Thanks for Vacation Coverage

I wanted to thank Lambert, Jerri-Lynn Scofield, Outis Philalithopoulos, Clive, Richard Smith, and Dave Dayen for doing such a good job of producing fresh, relevant, and provocative posts while I was on holiday in Maine. This is the closest I’ve come to having a real vacation in many years.

I also want to thank our donors, since your contributions made it possible for me to fund having the site continue to operate on the regular schedule you’ve come to expect. And I hope you’ll all give a big round of applause to Jerri-Lynn, who got thrown in the deep end of the pool and adapted quickly to what readers like and expect. I also valued her for bringing her considerable technical expertise to NC, since her background as a securities lawyer and financial markets participant brings an important perspective to many of the topics we cover. As she continues to contribute, she’ll get even more in synch with the preferences and interests of our audience.

I’m doing a bit of catch up but expect to be on a pretty much normal schedule soon. Thanks again!

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  1. frosty zoom

    i bet you’ve got some great vacation plant photos for lambert!

    and since this is the wrong place to post it, here goes:

    frosty has called the 2016 election: trump wins but the demoncrats take back the senate AND house.


    thanks, ms. yves for such an awesome news source/forum.

    1. PhilU

      Welcome back Yves!!
      Yes on everything but the house. Dems get IL, WI, IN, NH, PA, and keep NV for 51. Dems miss the house by under 10 seats. But take it in 2018 with a bunch of Governorships too so they can gerrymander away. Trump gets exactly 270.

    2. hunkerdown

      Welcome back, Yves! I hope you had some good rest and relaxation.

      I like the cut of Jerri-Lynn’s jib. Always glad to have her. Thanks for your (and her) excellent taste and discernment.

  2. Kurt Sperry

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation, if anyone deserves one surely you do. I don’t know how you guys do it but I’m sure glad you do. Oh and Jerri-Lynn has been a stellar addition, slotted right in and is really doing a wonderful job.

  3. Kim Kaufman

    I loved Jerri-Lynn’s piece on India textiles. It’s a unique area of expertise that actually covers so many areas of the things we talk about here. My mother worked in the fashion business (I grew up in NYC) so am personally always interested in that business and also did some weaving in art school so fabric is also a particular interest. People don’t always think of clothing, which pretty much comes after food and shelter as basic necessities, as a major industry and how the fashion business uses it to make money, i.e., the dizzying cycle of “what’s new, what’s hot” which like so much else is becoming parasitic and no longer functional for the purpose it is supposed to serve.

  4. Skippy

    Did you have a bit of a walk down memory lane Yves, nice, and Jerri-Lynn is a tranquilo sister, congratulations on her departing her old employ….

    Disheveled Marsupial…. that stuff can twist a person inside out after a bit…

  5. Cleo The Cat

    Yves so glad you got to get away, you deserved it. Jerri Lynn did an amazing job. My husband and I read your blog everyday. A day without NC is out of the question.
    All of you guys do an amazing job. Thank you. Jerri Lynn fit right in, she is an excellent communicator. More please!

    Thanks Colette

  6. TheCatSaid

    Glad you got some R&R.

    I kept reading the title of this post as “Thanks for the Vatican Coverage”, and I wondered who was doing that for NC!

  7. tegnost

    Thank You Lambert, Jerri-Lynn Scofield, Outis Philalithopoulos, Clive, Richard Smith, and Dave Dayen for all you do including giving Yves the vacation she so richly deserves. When the main fund raiser comes around I will be upping my contribution as much as I can. This has been a difficult and contentious year that doesn’t appear to be getting any easier, and I for one will be glad to see the election over with and expect that NC will continue to be the go to source thanks to all of your efforts. The volume and commitment are incredible and commendable. Thank You all, and Thank You Yves for taking a breather, you should be, and I’m sure you are, proud of your site and the work done on it’s behalf.

  8. john bougearel

    yes it is the closest you have come to a vacation since you began this blog almost 10 yrs ago. Good on you.

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