Links 9/13/16

Scientists recorded two dolphins ‘talking’ to each other in an advanced language Mashable (David L)

Who Says You Can’t Train A Cat? A Book Of Tips For Feline-Human Harmony NPR (David L)

How Star Trek inspired ‘two generations’ of scientists BBC

Unintended consequences of creating the world’s first semisynthetic organism PhyOrg (Robert M)

Toxic Slime Spreads Across World’s Oceans as Climate Disruption Continues Apace Truthout :-(

Uber’s Pittsburgh Project Is a Crucial Test for Self-Driving Car MIT Technology Review (JLS)

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat New York Times (JLS). This is a big deal.

Sugar industry bought off scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decades are technica


China’s Economy Strengthened as Factory Output, Retail Perk Up Bloomberg

Hanjin’s Fall Is Lehman Moment for Shipping, Seaspan CEO Says Bloomberg. As Lambert told you!

India Takes Renewable Energy Complaint Against US to WTO The Wire. Jerri-Lynn:

This is significant: India has a far better nation-wide renewable policy in place than does the US, with each state having to meet a certain minimum target for renewable power. Since some Indian states are more efficient renewable producers (e.g., Rajasthan and Gujarat for solar, TN and Gujarat for wind, there are other examples), under a previous government (Manmohan Singh I think), an exchange was set up to trade renewable-produced power.

Amid outrage, EU Commission launches probe into Barroso’s new job at Goldman Sachs DW


British expats may need permits to live in Europe after Brexit Telegraph

A two-tier model to revive Europe Financial Times

Recap: why Brexit still faces extraordinary challenges British Politics and Policy at LSE

David Cameron resigns as MP, triggering by-election in his Witney constituency Telegraph

Franco-German push for tighter defence co-operation Financial Times


Ukraine and Poland: A Tortured History – And What It Means For Today Russia Insider


UN Team Heard Claims of ‘Staged’ Chemical Attacks Defend Democracy

Syria ceasefire deal comes into effect BBC

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

The ACLU is launching a campaign to convince President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden Fusion. Obama will give back his Peace Prize before he does this.

Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored Glenn Greenwald, Intercept

Facebook case referred to Europe’s top court Financial Times

Facebook temporarily blocks Black Lives Matter activist after he posts racist email Guardian

Europe’s top court has made merely linking to stolen material on the web a crime Quartz (Joe H)

AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If You’re Pixelated Wired (Robert M). Aieee. So wear a Guy Fawkes mask or glasses and a fake nose.

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Meaning of 911 Fifteen Years Later Veterans Now (Judy B)

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines Reuters (furzy)

Trade Traitors

Ask your Friends to Oppose TPP Our Revolution (Kevin C). Part of the prep for a “day of action” against the TPP this Wed.


Hillary Clinton to release additional medical records CNBC

Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment New York Post (Li)

Hillary Clinton: Kostet der Schwächeanfall sie die US-Präsidentschaft? Die Welt (EM). Google translate version here.

Clinton Says She Was Simply Overheated as Health Issue Smolders Bloomberg

Clinton didn’t think pneumonia diagnosis ‘would be that big a deal’ The Hill (Li). Help me.

When Hillary collapsed this weekend so did her credibility. Her inability to just be straight with America is what’s truly Deplorable Piers Morgan, Daily Mail (Li)

Hillary Clinton’s addiction to privacy carries high risk Financial Times

Former DNC chairman calls for Clinton contingency plan Politico

Clinton’s diagnosis highlights uncertainty on how to replace a candidate Guardian

If Clinton or Trump were to drop out: 5 things to know . JLS: “Scroll down for the priceless photo of HRC and DT faces painted on pumpkins.”

Why Clinton’s bad weekend won’t rewrite the race Politico. Lead story as of this hour.

Donald Trump Is Being Surprisingly Strategic About Hillary’s Pneumonia Slate

Fresh violence at Trump rally as supporter allegedly punches protester Guardian

Trump says Federal Reserve does Obama’s bidding on rates Financial Times

Hillary Clinton and the Church of the Sacred Fed Dean Baker, Truthout

Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroic Glenn Greenwald, Intercept (fuzzy)

Jamie Dimon Says He’d ‘Love to Be President,’ but It’s Too Hard to Run Wall Street Journal. Scott: “Forwarded without comment.”

When Will NYC SINK? New York Magazine (JLS). I’ve had dreams of NYC flooding to 14th Street long before Sandy.

Florida black man killed by police was ‘executed’ in his back yard, relatives say Guardian


Fed’s Brainard urges caution on rate rise Financial Times

Fed Like a “Cowardly Scarecrow” as Corporate Debt Bubble Expands Michael Shedlock (EM)

Oil Bankruptcies Leave Lenders With ‘Catastrophic’ Recovery Rate Bloomberg

Some of the Biggest Hedge Funds Are Bleeding Cash Bloomberg

Class Warfare

US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds Guardian (tony)

BrickX – Fractional Home Ownership – Brick by Brick – Literally Michael Shedlock (EM)

Antidote du jour (James):


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  1. EndOfTheWorld

    Duterte wants US Special Forces out of Philippines. Right, he’s the prez—he has the right to eject them, if the Philippines is indeed a sovereign country. In my mind, the US forfeited it’s “special relationship” with the Philippines when Obama and Co. reacted distressingly slowly to Super Typhoon Yolanda. They could have air-dropped water and MRE’s immediately after the storm subsided. Instead they dilly-dallied for quite some time and made the people suffer.

  2. Expat

    Sheesh, hasn’t this guy learned a thing from the crisis?
    Why doesn’t Jamie Dimon just buy it or pay off his congressmen to change the constitution so he can just be president if he wants for as long as he wants?
    If JP can’t afford it by themselves, he can split the bill with Lloyd and they can take turns being president and secretary of plunder.

    1. RabidGandhi

      Héctor Magnetto, head of the Grupo Clarín media monopoly was once asked if he ever thought about running for president, to which he famously replied “President? Why would I want a lesser position?”. He then went on to say “my job is to put presidents in place and take them out”, and if you look at the Argentine presidency (or recent events in Brazil viz. the Globo media monopoly) this is not just empty talk.

      Why would Jamie Dimon want a lesser position?

      1. Vatch

        During the 1960s and 1970s, people used to say similar things about David Rockefeller, who was chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Becoming the U.S. President would have been a demotion for him.

        By the way, he’s still alive, at 101 years old. Maybe he gets the treatments that Peter Thiel wants.

        1. Jess

          Saw somewhere recently that he’s had seven heart transplants. Unsure if it’s true, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

            1. YankeeFrank

              And what does Snopes know? Seriously. Snopes knows nothing the rest of us don’t know. Self-appointed internet arbiters of truth are worth about as much as their “virtual weight”.

              Rockefeller probably has a farm full of children to provide organs/blood/whatever as needed.

              1. hunkerdown

                YankeeFrank, Snopes’ problem is not so much that they deem themselves an authority on arbitrating truth, which, under their own constraints, they perform quite adequately, but that their measure of veracity goes no further than the public record.

                As to Rockefeller’s body farm, MST3k roasted a 1979 movie about that: Parts: the Clonus Horror

          1. Yves Smith Post author

            Lordie. Heart operations are not the same as transplants.

            And just one transplant runs the risk of rejection. You have to take all sorts of immune-supressive drugs which creates its own set of health risks. The idea anyone could or would have seven is absurd.

            Comments like this discredit you and the site.

            1. Kemal Erdogan

              Yes, indeed. Just recently the woman who was recipient of first face transplant died; apparently due to two distinct cancers developed as a side effects of transplant rejection treatment drugs.

      2. Pavel

        Rather similar to Rupert Murdoch’s role in the UK back in the ’80s and ’90s and even ’00s. Any prospective PM had to kiss his ring.

        Though according to the gossip Tony Blair kissed another one of Murdoch’s possessions as well :)

  3. Roger Smith

    From Clinton didn’t think pneumonia diagnosis ‘would be that big a deal’

    “Obviously I was supposed to rest five days,” Clinton said. “That’s what they told me on Friday, and I didn’t follow that very wise advice.

    So again, we have a person who doesn’t listen to the right people or make the right choices, whether it is Iraq, Libya, or her own friggin health…. OY!

    Also Bill says, “she’s worked like a demon…”
    Now that I can believe!

    “We’re going to be releasing more information, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve already met the standard of disclosure of past presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and President Obama,” Clinton said from her home in Chappaqua.

    Ugh, this hiding behind sexism crap… Romney and Obama were not hacking up a lung and passing out (seizure? etc…) in the middle of New York.

    1. jgordon

      My opinion is that it goes even a level deeper than that. I have no doubt that Hillary is using the pneumonia excuse as a limited hang out to hide a far more serious and ominous condition, which would explain why everything about the pneumonia story is ridiculously nonsensical.

      To put it another way, Hillary is trying to convince everyone (again) that she is incompetent (in the sense of to stand trial) so that people won’t suspect that she is criminally malicious. But that does beg the question: why in the world would Americans want someone as incompetent as Hillary is portraying herself to be for president in the first place?

      The absurdity of it all is just too much to bear any more. When can it end?

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        This is less about Hillary than those who surround her. If Hillary had known health problems during the primaries, it would be the end of many political careers, and the corruption of the Clinton Global Slush Fund comes into play for more than just Hillary but the Democrats who worked there.

        The Shrub justice department was bad, but Obama more or less announced there would be a free for all. The rot reaches not just to electeds but their staffs.

        Hillary only was surrounded as the Democrat elites only choice because Tim Kaine would be laughed off the campaign trail. “In Virginia, I made sure to never restore voting rights even by Virginia’s barbaric standards, defunded public schools, and repealed the estate tax. Never again will children of multi millionaires never receive a single cent less!”

        The list of vile Democrats is endless. They are unaccomplished nothing back benches at best. A couple of years ago, Rahm Emmanuel made a trip to New Hampshire where less people came to see him than come to see me when I go to New Hampshire. They need Hillary. Hillary is falling down from exhaustion and she is the being forced to think through questions, and I’m positive she is continuing the old Clinton behavior of not actually thinking about policies. Thinking is hard work. Repeating half forgotten slogans and performing rote behavior is significantly less work.

        The other thought is Trump’s ban on Muslims polls twice as well as Trump. Now it’s inflated because people who answer questions deeper into polls are lonely and want positive affirmation by answering in the positive, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a good deal of Hillary backers would support this position and abandon a random Democrat.

      2. apber

        Incompetent and incontinent. It turns out that the metal tube that fell from her pants is part of a catheter setup, or so my nurse neighbor tells me.

          1. Vatch

            The crazy astronaut who drove from Texas to Florida in February, 2007, to confront a romantic rival supposedly wore a diaper, although she later denied it.

          2. Carolinian

            You are obviously thinking of our late beloved Senator Strom Thurmond. He used one during the 60s civil rights filibuster.

          3. Praedor

            No one filibusters in the Senate any longer. Haven’t for decades.

            Filibustering, by THEIR definition, means cocktail parties and fancy dinners after the opposite side merely informs the leadership that they will need 60 votes to pass this or that. Ta-da! That’s the modern “filibuster”.

            You kill me, with that nonsense about needing catheters or other special tools to carry out a “filibuster” today. It’s so easy to “filibuster” now that the question is, “Why not filibuster?” It’s literally no effort at all.

        1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

          We’re told we’re supposed to vote for a sickly, falling down grandmother who is incapable of telling the truth.
          I keep thinking about how the president we get is not only the one we deserve, but also a metaphor for who we are as a nation: elderly, ill, mendacious, overweight, prone to lashing out, yet still full of conviction that absolute power is our birthright.

        2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          Thanks for clarifying that.

          I had previously mistaken the metal contraption for a cilice*.

          *My own tin hat theory about her membership in Opus Dei.

    2. Sammy Maudlin

      [S]he didn’t think it would be a big deal

      Apparently not, and hour in her daughter’s apartment apparently cured her!

      She thought pneumonia was an allergy? Please. Those two conditions are not similar in symptom or effect.

      So now all of these coughing episodes were pneumonia. In each one I’ve seen, she seeks water and takes lozenges. Pneumonia coughs result from congestion in the lungs. A glass of water cannot alleviate such cough.

    3. optimader

      I like the obviously part.. It’s like, who’s the idiot in this room, don’t you know I was supposed to rest??

    4. Pavel

      Roger, this is precisely what I keep saying. Again and again Hilary shows poor (or tragic, in the case of Iraq and Libya) judgment, and then through secrecy and evasion and blatant lying creates one Tarball after another… protected and even encouraged by a small group of sycophants and hangers-on (often enriching themselves in the process) — Blumenthal, Podesta, Abedin, etc.

      The whole “pneumonia” explanation stinks to hell and even if we accept her version, she ignored her doctor’s advice, endangered herself and perhaps the public, apparently didn’t tell her campaign manager, and allowed the media to be misled over a major health event. Great presidential material, there, DNC!

      1. Sam Adams

        It is essential to remind every Democrat that Debbie Wassermann-Shultz and the DNC rigged this election to corronate HR Clinton. It is on thier collective heads the destruction of the party.

      2. Tom

        The bad decisions keep coming: It’s come out this morning that after dragging Clinton into the van that morning, the Clinton clique decided against proceeding directly to the nearest state-designated Level I Trauma Center per Secret Service protocol. Sure, our candidate just folded like a cheap suit and was dragged semi-unconscious across the pavement — let’s take her to visit her daughter so she can play with the grandkid!

        1. RabidGandhi

          Putin has compromised the ERs. (Ever notice how EKG is just an inversion of КГБ?)

          The only safe places are Chappaqua, Huma’s kitchen and the MSNBC green room.

          1. Jim Haygood

            Let me sleep all night in Huma’s soul kitchen
            Warm my mind near her gentle stove

            — The Doors, Soul Kitchen

        2. Michael

          She was right and they were wrong. She had an easily treatable condition and didn’t need to disrupt the functioning of a vital institution.

          1. kareninca

            And what was that “easily treated condition”, Michael? Allergies (the first story)? Overheating (the second story)? Why are we supposed to believe the third story, when the first two were made up? And since when is pneumonia easily treated, in the manner that you are suggesting it is? A person with pneumonia should be in bed, not at a crowded event. A person collapsing from pneumonia like she collapsed should be in a hospital. Not that I think it is actually pneumonia.

            If my 73 y.o. mother collapsed like that I would take her to the hospital immediately. Hillary was instead tossed into a van like a side of beef.

          2. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

            Troll-o-sphere is in overdrive today, marching orders came through loud and clear but I’m surprised they’re showing up on NC.
            It’s a losing hand but you gotta play the cards you’re dealt. and it seems bluffing is no longer working.

            1. jgordon

              Come on, that was clearly sarcasm right? He’d have to be a complete moron to actually right something like that in seriousness.

              1. hunkerdown

                Curious: Are that many people using voice dictation to post comments here, or is there a movement on to consolidate homophones?

                1. jgordon

                  I’m trying to comment here on a tiny phone in my survivalist retreat out in the middle of nowhere. It’s not like I have a lot of options at the moment…

          3. Tom

            You remind me of a funny scene:

            King Arthur: [after Arthur’s cut off both of the Black Knight’s arms] Look, you stupid bastard, you’ve got no arms left!
            Black Knight: Yes I have.
            King Arthur: Look!
            Black Knight: It’s just a flesh wound.

            Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

        3. Pavel

          Not to mention that this was New York Ground Zero on 9/11.

          Surely wouldn’t the Secret Service be worried about possible terror attacks?

          If HRC “goes down” in mysterious fashion, wouldn’t that be a rather urgent matter?

        4. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          Tom, I seem to have watched something like that (overriding protocol) in a movie (or two).

          No such protocol for a Godfather maybe, but Vito Corleone knew all about the risk of staying at a trauma center.

      3. grayslady

        protected and even encouraged by a small group of sycophants and hangers-on

        It seems one of those sycophants is her own doctor, Lisa Bardack, who, I just learned this morning, was the mystery woman in the dark blue dress who was supporting Hillary by the arm as Hillary was walking to the 9-11 event. What kind of doctor diagnoses her patient with pneumonia, tells her she needs bed rest, and then agrees to accompany her to an early morning event that is bound to be physically stressful? I think that, once again, Yves may be prescient: Yves commented yesterday that Hillary’s choice of primary care physician brought to mind Michael Jackson’s physician.

        Dr. Bardack’s presence, the decision not to take Hillary to a Level I trauma center when she collapsed, and Hillary’s very presence at an event she easily could have been absent from without being noticed, suggest to me a level of desperation in Camp Hillary that may mean her internal polling is far worse than the propaganda press is letting on. Contrary to what Hillary said–that she didn’t think pneumonia was a big deal–the presence of her physician at the 9-11 memorial suggests that her physician, at least, thinks it is a big enough deal to accompany her to a public event. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

        1. Roger Smith

          Whaaaat?? This is just unreal. Why would a doctor be accompanying someone around to public events, would let her divert from hospital treatment…? This is supposed to be reassuring? Man these people are terrible at the Illuminati playbook.

            1. Pavel

              Ha ha, great movie quote from one of my favourite political comedies. Dustin and De Niro at the top of their games. Great screenplay by David Mamet IIRC.And what a great cast. I’ll have to watch it again.

              Wag the Dog [Trailer]

              1. Tom

                Yes! I think Motss had another similar line that went something like:
                “This is nothing .. it just got bad.”

          1. Jim Haygood

            No different than the eminent journalist Dr Hunter S. Thompson being accompanied by his personal attorney when going on a drug-fueled bender.

            Dr Bardack questions Hillary in the accompanying photo:

            Can you squeeze my hand? Good! How many fingers? Hillary, hon … how many fingers?”


            1. Tom

              Clinton would love the idea of her doctor also being her attorney — a double whammy of confidentiality never hurts!

        2. apber

          The grad student poll across 50 states shows Trump ahead by a 3:1 margin. Yes, even the DNC realizes that the media polls are rigged for Hillary and the 10% voter fraud that they were counting on will be insufficient.

          1. PhilNC

            Election fraud, not voter fraud. County election boards controlled by Democratic machines are the campaign’s last firewall.

          2. Jen

            Not a grad student and may be borderline foily, but, here in the granite state my phone has been dead silent between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. I might actually have to ask my friends to start using my land line.

            In any other election cycle, my phone would be ringing off the hook. I did tell the first pollster who called that if my choices were Clinton and Trump, I’d vote Trump.

      4. Tom Denman

        Um, let me get this straight. Madam Clinton, two days after being diagnosed with pneumonia, exposed her two year old granddaughter to the disease.

        Two possibilities:

        A) Clinton is so self-absorbed that either it never occurred to her that she might make infect the child or she simply didn’t care and was going to do whatever she wanted to no matter the ‘collateral damage’ to anybody else.

        B) It was safe for her to play with her granddaughter because whatever caused her to faint is not contagious and she and her campaign are, perish the thought, lying about the nature of her illness.

        All of the above would be consistent with the Clintons’ history. And none would auger well if Hillary Clinton were to sit in the Oval Office.

        1. Lambert Strether

          I’m not sure how infectious pneumonia is:

          Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, which causes most cases of pneumonia, is far less contagious than a cold or flu. This is because most people’s immune systems can kill the bacteria before they have the opportunity to cause an infection.

          Can medically informed readers comment?

    5. reslez

      I ended up watching the youtube video that was posted in the comments of yesterday’s Links — the retired anesthesiologist who’s arguing that Hillary has Parkinson’s (link / direct youtube). I thought it was an interesting summary. I hadn’t seen the video footage compiled in one place before.

      It also led me to track down a reference to Doctor Drew, who lost his HLN show after making some radio comments about Hillary’s health. I wanted to find that interview but the only keywords I had were “steadfast patriot doctor drew”. So I fired up google as one typically does and got 0 hits. Feeling vaguely suspicious about this… I went to bing (which I literally have done on only one previous occasion) and lo and behold it was the first hit (google screenshot / bing screenshot). My keywords might have been a little funky, but it’s kind of strange how Google picked up on nothing related to Hillary, while Bing was all over it. To close the circle, here’s the interview Google couldn’t find: shortened version / full version. The full version has some extra radio blather unrelated to Hillary.

      Finally, I made a transcript Dr Drew Pinsky’s Hillary health discussion, short version:

      Doctor Drew: But the fact is she released her medical records some time ago. And if you listened to my show last week, I just–I just called a friend of mine, Doctor Robert Heisinger[sp] who’s an excellent internist-pulmonolgist and we just dispassionately sat and evaluated the medical record that she had released.

      And based on the information that she has provided, and her doctors have provided, we were gravely concerned, not just about her health care–not about her health, but her health care.

      Interviewer: Why?

      Doctor Drew: Well, it’s hard for people to understand, both of us concluded if we were providing the care that she was receiving, we’d be ashamed to show up in a doctor’s lounge. We’d be laughed out. It’s–she’s receiving sort of 1950 level sort of care by our evaluation.

      So we–we took a look at her record, and here are the basic facts. She had two episodes of what’s called deep venous thrombosis. Common problem, blood clots in the leg. She also has hypothyroidism. And she’s been treated for hypothyroidism with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional. And something that we used to use back in the 60s. And both he and I went, “Hmm. That’s weird.” And by the way, wow, uh, Armour Thyroid sometimes has some weird side effects. Oh, well okay, so she goes on Coumadin. That’s weird. Uh, because Coumadin really isn’t being used anymore. Now we use Eliquis, or Xarelto, things like this. Certainly somebody who’s a Presidential candidate would get one of the newer anti-coagulants.

      Then she falls, hits her head. And as a complication of that has something called a transverse sinus thrombosis. This is an exceedingly rare clot. I’ve only seen one of these in my career. Which is a clot in the collecting system for the cerebral spinal fluid. And it essentially guarantees that somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system. Well she’s had two clots, a transverse sinus thrombosis, what’s wrong with her coagulation system? Has that been evaluated? And oh, by the way, Armour Thyroid? Associated rarely with hypercoagulability. So the very medicine the doctors are using may be causing this problem and they’re using an old-fashioned medicine to treat it? What is going on with her health care? It’s bizarre.

      I gotta tell you, it looked–maybe they have reasons–but at a distance, it looks bizarre.

      … There oughtta be some sort of standard for people who lead the country or are going to be making these important decisions. This again, Hillary may be fine with all of this. I mean, it’s dangerous, and it’s concerning, but you can see, and by the way, when she–there’s two other things that gravely concerned us, when she hit her head she had to wear these prism glasses–when she came out–

      Interviewer: Right. Right.

      Doctor Drew: –that is brain damage. And so, that is affecting her balance and, clearly it hasn’t affected her cognition but tell us a little more about that. That’s profound. And then there were two, when they screened her for heart disease, again, they did an old-fashioned screen. It just seems like she’s getting care from somebody that she met in Arkansas when she was a kid. And, uh, I just, you gotta wonder. You gotta wonder. It’s not so much that her health is a–is a grave concern, it’s that the care she’s getting could make it a concern.

      So what I pull from the above is the following:
      At least one medical professional thinks Hillary is on out-dated medications (Coumadin, Armour Thyroid) that may be exacerbating her health issues wrt blood clotting. And is concerned about her concussion having caused brain damage, specifically double vision. The “prism” glasses she wore during her Benghazi testimony are used to prevent double vision.

      I’d say it would be interesting to evaluate all this in the context of some other underlying health condition, whether Parkinson’s or something else, that could have led to Hillary’s 9/11 collapse and the videos of her strange physical symptoms that are readily available online (tremors, freezing, etc.). Another point I found convincing was that if a 68 year old suffering from pneumonia collapsed at an event, it would pretty much be malpractice not to take her directly to the hospital. Instead she got taken to Chelsea’s apartment and was waving to the crowd 90 minutes later. The optics of that–a sickly elderly woman out on the sidewalk, smiling and waving to the cameras for purely political reasons–is kind of disturbing.

      1. Lambert Strether

        Reslez, thanks for doing this. I prefer to focus on campaign operations, which are verifiable in a way that digital evidence is not, and so I find this last part of your comment compelling:

        Another point I found convincing was that if a 68 year old suffering from pneumonia collapsed at an event, it would pretty much be malpractice not to take her directly to the hospital. Instead she got taken to Chelsea’s apartment and was waving to the crowd 90 minutes later. The optics of that–a sickly elderly woman out on the sidewalk, smiling and waving to the cameras for purely political reasons–is kind of disturbing.

        We already know that the internal dynamics of the Clinton inner circle are disturbing; see the sycophancy so evident in the emails. The combination of a driven candidate and an enabling entourage, operating together in a bubble of secrecy… There are no checks other than the candidate’s own judgment, here shown to be flawed.* First hubris, then nemesis, brought about by the tragic flaw (in this case, ironically enough, Clinton’s persistence and refusal to give in, the very characteristic even her strongest adversaries admit). I can see this movie ending very badly.

        And of course, politics not being beanbag, the Trump campaign should use every means to force her out on the trail as much as possible before the debates.

        * Consider an alternative scenario where Clinton says that she came down with a cold traveling, but would attend the 9/11 ceremony anyhow; we’d be seeing nothing like the current sh*tstorm, because the secrecy aspect would have been defused. In fact, she’d look good for trying to attend. But, hubris…

        1. sd

          Multiple sclerosis. Has anyone discussed MS? The pneumonia, her cough, sudden lack of coordination, episodes similar to stroke, sudden loss of ability to stand or walk, eye sight problems including prism glasses, possible use of a catheter….taken collectively, these look a lot like the symptoms of MS which can be random and short lived as nerve tissue is damaged, repaired and then scars.

    6. Katniss Everdeen

      Some commenters on this article are mentioning clinton’s rather odd, blue-lensed sunglasses.

      Apparently, Carl Zeiss Z1 cobalt blue lenses are effective in treating photosensitive epilepsy.

      According to The Epilepsy Foundation: For about 3 percent of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures. This condition is known as photosensitive epilepsy.

      There certainly are more attractive sunglasses a woman of her means and in her position could choose. Unless she has some sort of Yoko Ono fetish.

      Seriously, there could be an issue here, evidence of which is literally in front of everyone’s face. Since the clinton camp has signaled a renewed commitment to health “transparency” and “honesty,” maybe someone should ask about the strange glasses. “Alt-right” or not, the intrepid press pool cannot be unaware of the implications of those unusual blue lenses.

      1. Sammy Maudlin

        More curiouser (sic), why was she wearing sunglasses in the first place? In all of the pictures I’ve seen, no one else is wearing them, including Secret Service.

      2. Anne

        My sense is that she and her people are doing everything they can to come up with a plausible medical reason for what happened that does not involve reference to or association with the concussion she suffered in 2012; they want us to look anywhere but there.

        Supposedly, more medical records are going to be released, but my guess is these will be limited and will not include neurological records – which may be the most important of all of her records.

        I can’t help thinking that the person who used a private e-mail system/server in order to shield her private life from the prying eyes of the government and the public, and who has tortured us for what seems like forever with conflicting and changing stories and explanations, is poised to do the same with her medical history. She didn’t want to go to the hospital on Sunday for fear that medical personnel would leak details of her visit, so what are the chances that her medical records are missing important information about her neurological health that she deems none of our business?

        Thirteen days to the first debate. If this hasn’t been satisfactorily resolved by then, I don’t see how it goes off as planned, and I’m getting to the point where I don’t know that her candidacy can survive it.

        I always expected this election would be something of a sh!tshow, but I have to say that I never envisioned it would be as bad as it is, and getting worse by the minute.

        1. Jim Haygood

          I have instructed my legal team to submit all emails medical records that were work-related or arguably work related.

          … and BleachBit the rest of them!

        2. LifelongLib

          Re the private e-mail system for her private life, that would be OK if that’s what she was doing. But she was trying to shield her OFFICIAL life from the “prying eyes of the government and the public”. A different thing altogether.

      3. temporal

        I’m pretty sure she was not only wearing Ziess lenses for that reason but one other. More than one of the pictures of her at the event show her with her eyes closed. The picture of her walking with the aide shows her being lead in a way that suggests she was not looking. When leading a sightless person you maximize the forearm connection and the aide preceded her which would not be the case normally. Also she seems to be looking above the horizon in the picture which is common when one walks with their eyes closed.

        There is no chance that any of this could ever be proven and any limited release of records will be based on the expected gullibility of the reader.

        1. Robert Hahl

          As long as we are trafficking in rumors about Hillary’s eyesight, when I was getting fitted for glasses with a prism correction for double vision (due to a concussion), the optometrist said he had seen photographs showing that Hillary also has a prism correction in her eyeglasses.

          If I am not wearing the glasses I have to keep one eye closed, but otherwise its no real problem. BTW, I think this is a muscle issue, not brain damage.

    7. afisher

      Misogynism: It is fine for men to call it in if ill, but imagine what the RW would have said if HRC had followed a physician advice to take a few days off. Once again people are creating a no-win situation, in which they are essentially demanding that no POTUS candidate should ever be ill.

      No mention of the growing list of lies by Trump that are being ignored by most: hmmm

      1. Sammy Maudlin

        Two straw men:

        1) It’s not misogynism to question HRC’s explanation of her medical condition;

        2) Changing the subject to an unidentified list of lies that an unidentifiable list of people are ignoring.

        Please don’t do that

        1. hunkerdown

          I have never seen afisher come back and engage. They just phone-in drive-by corporate talking points here, as if they were on the clock. Don’t feed….

      2. nippersmom

        What a load of BS. As a woman in a male-dominated profession, I am well aware that misogyny exists. Blaming every criticism of a candidate who happens to be female on misogyny is beyond disingenuous; it is dishonest and manipulative. I would not tolerate duplicity, support war criminality, or condone rapacious economic policies in a man. To suggest that I am holding Clinton to some higher standard because she is a woman by being equally critical of those practices when engaged by her is insulting, not only to me, but to all women who endeavor to be decent (and competent) human beings.

        1. Katniss Everdeen


          The real “misogyny” here is whining relentlessly that any legitimate criticism is gender-related. It demeans and undermines the competence of genuinely accomplished women everywhere, and fosters the lingering suspicion that, sooner or later, the gender card will be played as a cover-up.

          It was always going to be this way with clinton, since her “accomplishments” are heavy on hype and woefully short on substance. It’s why she was the wrong choice for this historic “first.”

          You never send a boy to do a man’s job, and you never send an over-hyped poser to do a woman’s.

          1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

            Why is misogyny a one-way street? I tell my Hilary friends I’m voting for Donald “because he’s a man”, tends to make them think for a second about the whole “because she’s a woman” thing,
            I get that our patriarchal society is replete with ways women are put at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t make it OK to just apply misogyny in the other direction, does it?

            1. ProNewerDeal

              iirc the term for “misogyny in the other direction” is misandry.

              Example: “HClinton supporters derisively labeling all Sanders voters as “Bernie Bros”, is a textbook example of misandry. It was ironic in that many Sanders voters were women, including a majority of the 45 & under women cohort”.

      3. cwaltz

        With the rumors out there it is possible she would have faced questions if she had taken a day or two off although I think you are ridiculous to assert a male with questionable health would not have faced the same thing.

        However, what she did, by ignoring the physician’s advice, just confirmed everyone’s suspicions. They can say without question, she isn’t healthy and she isn’t doing the things she needs to do to guard her health.

        From choice standpoint, her decision to worry about public perception instead of her own health was a poor one. I somewhat expect this kind of decision making from my youngsters who have trouble getting the balance right between work and play. Someone who is in their sixties should know better and set a better example.

        Anyway, I hope her physicians are able to convince her to step down and spend the rest of her days focusing on her health and her family.

      4. jgordon

        If Jill Stein were the Democratic Party nominee you’d be seeing exactly zero hate for her. You all have just foolishly roped yourselves to a rotten and unlikeable candidate and are now making it worse by lying about why people don’t like her. Here is something to take to heart: people get really, really annoyed when you make up lies about what’s motivating them.

        1. Katniss Everdeen

          Or Tulsi Gabbard. There are plenty of women out there who would do this job way better than obama, and none of them are named clinton.

          1. nippersmom

            She’s more likeable than a pathological liar who pushes an agenda of war and regime change for profit.

          2. ProNewerDeal

            Absolutely, Stein is likeable. What is dislikeable about Stein? In contrast, Trump & HClinton’s list of dislikeable attributes is voluminous.

      5. vidimi

        the only part that’s true is that, if you are in poor health, you are in a no-win situation. particularly if you are running for president.

        1. Tom Allen

          Some of us remember all the suggestions that Ronald Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s, particularly after his initial 1984 debate. (Ten years later he disclosed he had it; ten years after that he died of pneumonia, complicated by Alzheimer’s.) But clearly, afisher, Clinton is the first candidate to be dogged by rumors of ill-health.

          1. Doug

            And…Ronnie was also rather hard of hearing. I think some of the perception of his mental state was because he couldn’t hear questions – especially above ambient noise.

    8. From Cold Mountain

      Devil’s Advocate:

      She was really in a tough spot with the timing of her illness. Maybe things would have been better for her if the headline was “Hillary skips 9/11 memorial because she has Pneumonia”? But she was facing a real headline for one which she thought would not happen; “Hillary dragged away from 9/11 Memorial Unconscious”.

      She thinks way to much, like all neoliberals do. But this is also how things are now, we vote for people, not ideas. And so this is what we get.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        This isn’t just Hillary. She has an MD who declared her to be in excellent health even though the evidence suggest that she has real neurological problems.

      2. hunkerdown

        From Cold Mountain, actually, voter turnout is significantly higher when important initiatives make it onto the ballot, up to ~10%. To say that we vote for people, not issues, would invite clarification as to who this we is, kimosabe. Not that in-groups don’t ever and always deserve to be bullied until they cry.

        That said, I get the distinct impression she’s not there for herself, but I’ve no idea exactly who the puppeteers animating her are or who holds the remote to the shock belt.

        1. nippersdad

          “…I get the distinct impression she’s not there for herself…”


          I have long felt that her role was to keep the wheels on the Davos Man juggernaut just long enough to ready all of the bolt holes before the tumbrils start to roll.

    9. Yves Smith Post author

      Looks like she is unable to shake bad habits….like not listening to the advice of experts working for and with her:

      From Brad DeLong in 2003:

      My two cents’ worth–and I think it is the two cents’ worth of everybody who worked for the Clinton Administration health care reform effort of 1993-1994–is that Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House for the rest of her life. Heading up health-care reform was the only major administrative job she has ever tried to do. And she was a complete flop at it. She had neither the grasp of policy substance, the managerial skills, nor the political smarts to do the job she was then given. And she wasn’t smart enough to realize that she was in over her head and had to get out of the Health Care Czar role quickly.

      So when senior members of the economic team said that key senators like Daniel Patrick Moynihan would have this-and-that objection, she told them they were disloyal. When junior members of the economic team told her that the Congressional Budget Office would say such-and-such, she told them (wrongly) that her conversations with CBO head Robert Reischauer had already fixed that. When long-time senior hill staffers told her that she was making a dreadful mistake by fighting with rather than reaching out to John Breaux and Jim Cooper, she told them that they did not understand the wave of popular political support the bill would generate. And when substantive objections were raised to the plan by analysts calculating the moral hazard and adverse selection pressures it would put on the nation’s health-care system…

      Hillary Rodham Clinton has already flopped as a senior administrative official in the executive branch–the equivalent of an Undersecretary. Perhaps she will make a good senator. But there is no reason to think that she would be anything but an abysmal president.

      1. Pavel

        Well she was a mediocre senator at best — what were her real accomplishments? She proposed a law to penalise flag burning and, it seems from the debates, decided to help Wall Street recover from 9/11.

        As SoS she was a disaster: Libya, Syria, no progress at all on Palestine… I guess she flew around the world a dozen times.

        Don’t people have any ability to remember things like this?

        1. NotTimothyGeithner

          I can’t speak for DeLong, but one issue is they never bothered to learn. I heard from someone that Kaine has a record of accomplishment. When I said like what, they said, “he was governor. ” That’s a job title. What did he do? They stood like a deer in headlights. This person had absolutely no clue. He was just an idiot tribalist repeating what the village shaman said the gods told him. He might not even understand what a “record of accomplishment” might even mean beyond “Tim Kaine GOOD.”

      2. hunkerdown

        From the very same guy self-righteously threatening a purge of the left when she makes it into office, remember. Any way to make him jump the shark?

        1. cwaltz

          I’ll go for typical for the pundits.

          I pointed out the other day that someone could have a really good time going through the archives of 2008 and reading what was posted on places like Daily Kos who opposed Clinton but now think she’d be a great progressive President.

          I used to think it was only the right who pathologically twisted themselves into pretzels to support “their guy.” Now I know better. There is a good portion of the left who appear to conveniently lack critical thinking skills or think their audience lacks critical thinking skills and are getting paid into sucking people into voting what the beltway wants instead of for what might actually put us on a leftward trajectory for a change.

      3. clarky90

        If someone is unable to manage their own health (HRC), how could they be entrusted with the health of The Nation? The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm

        The world is full of unwell but powerful experts; The miserable, joyless, not healthy “know it all”s who are foolishly running our World into the ground.

        1. anti-social scientist

          Just as FDR and JFK ran the country into the ground with their health issues so will HRC and her pneumonia…er something?

          1. Pat

            No her lack of judgment, which she just showed off again with this incident will if she is allowed to be President. It should also be considered by voters because the policies of her VP run contrary to the platform and to her currently stated positions on key Democratic issues. Voters should know there is a good chance there will be a President Pence Kaine and if they want him near the White House as well.

            1. anti-social scientist

              You are ignoring the part about Kennedy and FDR using the exact same judgment that Clinton did in not disclosing, only in their case, much more serious health concerns. You’ll have to prove to voters that Kaine would not honor D platform. Not convinced as of now.

              And I’m sorry: “if she is allowed to be President?” huh? Someone other than voters doling out permission on that? FBI? Dr. Oz? Donald Trump? Our Heavenly Father?

  4. abynormal

    This life is more than ordinary
    Can I get 2 maybe even 3 of these
    Comin’ from Space
    To teach you of the Pleiades
    Can’t stop the spirits when they need you

    This life is more than just a read-through

    1. nowhere

      Under the bridge downtown
      Is where I drew some blood
      Under the bridge downtown
      I could not get enough
      Under the bridge downtown
      Forgot about my love
      Under the bridge downtown
      I gave my life away

  5. jgordon

    I saw the Politico story about Hillary still being on top of the race too, despite the minor quibble that she is deathly ill–and of course lying about it. A story with Hillary in it just wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of lies.

    It seems to me that the entire mainstream media has staked whatever tattared shreds remain of its credibility in an all out effort to push Hillary across the finish. But I think they’ve finally jumped the shark with this one.

    My second thought: all those big money people who’ve been shovelling money at the Clinton foundation and the Hillary campaign must be awfully pissed off this morning to realize that they bought a lemon of a candidate. Oh man, the fallout is going to be so much fun to watch.

    1. Pat

      I don’t know about pissed or only pissed. Try shaking in their boots. Oh sure it is unlikely they will lose much with Trump, if anything. Still they had this election locked up tight. It was Jeb and Hillary. Six of one …Then came Trump and Sanders. And boom, the public rebels. It is only by virtue of limited candidates and chicanery that they aren’t shut out entirely. Still things seem to have pulled out nicely even though Trump is more resilient than they would like, more than they realize even. And then the drip drip drip of Hillary’s bad judgment and undisclosed bad health start taking a toll. They’ve lost control and are on the same badly maintained roller coaster as the rest of us. Expect shrieking.

      1. jgordon

        I’m sticking with pissed. Hillary represented herself as someone who had the ability to assume the presidency to all these rich people while she was sucking up their money. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, she’s rolling around in an ambulance with a gang of nurses and doctors watching her like a hawk, ready to inject her with drugs or whisk her away at a moment’s notice if there be any chance whatsoever of anyone accidentally catching wind of her horrifying symptoms.

        If I were a donor I’d be demanding a refund–I expected something for my money damit but all I got was a lemon! Well dear donor you can take solace that you weren’t the only ones being lief to. Sure you may have been a bit more credulous and gullible than the wider public, but just chalkboard it up as a learning experience. Trusting a Clinton is like trusting a venemous snake not to bite you, no matter who you are.

        1. NotTimothyGeithner

          Who could have defeated a Sanders style candidate?

          The answer is no one. They desperately needed Hillary on the Team Blue side. Can you imagine a DoJ investigation into Wells Fargo instead of the CFPB?

          If you might be connected to fraud, you need a candidate who won’t dare unleash federal law enforcement. No, Democrat except Hillary would have been able to win against a populist style candidate. Many of these Hillary backers have been to Iowa and New Hampshire and didn’t find much of an audience for a less openly racist GOP party. Al Gore was a high profile candidate and he let it be close enough to steal against Shrub. Biden is the sitting VP and outside of DC he gets laughed at when his name is mentioned.

          1. JTMcPhee

            Query whether there are any working stiffs at either FBI or DoJ (or any of the other “regulatory agencies”) that retain, or even had on appointment date, the skills and inclination to do any of the minimal sh!t that we mopes think of as “enforcing the law.”

            The elites have been stuffing the ballot box, and loading up the bureaucracies with fawning weaklings, for decades now. It’s a disease process that only has a very limited prognosis.

            And yes, there are probably still a few people with backbone enough to do some enforcement, if the political bosses give the ok. But I know as a former EPA enforcement attorney, who worked there through the Reagan Revolution, how it works — move in the new bosses who then hold those briefings and meetings to inject the fear of God in the mopes, change the “priorities,” de-fund and de-populate the uncomfortably active enforcement programs, re-write all the enforcement manuals and policies and guidance documents, get the DoJ to raise the bar on the evidentiary minimums to “beyond reasonable doubt and don’t bother us with these kinds of cases any more…” With the winner-take-all-ers comfortably knowing that the vast majority prefer continued employment and possible future opportunities to “doing the people’s business…”

            1. inode_buddha

              +100…. just wanted to say “thank you” for your work at the EPA. I tend to take a strong interest in it since I live a few blocks from Love Canal, and I *know* of industry cases in the 80’as where cleaner tech was deliberately buried on purpose from the public, just follow who sits on whose board of directors…. this entire town is basically a waste dump, the tailings of WW2 and US manufacturing strength. The usual excuse is that they didn’t know any better, I call BS. I know scores of sufferers from Tonawanda coke alone, who will spend short miserable and brutish lives with a variety of cancers etc… and I want to see the corp officers pay for the cancer treatments, for every one of them.

              BTW Love Canal is now going back to the wild, they can’t even give the land away. Herds of deer and fox living there, a nice quiet woods.

              You couldn’t pay me to live down south tho, too many yee-haw redneck types.

              1. JTMcPhee

                The whole Love Canal thing was/is such a marvelous example of why our species is likely going to disappear in favor of critters closer to the land…

                Lois Gibbs, quite a personality.. Not that she played it all straight, either. One of my chums at EPA was intimately involved in the risk assessments and toxicology in connection with the “cleanup.” And I had a tiny role in connection with Hooker Chemical/Occidental,

                There is damn little credit to be given to any of the players in that long-running game. So much writing and reporting on it all — the horror was living with the nitty-gritty, knowing that there was a right and honorable and decent way of dealing with all this, including jail time for a lot of suits, not just poor sad Rita Lavelle, that corporate whore… Of course all that toxic mess is just, like all the rest of externalized “profits,” just effing toothpaste out of the tube. And of course there are hundreds, thousands of brands of toothpaste, all grabbing for “market share…”

                1. inode_buddha

                  It amazes me how some folks sleep at night. I suppose they sleep very well on piles of money. BTW you would be shocked if you were to tour this area today: its a ghost town, a shell: most of the place has been dynamited or bulldozed, a brownfield, and the population is hovering around the dissolution point. As in, dissolve the city and the town. It looks a lot like Detroit of Flint around here nowdays, but it is nice to set and watch the deer at Love Canal. Something like 70% of the remaining humans are on some form of public assistance…. there isn’t anything else left to do but turn out the lights here.

                  1. JTMcPhee

                    Love Canal — how many remember or have heard about it, know enough to see the lessons that ordinary people might learn from the episode?

                    Part of the trick with the Love Canal mess was to finally buy out or “endanger” away the actual ordinary people who had the misfortune to “put down roots” there. Get rid of the people in the perceived zone of danger, and the political strength that Gibbs was able to catalyze also went away. Some energy survives in a couple of legacy environmental-justice groups, but it all dissipates so quickly, on a scale that matters to ordinary people. Like the Brits marching out of Afghanistan: take your losses, and keep marching, while the real owners of the place kill the rest of us off.

                    The Bad Guys fear no consequences, they have used their skills at siphoning all the extractable wealth and energies out of a locale, whether town-scale or nation or now even the planet and spent a tiny part of all that to pervert and cyborg the organs of legitimacy that humans are apparently wired to need. I always wonder why more people don’t go a step or three beyond what Lois Gibbs and the crowd did to some EPA bigwigs back in the day, holding them hostage for a while — Aiming in effectively at the wrong target or at least once remove from the Fokkers who ran Occidental/Hooker at that moment, who were playing rope-a-dope with the Superfund program in its often silly granularity, pushing internalization of the corporate costs “saved” by dumping in the old canal generations before. Of course the venality of the local government, siting a school on the spot and scraping away the layers of soil that at least impeded the outflow of all that chlorinated death, did not help.

                    No consequences, no change in behavior. All the incentives are in favor of the looters and parasites.

          2. John k

            Most of us think trump is not fit, yet still see him as the lesser evil. But what about the 1%?
            Shill is perfect for them, which is why they are throwing money at her and directing their press to pump her up as best they can. Like us, they fear trump as the unknown… Maybe he wouldn’t be so bad, but what if deep down he wants to be a second FDR, another traitor to his class? It doesn’t matter that this is unlikely, the risk of jail terms to bankers and others is totally unacceptable.

        2. Jim Haygood

          she’s rolling around in an ambulance with a gang of nurses and doctors watching her like a hawk‘ — jgordon

          The scream of the ambulance is sounding in my ears
          Tell me, Sister Morphine, how long have I been lying here?
          What am I doing in this place?
          Why does the doctor have no face?
          Oh, I can’t crawl across the floor
          Ah, can’t you see, Sister Morphine, I’m trying to score

          — Rolling Stones, Sister Morphine

          1. NotTimothyGeithner

            I’m not sure Kaine will go over well with the electorate.

            He’s not a shining star. There was no draft Kaine movement. He’s a nothing senator and was not abysmal DNC chair. He didn’t run and has presented no vision except to agree with Hillary, so he’s vapid.

            He does the have nostalgia or tokenism.

            Talk of Biden is almost always derisively dismissed, and he’s actually tried to run for President and presented himself to the electorate.

            Outside of Virginia, the state on the government teet, has anyone ever voted for Kaine? Nope.

            On top of it, he’s a antichoice troll.

            1. hunkerdown

              The credentialled professional class no longer cares who exactly is on the blue ticket. They’ve pledged allegiance to themselves.

              And, more importantly, seniority. Kaine’s elevation to the head of the ticket would mirror the succession protocol of the office for which they are running and, therefore, would go a long way toward rehabilitating the Party’s public façade of meritocracy.

              He would also continue the great tradition of spook alumnae in the Presidency.

    2. L

      While I generally agree with you Jgordon I have to disagree on one point. I think that they jumped the shark when outlets like Vox and even Mother Jones started arguing for less transparency and even attacking FOIA on the grounds that it was embarrassing Clinton. Once the press has countenanced the idea that government officials should not be held accountable because their person is being embarrassed they are done being press.

      While these are only two outlets such idiocy should be condemned by any serious journalist and it has not. Indeed this is free editorial fodder that is just being ignored by outlets like the NY Times that screamed bloody murder about FOIA during the Bush administration.

      Thus far the only serious criticism came from Matt Taibbi who helpfully, and quite rightly, suggested that Matt Yiglesias take up a useful hobby like alcoholism.

    3. PlutoniumKun

      The Politico story reminded me of the the way the tobacco industry used to – with a straight face – argue that cigarette advertising had nothing whatever to do with encouraging people to smoke, it was all about brand management.

      If, as the article argues, there are so few people left to decide who to vote for, why on earth are the candidates still frantically campaigning and raising money? Its ridiculous to argue that there isn’t a very substantial number of people who can’t be persuaded to either switch vote or (probably more important in this election) not to vote or vote for a minor candidate as a protest.

      The danger of course for Hilary is not that suddenly her voters will defect to Trump on the basis of what happened – it is that the incident reinforces a nagging doubt in the mind of the many voters who have either not yet fully switched on to the election, or who are not 100% committed yet to one of the options, and there are clearly millions of such voters. There is obviously a deep dissatisfaction among the majority of the electorate with their choices – any ‘negative’ reinforcements at this stage can and will have a significant impact on the final vote.

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        A sizable portion of the Democratic electorate won’t vote unless they are dragged or reminded constantly. Those robocalls might annoy you, but plenty of people will go, “aw, the election was last Tuesday.”

        Constant voter contact is very necessary. This is Hillary’s real problem. Her bourgeois supporters want to watch “The West Wing” not go out and make sure people vote.

        1. PlutoniumKun

          Its an interesting point that the general lack of enthusiasm might extend to the ‘ground game’ foot soldiers, but it seems to me that a crucial factor in this election will be people choosing to simply not vote, because they can’t get up the enthusiasm to leave their house on a cold November day to vote for someone like Hillary, even if they say they will vote for her to a pollster. Every negative added to her reputation will increase those numbers.

          Given the general flakiness of polling for national elections because of all the factors we all know about, and the particular flakiness of this years elections because of the Trump/Sanders effect, I find it impossible to believe any pollster who insists that its not all to play for. The known margins are just too tight.

          1. NotTimothyGeithner

            Might? 2010, 2014, and even 2012 where Obama needed the GOP effort to purge rolls to be publicized early enough to rally minority voters who didn’t do much down ticket serve as examples. 2002 is a good example. Look at all those votes for war. Bye bye Saxby Chambliss. It’s a shame he didn’t learn a lesson from Vietnam.

            It happens almost every time an incumbent Democrat loses the most Democratic precincts have 50% turnout instead of 80% (where the margin between victory and defeat was), and every time this happens, it happens after Democratic elites ran to the right and focused on appeasing the chamber of commerce crowd.

        2. afisher

          Seriously? Do you just make this stuff up on the fly. Fortunately, the Seniors and seniors plus are losing their status – population wise and they who have lots of extra time to vote will no longer be the majority of voters.

          Why do you think the GOP are so adamant to delete as many non-whites from the voter rolls and eliminate early voting on week-ends when people have time to vote, instead of making it a “tuesday event” and then limit the availability of places to vote, along with under-staffing and not suprising computer glitches?

          1. NotTimothyGeithner

            I can tell you’ve never worked field for a campaign. Democrats are terrible voters and have been for years.

            I know it’s chic to blame the left for anytime the Democrats lose but ignore it was low female and minority turnout in those elections, but in the end, Democrats didn’t work hard enough on the ground level largely because bourgeois twits are lazy and activist types won’t work on behalf of frauds.

            1. PlutoniumKun

              It reminds me of an alleged quote from an Irish politician when asked about the failure of his new party (which campaigned as a socially liberal, but economically right wing, targeting prosperous middle class voters). From memory he said:

              There are two types of political activists – the type who discusses politics around several bottles of wine at dinner parties, and the type who will knock on doors on a cold and wet December evening. Unfortunately, we were entirely supported by the first type’.

              1. JTMcPhee

                The “we” we all talk endlessly about what “we” should do about this or that, here and in other erudite spaces, seems to a large degree made up of the first type of political activist…

                1. Robert Hahl

                  “We” (that is me and my 16 year old son) knocked on doors and put out yard signs in 2006, to help Jim Webb beat George Allen in Virginia, giving the Democrats control of the Senate. But never again and here is why.

                  Eventually Obama won and the D’s had congress and what happened? Why, 60 became the new 51 as the R’s “filibustered” every thing. When the choices are not real most people just can’t keep interested.

                  1. NotTimothyGeithner

                    I wouldn’t say they aren’t interested, but if you aren’t confident enough in your candidate to go to a voters home and tell them why this person is worth your vote, voters take it as a sign of complete disinterest from the candidate and they just return the favor.

                    Webb for all his faults as a candidate (he was light years better than the Mark Warner flunkie Harris Miller who really wanted to bomb in Iraq in 2006) convinced people to work for him in 2006.

                    You and your son made it important for low information voters to be interested. They saw people who cared.

                    The morons who liked Harris Miller and his boy band didn’t do anything but go to his events.

                  2. Propertius

                    Eventually Obama won and the D’s had congress and what happened? Why, 60 became the new 51 as the R’s “filibustered” every thing.

                    Not quite. The Republicans merely threatened to filibuster and the Democrats caved.

              2. NotTimothyGeithner

                I would say it’s an accurate quote. The local Democrats are by and large the whine and cheese party. Occasionally, they get a group of young people, but eventually the good ones wise up to what Team Blue is.

          2. Waldenpond

            You think Ds are going to win by default once us olds (fortunately!!) die off?! hahaha!! Oh jeez, have you looked at who the young support? A democratic socialist did well in the primary and polling is not strong for capitalism. It will be dem socialists and socialists running in the D party for convenience or third party growth.

            By the way, Ds participate in voter disenfranchising as much as Rs and just thoroughly effed a primary with every single tactic you listed and then some.

            1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

              For the moment the Borg can surround and absorb any dissent like a macrophage, Tea Party, Occupy, BLM, Bernie, Donald, no matter, you will be assimilated. Won’t be possible forever, though, as a quick skim of the history books would attest.

              1. NotTimothyGeithner

                Did Star Trek predict the future yet again?

                Janeway was an emotionally unstable lunatic with command responsibilities because freedom, but the older Janeway in the series finale was assimilated by the borg. Her unhealthy blood caused the borg to self destruct. Could the Borg embrace of Hillary cause a similar collapse?

                Perhaps it was just poor writing. Why did no one ever mention Harry Kim died and was replaced by a duplicate? Why did no one throw Neelix out of an airlock? Why wasn’t the show just about the hologram and Seven?

            2. nippersmom

              By the way, Ds participate in voter disenfranchising as much as Rs and just thoroughly effed a primary with every single tactic you listed and then some.


              I think afisher is living in his own private Idaho..

    4. hunkerdown

      jgordon, not buying. On policy, Clinton and Kaine are more or less interchangeable from the elite perspective, i.e. those who can fly abroad to get medical procedures and goods banned for the rubes. As Boss Tweed said, nobody cares who wins as long as they constrain the slate. Today, they also prefer to set and frame the agenda.

  6. katiebird

    Corrected link for Former DNC chairman calls for Clinton contingency plan

    I know Hillary people would never allow a public contingency plan. But it is a good idea. There are a lot of Democrats worrying about what happens if she has to drop out.

    Another challenge: Most states have passed the deadline to change the names of candidates on their ballots, meaning Clinton’s name would likely be required to appear, short of court-ordered solutions or changes in state laws.

    Kamarck argues that this issue will be moot because it’s up to members of the Electoral College — typically loyal partisans — to cast formal ballots for president. If a replacement for Clinton were offered, those electors in states won by Democrats would almost certainly cast ballots for the party’s preferred nominee.

    ….. “Almost certainly”. What a way to run an election.

    1. katiebird

      After thinking some more about this process…
      1) A candidate drops out,
      2) DNC meets and selects a new candidate,
      3) Voters are faced with ballots having the ex-candidates name, confusion everywhere (how could there not be),
      4) Elitist know it alls are confident that voters will vote for the ex-candidate.
      5) And the Electoral College will fix everything.

      First, the Electoral College didn’t fix the 2000 election, did it?

      Second, dead guys have won elections so anything can happen.

      But I kind of hope she doesn’t have to drop out.

      1. Brian

        a candidate drops out…… DNC management heads explode and carcasses dissolve into floor goo…… and write in Senator Sanders.

        At this point, what choice do we have to prevent those who will plan our lives for their own purpose?

      2. cwaltz

        I’m of the opposite viewpoint.

        I hope she drops out.

        I’m doubtful that she will and I suspect her moneyed donors will not allow it at this point though. They need her to win to continue the policy writing from corporate offices.

        1. Pat

          I’m of the opinion that the only thing that was news to the Clintons in the last few days was how difficult hiding her ongoing issues will be. If she were going to drop out it would have already happened. The people most determined that Hillary will be President are the Clintons. It wouldn’t surprise me if insiders have wanted her out for weeks. Putting Trump away should not be this difficult when you have the Wurlitzer on repeat. And yes I do think their internals are telling them they could lose. Largely because they probably are not ignoring third parties and are asking people how likely they are to vote.

        2. katiebird

          In my heart, I actually want her to drop out too.

          It’s just the logistics that I don’t want to see. The DNC picking the replacement. I have no faith in that. Then Hillary’s name still being on the ballot in some or most states. And voters being called stupid and dumb if they don’t understand why.

          And then we count on electors voting for the DNC’s replacement (or do we care) but what if they don’t?

          I keep remembering that Gore might have pulled off a win if he had signed on to the Congressional Black Caucus members’s challenge to the 2000 election results. Ultimately he didn’t even vote for himself.

          Why would I have any faith that another Electoral College challenge would go any better?

          Going back to why I kind of want her to stay in….. I guess it’s so the DNC lose with her. If she drops out, they can blame their loss on voter confusion. When it is just flat out their own fault for nominating a candidate weak n so many ways.

            1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

              Disagree, it’s like the Fed: a powerful, finely-tuned instrument that furthers the interests and objectives of its owners.

              1. Mark P.

                It’s a gerontocracy on the slide. It’s not going to further its owners’ interests and objectives for much longer.

      3. Jim Haygood

        No prob, Katie. Young Timmy K. can be adopted by HRC and her distinguished consort “Bill,” and take his new parents’ surname.

        Tim Clinton 2016!

        It’ll be lovely seeing him share the victory stage with his new sister Chelsea.

        1. cwaltz

          I suspect Clinton to remain in place so that following the election they can install Kaine.

          The Democratic Party probably is peeing in their pants since Sanders would be her obvious choice for replacement and we all know how they feel about him(and we know how their donors like Bloomberg feel about him.)

        2. Vatch

          Hey, there are precedents. Roman emperors sometimes adopted their intended successors. For example, Antoninus Pius adopted Marcus Aurelius. However, I would be happier if Bernie Sanders were to be the adoptee, rather than Pro-TPP Tim Kaine.

  7. Expat

    What if Hillary dies before the election? What if Trump dies? Do we get a do-over or do we end up with Ted Cruz and Bernie?

    1. optimader
      The Newsroom S1 Special (The Campaign) (Part 4)

      …Jim Walcott (Peter Keleghan) is City Hour’s similarly shallow but far less intelligent anchorman. Walcott is often told by the others that he is smart, but Findlay always refers to him as an idiot when he is not around. He lives alone with his cat and has been charged with sexual harassment several times, including an incident when he offered sexual favours to an underage girl in return for a ride in a helicopter.

      In the final episode of the first season, “The Campaign”, Walcott, along with other staff of the newsroom, go into politics. Walcott is running as a Liberal for the provincial government of Ontario. He is asked by a reporter from The Star whether he is in favour of eliminating child poverty in Canada, to which he responds confusedly, “this is a provincial election.”

      During a fundraising party he mishears a woman he is talking to about abortion, thinking she said, “the decision should be between the woman, her doctor and her dog.” After “listening to [their] polls”, the campaign team decides it best for Walcott to be pro-life, and at a pro-life rally he falls victim to a slip of the tongue, saying, “I believe life begins at masturbation”. Walcott’s attempts to garner additional support include making appearances with his ex-wife and a disabled person, both of whom are represented by agents demanding more money per appearance.

      During a campaign speech, Walcott is shot and ends up in a coma with a bullet lodged in his brain. While watching the results of the election on the news, the campaign team celebrates its win just as Walcott dies in the hospital bed beside them.

      In Escape from the Newsroom, Walcott returns to his job as news anchor. His “death” was clarified as a two-year coma. Walcott offers Atom Egoyan a story idea about “a news anchor, who’s shot in the head, is in a coma for two years, but survives with a bullet lodged in his brain, and then struggles to return to his news desk.” After Egoyan says to Walcott that he read about the same thing happening to Walcott, Walcott seems surprised and says, “yeah, there is a parallel there somewhere.”

      1. a different chris

        off topic, but maybe somebody should fix that Wiki?

        >when he offered sexual favours to an underage girl in return for a ride in a helicopter.

        I never saw (or even heard of) the show, but I am thinking it more likely that he offered a ride in a helicopter for sexual favors?

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        Notice the key word is “vacancy”.

        You think Clinton will allow that spot to be declared “vacant” absent her being in a coffin or brain dead?

        1. Optimader

          Clinton will be leaving fingernails and bite marks in the gulfstream interior’s burled walnut before she would drop out of her own accord.
          That said, from the beginning I have (and IIRC you have) speculated health issues have a very good chance of taking her out.

  8. allan

    `The ACLU is launching a campaign to convince President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden’

    Delusional. Dear ACLU, better cynical fund raising campaigns, please.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      If only the Czar knew…

      The ACLU seems not to grasp that Snowden embarrassed Obama, the greatest offense.

  9. vlade

    on the Russia Insider – sorry, but this is a pure PR prop, with a random selections of facts, often taken out of context. Say a lot of people would take “Kievan Rus” to be the same as Russia – but it was all but. It’s like saying that Germany should be united with France (and Italy), because that’s what was the Charlemagne’s empire. Yes, there’s some common history, but there’s also (almost) 1000 years gap in between.

    If we want to fill that gap, why not mention the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which included most of the Ukraine and was functional until late 18th century (as part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), until it was conveniently partitioned between Austria, Prussia, and *gasp* Russia.

    The article also entirely omits the fact that in 1930s Eastern Ukraine was pretty much depopulated by an artificial famine induced by Stalin. Go, and read on it (it’s nasty reading, including not-so-uncommon horror stories of families deciding which of their children to eat so that the rest of the family can survive), as it’s one of the reasons of not so great relationships between Russians and Ukrainians (including the fact that Eastern Ukraine was re-populated with Russians on Stalin’s order). Indeed, this was one of the prime reasons why Ukraine welcomed Germans and saw them (for a very brief period) as liberators from Russia.

    Ukraine is a mess. EU and US helped with the mess. But Russia certainly isn’t the good guy in the room – the sad truth is that no-one is.

    Ukraine’s best bet post USSR was to be become Finlandised, but to do that successfully it would have to have retained its nuclear arsenal (which would allow it to negotiate with some strength with both NATO and Russia). Which it couldn’t afford to secure. So we can see this as a hit Ukraine took to make the world a bit safer place, but is now paying the price for it.

    1. Paid Minion

      Yeah, total Russian BS, starting with “liberated by the Red Army in 1939”. And no mention of why there are so many ethnic Russians in the Ukraine in the first place.

      Sorta like how Indonesians were “liberated” by the Japanese in 1941.

  10. Sammy Maudlin

    Asked about [fainting spells] by CNN, Hillary Clinton said such spells have ”occurred a few times over the course of my life.” When pressed, she said they’ve happened ”really only twice that I can recall.

    Well, did the stroke, I mean concussion she suffered in 2012 affect her ability to recall such episodes like she can’t recall all of the briefings she received on how to preserve government records?

      1. Barmitt O'Bamney

        Really only twice [em] that she can recall.[/em] All the other instances probably occurred during alcohol fueled blackouts and fugue states. (Gotta follow the Clintonian ambiguities of phrasing) She was told about them later by doctors or nurses maybe. So those other occasions don’t count, because as far as she is concerned it’s like they happened to someone else, and she just does not recall.

    1. Michael

      My ex-brother-in-law experiences occasional fainting spells. Once every couple of years.

      Healthy guy, just one of those things. It’s been 20 years, no sign of anything else.

      1. Carl

        Is your brother running for president? Is he known for lies and secrecy? The subject of a recent FBI investigation?

      2. Sammy Maudlin

        The point is that, based on her own statements, her “medical condition” is serious enough that she cannot remember things that would be damaging to her credibility, yet we’re supposed to take her statement that she has only suffered these episodes twice as far as she can recall as an accurate statement of fact.

        That doesn’t make sense.

      3. nippersmom

        Key phrase being “no sign of anything else”. Clinton’s fainting spells are not the only health anomalies, shall we say, that she has displayed. Does your ex-brother-in-law also suffer from chronic memory lapses, for example?

      4. kareninca

        Did your ex-brother in law have a blood clot in a vein in his head, like Hillary did only three years ago?

        Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose globe-trotting tour as secretary of state was abruptly halted last month by a series of health problems, was discharged from a New York hospital on Wednesday evening after several days of treatment for a blood clot in a vein in her head. . . . Mrs. Clinton, 65, was admitted to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital on Sunday after a scan discovered the blood clot. The scan was part of her follow-up care for a concussion she sustained more than two weeks earlier, when she fainted and fell, striking her head. . . .The clot was potentially serious, blocking a vein that drains blood from the brain. (

      5. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

        Nice try, Troll-O, very subtle, the problem is that it’s not her health that is the big story, it’s her uniform inability to simply tell the truth. If you’re a politician it’s rarely the crime that gets you, it’s the cover-up.

  11. Steve H.

    – How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

    The full detail devil is that the demonizing of fat has lead to a whole range of poor health conditions. From Cancer as a Metabolic Disease (excerpts):

    If you fast, if you stop eating, your blood sugar goes down. Your insulin levels go down. The body starts
    to metabolize fat for energy. But the fatty acids themselves are only one component. The major
    components of course are the ketone bodies. It’s like putting a board or a long branch into a wood
    chipper. The fatty acid is the branch that goes into the chipper and out come these little ketone bodies.
    They are water-soluble fat products.”

    Ketones are clean fuel only in the sense that they suppress the formation of reactive oxygen
    species [ROS], especially when blood sugar levels are low.

    The ROS also target the actual mitochondria themselves, where respiration occurs, which brings us to a very important point. ROS are mostly generated through the coenzyme Q couple in the electron transport chain. Both glucose and fatty acids produce FADH2, which can generate ROS.

    In contrast, fat-derived ketone bodies produce only NADH, which increases the redox span of the coenzyme Q couple and reduces production of ROS.

    when the normal nucleus was transferred back into a cancer cytoplasm, either the cell
    died or it formed tumor cells.
    JM: And that cancer cytoplasm had defective mitochondria.

    1. Enquiring Mind

      Combine the sugar research subterfuge with the packaged food industry shift to high fructose corn syrup and you have a few explanations for the obesity trends.

    2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      When one goes on a low-calorie diet, one doesn’t stop eating. One eats more, or the same, of empty calorie stuff, or one eats less (of normal calorie stuff). This way, one take in fewer calories.

      How is that impacted by it (since it is similar to stop eating).

      1. Steve H.

        Beef, my excerpting may have given insufficient info, I try to let the piece speak for itself, but should have provided more context.

        Reduced calories are associated with increased lifespan and health. That’s not what the ‘if you stop eating’ phrase here was referring to.

        They are talking about increasing the ratio of ketones to blood glucose, and in the extreme case (to fight cancer) starting with a three day water fast to take down the glucose. If glucose is too high, the body pees out the ketones, and the effect is reduced.

  12. ahimsa

    Ok, I know there was a lot of armchair diagnosing going on yesterday, but I was wondering about one particular aspect of the buckle-kneed collapse (but not fainting!) incident: how does she manage to keep her head so stiffly upright?
    It’s as though she loses control and propiocentric awareness of her lower body; though, in relation to her back/spine it appears her head doesn’t nod or fall in any direction.
    Any thoughts?

        1. Roger Smith

          I dead ended yesterday where you posted up above Katniss (with the info and epilepsy website). For anyone interested in Zeiss’ website

          The site is set to US for country so maybe some products are available here? I am going to send an email to them. If they respond I will follow up.

          1. Roger Smith

            The Reply:

            Thank you for your inquiry. The Zeiss Z1 lens is available in the USA, its only available in plastic (CR-39) SV and ST28 only, they are special order and will require about 2 to 4 weeks to process the order. Any of our providers can supply these lenses. To locate a Zeiss provider in your area please go to At the top of the page press select a country – choose the United States – click on find an eye doctor – type in your zip code. This will allow you to limit the search for eye care providers to your specific area. This is a specialty product, not all providers may be familiar with the product, however they can obtain more information about the Z1 lens through their Zeiss lab customer service, their Zeiss BDR. Please allow extra time for processing. Z1 lenses are available only available in CR-39 material and single vision only. Z1 lenses are not recommended for driving

            The Zeiss Z1 lens is different than Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect

            · Zeiss Z1 is a special blue tint specifically used for epilepsy patients.

            · Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect is an anti-reflective coating(not a lens)which is used to block the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices, LED lights, computer and TV screens.

            Best Regards,

            Customer Assistance
            Vision Care Business Group

            Carl Zeiss Vision Inc.

            ZEISS Group

            1. Pavel

              Wow that seems pretty important:

              Zeiss Z1 is a special blue tint specifically used for epilepsy patients.

              Is there hard evidence that those are in fact the lenses that HRC wears?

              A quick google search (‘”subdural hematoma” epilepsy’) revealed many results suggesting epilepsy is a common complication, e.g.:

              Epileptic complications are common after acute subdural hematoma evacuation and should be suspected in patients with altered sensorium after surgery. Seizures worsen early functional outcome (Rabinstein et al 2010).

              Chronic subdural hematoma: Prognosis and complications

              [Background on HRC’s original trauma:

              From the description, Secretary Clinton has a subdural hematoma, a collection of blood under the dura mater. Our brain is carefully wrapped in three distinct linings: closest to the brain is the pia mater (“tender mother”) which is a delicate Saran wrap-like material that contours to the wiggle and waggle shape of the brain itself. Above this, skullward, is the arachnoid mater (“spidery mother,” also referred to simply as the arachnoid), which is a little bit thicker and less tortuous than the pia. The outermost lining, which sits just under the inside of the skull, is the dura mater (“tough mother”), which lives up to its name as a very tough, almost leathery lining that holds all the goods together tightly. A bleed just under this lining is referred to as a subdural hematoma— imagine the big whopping thigh bruise you got from bumping into that desk, but located just on top of your brain. Click here to visualize just where the brain and skull and the other critical anatomy sit with respect to the clotted blood.

              Daily Beast: Good News for Hillary Clinton’s Health

              DISCLAIMER: obviously trying to diagnosis anything on the internet is foolish. So given the circumstances and the gravity of the issue, all the more reason for the Clinton team to release complete and up-to-date medical records of HRC.

              1. Roger Smith

                I will say this about blue colored lenses, they are very hard to identify without actually being able to try them on.

                I have had a random interest in colored lenses (currently have green sunglasses which provide a nice level of clarity and sunblocking but do not dim too much… of course everything is greener but… Anyways, I have wanted blue lenses for a long time but can never find them. Glasses can appear to be blue on the outside but are normally the typical grey tint on the inside.

      1. Tom

        Another weird aspect of her behavior in the video was how her hands remained rigid and fixed behind her, even after she moved away from the bollard. As the handlers grasped her by the upper arms and began to take her weight and walk/pull her forward, it was that force that finally pried her hands and lower arms away from her body. Very strange.

  13. DorothyT

    Re: Toxic Slime Spreads Across World’s Oceans as Climate Disruption Continues Apace (Truthout)

    Thanks Yves. This is a rich day for Links, but I’m highlighting this one as not-to-be-missed. The heading is only one aspect of this great piece summing up climate change at present throughout much of the world.

    Here’s just one excerpt:

    Furthermore, according to the US Forest Service, there are at least 66 million dead trees located across 760,000 acres in the Southern Sierra Nevada, which are essentially a massive wildfire waiting to happen.

    1. Enquiring Mind

      There are significant evergreen tree stresses throughout southern California with a lot of tinder in suburbia. As we approach our seasonal Santa Ana hot dry winds period, locals are bracing for trouble. Fires are often followed by heavy El Niño rains although this year we may see the La Niña part of the oscillating weather as ocean temperatures cool off. Either one spells trouble in the west and elsewhere, even when moderated.

    2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef


      Dead trees = no photosynthesis (as well as a wildfire risk).

      No photosynthesis = no releasing of oxygen/no removing carbon dioxide (the other risk).

      1. Anon

        That’s where the ‘green slime’ (cyanobacteria) comes in. Fewer trees but more algae can counter- balance (but upset uniquely complex ecology).

    3. Jeremy Grimm

      The many impacts of Climate Disruption enumerated in this link paint a picture suggesting we may indeed be at a point of non-linear increase in temperature (polynomial or exponential rates of increase). The Climate Disruptions do seem to be happening faster than projected in the worst case “sanitized” projections. I think there may be much less time to try to adapt than I originally thought.

  14. L

    Regarding India, this reads like a tit for tat. If you follow the link to the Reuters story what you see are these key paragraphs:

    The race to build national solar capacity and grab a chunk of a new global market has become a major new cause of trade friction between big trading powers. India lost a case at the WTO earlier this year after the United States complained about New Delhi’s national solar programme.

    India has appealed that ruling.

    In 2013, India filed questions at the WTO about suspected subsidies in solar programmes in four U.S. states – Delaware, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Connecticut – as well as local content requirements in Michigan and California’s renewable energy programmes.

    So you tag me for my national program, I’ll tag you for your states’. And then we will either spend money fighting on it or just give them up.

    Notice that the only real losers in this are people who actually want high standards as this will inevitably reduce them or at least it will set up friction between the feds and the states as the feds are making agreements (WTO) that the states don’t want to keep.

  15. Anne

    She didn’t think it would be that big of a deal…and why is that? Because she’s Hillary Clinton and she’s exhibited such excellent judgment on a variety of issues over the years that we have no reason to doubt or question her decisions and choices?

    This woman is incapable of learning from her mistakes, from her errors in judgment. It appears to make her angry that she is ever forced to acknowledge her mistakes. Like a child, she almost always has to remind us that others made the same mistake, that no one told her everything she needed to know.

    Her paranoia is reaching Nixonian levels, and I do not believe this is a trait that will serve her, or us, well.

    The prevailing theme among the basket of Clinton adorables is that her efforts to power through pneumonia are proof that she is already being presidential. No amount of telling them that it isn’t whether or if she has a medical issue, it is the ever-changing stories of what, exactly, happened, and that we are now expected to be satisfied with whatever the last story is. Even though it might not really be the last, and we don’t know when that particular shoe will drop. These people are mad that I don’t understand that even on her worst day, Clinton is so much better than any other candidate.

    Okay, I admit it: I have a severe case of Chronic Clinton Fatigue Syndrome. I wasn’t going to say anything, since I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I mean, so many other people have it, too, so you know, whatever.

    1. Jim Haygood

      ‘Chronic Clinton Fatigue Syndrome’

      Hillary might be getting a pass if we hadn’t already been treated to eight years of the same endless melodrama and laughable ‘dog ate my homework’ alibis.

      WASHINGTON, June 4, 1996 — Republicans on the special Senate Whitewater committee released a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation today showing that the fingerprints of the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, were found on records discovered in the White House family quarters two years after they were first sought by investigators.

      Mark Fabiani, a special White House counsel, said Mrs. Clinton had acknowledged that she probably read the documents in 1992 during the election campaign when questions about Whitewater were being raised by reporters. He added that she had testified under oath that she had nothing to do with the documents during the two years they were missing and did not know how they ended up in the family quarters.

      By now when the FBI launches another investigation of Hillary’s misdeeds, the Director says deadpan, “Interrogate the usual suspects.” And all the agents slap their knees — har har har.

      1. Pavel

        It goes back further than that… the cattle futures affair:

        WASHINGTON, April 11— The White House said today that Hillary Rodham Clinton made $6,498 in a commodities-trading venture in 1980 and never reported the profit to the Internal Revenue Service.

        The disclosure was the latest in a series of revised explanations about the Clintons’ real-estate ventures and commodities investments beginning in the late 70’s. Mrs. Clinton had previously said through her lawyers and aides that she invested $5,000 in the account, lost $1,000 and withdrew from additional trading shortly after the birth of her daughter, Chelsea, in 1980.

        After disclosing the problem today, the White House said, the Clintons paid the Internal Revenue Service and the Arkansas state government $14,615 in back taxes and interest.

        The finances of the President and Mrs. Clinton have come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks after records showed that Mrs. Clinton turned an investment of $1,000 into almost $100,000 on the risky commodities markets in 1978 and 1979. Those trades were conducted with the help of James B. Blair, a lawyer for the Tyson Foods Inc., one of the largest and most heavily regulated companies in Arkansas.

        The profits that the White House acknowledged today were from another account, one that Mrs. Clinton opened with Stephens Inc., a powerful investment bank in Little Rock.

        The White House had previously said that Mrs. Clinton withdrew from the commodities market because she found the high-risk trading too nerve-racking as she entered the final stages of her pregnancy. That account, a senior official said, “is inoperative” now.

        NY Times: Hillary Clinton Didn’t Report $6,498 Profit In Commodities Account, White House Says

        That article was from 1994, the trades were in the late 1970s. The Clintons: grifters and liars and cover-up artists for decades. Does the US want another 4 or 8 years of the dramarama, the Congressional hearings, the convoluted explanations and half-truths?

    2. Ancient1

      What confuses me is Clinton’s behavior/physical appearance when testifying before the Benghazi Committee and her physical appearance at the present time. I suppose, if there are debates, we will find out. Something is not right here.

      1. Tom

        You’re right — she seemed invincible that day, didn’t she? It seems like a lot has changed since then and it’s only been 10 weeks or so. Strain of the campaign trail?

  16. RabidGandhi

    Yes a rich day for links, but here’s one more:

    Obama to Veto Bill Allowing 9/11 Vitctims to Sue Saudi

    In his daily briefing to reporters, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: “It’s not hard to imagine other countries using this law as an excuse to haul US diplomats or US service members or even US companies into courts all around the world.

    No ISDS for victims (unless they want to sue Iran, that is).

    1. JohnnyGL

      I’m happy to see that at least Congress is making him do it and I love the junk excuse, too.

      Is Saudi Arabia in any of these ‘trade’ negotiations? Can US citizens sue them for the lost profits that their family members would have made if they had been able to continue working?

      There’s got to be a way that we can transform ‘killing people’ into a kind of trade barrier so we can get into those extra special arbitration courts which seem to be flush with secret sacks of government cash.

      Picture this: “Your Honor, my father was a big time trader and was on his way to a record bonus year until Saudi Arabia irresponsibly obstructed him from making tons of profits by erecting a trade barrier in the form of killing him before bonus season”.

      Apologies if people don’t enjoy my tasteless humor, but when you look at ISDS provisions, and consider the above excuse offered (insincerely) by Josh Earnest, it’s really quite a contradiction.

      1. RabidGandhi

        Frankly I had no opinion on the bill until Earnest pointed to the clear advantage that it could be used “to haul US diplomats or US service members or even US companies into courts all around the world”, so kudos to Josh for the heads up.

    2. Pavel

      As I read somewhere earlier today, nobody used this argument when US citizens sued Libya over the Lockerbie explosion.

      1. uncle tungsten

        Well we wouldn’t want the Iranians suing for Flight 655 that was shot down by the USS Vincennes in 1988. William C Rogers III could end up in court and raytheon and…..

  17. cocomaan

    I will be taking a drink every time Yves says, “Help me” for the rest of the campaign season. Or maybe we’ll make it the rest of the year.

    Who is with me?

    1. RabidGandhi

      Uh oh. I already do a beer for every “sounds legit” and a shot for every “ka-ching”. This will certainly put me over the edge.

      Maybe we could contact Taibbi for rules to organise the chaos?

    1. nippersmom

      Does he really expect us to believe that “basket of deplorables” remark was the result of her alleged pneumonia? Clinton’s contempt of most of her fellow Americans (fellow humans, for that matter) has been thinly-veiled at best for years. This comment may have been a little more blatant than usual, but she was surrounded by the like-minded and probably thought she could get away with it. It’s not like she cares what we think anyway; she’s made it abundantly clear she doesn’t think she needs our votes.

      1. Michael

        Sorry, she still bought my vote with that line. I was raised in that basket, and getting out is the only thing that saved me.

        1. Jim Haygood

          In the Venn diagram of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent non-tax paying slackers and Hillary’s 50 percent basket of deplorables, some luckless folks may fall into the intersection of both categories.

          That is, a bipartisan consensus has designated them as useless eaters.

      2. Pavel

        Regarding the “basket of deplorables” remark, I just heard the relevant 2 minute portion of HRC’s speech on a Brian Lehrer (WNYC) podcast. The full excerpt is a bit better than the short soundbite, and god knows there are racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic Trump supporters.

        But what about Hillary’s Saudi government supporters? They aren’t Islamophobic, but they are deeply and violently sectarian, not to mention viciously anti-women and anti-gay. How often has HRC ranted against them?

  18. I Have Strange Dreams

    Human translation of the Die Welt Hillary piece:

    Hillary Clinton: Will fainting cost her the US presidency?

    A disturbing moment shatters Clinton’s candidacy
    Pneumonia brings Clinton to her knees
    Source: Die Welt

    Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 memorial service prematurely. The incident is likely to give Donald Trump new fire – for months he has raised the question of her health.
    A lung infection has been discovered In US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
    At a memorial service on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, she suffered a dizzy spell.
    Video recordings show her as she almost collapses. A major setback, likely to detract from her electoral chances.
    For months, the Trump election campaign team and its allies have been spreading rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health. And now this: For the commemoration of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 Clinton had to abruptly leave the event after an hour and a half.
    Radio silence was maintained for an hour, no statement was given to the press. Then came the excuse that the Democratic presidential candidate had “felt overheated”, had gone to the apartment of her daughter Chelsea and already felt a lot better. Then came the diagnosis of Clinton’s doctor: pneumonia.
    “Secretary Clinton had a cough, which was triggered by allergies. On Friday, after a follow-up examination because of her cough, pneumonia was detected, “said Lisa Bardack. Clinton was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and to change her schedule. Clinton had apparently not followed this advice and went to the memorial service anyway on Sunday morning. There, she became overheated and dehydrated.
    Disturbing video images
    It’s bad enough that Clinton must slow down in the final sprint of the presidential election, which is not even two months away, due to health reasons. Still very much worse, however, are the video images captured by passersby, when Clinton – Coming from the event – went to enter a waiting car. “enter” however, is not the correct term. Carried or dragged would be more accurate.
    One sees how Clinton apparently collapses just before the car, only supported by a security guard and then lifted completely lifeless into the car. The latter is no longer recognizable because Clinton’s entourage hid her from view. But from what one sees on some recordings of Clinton’s foot and lower leg, gives the impression that she has lost control of her body, maybe even powerless.
    This is a worst case scenario for the Democratic candidate while the Trump camp’s rumours about her health appear to be coming true. On social networks the Trump fans are electrified by this development. Under the hashtag #HillarysHealth on Twitter, a malicious flood pours over the candidate. Trump fans feel that Clinton, who was thought to be the likely winner in the battle for the White House, has suddenly become vulnerable.
    Americans expect an iron constitution
    Americans forgive their politicians much, as the example of Trump proves, but one requirement is seen as indispensable for the most powerful job in the world: an iron constitution, which has grown to meet the enormous demands of office. And in the cases of both Clinton and Trump, there remains considerable doubt . After all, they are the oldest pair of candidates in American history. And both are not particularly generous in terms of their medical data.
    [caption: Waved hours after fainting, demonstratively happy for the cameras: Hillary Clinton in New York]

    Clinton’s last medical bulletin that her campaign team released dates from July 2015. Trump’s Doctor Harold Bornstein, however, ha published an entirely unscientific report rejoicing in the candidate health, sounding as if it had been formulated by the candidate himself. Recently, Bornstein has admitted that he wrote the short letter in just five minutes, while Trump sent a limousine to his practice to bring the document to Trump.
    The reluctance shown with Clinton’s health data gave the Trump side the opportunity to sow doubt. Especially since it was mentioned in the bulletin of 2015 that in 2012 Clinton, as Foreign Minister, had a fall and incurred a blood clot in the brain and had double vision for some time. The Internet conspiracy theorists postulated seizures, blackouts, and progressive dementia in the candidate, even a fake medical file of Clinton circulated the net. Only a few weeks ago, a spokeswoman for Trump said that Clinton had a speech disorder that goes back to a malfunction of the brain.
    Clinton has already fought against prejudice
    The images from the attack of weakness are now a godsend for those who believe Hillary is hiding something again. If the notoriously secretive Clinton admits to something as drastic as pneumonia, so the murmurs go, who know’s how bad it could really be. In addition, Clinton, as woman, has had to fight the prejudice of being of the weaker sex. She knows that she has to demonstrate strength to be accepted as the next commander in chief of the most powerful force in the world. And now she shows weakness because her body apparently demanded more than she had to give.
    An American election campaign is an incredibly grueling event, like completing a half year of triathlon while the cameras permanently register every movement and every pimple in close-up. And after 68 years, a body doesn’t shrug off such ordeals like it used to. That Clinton, despite having pneumonia at the 9/11 commemoration, shows that she didn’t want to display any weakness. However, the result is images more devastating than any cancellation could ever have been. It is shocking to see Clinton suddenly collapse on herself. These pictures will haunt her for the rest of the campaign.
    Clinton is professional enough to know how critical this moment is. Two hours after they had left the memorial service, she appeared waving in front of her daughter’s apartment to signal that everything is not really so bad. “I feel great, it’s a wonderful day in New York,” Clinton replied to the questions of reporters before she climbed into the Secret Service car. Later in the evening, however, her team gave word that the candidate has canceled planned campaign events in California for Monday and Tuesday.
    Situation has changed dramatically
    Clinton knows now that questions about her physique will accompany her for the rest of the campaign. “Questions about her health are no longer just an issue for conservative conspiracy theorists, but in the coming days will perhaps be the central debate of the presidential election campaign” writes political analyst Chris Cillizza of the “Washington Post”. Five days earlier Cillizza had demanded that speculation about Clinton’s health finally be finished with.
    But since then the situation has changed dramatically. Before, there was no reliable evidence of any problems except for an occasional cough, but this has changed. “It is no longer enough to just believe the words of Clinton’s campaign about her health,” writes Cillizza. Clinton must now submit a detailed report on her health.
    The candidate has shown physical weakness at a time when Trump is closing in the polls. It is no longer out of the question that doubts about Clinton’s health could give Trump the decisive push to overtake her.
    Trump has also shown more discipline in recent weeks and has triggered less controversy than usual. Until late in the evening Eastern time, he had also not commented on Clinton’s health on Twitter, contrary to his usual habits. Apparently, he has recognized that the matter is one that also lies close to home.

  19. dk

    Clinton didn’t think pneumonia diagnosis ‘would be that big a deal’

    It wouldn’t have been, if it had been shared in a timely fashion. It’s the hiding that’s problematic, even before the specifics being hidden, which may or may not raise further concerns.

    1. Paid Minion

      Define “timely”

      I tried to plow thru it for three weeks plus, before I got sick enough to go to the doctor and was diagnosed.

      God forbid the amateur doctors here on NC turn the microscope on me and my health.

      As many strangers as they contact, and as many crowded airplanes as they fly in, its a wonder that all of the candidates aren’t sick as dogs most of the time.

        1. grayslady

          Do you two CTR people know each other? If not, let me introduce you. And in case you haven’t noticed, there’s another pal of yours here, afisher. Just in case you all thought you wouldn’t stand out too much in the comments….

          1. kareninca

            Yes, the three of them really stand out. Michael really stands out (with his hatred of the Midwest and Midwesterners), as does afisher. Paid Minion a bit less so. It’s almost as if they are sitting in a cafe together, working out how they will coordinate their ultra brief posts.

            1. Paid Minion

              My posts are usually ultra-brief, because I have what used to be called a “real-job”; one that requires I spend most of my day away from a computer terminal.

              Like today’s issue, the airplane’s fuel quantity indication system. It would be a bad deal if the crew ran out of fuel over the North Atlantic, because they didn’t have as much fuel onboard as they thought they had.

              Guys like me worrying about little details like that are the difference between a safe flight, and a smoking hole.

              1. kareninca

                Right. You don’t need to provide support for your arguments because you are a hero, and long posts would take time away from your heroic activities. Whereas those who post long post are losers who don’t have “real jobs”. My god, how did we all survive before you.

              2. Tom

                You should do an AMA so you could answer questions such as: How could a crashing plane leave a smoking hole in the North Atlantic? Wouldn’t the water close right back up once the plane plunged into the stygian depths?

              3. uncle tungsten

                Ho ho ho. Tell that to the people on board Iranian Flight 655. US technical expertise on the Vincennes was so refined it blew them out of the sky. The integrity, stamina and financial connections of every candidate for the US Presidency is a priority concern for all people. All the more so when this particular specimen, Hillary Clinton, has a major integrity problem and exhibits unrelenting antagonism toward Iran, Russia, Syria and others.

                World peace is a mighty precious necessity and the health etc of a duplicitous candidate is everyone’s business and speculation when living in Clinton’s atmosphere of deception.

        2. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

          Um, hello, it’s not her health that is the main issue, it’s her complete inability to tell the truth.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            Everything about her is classified information.

            Classified state information is not classified, the way she handled it.

      1. Pat

        Friday after the diagnosis when she announced that surrogates would be attending her events as she rested up and allowed time for the antibiotics to work, that is based on the assumption that she was really was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. It doesn’t mean waiting until there is an incident that clearly isn’t collapse from pneumonia to trot it out, even if it does make it look like the candidate is reckless, stupid and lacks judgment. Which, for those of us who already doubt her every statement and press release, makes us wonder if that is the upside how bad is the real story.

        IOW, your example does not work because the story is she had already been diagnosed. Not plowing through without one.

        I do like your name, nice announcing what you are before you get asked if you are one, pretending to be ironic. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be honest enough to tell us all the pay scale and criteria,

        1. Paid Minion

          I used to call myself something else, until someone on this site accused guys like me of being “Paid Minions”. Thank you, much better than the one I had before.

          For starters, the pay for “Paid Minions” isn’t that hot. You would think the 1%ers would pay the guys who fix the airplanes they fly around in, but you would be wrong. If they are okay with screwing me around, imagine how much sleep they lose over screwing the rest of the “wretched refuse”.

          “Feeling the Bern” and pointing out the BS conservative propaganda, while working in a state, and in an industry, where 99% of the people are Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/NRA loving conservative Republicans isn’t making me any new friends.

          Neither is (evidently) pointing out that the “Hillary Health Conspiracy Watch” is getting crazier by the hour.

          There are a bunch of better reason to believe that Godzillary has no business being president than her health.

      2. polecat

        That reminds me ………. anyone currently know of Chucky Boy’s health status … or was THAT supposed to be a maneuver of distraction to cover for the AliEN queen ??

      3. dk

        “Timely”, in this case, would be before keeling over.

        I tried to plow thru it for three weeks plus, before I got sick enough to go to the doctor and was diagnosed.

        Hope you weren’t coughing all over everybody while toughing it out.

        God forbid the amateur doctors here on NC turn the microscope on me and my health.

        Not until you run for president; at which point, NC will be the least of your worries.

      4. cwaltz

        I’m pretty sure an “unamateurish” doctor would tell you remaining sick for three weeks and not getting treated is a poor decision. Most doctors tell you that if you don’t feel better after a week then you should see them just to make sure that you don’t need treatment other than fluid and rest.

        Pneumonia leads to lung scarring.

        Oh and for the record, per the statements being made, she was told by HER ACTUAL DOCTOR that she needed to slow down. She chose to ignore a medical professional’s advice. It was an absolutely poor choice and now it’s leading to consequences. She’d have been much, much smarter to listen to the people who get paid to specialize in health care instead going off the reservation on her treatment. It would have been way smarter once she started taking medication to make a statement stating that she had pneumonia and would not be attending any fundraising events or PR events until she was healthy. Then there would not have any public collapses or any conjecture as to why she collapsed.

    2. jgordon

      Well that, and probably the fact that the “pneumonia diagnosis” is just another lie too.

      The Hillary campaign after all didn’t know that they needed a timely pneumonia diagnosis until Sunday night, hours after Hillary had a seizure or fainted or whatever and had to be dragged into her mobile hospital by the help–on high definition video. It would have been senseless for them to claim that she had pneumonia prior to that.

  20. dk

    US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds

    Boys desperate for food were said to go to extremes such as shoplifting and selling drugs.

    Males are sexually exploited as well. Aside from a single mention of “hustling” (often a euphemism for male prostitution), the article paints a very sexually polarized picture. The social pretense of strong, resourceful males and weak, helpless females obscures the sexual trafficking/victimization of men as well as perpetuating the conventions underlying similar exploitations of women.

    1. RabidGandhi

      I noticed that too, and it sent up red methodology flags for me.

      I didn’t have time to read the underlying study, but the article itself mostly gives third person anecdotes. “I know lots of kids who…”

      1. Paid Minion

        So, whenever I go out with a female, and pay for dinner, I’m “victimizing” her?

        Good to know. I’ll try telling them that the next time I go on a date, and let everyone know how that works for me. LOL

        1. Pat

          1. is the female underage, likely by many years?
          2. is that dinner followed by years of arranging other dates for her all of which include some form of sex with the person?
          3. Does this include drugs, beatings, blackmail? Alone or in any combination?
          Than this study does not apply to you, however I will point out that if you think/get upset/ or even demand sex in return for that dinner, yes, she is a victim – even if she doesn’t comply. Because it isn’t just a dinner – you think there is quid pro quo. There isn’t.

  21. schultzzz

    re; Fed Like a “Cowardly Scarecrow” as Corporate Debt Bubble Expands

    serious question for anyone;

    in the 80s, Fed chair paul vlocker kept raising interest rates even after USA (and most of the 3d world!) went into recession. this was supposedly because the rich, (in this case, long-term USG bondholders) wanted to make more interest on their loans.

    but now, with financial goons controlling our government even more than in the 80s, the fed has been holding rates down to almost zero for 8 years after the crash?

    can someone explain this contradiction? do our oligarchs no longer care about charging interest? i’ve been wondering about this for years now, but even lefty websites don’t bother trying to explain it.

    thanks for reading!

  22. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    DNC former chairperson: Hillary contingency plan.

    One word – Kagemusha (by Kurosawa, the Shadow Samurai).

    Get a double. Churchill did. Sometimes I wonder if others today do too.

    1. Jim Haygood

      Robert Heinlein wrote a great SF novel titled Double Star, about washed-up actor Lawrence Smith (stage name Lorenzo Smythe, a.k.a. “The Great Lorenzo”) who is hired to impersonate a prominent politician, Joseph Bonforte. Heinlein’s characterization of Smythe’s feckless bravado, which slowly transitions to statesman-like gravitas in his new role, is pitch perfect.

      Smythe, assured that his role is temporary, doubles for Bonforte during an election. But when Bonforte unexpectedly dies, Smythe assumes his role for life. Penny, Bonforte’s adoring secretary and now Smythe’s wife, says “she never loved anyone else.”

      Hillary impersonator Teresa Barnwell keeps a copy of Double Star on her nightstand. Now she claims implausibly to have been in L.A. on 9/11:

        1. Jim Haygood

          As The Great Lorenzo learned, successful impersonation depends much more on one’s carriage, gait, and mannerisms.

          Appearance is malleable. Photos of Hillary during her “prism glasses” phase, compared to photos from this year, look like two different persons.

          Oh, wait …

          1. katiebird

            I always remember he scene where he taped his back in a way that made him hold his back in a certain way to help with the impersonation as he walked…

          2. crittermom

            Jim Haygood–
            Most likely it’s the same Hillary.
            She probably just tore her ‘human suit’ during her stumble and had to change into a backup while in the van or at her daughters apt.

            1. Steve H.

              And stepping out of the Hillary suit, it’s… ELIZABETH WARREN!

              We actually nominated Elizabeth Warren, folks, it’s all okay!

              (That’s Elizabeth TINA Warren, by the way.)

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        She never loved anyone else.

        That’s like Martin Guerre’s wife in the movie ‘The Return of Martin Guerre,’ with Gerard Depardieu. She couldn’t tell the imposter from the real one.

        1. Romancing The Loan

          Or rather, she knew, and kept quiet at first out of curiosity but then because she liked him.

          Thank you for reminding me of that lovely movie.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            Having no stomach for the newer, super-hero movies, I am reduced to watching a lot of older ones from the library.

            In the process, I have come to a better understanding of how I was brainwashed growing up. I see those ‘great films’ of my childhood much differently now. And a few little-noticed films are actually quite good.

            Like “The Man in White Suit,’ with Alec Guinness playing the naive inventor of an indestructible, cannot-be-soiled plastic fabric, who then finds out his worker- friends and supporting factory-owner are now against him, wanting to destroy (or hide it – by buying the idea) his invention, because they both fear they will soon be unemployed (as there will be no much less need to buy clothes – assuming fashion doesn’t work its usual magic).

            That film was made before the idea of GDP sharing, or the other idea, a robot for every citizen (so the robot can work for its citizen-owner).

    2. NotTimothyGeithner

      TV and cameras are too good. Doubles will be easily noticed.

      Churchill had a bit of a weight problem, so the rolls made his appearance easier to replicate.

  23. diptherio

    In other (non-Hillary related) news:

    On Friday, September 10th, at a follow up protest aimed at having a representative from the Hillsboro County Sheriff’s Office speak to the protestors and family and explain how the investigation is going regarding the death of Lavonia, Tampa Police Department endangered the whole group of protestors and arrested two of our members, Stuart from our Bay Area Dream Defenders SquaDD and our Field Director, Char Singleton. As the protesters made their way from one side of the Police Department to the other, Tampa PD created a human wall made up of officers and bicycles. The protesters merely walked around that wall, as the Tampa PD formed the second wall, they began to shove protestors to the ground using their bodies and bicycles.

    If you’re as mad as we are about this injustice, help our members defend themselves from these attacks by donating to the legal help fund right now. At this point, every bit counts.

    Not far from the scene, Char was on the sidewalk assessing the situation and asking witnesses to record when Police approached her and told her she could not stand on the sidewalk. She explained this was her right then, moments later after she evaded the hands of a police officer, four officers approached her and aggressively arrested her.

    As she was screaming for help, Stuart saw her being arrested and ran over to make sure she was okay, that was when 6 police officers tackled Stuart while he had his hands up and was not resisting.

    They were both arrested. They were both charged. They were both targeted.

    Stuart and Char are out now, but are facing serious charges. We ask that you support them and donate to help with legal support in the form of legal representation and any court fees associated to both their cases.

    All donations will be tagged under a legal support fund that will directly go to helping our members get legal help in situations like the one Char and Stuart are facing. The organization will not benefit from nor use these funds for any operational purposes.

    Dream Defenders are awesome people. Send some cash to help them fight our injustice system if you got some bucks to spare.

  24. Fool

    Obama will give back his Peace Prize before he does this [pardon Snowden].

    Not sure about this one. The consensus has increasingly coalesced on behalf of Snowden, who would have been politically expensive to pardon, yet would have a positive effect on Obama’s legacy if he was pardoned on his way out. But then again I have a tendency to overestimate politicians’ foresight.

  25. Pat

    For the record I wanted Shirley Chisholm to be our first female President.

    Clinton’s gender is no problem for me. Like her husband and Obama, her policies, her character and her corruption are. About the only reason I don’t include Bush on that list is I really do have doubts about him selling the office, the usual buyers really are his people, otherwise he fits right in.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      Hillary’s gender is to democrats what the national debt is to Republicans. It’s what you say when you don’t want to admit blind loyalty and shallowness.

      1. Pat

        I would make that identity defense instead of gender. In Hillary’s case it is her gender, in Obama’s his race. What the hell are they going to use if Kaine becomes President?

        1. NotTimothyGeithner

          It’s gender specific for Hillary, and it’s more novelty than identity. Another woman candidate wouldn’t draw the same attention. Another black candidate. Hispanics aren’t a single bloc. It’s like being French in North America just newer and trendier at the moment.

          In the case of Kaine, he would be the first President to have stepped over two dying women on short notice to get a promotion. He practically danced on the grave of State Senator Emily Couric (Katie’s older sister) when he was the outgoing mayor of Richmond to get the Lt Gov nod on short notice.

          1. crittermom

            “Another woman candidate wouldn’t draw the same attention.”
            This remark made me think again of how we haven’t heard much about Elizabeth Warren since she jumped into that basket of adorables, have we?

            Even Bernie voiced his disgust regarding the violence against the protesters at the DAPL.

            Warren? Nothing.
            Wouldn’t that have been something she would have been quick to remark on in the past, or did she and I missed it?

            Perhaps it’s just my perception, but it seems to me it’s been awfully quiet in her corner.

            1. Kurt Sperry

              If Trump wins and it turns out Warren sold out for nothing while alienating a significant portion of her base, she’s got a big ugly renovation project (probably involving six foot pry bars and comealongs chained to stout trees) ahead of her,

    2. DWD

      Me too.

      She remains the one celebrity I have personally met who did not fail to disappoint. She was cordial, brilliant, and tiny.

  26. Anthony Romero, Executive Director of Mealymouthed Government Asskissing

    ACLU is a bunch of apple-polishers. Their shtik is to sit with bureaucrats and suck up to them, begging for some meaningless concession that they can use to sell us new and more extreme repressive measures. Mark Ames has done good work on this. We want Article 17, ACLU gets us the ECPA. We want Articles 14 and 22, ACLU gets us the USA FREEDOM Act. We want Article 19, ACLU gets us the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. ACLU is worse than useless.

    Now, instead of working to enforce the supreme law of the land, ACLU pleads for a gesture they know will be refused. Snowden’s fine in Russia, where his rights are written into law and institutionalized and internationally monitored in accordance with the world-standard Paris Principles. Why would he come back to this Orwellian shithole where he has to trust a criminal state and treacherous weasels like ACLU?

    1. Jim Haygood

      Even as we speak, Bill’s jetting out to L.A. on the Lolita Express a private aircraft, humming an old Beach Boys tune:

      I wish they all could be Cal-i-for-ni-a

    2. Anne

      Huge mistake to send him out – he has a tendency to say things that make me think he doesn’t really want his wife to lay claim to the same office he held. I know it sounds a little too woo-woo, but just as I think she aspires to the presidency for Stuart Smalley-type reasons (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!”), I think he would prefer that he be the only Clinton basking in that particular glow.

      And besides, it’s really going to cut into his earning power, you know? At his age, he may not be up to the kind of intricate money-laundering schemes that will be required to circumvent the increased scrutiny of their financial wheeling and dealing.

      I’m just so sick of these people, who labor under the misapprehension that we won’t be able to go on if one or the other or all of them are not in our faces all the time.

      Retire. Do some real charity work for a change – Jimmy Carter can help them with that. Be full-time grandparents – there’s nothing better, really.

      Just. Go. Away.

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        Bill is concerned about his legacy. It drives him nuts he isn’t beloved. He debated a 23 year old Sanders supporter for half an hour. He’s irritated he isn’t beloved among poor white communities.

        More importantly, Hillary and Bill’s cronies are running on Obama picked her for a ceremonial post since not 1948, not the Clinton legacy. He’s nothing more than a lucky Southern governor who ran against bigger clowns such as Jerry Brown.

        Books about the 90’s are more or or less about American piracy and the Internet boom, the World Wide Web went live in 1991. The Governor of Arkansas had nothing to do with it. Hillary Hillary is his last shot at a viable legacy.

      2. Roger Smith

        He cannot even keep up with which excuse they are on in terms of Sunday’s episode, claiming yesterday that she was “dehydrated”. Psst… Bill…. the line is pneumonia. PNEUMONIA!

      3. Pavel

        Hear, hear… Just. Go. Away. Look after those grandchildren we hear so much about on the tarmacs and elsewhere.

    3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Bill standing in for HIllary.

      Is Bill Clinton Dustin Hoffman’s Tootsie or Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire?

      Or will this be Victor/Victoria – a woman disguised as a man, who works as a female impersonator. Talk about double-reverse psychology.

    1. JTMcPhee

      From the link, showing that the great theatrics of power and corruption are pretty much universal as the species looks down the accelerating curve of decline and extinction:

      The expulsion of Mr. Cunha from the chamber he once deftly commanded, ranking him among Brazil’s most powerful politicians just a few months ago, shows that the country’s political turmoil is far from settled. The new administration of President Michel Temer, the former vice president who broke with Ms. Rousseff, is grappling with low approval ratings, street protests and claims that it is trying to stifle corruption inquiries.

      Mr. Cunha faces an array of corruption charges, making him a symbol of the widespread graft and impunity in Brazil’s political system. Federal investigators say he took as much as $40 million in bribes [a fokking PIKER, by current imperial standards], laundering the money through an evangelical megachurch while squirreling away millions in Swiss bank accounts.

      It’s not me who says that Cunha is a criminal,” said Jean Wyllys, a socially liberal lawmaker who is among Mr. Cunha’s most prominent opponents. “It’s the prosecutor general of the republic in his indictment. And I agree with it.”

      No such rare rays of sunshine in the Empire, where so many who “deftly command” are wrapped in the Great Cloak of Impunity that does not even require the fig leaf of “legality…”

      1. vidimi

        sadly, dilma is just sleeping in the bed she made for herself. give the neoliberals an inch and they’ll take the whole yard

  27. docG

    Re Uber’s Pittsburgh Project:

    Self driving cars are sheer insanity. There is a huge difference between the expertise of someone with a technological background and the critical thinking capacity of those (few) of us capable of independent thought. But critical thinking is in short supply these days, as evidenced by NASA’s plans to colonize Mars, another bit of insanity promoted by tech geeks and starry eyed billionaires with nothing better to do with their time and money.

    As a resident of Pittsburgh I am extremely concerned about these vehicles being let loose in my community. I don’t want to drive in one, I don’t want to drive anywhere near one and I don’t want to be a pedestrian near one either. In fact I don’t want one anywhere near where I live because at any moment one of these contraptions could morph into a guided missile aimed at my home. The fact that a “driver” will be present in the vehicle at all times, just in case, doesn’t reassure me one bit, because that person will be lulled by the smooth functioning of the vehicle 99% of the time and not be prepared for that 1% when things will (inevitably) go wrong. I’ve worked with computers for many years, I’ve taught with them and I’ve programmed them and I know for a fact that no software with any degree of complexity is ever bug-free. Nor is every computer chip going to last for years without failing at some point.

    Finally I might add that imo there will never be a real market for these devices, except among the usual sort of people inclined to fall for the latest gimmick no matter how flaky it might be. My guess is that the vast majority of people will not want to drive in one simply because normal people don’t want to have to worry about riding in a vehicle that could careen out of control at any moment. I enjoy driving my car and I feel confident in my abilities as a driver. Sure something could go wrong, but if it does I know I”ll be in control. Not so with a robot at the wheel. Sorry this technology will never be ready for prime time.
    Insurance agents: fasten your seat belts.

    1. Jess

      Has anyone thought about the prospects of teenage boys taking teenage girls around in self-driving cars? No hands on the wheel leaves two hands for much more fun stuff. Imagine the surge in STDs and teen pregnancies.

    2. temporal

      They really should be doing these tests in New Detroit.

      The interesting tests will come if this is extended to winter driving. The silly technologists who thought this could be good idea have lived too long in California. Snow, ice, roads there the sidewalk is defined by the slightly higher bump – these only a few of the problems that radar and photo scans aren’t going to work very well.

      When these contraptions get stuck in a snowbank do they just start crying or do they bring out their robocop guns? Will they turn into the slide or just give up?

      1. Paid Minion

        And they will.

        My 2015 car has traction control. When it senses slippage, it backs off the throttle to the engine.

        Backed out of my parking spot last winter on a street with about an inch of ice. Put it in drive, nothing happened. No traction sensed, no throttle/gas pedal.

        Had to disengage the traction control, and modulate the throttle with my analog foot and gas pedal, allowing the tires to spin and slowly gain traction.

        It’s a generational thing. All of the young guys (and who don’t actually fix this stuff daily) just automatically think this electronic stuff is going to work 24/7/365.

        Thank God the older aviation engineers, pilots and mechanics don’t do business the same way Microsoft does. We’ve seen too many “intermittents”, “glitches”, “Reboots”, “software/configuration issues”, etc. to EVER believe Silicon Valley BS.

    3. Waldenpond

      I like the idea of some driverless items. A person could send their pod out to pick up groceries, or for home repair items. A smaller vehicle would use less gas and less impact on the environment. It seems a pod would use less energy than a drone.

      Could be programmed to travel on less used streets or the equivalent of bike lanes could be designated for them.

      1. JTMcPhee

        I did not know the Jetsons lived on Waldenpond… Still waiting for my jet car… Pollyanna lives.

        See the link today on “unintended consequences” of technology. What would one do with all the ‘time saved’ by sending the ‘bot on an errand? What could possibly go wrong? and which few of us would be blessed with the money to afford the Wonderful Techonology Benefits?

        Or maybe this was a snark post? It would be too bad, if serious.

    4. nowhere

      It seems somewhat odd (haha…who am I kidding) that the fair people of Pittsburgh have not had any input as to whether or not they want to be the test bed of autonomous driving. Eh…I guess it’s the Rust Belt so they are all expendable, and it’s not quite as obvious as setting up shop in Detroit.

  28. allan

    Globalisation ‘not to blame’ for income woes, study says [FT]

    Trade and globalisation have been unfairly blamed for Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, according to a study of incomes that debunks the popular view that a more connected world has led to stagnating fortunes for the lower middle class in rich countries.

    The idea that ordinary people have been unfairly hit by the rise of emerging markets and China over the past 30 years and the income gains of the global super-rich was propagated by the so-called “elephant chart” devised by the economist Branko Milanovic, a former senior official at the World Bank.

    Development experts celebrated the graph as the “chart that explains the world”. But a new study by the Resolution Foundation, a British charity founded to support the interests of those on low to middle incomes, has overturned its findings. …

    Adjusting the chart for constant populations and removing China, ex-Soviet states and Japan shows a relatively even spread of income growth across the world. …

    File this under With Notably Rare Exceptions.
    Does anybody know anything about this `charity’?

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Adjusting the chart for constant populations…even spread of income growth.

      How does one adjust one’s country’s income growth for constant population?

      Like, last year, there were 2 of us, and we grew 4 pigs.

      This year, we grow 8 pigs, but there are 8 of us. The income of 8 pigs is for 8 people. Adjust that 8 pigs to last year’s human population of 2, that means, the (population adjusted) income for this year is – one pig per person this year and the constant human population is 2 – 2 pigs (a GDP crash from 4 to 2, or 50% contraction).

      (When I read it, this is how I interpret it, and I am sure that is not what the writer meant).

          1. polecat

            Life IS much more interesting … and that’s a problem for an ever larger quotient of digitally-dazzled humanity …….

            …but, as has been noted and quoted …. “Nature bats last”

            I’m sure there’s a rock with Man’s name on it …. or a super volcano ….. to liven things up !

            1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

              Imagine if we had evolved no fingers, but, say, flippers, like dolphins.

              Instead of the decimal system, because we have 10 digits, we have a numeral system based on zero digits.

              How will we be digitally-dazzled then?

  29. rich

    Putin Says Time May Be Ripe to Snag Bankers Fleeing Prosecution

    Central bank head asks president to help fight asset stripping
    Putin says it’s also important ‘not to limit people’s freedom’

    For a country that prevents its citizens from going abroad for an unpaid traffic ticket, rogue bankers get off easy, Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina told Vladimir Putin. The Russian president replied that he’ll give it a thought.

    Putin said on Tuesday he will order the government and law enforcement to study how to prevent bank executives suspected of asset stripping from escaping criminal prosecution by fleeing abroad. Nabiullina, who shut down a record number of lenders during her three-year tenure, said there might be a way to prevent bankers with “massive sums of debt” from leaving, according to a transcript of their meeting on the Kremlin’s website.

    “We need to be very careful, of course, not to limit people’s freedom,” Putin said. “But we need to protect the state, society and bank depositors from all sorts of criminal operations.”

    The regulator has purged a third of all lenders since Nabiullina took the reins in 2013 in an effort to weed out under-capitalized and mismanaged banks. That’s helped stem illegal capital flight and dubious transactions that use fake trades or loans to move money abroad, although the issue remains a priority for the central bank.

    Stricter punishment is essential if Russia wants to retrieve the stolen funds and prevent bank managers seeking protection abroad after pilfering assets, Nabiullina told the president. Transactions showing “signs” of a withdrawal of capital abroad fell to about 110 billion rubles ($1.7 billion) in the first half from about 1.7 trillion rubles in 2013, she said.

    hmmm….as the status quo moans evil Putin.

  30. Gaylord

    The election is a fake, so don’t waste your time — it doesn’t matter whom you vote for. Candidates are just playing the game. All decisions are made behind the scenes. The mass media are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the decision-makers who own the entire system.

  31. Wat Stearns

    I love the ad for the most advanced and luxurious cadillac ever that appeared over the “teens sell sex for food” story when I clicked into it.

  32. ekstase

    That dolphins have an advanced language is a very ancient belief, so it’s great to know that scientists are now backing this up. One wonders what two captive, 20-year old dolphins might be saying to each other, especially about us.

    1. Jeremy Grimm

      I wonder what we could learn about the oceans if we might one day communicate with the dolphins. I don’t imagine they have a good opinion of us but we do share common cause in the welfare of the oceans and fisheries.

      Learning to communicate with dolphins seems very like the problems we might face communicating with aliens if there were contact.

      1. ekstase

        They have a long history of helping us, even saving human lives, for no apparent benefit to themselves. And, yes, it’s kind of reassuring to think there is some other, possibly superior, entity out there, keeping an eye on us, whether it’s aliens or dolphins. (I hope they’re superior.)

  33. tongorad

    The article about Dolphin language brought to mind this classic bit from The Onion:

    Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs

    “I believe I speak for the entire human race when I say, ‘Holy fuck,'” said Oceanographic Institute director Dr. James Aoki, noting that the dolphin has a cranial capacity 40 percent greater than that of humans. “That’s it for us monkeys.”

    Aoki strongly urged humans, especially those living near the sea, to learn to communicate using a system of clicks and whistles in a frequency range of 4 to 150 kHz. He also encouraged humans to “start practicing their echolocation as soon as possible.”

    I for one welcome our new Dolphin overlords…

  34. Cripes

    Chelsea’s 10 million dollar condo appears to share, or used to have the same address and floor listed for one Metro Home Care Inc. The net is buzzing with speculations.

    However states “Note: This facility is closed or has merged with another facility. Information here is maintained for historical purposes only.”

    Was this the address of a functioning business prior to Chelsea’s purchase? Or a business associated with a prior tenant or with Mr. Chelsea’s current business now that his hedge fund burned down? Or something else?

    Perhaps the matter deserves a little more investigation, but it seems early to declare it the private health center for the ailing Hillary.

    Her retinue must be well schooled in handling all manner of physical and medical mishaps during their candidates forays into public view, given their prepared response is to shield her from view, prop her up and whisk her quietly away without any known medical attention. Seems like a chronic illness.

    Well, she wouldn’t be the first president to sleepwalk through a term, or two, managed by a spouse, vice president or other privileged staff to secure their own position by maintaining the illusion the king/queen rules, rather than drools.

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