearly a 30% drop in total support from 2008, when she received 2,608,184 votes. (Barack Obama got 2,186,662 votes.)

      The results weren’t much better in New Jersey. While Clinton won the state — as she did in 2008 — she saw a decline in support there, too.

      On Tuesday, Clinton received 542,656 votes compared to Sanders’s 315,194 votes, according to Politico.

      That’s a 13% decline in support from her 2008 turnout, when she received 613,500 votes compared to 501,374 ballots cast for Obama.

      Hillary — better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick!

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        You think the AP call the day before might have reduced turnout?

        Is she the victim or beneficiary of that call?

      2. ambrit

        The figures you give also show a decline in total votes of about 23% in New Jersey!
        As for California, something ain’t rite, as the boys down at the General Store would say. The figures, if true, point to a decline of total votes of around 41%! Is this discrepancy an artifact of the system, and more votes will be added in later, or is ‘Something Rotten in Sacramento?’ Sanders was supposed to be adding voters to the rolls in California. I admit a degree of bafflement.

        1. tegnost

          2008 Cali 2,608,184 + 2,186,662= 4,792,846
          2016 1,841,285 + 1,416,472= 3,257,757
          subtract a from b = 1,535,089, more than bernies total
          Maybe nowhere was right, they gave out dem ballots but put them into provisional sleeves.

          1. ambrit

            So, taking the next step; when will the “Provisional Ballots” be added to the total? (I’m guessing never.) Adding, custody of the physical ballots becomes of paramount importance. Who has the democrat provisional ballots? The State Commissioner of Elections, or some Democratic State functionary? It’s enough to make you want to vote Bolshevik.

    13. Aumua

      a) vote for Trump even though he’s awful.
      b) don’t vote for either.

      I choose b every time. Don’t do it N.C.! How are you going to live with yourselves after? What about when the beer wears off, craazyman? You’re going to have to keep drinking to keep the shame at bay, for the next 4 years.

      Don’t think I won’t be here, to remind you. Cause I will.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Not voting is always an option.

        Hopefully a voluntary choice, not something they manipulate you into doing.

        1. Aumua

          Like someone said, I’ll vote: for Sander if available, and green otherwise. That would be ‘throwing my vote away’ I know, but that’s the best option I can see in this impossible situation.

      1. Kokuanani

        It’s actually fun to do so, if you call in to talk to a real person. [Got the number off my credit card statement.]

        Their call center is apparently in Iowa, and when I talked to their representative a couple of weeks ago to cancel, she said they were “getting a lot of calls like this.” [I specifically mentioned that Krugman going completely rabid was what pushed me over, but listed a few other sins of theirs.]

        As a bonus, shortly thereafter I received an e-mail survey, in which I got to re-state my objections to their awfulness.

        Only downside: I can’t cancel again after this.

    1. RW Tucker

      How about “first candidate under federal investigation”? They forgot that one.

      1. Montanamaven

        That’s a good one. It is a criminal investigation while Trump’s case is a civil case.

    2. jrs

      more accurate headline: retrograde backwater of a country nominates corrupt right wing women leader decades after the rest of the world already has had female leaders.

      retrograde backwater said to moving forward, experts speculate if trends continue perhaps in a few decades they’ll even have healthcare and paid vacations there. Some say electing the women leader of a bloodthirsty empire is more significant than just the leader of a country, it not only proves women can lead but that they can engage in imperialist conquest.

      1. YCQ

        It seems to me Catharine the Great and Elizabeth I got in ahead of her by just a few years there.

        And remember how “unthinkable” and “astonishing” and “miraculous” and “unprecedented” the Obama candidacy was, even though plenty of other countries had elected ethnic minorities to the top position before, and even though a decade earlier opinion polls had put Colin Powell well north of 50% support when it looked like he might make a bid for the Presidency.

  11. Ed

    I see that you like FT, but for those of us who don’t wish to pay for a subscription, these links are all worthless.

    1. OIFVet

      Ed, copy the article title and google it. Then press on the google link to the article and it will open so that you can read it, for free.

    2. Jessica

      Copy the title of the article and google it in quotes. That will get you the article without a subscription.

    3. Brooklin Bridge

      There are ways around the paywall though the ones I’ve heard of involve Google.

      Try running a query in Google just using the title of the post in the search box. The result set often has a link that goes directly behind the pay wall. It’s a pain but I hear it works for FT – who know for how much longer.

    4. JCC

      Ed, this has been mentioned before, but I suspect a reminder won’t hurt. If you copy the headline and paste it into Google, the search will take you to the link of the article which will then be viewable without a subscription.

      One comment on the article:

      “But over the past three years, as major emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia and South Africa have slowed or fallen into recession, the slower average growth means the number of years it would take to catch up with the US has grown to 67.7 years.”

      Based on our use of resources, our methods of energy extraction and our use of that energy, our definition of “growth” and GDP, our military expenditures, etc., why would 67.7 years to catchup not be a Good Thing? Finding a way to cope with what appears to be inevitable de-industrialization would be the next logical step for these countries, wouldn’t it?

      1. JTMcPhee

        Malignancies don’t stop until they kill the body they feed on. But they have a great old time of it while they yet live…

  12. RW Tucker

    The expression on the Antidote’s face is exactly how I feel this morning. Angry bird.

  13. Pavel

    Referring back to the Japanese “forest bathing” concept from last week, and given that many of us might feel jaded and cynical and bitter these days… I found this over at Jesse’s Café Américain blog just now:

    “When despair for the world grows in me
    and I wake in the night at the least sound
    in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
    I go and lie down where the wood drake
    rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.

    I come into the peace of wild things
    who do not tax their lives with forethought
    of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
    And I feel above me the day-blind stars
    waiting with their light. For a time
    I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

    Wendell Berry

    No Updates Tonight

    For my antidote du jour, I just walked along the river for 30 minutes, and noticed two or three lovely red-winged blackbirds — the male with its brilliant red stripe, red and yellow at rest. Beautiful birds!

  14. timbers

    NPR had Trump’s speech on the radio as I drove home from work. If he “stays on message with” as he did in that speech, Hillary should be very afraid. But Trump needs to listen to those telling him to stop making “off message” gaffes like the judge thing. IF he MUST make incendiary statements for attention, he should say something like he likes to pick his nose and eat buggers…at least that can be shrugged off.

    He explained his America First means 1). Making jobs for every American secure. No more Clinton-Obama trade deals that take away our jobs. Audience yelled out “no PP(T)” and Trump said exactly. 2) No more Hillary-Obama wars making America less secure and chaos around the world.

    If he does that, he’s got my vote no question. It would be a vast improvement over Hillary and Obama’s insane plans for WW3 with Russia and world wide corporate feudalism with TPP.,

    1. Katniss Everdeen

      Agree 100%.

      From clinton’s speech:

      “When he says, ‘Let’s make america great again’, that’s code for, ‘Let’s take america backwards.’ “ (Refused to watch, but this was the inspired snippet running on continuous loop this morning on msnbs.)

      And from Bernie’s speech:

      “The struggle continues!”

      No one should say they haven’t been warned.

      1. Pat

        I said yesterday that Clinton’s bubble has it wrong – running the fear the boogie man campaign is a loser.

        Despite the fact that the media will try to make sure you never hear anything but the gaffs, Trump is not going to let her pretend to be even beige. They are both going to be the boogie man. AND he is going to offer people something to vote for (whether it is real or not). The smartest people in the room didn’t manage to learn anything from Obama’s campaign. Hope trumps fear in getting out the vote. Unless she gets better people who tell her no, she is going to lose. Or another way of looking at it, the con won’t work unless you make people think there is something in it for them. Without that they aren’t going to do what you want – give you their money or their vote or both.

          1. NotTimothyGeithner

            The woman card is a deflection for not wanting to share why one likes Hillary, but it won’t actually appeal to new voters. If it worked, there would be more elected women. Usually, it’s used by shallow people who don’t want to admit they simply like Hillary or a particular candidate.

            A certain subset of Democratic voters or center left voters will switch to a center right women, but conservative women are self hating by definition. They aren’t going to go, “wow, Hillary and I have the same plumbing. Now, I’ll vote Democratic.”

            Sometimes voters are sometimes voters because they don’t see a particular reason to vote and Democrats have invested huge sums in pushing social identification buttons to little effect because it doesn’t work.

    2. JohnnyGL

      Did he really say 1) and 2)????

      Crap, if he does that, I’m going to have to suck it up and vote for this clown. I’m going to feel as filthy as if I came out of a brothel. The world’s longest shower won’t be enough to get me clean.

      But, I’ll make that sacrifice for my country!!! :)

      1. Roger Smith

        Yea, the parts of his speech I heard were very strong. As Timbers said, if he keeps that up, he is a shoe in.

        1. JustAnObserver

          How many Sanders supporters have been watching the increasingly blatant vote manipulation of the Dem primaries together with the appalling behavior of the MSM (print & digital) and have made the “Hill NO! Not at any cost” decision.

          It would not take more than a small percentage of those ex-dems actively voting for Trump to swing the general in his favor … and you can bet anything you like that, on message or off, Trump knows that. So my betting is that he’ll be swinging his campaign rhetoric around to point squarely at those “Never Hillary, not ever” voters.

          Since this effect is likely to start showing up in the polls between now and the Dem convention its more important than ever before that Sanders takes his campaign right down to the wire to try and swing the superdelegates. Bring them face to face with the reality that Hillary is now exactly what Trump will spend the next 5 months saying ad nauseam – a loser.

          And making sure that the Dem nominee is not an obvious out and out loser is what the superdelegate system is supposed to be about.

      2. Yves Smith

        I have a friend who listened to the speech and said the same thing. She’s a serious leftie. Said speech was Reaganesque in the positive sense. Said Hillary’s speech was 110% identity politics and she was certain Trump would win.

        Trump will win if he really wants to win. I’m still not sure he wants the job.

        1. JonboinAR

          It’s still possible that if he continues shooting himself in the foot that a missile will finally penetrate that teflon armor that St Ronnie handed down to him.

        2. ambrit

          He’s been a figurehead before, why not now too? Who are his ‘circle of advisors?’ Are they ‘hungry’ for power? H— yes they are! Even with his outsized ego, Trump cannot have succeeded as any sort of businessman without helpers and assistants. The sycophants, if they know what’s good for them, will ‘stiffen his resolve.’

    1. Benedict@Large

      There’s is not problem assigning blame if one tries to keep the question very specific. For example, is there one piece if the puzzle that, were it not there, the collapse would not have occurred?

      The answer is clearly “yes”. This collapse would not have occurred if the three top ratings companies had not been corrupt. I challenge anyone to show how this collapse occurs with the completely devastating size it had without a complete breakdown to the highest levels of these three firms. The entire lot of them should be doing 20 years in the federal pen.

  15. c

    The Register published an excellent piece that weaves together both the election and AI.

    Short quote:

    Marc Benioff insists he just wants equality, as he campaigns against discrimination in North Carolina and elsewhere. But alongside the fight against HB2, Benioff and other tech titans have enjoined the battle for H1B, a demand that tech be able to get the talent they need from India, or China, wherever it happens to be. Trumpistani kids are already losing the fight for elite college places to the wealthy of overseas, and now these kids want to cut in line – what will happen to US? They’ve already lost jobs to workers at overseas manufacturers – jobs the leader of Trumpistan says he’ll bring back on shore.

    Benioff and his fellow billionaires see none of this. Locked behind gated walls, in their private jets, shuttling between “meetings” at luxury resorts to be interviewed on TV yet again, they are shocked, shocked, that anyone – let alone one of two major American parties – could possibly act as heirs to Ludd, could possibly reject the future of ease, safety, and wealth clouds and apps can provide.

    Next, they will come for the truck drivers as they have destroyed the cab business. They will come for the lawyers, the doctors’ office help, the ambulance drivers. They will come for the auto repair yards, for the actual car dealerships, for the school bus drivers, for everyone Trumpistan knows. What will happen to US, they ask, when all the strings that held our lives together are held by men like Benioff, and all the jobs are done by bots, by robots?

    Go read it in full here

    1. craazyboy

      I did. Not impressed. First of all, your android app is not AI. But we are in the age of tech-hyperbole, so that explains that.

      Next of all, no one in the media understands the least bit about competitive business strategy. When they say they need access to India’s or China’s or Russia’s best and brightest tech people, the primary reason is not that there are no qualified Americans, or even that they can get more compliant H1Bs at lower cost. The idea is to do a “brain drain” on these countries and limit the formation of potential competitors in these countries. Paying tech employees is one thing, but having to face an entire competent organization with an emerging market cost of business frightens the bejebus out of them. I’ll bet dollars to fortune cookies this has been discussed in Chamber of Commerce meetings or elsewhere for at least a couple decades now.

      1. L

        If that is their strategy it is a failed one as many of those same recycled H1Bs are going back to their home countries with lessons learned here and starting competing businesses there. Not a good plan overall.

    2. Dave

      “Next, they will come for the truck drivers as they have destroyed the cab business”. Truck drivers? The Good ‘Ol Boy on his CB is long gone.

      At least here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the majority of truck drivers are Mexicans or Chinese, in many cases driving trucks FROM Mexico, thanks to NAFTA’s allowing cross border and deep penetration into the U.S. of Mexican trucks. In the case of the East Bay container terminal, almost all truck drivers are Sikhs wearing turbans.

      1. jrs

        If we care about energy efficiency it should all be done by rail anyway. Trucking is very inefficient compared to rail.

        We have to stop providing make work for people EVEN IF it means a world with more leisure – gasp.

        1. polecat

          It’s considered leisure if one has the means to enjoy the time not spent working…….otherwise it’ referred to as…………DESTITUTION or POVERTY !!

  16. Alex morfesis

    Shut down chris hedges…my goodness, more airtime for the noisemaker honkala…make noise or make progress…for those who might fall under her spell…some enlightenment…one does not need to “tresspass” on vacant properties…the vast majority of the time someone with an ownership interest or clouded past interest will almost always be willing to hand over “colorable” title to a property, from which “full” ownership negotiations can begin…yes it takes work but honkala has never seemed to want to do the simple but combersome(as in somewhat time consuming for the neophyte) work of tracking down ownership or claim interests on apparently abandoned properties…
    Please dont waste energy with this noisefest…if someone wanted to actually get positive work done or get actionable attention…a few thousand people picketing(not protesting) in front of tv stations and the inquirer might be more fortuitous…why make it hard for the media to find you or cover you…

    And why is the green party past whitehouse candidates suggesting the disruption of the convention of another party…? Last I checked, the green party is not a splinter group thrown out by the democratic party ?

    1. JTMcPhee

      Maybe there might be a way to resurrect the cadres that made a stink at the ’68 Dem convention. At the very least, the reaction from the reactionaries would display how far the rot extends and force deployment of the tools of repression for all to see. Search on “OPLAN REX84 Garden Plot” and you get some CT stuff, but you also get the publicly available documents that are the off-the-shelf blueprints for how “civil unrest that threatens government” will be put down. If the troops and cops cooperate. Interesting question whether the breakdown-breakout will happen (if at all) before the Elect, and the many people who make careers of building the machinery and algorithms of repression that will Quelle Surprise! be applied to THEM as well, figure out how to indoctrinate enough humans to apply the whips and stunners mercilessly (or deploy enough post-human code and devices so the human element is obliterated). Rage, rage against the coming of the night for a bit, so the rest of us can get to vote with our feet and fists on whether the darkness will sweep the planet unopposed… Telling people it is not polite to crash a party you weren’t invited to and are not welcome at, where the forging of manacles and coffles is the business at hand, seems a little “liberal” to me at least.

      So what’s up with those French people, doing what they have that nice tradition of doing when’s the graspers get a little ahead of themselves in the long-game march to locked-down autocracy? “Je Proteste!”

      1. Alex morfesis

        Giving the j edgar wannabeez a cheap excuse to fill some databases is not my idea of progress…most primaries have very low turnouts…getting the annoyed and disenchanted to a polling station is the work required…having a bunch of youngsters take actions that wil be nothing more than cathartic just doesnt seem fair…if a bunch of old grumps want to slap on a bandana at age 67 & make noise…well they lived their life…but otherwise…thunder is better than lightning….

    2. ambrit

      If I remember correctly, the Inquirer is run from a large walled and barb wire surrounded compound near Palm Beach Florida. Picketing that is about as effective as making some noise in the ‘Officially Sanctioned First Amendment Zones’ way off on the other side of Philadelphia.
      For some zeitgeist muzik:
      Doobie Brothers: Taken it to the Street

      1. Alex morfesis

        Philly inquirer on market street…not national inquisitioner…aka..pope jr press wyrlitzer intl…founded by money from citizen kane himself and indicted under smith act during ww two for pro nazi and Mussolini propaganda…purchased by pope family with money from mafia buddy…details, details…

          1. Alex morfesis

            Sadly, as the years go by, my ability to dig deep brings me to the sad conclusion we are all just sitting around watching olde pyrates flapping around and providing us theatre, as they hand off the reigns of economic terror from one crime family to the next…

  17. johnnygl

    Regarding CA, it’s worth looking at the polls and how they shifted with early mail in votes as a proxy. Cnn had about 1/3 of vote in and got stuck there for like an hour. John king chided them for slowness and pointed out that what they saw was prob mail in votes. Clinton built a lead of over 400k votes, about 22%-26% or so. This was the hole that sanders had to climb out of by the time he was barn-storming around the country for the past few weeks.

    He looks to have shrunk he lead substantially in a proportional sense and even a little bit in the absolute sense.

    My 2 cents:

    1) snaders took a small lead among late voters. Polls were prob picking this up.

    2) clinton blew another lead. But not badly enough to lose outright.

    3) more exposure that voters have to sanders, the more they like him.

    4) on a side note, sanders lost a closed primary in NM by 3. THAT’S NOT BAD.

    1. ahimsa

      Re: point (4)
      Yes, shame about the ‘optics’. He ended up losing 4 out of the 6 states, with SD being just a 2 point spread and NM only 3.
      When you think about it, he probably won ‘live’ voting yesterday in every state except NJ.

      I seem to recall a Politco story about the Sanders campaign letting their campaign manager in CA go, and one of the sticking points was about devoting resources weeks ago to fighting the massive mail-in vote.

      Edit: I also noticed a comment on NC by a poll worker saying they reckoned 15% of the votes cast at their polling station were provisional ballots!

      1. JohnnyGL

        As a thought exercise, I’d be curious to see what Sanders could do given a month or two to campaign around a state like Mississippi or Louisiana. He’s shown a strong ability to grow his support where he’s able to spend substantial amounts of time and build name recognition. This was one of his biggest problems. There just was not enough time to travel around meeting voters. He had to focus his time and money on ‘winnable’ states. This was deadly to him on the mostly southern, lower internet penetration (TV news blackout was killer in these) states on the 3/1 Super Tuesday where he was starting from such a low base. He was instantly in a 100 delegate hole after that date.

        1. ambrit

          Anecdotal evidence, for what it’s worth; when I explain Bernies core message to locals, the ‘less advantaged’ take to him quickly. Those with ‘something to lose’ fear him because of the inculcated aversion to redistributionism, all tied in with the word “socialist.” Then it’s an uphill battle to simply plant the seeds of doubt. If I can leave someone ‘uneasy’ but not angry, I feel I’ve accomplished something.
          Since the states you mentioned are near the bottom of many lists of quality of life issues, Bernie can still gain traction with a large part of the electorate.

          1. NotTimothyGeithner

            Dickens had a bit about how the most seductive and deadly sin is ignorance, not greed. The comfortable will still be comfortable under most proposed solutions, but it would require effort on their part. It’s easier to remain ignorant.

      2. zapster

        That’s what actually happened. There were hundreds of reports last night–even registered dems forced onto provisional ballots. Also, whole neighborhoods purged from the rolls, new voter lists not delivered to polling places, ballot shortages–thousands were turned away or forced onto provisional ballots. This was no accident. Thousands were even lied to by poll workers and denied the correct ballots even though they did everything right. CA was stolen. There’s also evidence that NJ may have been as well.

  18. L

    Forgive the length of this but I got up this morning to read the predictable “Now the party should come together” tut tutting and I spent my time thinking about what it would actually take. I for one think that Senator Sanders should fight all the way to the convention because without him fighting nothing will be done.

    But just for the sake of argument, what could Hillary Clinton do to get my vote?

    For me, the problem with Secretary Clinton has always been one of policy. I have distinct policies I support (e.g. raising the minimum wage, aggressively tackling inequality through a fair tax system, and aggressively regulating Wall Street) and those I oppose (e.g. unplanned invasions in the middle east, the TPP and things like it, further deregulation of financial industries).

    For Secretary Clinton, the problem is that on many of these policies she has an established track record of either acting against my views (e.g. Iraq, Libya, the TPP, etc.) or she surrounds herself with people who have done so (e.g. deregulation of Wall Street, invasions, etc.). In the rare cases where she has aligned with my views (e.g. the TPP, or Minimum Wage) she has only done so because she was forced to by Senator Sanders.

    Moreover, even in cases where we do agree there are problems. In the case of the TPP she has a long history of supporting it and deals like it both publicly and through her private email. She also continues to raise funds from people who lobby for it suggesting that they know something I do not, that on Trade she plans to do what President and Obama did and conveniently “evolve” when it is time.

    In the case of the minimum wage she has long expressed a willingness to passively accept it. But even after receiving the endorsement of the SEIU she never did more than painfully, haltingly, state her willingness to vote for it, if someone else gets it through Congress. That is not an endorsement that is a whinging desire to avoid responsibility. One that is consistent however, with her past actions. Lest we forget she was a mere U.S. Senator and during that time did nothing on this issue apart from “raise awareness”.

    So on issues that I care about she either has a track record of opposing my views or of expressed but insubstantial support. In many respects all that she has to do is change that. Take strong positions, that I agree with and giving me reason to believe that those positions will last beyond the polling moment.

    The catch is, I am not sure that she can do that.

    Her positions are so longstanding, and in real terms so many have died for them, that I myself can’t see how she would convince me that she has genuinely seen the road to Damascus. Nor do I see any serious effort by her or her surrogates to try.

    Yes there has been talk of an all-female dream ticket, but burying Elizabeth Warren in a VP slot would not change Clinton’s policies. All it would do is Neuter Warren. Real substantive change requires work, not image. I see someone who “raises consciousness” about inequality while wearing a 10k jacket and who talks about reviving the economy by putting her husband in charge. None of that fills me with comfort.

    1. Lambert Strether Post author

      The problem with voting for Clinton on policy is that her corruption makes it impossible for her to keep her word. If she simply wore corporate logos, life would be simple, but she keeps her pre-commitments (explicit or implicit) private, and so we as voters have no way to judge what they are, or make trade-offs.

      1. L

        Sadly you are entirely right. If she has a track record on anything it is always going with donors over plebs.

  19. David Carl Grimes

    Any stats on the voter turnout in CA and NJ. Were people discouraged from voting because of the pre-announcement?

    1. curlydan

      But dressed in her $12,000 Armani jacket, Secretary Clinton pleaded for party unity and beckoned the Sanders followers to her side.

      1. ambrit

        Then she threw pennies into the crowd of destitute kids. Noblesse oblige at its’ finest!

      2. Katniss Everdeen

        ……. her $12,000 Armani jacket…….

        It was a tent. A large white tent conveying dual subliminal messages–angelic purity and
        “inclusiveness” as in “big tent party.”

        Damn. Out, out damn peevishness.

  20. Bill

    “FBI agents OPPOSE naming new headquarters after ‘hateful’ first director J. Edgar Hoover ”

    Because now everyone knows he was gay.

  21. Pat

    I don’t know what kind of bird it is, but they certainly look grumpy. I could really see some internet meme of a conversation between grumpy bird and grumpy cat.

    1. Synapsid

      Pat et al.,

      You’ll see that same wide mouth on other birds that hunt small insects by flying with the mouth open. At first glance I thought the bird was a goatsucker or a whippoorwill, though it seemed awfully small.

  22. Eureka Springs

    The last time I loved what was going on in the blogosphere – delusional as it was at the time and we all knew it – was in late ’08 after Obummer was elected. People here and elsewhere were all talking about possibility in very specific policy terms. Green grids, high speed affordable fiber internet for all, high speed rail and other infrastructure, actual progressive rates of taxation, basic income guarantee, single payer or tri-care for all, negotiation of drug prices, anti-trust, establishing (some called it restoration) of rule of law for war, bankster and other wealthy crimes. Big Brother, The supreme court! The coin, Etc.

    That’s all been dead for nearly eight years while things got much worse, and will remain dead as the shadow of a zombie at midnight for the forseeable future.

    You don’t negotiate with these anti democratic private criminal oragnizations called parties. You don’t give lessor evil vote, even to a “prog” super hillary delegate. You don’t vote for a dem or pug for so much as dog-catcher (think of the dogs!). You don’t pretend the word democracy has meaning when it’s not even in the Constitution itself.

    Turn your back on these people and thier organizations… their media too. General strikes melted the iron curtain. We need to go back to designing what might work – from a new Constitution forward…. all while ignoring these cretins into oblivion. Sanders, bless his old heart… has proven yet again, that you don’t fix a mafia by negotiating within it for minor repairs. When will the rest of you learn this most obvious lessson?

  23. Marco

    Wow! Bernie’s speech last night is pissing off my HillaryBot acquaintances. I’ve had a Latino friend (Venezuelan) and gay (white male) refer to Bernie “the Jew” and an “oven”. Can we expect more ugliness as Bernie pushes onward? Both reliable HillaryBots.

      1. crittermom

        nony mouse,
        That link is exactly the sentiment I’ve heard (loudly) from Trump supporters.
        Some have actually said to me, “I worked hard for my money & Sanders just wants to give it to illegals & those too lazy to work. He wants to raise our taxes to give it to them.”

        They just refuse to understand what Bernie is really for & some even consider him a Communist.

        I truly hope the scuttlebutt I’m hearing about Bernie running as an Independent is true.
        He’d still have time to educate many folks of his real views & could very possibly pull this out.
        Many like me will support him all the way.

      2. Benedict@Large

        That’s pure GOP garbage.

        We’ve long complained that the Clintons were simply the more moderate types of Republicans that were getting purged from the party (because they wouldn’t fight for what they believe), and now to see these Hillary-bots (now and in 2008, same thing), and they act just like the assholes you find at Never found a one of them who could ever explain what they saw in Hillary. All they’d do is get mad at you for asking the (apparently) hard question.

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          If Sanders wants the D nomination, he will have to – or try to – represent these same people.

          With a new party, that will not be an issue.

      3. MojaveWolf

        F this. I work 60-80 hrs a week as I define work. As a lot of others define it, I could say 100 every week and get away with it.

        And again, this “perception” has about as much truth as the total garbage that Bernie doesn’t win diverse states (see: WA, HI, AK aside from other places that he might/probably would have won if votes were fairly counted) or has a nearly all white voting base (actually, he leads among Asians & Native Americans, appears to be about about 50/50 among Hispanics tho I am again absolutely certain he has a majority of Latino support in Cali and these results are bogus, and I believe leads among ALL races under 40).

        The media can push any and all of their lies all they want; Bernie has a lot of blue collar and small business owner support. The MSM and their pet bloggers can all rot in Hell.

    1. pretzelattack

      the red baiting has been ugly among clinton supporters, not surprised to find anti-semitism.

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          That link doesn’t mention turban, but Trump will not hesitate to using anything that will damage Hillary.

          Expect a few messy months.

    2. nippersmom

      After a comment like that, the person who made it would be relegated to my list of former friends.

  24. diptherio

    ‘It was just chaos’: Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering whether their ballots will count Los Angeles Times. Third-world stuff.

    I got to witness the ’09 constitutional assembly election in Nepal. They used paper ballots, counted them by hand, and didn’t run out…and I didn’t see a single person turned away from the polls (and yes, I sat there and watched for quite a few hours). We only wish we were up to “third-world” standards.

  25. craazyboy

    File under: The Clintons still want me to turn into craazytoast.

    Time to refresh my memory on Nuclear Winter theory from the 80s. Here’s a pretty good wiki on the subject. Starts out warning us the theory was originally conceived by the KGB. (aka “bad guys”)

    Gets rather interesting half down the page under the section “Recent Models”.

    Based on new work published in 2007 and 2008 by some of the authors of the original studies, several new hypotheses have been put forth.[125][126] However far from being “new”, the very same beginning to “significant” nuclear winter effects, was in the mid 1980s models, similarly regarded to have been a threat from a total of 100 or so city firestorms.[127][128]

    A minor nuclear war with each country using 50 Hiroshima-sized atom bombs as airbursts on urban areas could produce climate change unprecedented in recorded human history. A nuclear war between the United States and Russia today could produce nuclear winter, with temperatures plunging below freezing in the summer in major agricultural regions, threatening the food supply for most of the planet. The climatic effects of the smoke from burning cities and industrial areas would last for several years, much longer than previously thought. New climate model simulations, which are said to have the capability of including the entire atmosphere and oceans, show that the smoke would be lofted by solar heating to the upper stratosphere, where it would remain for years.

    Compared to climate change for the past millennium, even the smallest exchange modeled would plunge the planet into temperatures colder than the Little Ice Age (the period of history between approximately A.D. 1600 and A.D. 1850). This would take effect instantly, and agriculture would be severely threatened. Larger amounts of smoke would produce larger climate changes, and for the 150 teragrams (Tg) case produce a true nuclear winter (1 Tg is 1012 grams), making agriculture impossible for years. In both cases, new climate model simulations show that the effects would last for more than a decade.

    It’s not discussed here whether nuking 50-100 cities is a good idea or not in the first place. That would be a separate discussion, I would imagine.

    1. low integer

      1 Tg is 1012 grams

      Just to avoid any confusion from superscripts not copy and pasting properly: 1 Tg is 10^12 grams.

  26. DJG

    Jacob Appelbaum. Curiouser and curiouser. Someone who has been so good on politics and the dangers of surveillance, yet so depraved in his private life? Is this another Assange story (which seems incapable of resolution for various reasons, like trapping him in the embassy)? Or is Appelbaum still another charismatic psychopath amplified by social media?

    More stories, please.

    I’m wondering if Greenwald and Poitras are on this story. Appelbaum lives in Berlin, I believe, as does Poitras (I believe).

  27. m

    I bet those poor Brits will get scammed out of their Brexit.
    I am so depressed and now I am getting tons of requests from dems for money, never Hillary. I am sure they are well aware of who is on the list of his donors.
    TPP, TISA, & TTIP soon to follow. Taxes for wars, lawsuits/ISDS & public private partnerships to enrich friends & donors. We are doomed.

  28. Pat

    My hopeful thought for the day is that in a few years this spring will be looked upon as the beginning of the end of the Democratic Party as we have known it for the last half century. That is if we want it.

    The question going forward: “Is this a revolution, or the last dying gasp?”

    1. sd

      I’d rather see Bernie supporters hold their votes hostage and gain concessions from both parties to move the window left.

      1. pretzelattack

        how could the move to the left be guaranteed? i can’t see it, they’ll just say “this time we really, really, mean it” and then pull the same old trick.

        1. craazyboy

          The only way I see is to focus on bi-annual congressional elections like the Tea Party did. It’s the only way we have to break the corporate stranglehold we have with the present fine congressional representation we get.

          But we would need 500 Sanders mini mes to run. I liked the suggestions here that the Green Party focus on that, but I also have the feeling time is running out, so another 50 years to reverse the last 50 years seems like too long to wait.

        2. Benedict@Large

          I’d trust Trump to keep his promise to move to the left more than I’d trust Hillary. Fact is, I’ve


          seen a DINO keep a promise to move left in their entire three decades in the party. They are liars, every single one of them.

      2. John k

        So u wanna be Charlie Brown, with criminal Lucy holding the football? No thanks.
        Hope he tears down the dem temple…
        A trump win might avert wwIII.

      3. NotTimothyGeithner

        Obama is going to be so progressive in his second term. What’s this about social security?

        1. Andrew Watts

          The vast majority of Americans don’t possess the character or fortitude to admit they’ve been hoodwinked. They’ll continue to be gullible or just pretend they were in on the scam until it cannot perpetuate itself anymore.

      4. Montanamaven

        Already this morning on Sirius Progress (barf) the host was spewing out their same old same old. “We are just going to have to hold her accountable.” Fortunately the Bernie supporter said, “And how are we going to do that?” The host babbled about electing better Democrats. Then the Bernie supporter repeated, “But how do you hold them accountable? We didn’t do it with Obama” And host said, “We are up against a break and thanks for your call.”
        Most of the time the hosts (every 4 years) get away with saying, “Well, we didn’t organize or we didn’t keep the movement going. Now we have to do that and then we need to hold their feet to the fire.” Now holding somebody’s feet to the fire sounds very much like torture, doesn’t it? How can we do that? What would make her do our bidding? She’s old enough to probably not care about a second term. So now what?

        Occupy seemed to me the right step towards a revolution. It said that we have the right to occupy public spaces; to take back the commons and have solidarity with the homeless and jobless. To have a form of free universities by engaging in discussions like Socrates sitting on a bench with his “students”. Having MIT engineering students invent tents that could swiftly be collapsed and put on your back when the cops harassed you. “Festivals of resistance”. We don’t new “good jobs”. We need a good life. Also Cooperatives are a must. If we do have to work then add to this Dumping labor leaders and having voluntary dues like Europe seems a good idea. (Put union money to work for workers not the bosses). Agitating. Sit ins, yes. Marches, NO!

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          The right to occupy public spaces…

          I am not sure if government buildings, like the White House, are public spaces.

          How to occupy it uninvited?

  29. Steve in Flyover

    Whatever happens from this point forward, the people of the US will only have themselves to blame.

    When given the choice between two unindicted crooks, and a liberal who seems to be fundamentally honest, they voted for the crooks. Rather, they voted for “their” crook.

    Look for Hildabeast to appoint Chelsea to something like Chairman of the FCC. Because of her “experience” working at NBC. I can just see it

    Chelsea in 2024……….because Barnum was right!

    1. sd

      “When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.” – Meryl Streep in The Giver

    2. voteforno6

      I don’t think they would be even that blatant. If Chelsea is interested in politics, they’ll probably parachute her into a Congressional seat (kind of like they did for Hillary in the Senate), and take it from there.

    3. m

      Do you really believe people voted for her? Tricks & bribes, election rigged & stolen. Everyone in real world were Bernie or Trump. I never met anyone that wasn’t working for Dems that liked Hillary, called me stupid for wanting Bernie.
      Maybe we need to take a page from Koch brothers, local & states-multiple little wins & stop going for big prize.

    4. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      The people of the US will have themselves to blame.

      The people include

      1. Clinton voters
      2. Trump voters
      3. Sanders voters
      4. other voters
      5. those who don’t vote.
      6. the candidates

      Literally, even Bernie is to blame. .

  30. Jim Haygood

    Venezuelan presidential recall advances:

    Venezuela’s election commission accepted 1.3 million signatures calling for the removal of President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, after rejecting an initial petition with 1.8 million signatures.

    In the next step, at least 200,000 signatories must confirm their identity with fingerprint scans. Opposition representative Vicente Bello said that stage could happen between June 16 to 20.

    Under the constitution, the opposition would then have to gather four million more signatures to trigger a recall vote.

    “According to our calculations, the recall referendum could then be held in late September or early October of this year,” Bello said.

    One recent opinion poll showed that almost 70 percent of Venezuelans want Maduro stripped of presidency this year.

    Despite its dictatorial economic mismanagement, Venezuela does have a well-entrenched culture of democracy and honest elections.

    If the recall proceeds, Maduro will lose in a landslide, purely for “pocketbook” reasons. Nothing infuriates voters like standing in miserable lines for 7 hours a day to purchase a pathetic selection of staple foods.

    1. m

      Well looks like US will get their oil back & oligarchs will get power again. Funny how South & Central America were trying to stop banana republic politics-turning away from US, now we are back in power through oligarchs/corps.

    2. Alejandro

      From a recent interview with a Venezuelan ambassador-“But I think what is the real situation right now is that all Venezuelans, we have to come to the conclusion that the rentist economy—I mean, the rentist society, that was based basically on the oil income, is over.…Now we are in a difficult process because this is a transition, and you cannot solve that in one month. And fortunately, prices of oil are stabilizing a little bit, and this is going to help us. But this is a major challenge we have here, to go from a rentist economy to a more productive economy. And this is a responsibility of the government. He’s trying to do, and he’s doing all he can right now. But it’s also a responsibility of the country. And what we see is that some sectors have been using this difficult situation to try to, as I said, do like a final push to try to destabilize and get rid of President Maduro and the legacy of President Chávez.”

      “where have all the staples gone, long time passing…o when will they ever learn?”

      1. Jim Haygood

        “Shortages appear to be part of a concerted action by members of the opposition to remove the democratically-elected government from power.”

        Who sets the below-market administered prices which create the chronic shortages? The incumbent administration.

        Venezuelans must be as annoyed by this state-owned media propaganda as we are by NPR dispensing the Hillary party line.

        1. hunkerdown

          If the present private oligarchs won’t produce for what we’re willing to pay them, why not take their toy away and give it to someone who’ll stop using it against the population? “Producer strikes” serve political advantage, not economic.

          1. Jim Haygood

            The only known example of a “producer strike” occurs in Atlas Shrugged, when Ellis Wyatt destroys his own oil fields (“Wyatt’s Torch”).

            In the real world, Coca Cola Femsa shut down production in Venezuela because there’s no foreign exchange to buy sugar … not because of some deluded notion that depriving people of Coke will incite regime change.

            Who is John Galt?

        2. Andrew Watts

          Venezuela suffers from similar problems that affect petro-states. They export oil, don’t make anything, and import pretty much everything. Their import economy will be subsidized by whichever party is in power so it’s likely their exchange rate woes are going to continue until the price of oil rebounds and/or they attempt to build a real economy.

      2. m

        I always wonder about the recent flood of oil from Saudi Arabia, while we are causing trouble with Russia, Venezuela & ?Iran.
        Was it really to stop fracking & tar sand oil.

  31. TedWa

    Just gave to Bernie again. I’ve never contributed this much to a campaign but I think it’s well spent.

    1. Benedict@Large

      Personally, I think we should sue the Party to get the $200 million back. We were told this was a legitimate primary, and it was not. The monies donated were done so because of a fraudulent misrepresentation of that.

      If we can’t break the Party with a decent candidate, perhaps we should simply break them financially. And who knows. The Koch brothers might just give us the seed money to get some good layers. Or perhaps Mike Papantonio. He’s no Hillary lover, and 40% of $200M is a pretty good paycheck..

  32. Pat

    Just read a quote from Ezra Klein regarding Clinton’s ‘winning’ campaign:

    [A]nother way to look at the primary is that Clinton employed a less masculine strategy to win. She won the Democratic primary by spending years slowly, assiduously, building relationships with the entire Democratic Party. She relied on a more traditionally female approach to leadership: creating coalitions, finding common ground, and winning over allies. Today, 523 governors of members of Congress have endorsed Clinton; 13 have endorsed Sanders

    No, the way to look at it is that Clinton ran a well tested old school Chicago or Boss Tweed campaign. Bribe or twist the arm of folks who can advance it. Steal the votes of those that can’t. And declare victory early and often.

    1. Katniss Everdeen

      Leave it to ezra klen to be as condescending, patronizing and wrong as it is possible to be.

      But “less masculine” is something he may know a little bit about.

    2. Montanamaven

      Where did you read it? I’d like to go there and, as the guy said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “I fart in your general direction.”

    3. TedWa

      Too bad the voters didn’t know that this was NOT about electing a woman, but just keeping the corruption in place and it didn’t matter the face or gender.

    4. jrs

      I thought in the year 2016 we were beyond casting people into narrow gender stereotypes, that of course many will never fit in. Guess not.

    5. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      I would try to learn from our adversary.

      Patience is a virtue. One.

      #2, if one doesn’t apply, don’t give up.

      Try again.

  33. Eureka Springs

    The last time I really enjoyed what was going on in the blogosphere – delusional as it was at the time and we all knew it – was in late ‘08 after Obummer was elected. People here and elsewhere were all talking about possibility in very specific policy terms.

    Green grids, high speed affordable fiber internet for all, high speed rail and other infrastructure, actual progressive rates of taxation, basic income guarantee vs. jobs guarantee, single payer or tri-care for all, negotiation of drug prices, anti-trust, establishing (some called it restoration) of rule of law for war, bankster and other wealthy crimes. Big Brother, The supreme court! The coin, etc.

    That’s all been dead for nearly eight years while things got much worse, and will remain dead as the shadow of a zombie at midnight for the foreseeable future.

    You don’t negotiate with these anti democratic private criminal organizations called parties. You don’t give lessor evil vote, even to a “prog” super hillary delegate. You don’t vote for a dem or pug for so much as dog-catcher (think of the dogs!). You don’t pretend the word democracy has meaning when it’s not even in the Constitution itself.

    Turn your back on these people and their organizations once and for all… their media too. General strikes melted the iron curtain. We need to go back to designing what might work – from a new Constitution forward…. all while ignoring these cretins into oblivion. Sanders, bless his old heart… has proven yet again, that you don’t fix a mafia by negotiating within it for minor repairs. When will the rest of you learn this most obvious lesson?

    1. ambrit

      “When will the rest of you learn this most obvious lesson?” When it’s too bloody late, of course.

    2. Andrew Watts

      The last time I really enjoyed what was going on in the blogosphere – delusional as it was at the time and we all knew it – was in late ‘08 after Obummer was elected. People here and elsewhere were all talking about possibility in very specific policy terms.

      Another excellent reminder why tuning out this election season is a good idea. Why should anybody in their right mind listen to people who are either lobotomized or live in a fantasy world?

      1. Lambert Strether Post author

        I had great fun fighting Bush 2003 – 2006. Then the Democrats, improbably, captured the House and the Senate, and Pelosi immediately took impeachment off the table. (Bush should have been impeached for his warrantless surveillance program, in which multiple felonies were commmitted, or for torture.) Then came 2008….

        1. Andrew Watts

          That’s fair. It kinda felt like the winds were changing direction at the time. It’s probably an even stronger feeling now with the relative success of Sanders campaign. Nobody could’ve imagined that Bernie would achieve as much as he did in spite of the united opposition he faced. Trump had it much easier against a fractured opposition.

  34. readerOfTeaLeaves


    And if Sanders turns his list over to the DNC, or any Democrat Establishment creature, I’m going into götterdämmerung mode.

    Cue up the Wagner, winged Valkyries and all… the fat ladies flying in on horseback aren’t done singing yet.

    But unfortunately, they seem to be singing in Ukrainian, or some other ‘-stan’ language involved in Color Revolutions. It’s as if all the dark arts of election stealing have boomeranged back stateside in a big way.

    Perhaps in Philly, the Dems will get back to speaking English and Spanglish again, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Time for level heads and much better analysis than the media has dished up. The media’s credibility is sinking right along with Congress and the political parties. IMVHO, loss of credibility increases the risk of people acting badly, with Trump abetting bad conduct. I dread a long, hot summer: gotterdammerung, indeed.

  35. Softie

    The Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 simply teaches us a number of lessons. And one of them is that people don’t necessarily value democracy and rights above their own material life quality, and they are eager to embrace a totalitarian regime if it can improve their economic life. And I believe that’s precisely what Lenin means when he says that if one can control 1% of a country one can control entire country. However, equality had always been the theme in the traditional (now entirely lost) culture for more than two thousand years. I don’t know how the Chinese view the astronomical inequality between the haves and the have-nots in China. Mao is famously known for saying history can be condensed into one word: “cannibalism”.

    1. Plenue

      “However, equality had always been the theme in the traditional (now entirely lost) culture for more than two thousand years.”

      Uhhhhhhhhhh…that’s seriously not at all what Confucianism is about. Quite the opposite, in fact: If everyone knows that place and stays there there is harmony.

      1. Take the Fork

        This is true. And said harmony was ensured by correct reciprocal behavior.

        Equality was a modern ideal that become a source of much self-defeating post-modern incoherence.

        1. Plenue

          The ‘harmony’ was always a farce. Confucianism was effectively just an intellectual cover for elites to institutionalize their privileged status. Ancient Chinese philosophy was host to a lot of different ideas, including egalitarian ones. The competing ideas lost out in the end because the people running society didn’t like them (the same with Legalism, the eventual horrors of which have left a permanent mark on the Chinese psyche and a wariness of any ideas about following the strict letter of the law). Confucianism was invariably championed by people in the upper reaches of the social pyramid. Staying in ‘your place’ is a lot more palatable when that position is comfortable. They convinced the peasants (and perhaps were also trying to justify it to themselves) that this obviously unjust and lopsided arrangement was acceptable because of the occasional condescending gesture of noblesse oblige.

          The extension of Confucianism to its logical extremes reduced Korea to being a static, stagnant hell, especially for women, who were viewed by the ‘wise and learned’ as not fully human, incapable of ‘spiritual fulfillment’ and not even worth teaching how to read and write. Elements of it were also key to the stagnation of Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate for nearly 250 years; an entire rigid social order expressly designed to promote stability over all other concerns, leading to the virtual technological, social, and cultural stagnation of the country.

          1. hunkerdown

            “Everyone get high, won’t nobody get up to feed the chickens.” -Terry Southern

            I think your observations on Confucianism are true in general. Any prevailing social order, especially liberalism as we are seeing most clearly today, is based on self-righteous inequality and arrogance. Otherwise, there’d be nobody to order, nobody to order them, and nobody to order for!

            I remember reading a few days back here something about henotheistic religions producing authoritarian social orders (in contrast to, say, Shinto), and immediately reaclled Conway’s Law: “An organization that produces systems […] is constrained to produce designs which are copies of its own communication patterns.”

            1. Softie

              Social order means hierarchy and hierarchy means total control and exclusion of people. Raoul Vaneigem said it well that “Hierarchical social organization is like a system of hoppers lined with sharp blades. While it flays us alive power cleverly persuades us that we are flaying each other.”

            2. Kurt Sperry

              +1 for the “Red Dirt Marihuana” reference. I read that story as a child in a long defunct magazine my mother subscribed to called “Avant Garde”. I liked that magazine. The only other person I know who subscribed to it was a Seattle cop.

      2. Softie

        For more than two thousand years, a father’s land would be evenly divided among all his sons who would inherit from him.

        In Europe only the eldest son would inherit his father’s land. For those without property (land), a legal marriage was prohibited by the Church in Europe.

        Undoubtedly, the Confucianism was used to ensure social order order for the ruling. But that can’t be used to discredit the long cherished egalitarian economic practice in ancient China.

        1. vidimi

          generally, that’s not at all true for europe. the eldest son would inherit the titles, but the younger sons would still inherit some estates. the youngest would usually go to the church and become a guaranteed bishop or a knight in a military order.

    2. abynormal

      really. many Tienanmen Massacre Facts are still surfacing. my personal fav…as the tanks gathered on the outside of the square so did the elderly and extended family members of the kids. they came from villages far and wide…that is where the massacre took place. the elders putting their lives in front of their kids…their future.

  36. mark

    CBC today.

    “A former CIA agent said Wednesday she will be extradited to Italy to serve a prison sentence for her part in the U.S. extraordinary renditions program after Portugal’s constitutional Court rejected her final appeal.

    Sabrina de Sousa told The Associated Press she is waiting to be told when she will be taken to Italy, where she was convicted in absentia and has a four-year sentence to serve.”

    1. Andrew Watts

      Pro tip: The next time CIA officers kidnap somebody in a foreign country be sure to remember to turn off your cell phone and take out the battery.

      I thought the CIA was suppose to be a super secret organization. I mean they’re not but they’re suppose to be.

    2. vidimi

      as usual, it’s the low level operatives who voiced concerns about the operations and showed some humanity that take the fall.

  37. Plenue

    “Why are you still talking about Tiananmen?”

    At first I though this was going to be a factual breakdown of what actually happened. But then it just became the same tired Western propaganda line. The facts are that there were two protest movements that day; the students who were entirely peaceful, and then a workers protest that was throwing Molotov cocktails at APCs and lynching soldiers. The Chinese did not run over students with tanks, or otherwise unleash lethal force unprovoked. Once the shooting started things apparently went all to hell, including army units accidentally firing on each other. But I have no idea how much truth there is in the common claims of thousands of dead bodies by the end.

    The opening sentence about Orwell and the efficacy of a lie repeated enough times is ironic as hell.

  38. Propertius

    [I]f Sanders turns his list over to the DNC, or any Democrat Establishment creature, I’m going into götterdämmerung mode.

    As I’ve said before, Lambert, if you gave through ActBlue (and you probably did), then the DNC will get your information (if they haven’t already).

      1. 3.14e-9

        They did, however, get my info from the caucus and immediately sent out a fundraising letter with a “survey.” Boy, did I ever have fun with that. For starters, I skipped the first question, which asked for verification of my address, phone number, and I forget what else. The best part was the question about what I considered the biggest threat to the country. IIRC, Donald Trump was one of the answers. I crossed out all their choices and wrote in, “Hillary Clinton in the White House.” At the bottom, I wrote in big obnoxious letters, “DWS RESIGN!”

        Not that I think the “survey” will even be read. They just wanted my data and a check. They got neither, and I got a little self-amusement. Gotta get it where you can these days.

    1. Adamski

      Sanders should tell them they can have half of his list if they make public promises (from Clinton’s mouth and not just in the platform) on policy that he likes, and half after the election — and after Clinton has introduced legislation to that effect, not before she does so.

  39. ekstase

    The article on Bosch reminded me of why Liberal Arts is in fact, a great field. No matter how bad things may look as you gaze about at civilization, you have only to look at Bosch’s paintings to understand that you are not alone in seeing the horror of of all, and in knowing that there is a profound and inescapable fate that each of us earns for ourselves by the choices of behavior we make.

    1. vidimi

      it should make you depressed that we haven’t really advanced since bosch’s times.

  40. Kuti Zii

    America must surely be the best place in the world for the corporate elites to say to the .99, ‘Let them eat cake!’
    If Bernie has no better Plan B than to cosy up to the DNC and start sniffing around for scraps under the table, then we’ve all been had big time.
    The fight against the neolibs should be won first in the US if the rest of the world is to stand a chance. That is why there is increased impetus to destabilise Russia and China and to weaken govts in Brazil and South Africa. Scorched earth.
    Sorry Yves, Richard and Lambert if my moping violates your rules. This has hit me hard.
    At the very least we can anticipate the inevitable consolation of the next epic cartoon from – er- Haim Saban

    1. vidimi

      i’m also gutted, especially as i don’t really see another bernie waiting in the wings to pick up the mantle in four years.

      bernie was the big hope. hillary will leave the world in such bad shape that violent conflagration will be inevitable. her arrogance may result in mushroom clouds over several cities.

      thanks, america.

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