Announcing Reader Meetups: Friday August 5 in New York City, Sunday August 14 in San Francisco

This has been an insanely busy year, both from a news perspective and a tearing-of-hair-and-rending-of-garments-behind-scenes perspective. So I hope readers in New York City and San Francisco can meet with me for a drink in August.

For those of you new to the site, meetups are very informal. We hold them in public venues, aka bars. The purpose is for NC readers to mix and mingle. Michael Hudson came to our last meetup, so if he is in town, he might stop by. Sometimes Esteemed Members of the Commentariat put in appearances, like Craazyman. We usually get 50+ attendees.

We begin early so as to have a better chance for people to converse, so pencil in 5:00 PM, with more details to follow.

I have yet to book a venue for New York. We met the time before last at Slainte, which is near Union Square and therefore logistically convenient but I’ve e-mailed them several times and gotten no response and similarly, no one answers the phone, so that seems to be out.

Our last NYC event was at Ten Bells in the Lower East Side, which does have a large back room and a very large beer menu, but they really do book it, as in they kick everyone out when your scheduled time is over (while the apparently uninterested Slainte was happy to let people hang out). Plus it’s a bit difficult to get to. If I had not by sheer dint of luck gotten off the train when a buddy from Occupy Wall Street saw me and helped me get to Ten Bells, I could have wandered around for quite some time (remember, your humble blogger is allergic to smartphones).

So we can do Ten Bells again if I can snag the back room, but wondered if readers had any other ideas for good spots for a crowd of 50, particularly if it’s more readily accessible by subway.

Regardless, I hope you can make it and those of you with ideas please pipe up! In San Francisco, we are probably meeting at the Press Club, but I need to firm that up too. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. montanamaven

    shoot. I finally am back in the east. about 2 hours north of NY. was looking forward to the meet ups. but have an event Friday night August 5 upstate. TEN BELLS is fun and so Revolution era feeling which seems appropriate.

      1. different clue

        Have high-energy NaCap readers in the field considered also organizing their own occasional regional and/ or local meetups?

  2. barutanseijin

    The Strand on Broadway in Long Island City is about a five minute walk from the Broadway stop on the N & Q. Not as convenient as Union Square, but it’s very large & with picnic table seating. Have no idea how organized they are.

  3. Tony

    SF sounds good. Three hour drive from where I live, but worth it. Thanks for setting this up.

  4. Politikat

    I am so there. Thank you, Yves. RE: NYC Venue, what about Booker and Dax, the bar at Momofuku Saam? On 13th and 2nd. Its a standalone room with windows and great drinks. Happy to help out with bar rental. DM me, please.

    1. Murph

      This looks pretty nice. Says 27 seated, 50 standing. Think it might be a little small, or are they being conservative with those numbers? Not that I would really mind a crowded room full of people I’m looking forward to talking with, but it would stink if anyone got left out because we hit capacity.

  5. petal

    I keep hoping for a Boston meet-up! I would come down out of the hills for sure! To all who attend, have fun, and I wish I could be there to meet you! Cheers!

      1. EndOfTheWorld

        What about those of us (like me) that don’t drink alcohol but may possible take a hit of marijuana where it’s legal? You should have one in Colorado for us.

        1. nick

          Would be trilled for Boston.


          Yves how about a video chat? Pretty sure we can wrangle someone to walk around with outward-facing laptop for the price of a tip jar.

  6. EndOfTheWorld

    I’d have to buy an airplane ticket. Surely you would re-imburse me from your petty cash fund? (ha, ha). I don’t know—if I go to NY I’ll be like Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn in “The Out-of-Towners”. Where they gazed astonished at John Cleese dancing as a cross dresser, and Steve Martin accidentally took some LSD. Might be quite an adventure.

    1. subgenius

      I would recommend SF, personally…I just returned from a very trippy trip to SF (no drugs, just the oddest circumstances and situations – it wouldn’t be believable as fiction…)

      As a result of that trip, I hope to be back there – maybe by the 14th…(hopefully – hell-A is currently situated next to Hades, we had a very red moon from ash last night and the last figure I saw was the fire on the edge of “town” is over 11,000 acres…)

  7. Murph

    My wife and I will absolutely be there, very excited! I’m pretty familiar with lower Manhattan bars (probably a little too familiar) but I can’t think of anywhere that would book for 50 people off the top of my head. I’ll keep thinking and maybe reach out to a few people for suggestions.

  8. Murph

    Oh, duh! Yves, try calling Drexlers Bar. They have a decent size basement room that is very comfortable and they rent it out on Friday for events. It is right by the Essex/Delancy stop, very convenient by train. My good friend is the (award winning) bartender and I can say with absolute confidence that she makes some of the best cocktails in NY.

  9. Readoutsider

    I have just been thinking about how wonderful it would be to meet other NC readers! I would be willing to arrange one in the Chicago area if there is any interest, even if it is just us locals. Would NC be willing to assist with posting info? In these dark times, some solidarity would be most welcome! Thoughts appreciated.

    1. DJG

      Readoutsider: Yes, let’s keep Chicago on Yves’s itinerary, if we can.

      There seems to be a group centered on the Edgewater, Ravenswood, and Bowmanville neighborhoods, so far as I can tell by local references.

      Maybe there can be a Naked Capitalism “Neoliberal Rahm” drinking hole here in the hinterlands.

      1. TheCatSaid

        Any maybe Yves could “attend” via Skype or such. Maybe combined with a little fund-raising for NC on the side?

  10. nothing but the truth

    wear a disguise.

    erdogan’s cronies will be keeping tabs on who’s who.

  11. Edgar Grana

    Hi have you looked into Playwrights near Macy’s great Irish bar my daughter in law is one of the managers
    The Playwright Irish Pub
    (70) · $$ · Grill
    Dozens of TVs screening sports set the tone at this Irish pub/eatery near the Empire State Building.
    27 W 35th St
    Check out the web site they do a lot of hosting

  12. John k

    Hope you get down to LA Orange County some time…
    Really appreciate your blog, probably spend too much time there.

  13. clinical wasteman

    In the outer-reaches-of-unlikely event of a London gathering, it should probably be backdated by about seven years to take place at The Foundry (Old St. EC2A; shadowy prop. Bill Drummond []; attractions including dynamite experiments in former bank vault; lately railroaded out of town to make way for the sinkhole called ‘Silicon Roundabout’). Or if the time machine is out of order, the Windmill, Brixton (host over the years of OBNOX (Cle., OH.) and Constant Pain (Auck., NZ)) or Cafe Oto, Dalston (Louis Moholo-Moholo, The Ex, King Ayisoba, AMM All-Stars et al, and come to think of it, actually far from impossible to arrange).

  14. craazyman

    Is Yves the Lana del Ray of mental disorder reporting or what?

    I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to
    A song that I had only sang to just a few
    She saw my silver spurs and said lets pass some time
    And I will give to you summer wine
    Ohh-oh-oh summer wine

    Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring
    My summer wine is really made from all these things
    Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time
    And I will give to you summer wine
    Ohhh-oh summer wine

    -Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra – Summer Wine Lyrics

    sounds like fun & hope to make it but may have family obligation that weekend out of town; it’s a tough stretch of weeks for navigating some overdue benedictions to ignored relatives

  15. Jeff W

    I didn’t make it the last two times when you were in San Francisco but this time for sure!

  16. Bunk McNulty

    Working most weekend nights (including Aug 5) through the end of the year. Bummer.

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