Links 10/10/16

Why the Otters Left Goa – and Are Coming Back Now The Wire (J-LS)

Turkish Village Preserves “Bird Language” in a Cell-Phone World Global Voices (resilc)

83% of troops support direct action in escalating Chip-Swipe conflict DuffelBlog (JTM)

Trump: ‘I Know That Was Pretty Bad, But Let’s Just Say You’re Going To Want To Save Your Energy’ Onion (David L)

New Discovery About Persians In Ancient Japan Generates Excitement Global Voices (resilc)

Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as ‘game changer’ BBC

Now I get it: Snapchat David Pogue (Chuck L). I still don’t get it. But I don’t even like taking pictures.

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7 phone after battery fires – reports Guardian


Great Wall of Debt: How China faces ‘financial calamity’ if it does not wean itself off debt addiction – IMF chief’s warning Telegraph

China anti-corruption campaign backfires Financial Times

S&P: Straya is Spain with “extreme” foreign debt MacroBusiness

Criminal Charges Filed Against Two Ex-Bankers in 1MDB Fund Case Wall Street Journal


May Seeks to Charm EU Leaders Amid Opposition to Hard Brexit Bloomberg

Wall Street bosses warn on Brexit risks Financial Times

‘Liechtenstein solution’ could hold key to softer Brexit, says Tory MEP Guardian (David L). This is getting more and more desperate. How many times does the UK have to be told “no” before they get the message?

The Dash For Cash: Leaked Files Reveal RBS Systematically Crushed British Businesses For Profit Buzzfeed (Dan K)

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank was given special treatment in stress tests Financial Times

The Deutsche Bank Frenzy and what it says about European banks Bruegel

Hungary: Protests at closure of main leftwing opposition newspaper Guardian


MH17 Report Taken Apart by Saker Reader Vineyard of the Saker (Glenn F)

What scared Ukraine’s ‘sex tourists’ away Politico


Israel to rename Negev nuclear site after Shimon Peres BBC (Judy B)

Yemen Feature: A Guide to the Civil War EA WorldView (resilc)

Turkey’s new border wall to stop Syrian refugees Politico

Saudi Airstrikes kill Hundreds of Civilians, maim hundreds at Yemeni Funeral Juan Cole (resilc). In case you missed it.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

CIA ‘Siren Servers’ Can Predict Social Uprisings 3-5 Days in Advance Sociable (furzy)

2016. A big round of applause to Lambert for hosting the debate live blog last night and to so many of you for participating!

Presidential Candidates Debate C-SPAN

In Second Debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Spar in Bitter, Personal Terms New York Times

US election: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons BBC

Trump Ends Nightmare Weekend With Over-the-Top Debate Bloomberg

Trump Unpacks Three Decades of Clinton Baggage in Debate Bloomberg (resilc)

Fact-checking the second Clinton-Trump presidential debate Washington Post

Holder hits Trump with Nixon comparison for threatening to jail Clinton Politico

New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship Intercept

Clinton’s Turnout Machine Could Prove Decisive Bloomberg

The Clinton-Trump Electoral Map Looks Almost Exactly Like the Obama-Romney Map. How Is That Possible? Nation (resilc)

BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Wrote About “Elevating” Trump Months Before He Declared Candidacy Free Thought (Kim Kaufman)

Donald Trump Holds Media Event With Bill Clinton’s Accusers Wall Street Journal

Hillary scrubs sexual assault pledge after allegations against Bill resurface New York Post. Wellie, the Murdoch papers have not abandoned Trump.

The National Park Service is melting down over harassment charges in its 100th anniversary year Los Angeles Times. JTM: “It’s everywhere!”

Harvard finalises bond sale to reduce crisis-era debt burden Financial Times. “Crisis era”!?!? How about “Larry Summers stupid swaps bet”?

$1.6 Million Bill Tests Tiny Town and ‘Bulletproof’ Public Pensions New York Times. Lead story in the business section. Note that roughly 1/3 of CalPERS beneficiaries are from towns and cities that effectively subcontracted their pension fund management to CalPERS.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Media Statement Regarding City of Seattle Municipal Light and Power Revenue Bonds Facility Business Wire (Ulpanaylaylo)

How Wells Fargo’s rivals make it harder for employees to create fake accounts

Los Angeles Times

Class Warfare

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings USA Today. Resilc: “Good luck with copays on Obamacareless.”

Teachers Threaten Strike in Chicago Wall Street Journal

Working in tobacco fields can make kids sick. But they still need the money. Washington Post (resilc)

World’s ‘gig economy’ larger than thought Financial Times. 1/3 participate as last resort.

5 reasons why the company you want to work for won’t hire telecommuters (and 4 ways to get hired anyway) O’Reilly (furzy)

Antidote du jour (Lulu):

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  1. jgordon

    That Intercept article on extensive collusion between the media and the Hillary campaign. Not speculation. FACT. Let’s correlate that article to the various outlets that have come out with a lot of anti-Trump propaganda this morning. Very interesting result, eh?

    These media people–such as the NYT, Washington Post, Bloomberg, etc–present themselves as wise and impartial presenters of truth when really they’re just a bunch of nasty little rats scurrying around while doing their best to prop up Hillary’s zombie-like campaign.

    To the FBI, the media, Wall Street, the State Departent etc: do you clowns even realize what you’ve done to yourselves and America in your all out effort to push this criminal into the White House? You can only drill so many holes into the bottom of the ship before it sinks you know; and this time may have been a few holed too many.

    I’m just going into one continuous state of stunned amazement over the brazenness of it all now. These people no longer even bother to keep up a facade. The end is near.

    1. Jim Haygood

      This morning the NYT is walking back its weekend weirdness, an elaborately embellished myth which asserted that Republicans were deserting Trump in droves and he probably would step aside.

      Today the frayed-collar stenos confess that “Trump Isn’t Going Away.” This may come as news to some of their sadly misinformed readers. Whereas readers who were away for the weekend would have missed the whole non-event.

      1. pretzelattack

        guardian seemed to be pushing the same meme, and yahoo news (well, it’s yahoo so they’re probably a day behind on news) is still doing the lewd trump shuffle–“has any presidential candidate behaved like this ever on a public stage?” it asks breathlessly.

          1. pretzelattack

            he “swayed malevolently”. the guardian analysts read some kipling stories before writing their article. i’m trying to remember the name of the cobra.

            1. ambrit

              This being an economics site, I might say that this is “Uber Deal Maker” Trump’s version of ‘C–k Ring Fencing.’ All the ‘good’ parts are not taxing our sensibilities.

            2. Yves Smith Post author

              Ka is the cobra.

              When Chil the kite brings home the night
              That Mang the bat set free
              The herds are shut in byre and hut
              For loosed till dawn are we
              This is the hour
              Of pride and power
              Talon, tush and claw
              Give the call
              Good hunting all,
              That keep the Jungle Law

              1. DWD

                Funny. I am perhaps the biggest fan of the Jungle Books around. You are too?


                (You might have noticed my avatar: it is Akela singing his death song)

                I have a big smile.


      2. Jim Hannan

        Given that Trump has now lost 16 of the Republican senators this weekend, sounds kind of like an event.

    2. fresno dan

      October 10, 2016 at 7:18 am

      Unfortunately, Trump fights the battle with one hand tied behind his back because he half- as*ed tries to be a half repub. And of course, Trump “allies” i.e., the repub party, agrees on far more issues with Hillary than with Trump. Your not going to see to much push back from the repubs on Hillary’s “open borders, open immigration” wikileak because establishment repubs AGREE with it.

      Trump’s foreign policy, while courageously exposes what a disaster Bush in Iraq was, and the Bushes are, still is a mess of going over there. He criticizes Obama for how he got out of Iraq. NO, NO, NO Donald – criticism should be for going back over there only!!! The PROBLEM IS ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN BOMB/INVADE THEIR WAY TO SUCCESS.

      Now it is Trumps campaign and not mine, but finessing mid east involvement is a losing strategy for the election – he will never sound better than Hillary on policy details. He got where he was by being radical, and he should differentiate himself from Hillary by saying,
      “look at the world – is it better because all these so called “smart” ones like Bush, Cheney, Hillary and Kerry fool around with it? They, and their press advocates, are NOT NEARLY AS SMART as they think they are – its time to come home and take care of Americans!” And Trump could tie that to the same “world” mentality that gives us NAFTA…

      And if Donald wants to fight the press, at least do it with some panache. Instead of whining about seconds of time, how about a one liner to Radditz like, “I know Hillary has wined and dined you and every other “journalist at THOUSANDS** of cocktail parties, but perhaps you could remember your journalist ethics and ask her when she is squalling about Syrian children, how many Libyan children are dying because of her mideast plans – – or do you only get your questions about suffering children from the Clinton campaign???”

      **exaggeration is good – IF that IS an exaggeration – make the press fact check themselves on how many Clinton parties they attend and what percentage of the people we see on TV goes. And could even ask how many journalists are married to Clinton partisans…

    3. oh

      Just like the Nixon days of dirty tricks
      The mass media is full of pricks
      While we the 99% take our lumps
      And are being dispatched to the dumps

      With more ‘n moreof the same shills
      They line up to dutifully for cheap thrills
      Did Bush and Obama disappoint?
      No, dutifully did they Hillary anoint

      They fake their horror and ridicule Trump
      And make up stories for Hilly’s election stump
      While Bill looks ahead to his WH stay
      Licking his lips for fresh and ever new prey

  2. ProNewerDeal

    Trump mentioned the HClinton “private vs public position”. But Trump failed to note that the Wikileaks new release showed that HClinton’s “private position” is pro-TPP, & pro-Grand Ripoff ala Simpson Bowles. Trump had previously claimed he is anti-TPP & anti-cuts to SS & MC.

    This leads me to guesstimate that Trump is truly on board to cosign whatever the P Ryan agenda is, which is also pro-Grand Ripoff (or even SS/MC privatization) & pro-TPP.

    Either Trump is only willing to win while endorsing P Ryan’s agenda, or Trump is a HClinton’s hired designated loser, ala the Washington Generals. Perhaps Trump made a deal with R Establishment, that R Est will fund his campaign as they would for any “regular” R nominee, in exchange for Trump not contradicting the P Ryan agenda.

    1. Roger Smith

      Yes, her line about “open markets, open borders” fits right in with his previous themes and is easily digestible. He should pick up on that and print it on t-shirts and banners. I was wondering myself why this was left out but perhaps it the release was too close for his prep team to fully integrate or something. From what I recall the moderators brought up the “Public v. Private” issues and all Trump did was smack Clinton down on the response.

    2. sleepy

      Trump may well be on board with those issues, but I think his failure to address Clinton’s private policy positions when he had that opening is imho probably due to his lack of debating skills and his seeming inability to think on his feet.

      There have been several times in both debate no. 1 and debate no. 2 where I wanted to yell at the television for Trump’s failure to follow up.

      During the first debate–Clinton pointed out that Trump had profited during the real estate crash of 2008. Trump had no meaningful response, yet it was the perfect time for him to say, — yes, I profited, but I did not cause it, it was caused by Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and the real profiteers were your clients Goldman-Sachs who thanked Bill Clinton by putting some of that profit in your wallet.

      Something like that.

      1. fajensen

        Both candidates are geriatrics well past their best-before dates, brain rot is obviously beginning to set in.

        If Trump and Hillary was 10-15 years younger, it would be a different matter entirely, Trump being at his irascible prime and Hillarys “battleship” organisation not rusty, lilting and leaking toxic waste everywhere.

        Would have been something to see.

      2. fresno dan

        October 10, 2016 at 8:03 am

        “…is imho probably due to his lack of debating skills and his seeming inability to think on his feet.”

        I agree. I also think it is because, although he is a pretty good critic, I don’t think he has the intellect or courage to go all the way – he still kinda wants to sorta be a repub.

        Trump IMHO simply does not understand that the repubs and dems do not substantially differ – he just doesn’t get it. To criticize Hillary is to criticize most of the repub party – on everything from open borders, to NAFTA, to tax cuts to the highest bidders, to the “grand bargain.”
        The parts are there, but Trump is too dumb or too cowardly to realize that his repub “allies” are an albatross – they are not really helping him and DON’T want to.

        As you state:
        “During the first debate–Clinton pointed out that Trump had profited during the real estate crash of 2008. Trump had no meaningful response, yet it was the perfect time for him to say, — yes, I profited, but I did not cause it, it was caused by Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and the real profiteers were your clients Goldman-Sachs who thanked Bill Clinton by putting some of that profit in your wallet.”

        WASHINGTON is corrupt – it won’t do to say the dems are corrupt, but the repubs aren’t.
        If Trump isn’t willing to be the anti dem/repub, than he pretty much is just spouting the same pablum as everyone else.

        Its pretty sad, as your example shows, that there are soooooo many targets, and Trump can’t come up with them on stage – is he too damn vain to carry notes??? Or too damn cheap to hire researchers who won’t toe the repub line and take the corruption trail where it leads???? Or too damn lazy to prepare?

        and I swear I will not watch another debate – I’m gonna give myself a stoke…

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          Perhaps I was slow, but as I listened to the debate, exchanges came fast and furious, and frankly, Trump was not debating one opponent, but 3.

          That was a lot for one mind to track in a debate.

          To me, he did better than the first one. So, that’s progress. Hopefully, he builds on that.

          I noticed that when he was blunt, the audience responded. So, as you suggested in your reply to jgordon above, something like ‘I know Hillary has wined and dined you…’ would be to-the-point blunt and he just has to be that aggressive more. No need to be nice to the ‘moderators.’

  3. ProNewerDeal

    suggestion: let’s label neoliberal Reagan-clone US politicians as The Real Basket of Deplorables.

    The Real Basket of Deplorables includes Reagan, Clintons, Bushes, 0bama, P Ryan, & Trump. A few US Fed Govt pols including Sanders, Stein, Paul Wellstone, Keith Ellison actually represent policies with majority public support, & are NOT among the Real Deplorables.

    Real Basket of Deplorables’ policies include:
    pro TPP
    anti Canada style MedicareForAll
    pro Social Security & Medicare cuts or privatization
    anti full public campaign finance
    anti $15 min wage
    anti free public univ tuition
    anti Green New Deal-caliber serious program to mitigate Climate Change

    Imagine if this term becomes widely used. It would be hilarious to enrage rank HillaryB0ts like Joan Walsh with the notion that their Dear Leader Hillary is a Real Deplorable & is a key leader of the Real Basket of Deplorables.

  4. Carolinian

    St. Clair on the debate

    + Indeed, liberals habitually dismiss these sorts of allegations against their own kind–JFK (still considered a hero, even after his sexual relationship with a 19-year-old intern named Mimi Alford), Bill Clinton (sexual assault allegations by Paula Jones, Kathrine Willey and Juanita Brodderick), Joe Biden (who had a notorious reputation for “hitting on” senate staffers, including the wife of a longtime CounterPunch writer), Ted Kennedy, who killed one woman and was allegedly involved in a 3-way with another Democratic senator (and one-time presidential candidate), an encounter known among DC insiders as “the waitress sandwich.” All still viewed as Heroes by the Left.

    Of course back in JFK’s time Ben Bradley thought JFK was a cool guy…wanted to be just like him. Perhaps we can simply blame the media for everything

    1. Jim Haygood

      Wish I had penned this summary: “The reaction photo of the rapist and Web Hubbell’s fat-lipped daughter is priceless. And I loved the fly landing on Hillary. I think it was Satan giving her a little kiss.”

      1. Roger Smith

        That fly… one of the best parts. Certainly lends some credence to the “Clinton Died” conspiracy.

        Bernie got a bird… Clinton got a fly…

          1. Praedor

            Flies are attracted to dead bodies and shit.

            Dead people often empty their bladders/bowels as the body shuts down. So is Hillary a fresh corpse that shit itself or is she an old corpse that is drawing flies to the decay?

        1. cocomaan

          When I gut an animal I’ve hunted, I’m always amazed at how quickly the flies show up. They can smell death and blood from a distance away.

          1. Katharine

            I think it’s death, not necessarily blood. A squirrel died a natural death on my yard last year, and the flies showed up within less than half an hour, well before the hawk.

          1. OIFVet

            She worries about children everywhere …

            Especially those brown-skinned ones in the middle east. I have no doubt that she had many a shouting matches with Madeline Albright and Bubba about how “500,000 dead Iraqi children were worth it”

            You shouldn’t have to be the granddaughter of a former president to be able to live up to your God-given potential in America. You should be able to be the granddaughter of a factory worker or the grandson of a truck driver—and every day as your president, I’m going to get up trying to figure out what more I can do to make sure every person, and particularly every child, has a chance to do just that.

            That is one scary abuelita, the way she uses language to tell grandchildren of blue collars that their Hillary-god-given potential has been fulfilled the minute they were born.

            Really though, Americans’ reading comprehension is in the shitter, particularly that of liberals. Or perhaps liberals really do get what she is saying and are in complete agreement. They are hateful mofos behind that veneer of tolerance and political correctness that they work so hard to maintain.

            1. Pat

              As I recall that particular campaign idea went over like a lead balloon.
              And it wasn’t just the words that probably lead to that.

              1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

                Trump missed so many openings: Syria.
                “Hilary you have said you will impose a no-fly zone in Syria. So for the record you are saying you will start shooting down Russian planes in order to support al-Qaeda in Aleppo?”
                Your Responsibility To Protect doctrine has so many beneficiaries: from billionaire Wall St criminals, to Boko Haram terrorists, to Monsanto. Where is your responsibility to protect American workers?

    2. Praedor

      Massive difference between consensual sexcapades (“waitress sandwich”…though the image in my head with relation to Kennedy and Ferraro(?) makes me nauseous), JFK with a 19-yr-old…though the power position is problematic…is TOTALLY different from outright assault/rape by Trump and Bubba.

      1. meme

        Chris Dodd, not Ferraro. Per Wikipedia:

        When they were both unattached, he and Senator Edward Kennedy were legendary Washington, D.C., hell-raisers…” Dodd and Kennedy formed a “human sandwich” with a female waiter, allegedly sexually assaulting the woman, as she was jammed between the two senators with Dodd on the bottom during a 1985 back-room romp at a Washington, D.C. eatery.

        another quote from New York Magazine:

        Those to the manner born who’ve been in trouble — Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, for instance, who participated in the famous “waitress sandwich” at La Brasserie in 1985, while their dates were in the bathroom — have tended to get out of it by claiming that their boyish high jinks had simply gotten out of hand.

  5. timbers


    MH17 Report Taken Apart by Saker Reader Vineyard of the Saker (Glenn F)

    Good summary which matches my (imperfect) memory of articles posted here at NC at the time of flight MH17 shoot down, that being key facts pointed in the direction Kiev & US being responsible for the downing of flight MH17 despite Western officials and media blaming Russia.

    But time gives additional perspective. When this happened, assumed Obama must have known about it. Yet recent events in Syria (“Who’s in control – the White House or the Pentagon?”) now give additional perspective. Maybe this was another CIA or Pentagon initiated action and Obama and the White House were left out to the loop and really where and are clueless about what the government they are supposedly in charge of, did.

    Scary thought getting more scary over time.

    And if Clinton wins, given her known hawkishness aligning more with the powers that be who are “in charge” accept her into the club to an extent greater than have Obama, who seems out of the loop? It might be one big happy War Party in charge.

    1. Praedor

      Best case scenario with this whole thing is Obama was/is on-board with the shoot-down and the lying about it to try and hurt/pay back Russia, ethnic Russian Ukrainians, and Malaysia. Worst case scenario is that Obama IS in the dark or, knows but was out of the loop because, just as with the bombing of Syrian troops (accidently on purpose) AND previous rebel-US gas attacks blamed on Syria, he isn’t actually in control. The CIA and the Pentagon, or a cabal within each, is doing their own neocon thing without Obama’s permission.

      The US is now either a de facto rogue nation OR has suffered a hidden coup so the President is no longer fully in control of the Executive branch.

      1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

        I think it’s simple: with the Cold War winding down the America Machine of Death (AMD) needed a shiny new enemy. People were tiring of “terror”, so the Rooskies needed to be rehabilitated as the Big New Boogieman (BNB).
        If they really had the goods on MH-17 we would have heard about it long ago, the missile they now claim did the deed throws out thousands of projectiles and they have produced precisely four of them, and not a single one in any of the bodies. And now two of the four projectiles have apparently disappeared.
        History will not be kind to the beneficent empire that transformed into the global purveyor of death, nor of the supine citizens who did nothing to stop it.

      2. LT

        “You don’t even know who the “rebels” are.”
        Trump to Clinton last night.

        Arm them to today to fight them tomorriw. Their way of ensuring perpetual war profiteering.

  6. pretzelattack

    “A cornered Donald Trump prowled the presidential debate stage on Sunday, threatening to jail an opponent he called “the devil” in a last-ditch bid to staunch his hemorrhaging campaign hopes.

    Swaying malevolently behind Hillary Clinton…”

    the guardian can always be depended on for hard hitting investigative reporting. and objectivity, did i mention objectivity.

    1. Jim Haygood

      Trump has mentioned Bernie Sanders in both debates. Last night:

      TRUMP: “Bernie Sanders … between super delegates and Debra Wassermann Schultz, I was surprised to see him sign on with the devil.”

      Obviously some respect there, as well as appealing to disaffected supporters of another political outsider.

    2. Roger Smith

      Is there a rule that the candidates have to sit down? He wanted to stand, big whoop. There is a lot of reaching going on after last night (expected) but claiming Trump was “stalking” because Clinton was talking int he foreground of an angled camera shot that included his podium behind it is one of the lamest memes circulating.

        1. OIFVet

          A small yet very loud person who is in control of the boat. The Oxbridge crowd in the Guardian knows one when they see one. Also too, cockswain is an acceptable spelling variation, and I used it on purpose.

    3. Optimader

      “A cornered Donald Trump prowled the presidential debate stage on Sunday

      F on the selfcontradicting mixed metaphor

    4. David Carl Grimes

      Do you really think Trump would put Hillary in jail once he is elected? Or is he just posturing? Or DOJ/FBI/State Department have already destroyed the evidence? Or Trump would never be a traitor to his class? Or would this tear the country apart?

      1. Praedor

        I am not a Trump supporter by any means but that hysteric meme about how dictatorial/fascist it is for Trump to “threaten Clinton with jail” is ridiculous. I see it as simply an expression of the inevitable result of a true, uncorrupted Justice Dept (unsullied FBI) investigation of Hillary for her mishandling of classified, her illegal and corrupt pay-to-play politics regarding big Clinton Foundation donors and State Dept access and favors, destroying 33k emails AFTER being subpeona’d and any other host of crimes she (and Bill and that nasty kid of theirs) has committed.

        I have no doubt that if Comey hadn’t shown how corrupt he was (under orders from Obama, no doubt) then the FBI would have had actual indictable offenses on Hillary and lots of valid evidence.

        1. Binky

          So you have no doubt and no evidence. That frees you up to fantasize endlessly.

          People are going overboard on the Hillary hate. It’s obscuring the reality of the situation.

          1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

            Sure, the problem is not every private citizen can get cozy little meeting on the tarmac with the highest law enforcement official in the land in order to make a pesky legal problem go away, or get an unlimited, open-ended free pass for financial crimes in the tens of billions. I thought we went through all this sh*t with Nixon (“when the President does it, then that means it’s not illegal”) but I guess we need a reminder.

          2. hunkerdown

            The evidence is out there. You are free to compare the reports with the relevant Federal statutes and regulations and policies, and see if the output of the FBI is consistent with its inputs.

            Binky, can you tell me why people who presume themselves above others should not be hated for that alone?

          3. Optimader

            A thumbnail assessment onthe reality?
            I am curious on the thought process, what you think is over the top?

          4. oh

            The fix was in when the FBI did not mirandize her before they questioned her.
            sarc/Poor Hillary, she’s being picked on so. /sarc

          5. Yves Smith Post author

            1. It is not the FBI’s job to make the decision on whether to prosecute or not.

            2. Comey made up a standard that does not exist in the law, that of intent. Mere mishandling of sensitive intelligence information is a crime. The fact that Comey made up a phony, higher bar strongly suggests (as does friggin’ common sense, how does a SoS have official communications sitting on an insecure personal server?) that what he did have was grounds for prosecution.

            3. I’ve had quite a few former DoD and SoS employees tell me they would be in prison if they had done 2% of what Hillary has been reported in the press (as in MSM) as having done.

  7. financial matters

    Another problem on the inequality front

    Low Income Victims Of Hurricane Matthew

    “”It’s no coincidence that poor families and people of color reside in the communities or low-lying areas with weak and crumbling infrastructure. The condition was created and institutionalized by prejudiced housing policies that gave a restriction to where people of color could reside through restrictive covenants, racial steering, zoning policies, and other explicitly racist tools, with the aim of confining people of color to living in those areas.

    Predominantly white communities are less likely than unprivileged communities and communities of color to be in or around exposed areas like toxic waste facilities and flood plains. People of color are also more likely to live in neighborhoods that have seen underinvested infrastructures for decades, hence making it more difficult for them to endure extreme weather changes and almost impossible to recover from a disaster.””

    1. BecauseTradition

      And let’s not forget redlining which still applies to the poor of any color – inherently so given that government privileges for private credit creation favor the richer over the poorer.

    2. RabidGandhi

      Also, as per usual with hurricanes, compare the damages in Cuba vs those in Haiti. Cuba at least has a semblance of civil society and poverty reduction. Conversely, in Haiti, Neoliberalism Rule n° 2 is in full effect.

      Much of Haiti’s population have been forced off their land and into shanty towns around Port-au-Prince, living in the most precarious of situations. Muslides and avalanches are common, even without a hurricane. Then there is Haiti’s rescue and health services which contrast directly with Cuba’s universal health system, with the best doctors in the hemisphere.

      Hurricanes are highly class-consciouss.

    3. LT

      If the Hurricane hit the Miami area, the Democrats may have shown more urgency about press coverage. (sad, but true)
      Their base, in most states, remains the larger cities.

  8. I Have Strange Dreams

    This quote from poster Bill Hicks on Morris Berman’s blog says it all:

    that Jeffrey Epstein scandal is a truly breathtaking example of how far this country has descended into banana dictatorship in all but name. Once again, we are presented with evidence that Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator, yet dingbat feminists continue to overlook the obvious in their insane lust to see “one of their own” in the Oval Office. It doesn’t matter how many women Bill abused or possibly even raped, nor how many other women have had their economic livelihoods or actual lives destroyed by policies espoused by both of them. And on the flip side, the scandal offers more proof that Trump is literally in bed with all the same odious individuals they are.

    I just returned from a short beach vacation in North Carolina, and I almost couldn’t stand to be out enjoying the sun and the waves for the epic clown show that was on display. Living in NoVa, I’m exposed to a lot of techno-buffoonery on a daily basis, but down there I was additionally reminded of just how many grotesquely fat, overly-tattooed, disgusting slobs there are in this country. Every parking lot was overloaded with oversized pickups and SUVs, and I saw at least a half-dozen Confederate flags flying proudly, including two huge ones hanging from the back of the same F-250.

    I really wanted to drop some of those idiotic liberals who dream of a people’s revolution into the middle of all that and ask them how they think such a revolution is likely to go. They just don’t seem to get that those ARE the people, and they are very much going to get the “leadership” they so richly deserve.

    1. NotTimothyGeithner

      One quibble. There are very few people voting for Hillary because she is a woman. They are voting for her because it’s her turn as leader of Team Blue and they are good loyal followers who can’t articulate a reason for a Hillary candidacy.

      They select her gender status because it’s an incontrovertible fact. Yes, Hillary is a woman. It’s a deflection from her record.

      Republicans do the same with the national debt. It’s a large number, and the size of the number is so large it seems important but most people don’t have enough background to discuss the national debt.

      Both are not moot points and work to end an argument.

      1. Jim Haygood

        “Her turn.” Someone named Noah Feldman (is it pejorative stereotyping to assume he’s a DemonRat?) penned this aggressive defense of the Depublicrat duopoly:

        Democracy depends most basically on political alternation: When parties change places after an election, the winners allow the losers to stay in business, operate as an opposition and run for office again.

        That alternation means winners don’t put their opponents in jail. Alternation is thus what distinguishes stable democracies from weak or failing ones. Prosecuting opponents is the hallmark of democracy-ending dictatorship.

        Barack Obama didn’t seek to prosecute Bush administration officials for acts that likely counted as torture.

        Duopoly or dictatorship, comrades: when you vote third party, you ride with Hitler.

        Feldman is a professor at Hahhhhhvid, natch — the institution that trained the ringleaders of the Bush/Clinton/Obama dynasty and the military-intelligence complex.

        1. I Have Strange Dreams

          “Stay in business”. There you have it. It’s a business arrangement. Madison’s “Commercial Republic” for realz.

        2. habenicht

          “…when you vote third party, you ride with Hitler” !!

          Heh – That sounds like a headline on a progessive site. Nice one Jim!

          Perhaps we all just need to resign ourselves to the legacy party choices we have “selected for ourselves.” (ok maybe less than 10% of us collectively chose these candidates in the primaries, but why quibble on details).

          And always remember neolibralism rule #1: “Because markets” (except in election choices apparently!)

      2. Yves Smith Post author

        You don’t know enough over 50 women professionals and retired educated women. I can assure you that they ARE voting for Hillary because she is a woman. My women friends who are of the same demographic all loathe her (they all have enough in the way of finance savvy that they recognized her as a crook back in 1992 when the news of her truly miraculous trading skills became public). But they lament to me how all their female friends think it is essential to have Hillary in the White House because it is time for a woman and (gah) she is deserving due to her credentials. Similarly, my mother, who despite being a registered Republican would have voted for Sanders had he been on offer, can’t stand the choices but has to bite her tongue when all her elderly friends praise Hillary.

        One friend who trend watches and so reads fashion magazines tells me they are all ordering (her word) their readers to vote for Hillary.

        1. Anne

          When women I know tell me that they support Clinton because “it’s time for a woman,” I ask them if they were supporters of Carly Fiorina or supported the ticket Palin was on because being VP was paving her path to the WH, and the general response is some version of sputtering, stuttering and “but that’s different” argumentation.

          Then they get mad at me for not “getting it.” I assure them that, in fact, I do get it, that I would also love to see a woman as president, but that I don’t believe the woman who got the nomination is the right woman. One of the things I’ve said to them is that I feel like Clinton will do for the chances that more women will be elected president what the ACA has done for the chance to get a single-payer health system in this country – instead of the question being “see what happens when you let the government get involved in health care?” it will be “see what happens when you let a woman run the country?”

          After that debacle last night, I don’t know why they don’t dispense with the illusion that these debates are part of a reasoned, rational political process, and just get Jerry Springer in to moderate, with shocking DNA reveals that will send us all into a swoon.

          1. nippersmom

            I asked that same question of the “it’s time for a woman” ilk during the primaries. The inevitable response was crickets.

          2. nycTerrierist

            Woman of a certain age here.

            Whenever the Hilldrones bring up the woman card, I say ‘Margaret Thatcher was a woman.’

            They quickly pivot to omg scary Trump.

            1. Pat

              During the primaries, I got but there is no comparison between Thatcher and Clinton…

              Funnily enough I took that as accurate, as in there is no need to compare them they are cut from the same cloth, but that certainly wasn’t how it was meant.

            2. Isolato

              And Condoleeza Rice, Madeleine Albright and Samantha Power. They all give “it’s time for a woman” a big lift.

              1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

                Two monsters guilty of war crimes and the deaths of hundreds of thousands and a third committing war crimes as we speak.
                So we got our current president because of his dermis, and now we’ll get one because of her pubis. Next we’ll be told we need a transsexual leader, oh because we’ve never had one of those, doncha know.

            3. Monist Lisa

              Is it too late for women of a certain age to start a “Not In My Name – Never Hillary” movement?

              1. nycTerrierist

                I’m in!

                When I feel like ‘representing’, I wear my ‘HILL NO’ button (acquired at a Bernie rally). It’s quite the conversation piece. I get lots of side-eye…

            4. Lee

              A larger sample group of the good, bad and indifferent. Maybe we could do a sort of blind test describing each of them, without disclosing their gender, and determine if there is any significant difference between male and female leadership. I assume it would show up in some cases as regards women’s rights but beyond that probably not so much.

              Angela Merkel
              Dilma Rousseff
              Sonia Gandhi
              Cristina Fernandez
              Julia Gillard
              Yingluck Shinawatra
              Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
              Laura Chinchilla
              Sirimavo Bandaranaike
              Indira Gandhi
              Golda Meir
              Elisabeth Domitien
              Margaret Thatcher
              Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo
              Dame Eugenia Charles
              Gro Harlem Brundtland
              Milka Planinc
              Benazir Bhutto
              Kazimira Prunskienė
              Khaleda Zia
              Édith Cresson
              Hanna Suchocka
              Tansu Çiller
              Kim Campbell
              Sylvie Kinigi
              Agathe Uwilingiyimana
              Reneta Indzhova
              Chandrika Kumaratunga
              Sirimavo Bandaranaike
              Claudette Werleigh
              Sheikh Hasina
              Janet Jagan
              Jenny Shipley
              Anne Enger Lahnstein
              Irena Degutienė
              Nyam-Osoryn Tuyaa
              Helen Clark
              Mame Madior Boye
              Khaleda Zia
              Chang Sang
              Maria das Neves
              Anneli Jäätteenmäki
              Beatriz Merino
              Luisa Diogo
              Radmila Šekerinska
              Yulia Tymoshenko
              Cynthia Pratt
              Maria do Carmo Silveira
              Portia Simpson-Miller
              Han Myeong-sook
              Zinaida Greceanîi
              Michèle Pierre-Louis
              Sheikh Hasina
              Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir
              Jadranka Kosor
              Cécile Manorohanta
              Kamla Persad-Bissessar
              Mari Kiviniemi
              Julia Gillard
              Iveta Radičová
              Rosario Fernández
              Cissé Mariam Kaïdama Sidibé
              Yingluck Shinawatra
              Helle Thorning-Schmidt
              Adiato Djaló Nandigna
              Alenka Bratušek
              Sibel Siber
              Tatiana Turanskaya
              Aminata Touré
              Erna Solberg
              Laimdota Straujuma

              1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

                I thought Julia Gillard in Australia was pretty capable, she was able to reconcile many opposing views and get quite a few things done.

                1. uncle tungsten

                  She was reasonably progressive and certainly a mighty capable achiever, her usurper was and remains a dolt. He was ‘ready’ to be elevated to fill a senior UN role but the advance word was out and he crashed.

                  1. Skippy

                    uncle tungsten….

                    Factually incorrect aside from public perception management, Julia was the leader of the right or neoliberal 3rd way faction in the Labour party [ALP].

                    Disheveled Marsupial…. Having Abbott on the other side of fence should not be confused with being progressive [whatever that means today].

                  2. paul

                    If she was dumb enough to employ John Mcternan (architect of labours demise in scotland, gillard in OZ and most recently helping Owen Smith rise to oblivion) she had no business in politics.

              2. JTMcPhee

                Don’t forget Lin Piao (Mao’s SO) and Madame Chiangmai Kai Shek, among so many others…

                Humans of all X and Y bents can be and demonstrably are horrific. Species, not gender-linked.

          3. polecat

            ….Maybe add Oprah Winfrey & Ricki Lake to the mix …and let the podiums fly !!

            they’re both Chicago mavens after all ……..and would make ol’ jerry look like Saint Francis of Asisi

          4. Emma

            Well, if “it’s time for a woman” then why not have an “all-woman” debate beforehand?! There IS another woman running in this race by the name of Jill Stein, the Presidential nominee of the Green Party.
            Perhaps though, after all, women as a whole is a concept that doesn’t actually make progressive sense to the Hillary Clinton team…..

            1. allan

              Or how about Donna Edwards. The entire Democratic machine turned out to make sure that a black female progressive, who would have been only the second African American woman to serve in the Senate, was defeated in the MD primary by a white male.
              Who just happens to love chained CPI. Go figure.

        2. B1whois

          It took me a little while to figure out what you meant. When you said they were ordering their readers, I thought you were talking about reading glasses.

          By the way, saw my first political yard sign yesterday, it said Bush/Dole

      3. DWD

        Over at Eschaton, when the nomination was still being contested, I asked the Cult of Hillary (CoH), The OWLs (Old White Ladies) for the most part, why.

        The answers I was given were: She’s a woman. It’s her turn. She is the best prepared. and mumbling something about Lillie Ledbetter.

        These arguments – with logic and a little research – are actually not very compelling.

        But it mattered little and anything that could be done to further Hillary was done without ever questioning if this was a good thing and whether her positions were actually positions they have expressed support for, for years (the answer here was a hearty no – nit they never would allow consideration

        This is pathetic We could have elected a liberal this time and actually made a difference in the direction of this country but: it was her turn. She’s a woman. She was well-prepared. Lillie Ledbetter.

        The most devastating political betrayal of intelligence I have ever seen and enough to turn me off Democratic Politics for the foreseeable future.

        1. Pat

          I would say there were two other factors in play there. From what I saw most had gone through the Richard Mellon Scaife years, and automatically reject criticism as a conspiracy. And they have heard the experience, women and children bullet points so much they have internalized them. They really do think they know her, not just her record but what she wanted to do. You put those two together and….well the investment is too great.

        2. anti-social scientist

          Over at Eschaton, when the nomination was still being contested, I asked the Cult of Hillary (CoH), The OWLs (Old White Ladies) for the most part…

          Seriously? SMH

        3. Katharine

          I can’t stand the “It’s her turn” argument, which reeks of entitlement. How is it her turn? Was there a lottery?

          1. anti-social scientist

            Good thing no one is seriously making that argument, then, except for those who want to use it as a strawman to knock down.

            1. pretzelattack

              i don’t know how seriously they make the argument, but i see it on internet comments. usually coupled with a statement of her unusually excellent qualifications. could be david brock ctr trolls, i guess.

        4. hunkerdown

          We are electing liberals. Ideological liberals, not movement kids who think that they can liberate (ha) team identities from well-characterized ideological constructs the same way they can any other epithet.

          “Liberal”, in practice, means “managed”. In the light of corporate morality, succession is determined by the acclamation of the board, not by the vote of the people. In the light of corporate morality, producing attributable (or falsely attributable) changes in the structure of the firm is competence. And so on.

      4. Pat

        Most people I know who are voting for Clinton are actually voting against Trump. One is voting for Clinton because of ACA. There may be a couple in my class or the one slightly better off voting for gender, but I believe that reason may on!y be big among the well off liberals.

        1. Optimader

          The ones i know who are voting HRC are:
          -Voting wall street sentiment- status quo;

          -Straight party old line dems who are informed exclusively by MSM. Not stupid just older, propaganda carpet bombed by MSM;

          -Dullards, ” …it’s her turn. I admire how she has persevered though all the attacks. She just gets up and puts a smile on her face!”

          1. Optimader

            (Listening to an old couple on the train. As i typed)
            “Well its the consensus trump lost the debate”
            “Yeah, it was all over the radio”
            “Not many cars in the parking lot”
            “No, it’s Columbus Day”

            Impassioned reflection.

            Extended walk in the neighborhood yesterday. 0, zero, nada lawn signs or bumpersticker. Unique in my observation.

            1. mcdee

              Just returned from an extensive trip through northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Saw 1 yard sign (Johnson) in Santa Fe and 2 bumper stickers on the road, 1 for Clinton and 1 for Johnson.

              1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

                I remember my mom telling me about Eisenhower versus Adlai Stevenson, she agonized over their respective policy positions and the state of the country and the world and decided to vote for Stevenson. On the bus on the way home she overheard two women talking, one said “I voted for Ike, he’s got a nice smile”.

          2. Pat

            Most of my acquaintances have only a passing relationship with Wall Street where their sentiment would mean anything. They are almost all lifelong Dems or new to voting.
            So yes that does color some of the ‘yes, she is a terrible choice, but TRUMP’ and ‘think of the Supreme Court’ votes for Clinton.

            The Dullards still admire Bloomberg and/or honestly are scared of Putin.

        2. Ivy

          Couples split between the candidates may find themselves in a type of Prisoner’s Dilemma. They could decide that their votes would cancel out, or they could game the process, or maybe just say forget the whole Prez vote thing and go to dinner after the down ballot and local initiatives are checked.

          Isn’t the electorate being held hostage in a type of Dilemma?

    2. AnnieB

      Wow. This Hicks guy does not express my attitudes nor those of many other readers here, I hope. When a person visits a different region of the the US, one is bound to be confronted with different cultural ideas and social values. The US is, in a sense, like a bunch of different countries pushed up against each other with open borders. I always find it sad to read or hear such overgeneralizing insults against people that the writer/speaker doesn’t even know. We may not agree with or appreciate each other all the time but, at the very least, we can acknowledge each others’ humanity and keep a civil discourse. (Well, we can try and hope civility is catching

      1. Michael

        I can acknowledge the humanity of the paddyroller wannabes while still understanding that they are paddyroller wannabes.

        1. hunkerdown

          Michael, you should stop kicking white people unless you want them to vote against you and your betters haven’t rigged against such a possibility yet.

    3. jrs

      the people who want a people’s revolution probably have more of a clue than that moron. Ok some people will always be authoritarian etc. and they’ll never be converted perhaps – I don’t think the right wing is our friend or anything like that and that all right wingers are would be leftists. However, that’s really not the point to anyone trying to build a movement. The point is to win those who can be won where they are, which might be things like labor issues (how does this guy think the union movement ever grew in the first place?). Most people do work for a living.

      But I guess he’d say it won’t work because those who could join the movement are fat or something. Sheesh what a maroon …

  9. Steve H.

    – Donald Trump Holds Media Event With Bill Clinton’s Accusers

    If you haven’t seen it, seems mostly unscripted and simple until the very end, when a reporter tries to msm it and Paula Jones’ wolf teeth come out. The anger is still burning.

    Currently 2.9 million views, about 5% respond, about 1.5% share.

    Direct link.

    1. Chauncey Gardiner

      Golly, I wonder why the ripostes and maneuvers during and around the presidential “debates” remind me so much of a World Wrestling Entertainment match?

      …”He said, She said.”… “He did, She did.”… what captivating theatre!

      Surely we can do better. We really need it.

  10. mad as hell.

    Billy Clinton looked a little ashen yesterday. I didn’t see any smiles coming off his pus. He looked like he had seen a ghost. Then again he did see four or five of them seating in the front row. He was definitely thunder struck by their appearance. So there must be a little bit of a conscience in that money grubbing shell!

    1. Katniss Everdeen

      “….off his pus…..”

      Works better as a descriptor than “puss” IMNSHO, and variations of the word puss have lately fallen into disrepute.

        1. Optimader

          He needs to close his mouth, strokey lookin when left open. Needs to let the freshly hatched flys out?
          What and the world do they talk about as a family after an event like that? Seriously

    2. Praedor

      Nonsense. Bill Clinton has no conscience. That look on his face is merely fear of being caught out (again).

      Plus he was probably upset he had to sit next to his daughter instead of some young female intern.

      1. OpenThePodBayDoorsHAL

        +1, that was not the face of an elderly man reflecting on his past misdeeds towards the end of his days, it was the face of a man worried about imminent incarceration.

  11. Katniss Everdeen

    NEW YORK – NBC has suspended “Today” show personality Billy Bush indefinitely for his role in the recently surfaced videotape of Donald Trump’s crude conversation about women.

    “Today” show Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim said in a memo that “there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape.” NBC has suspended Bush from his job as host of the “Today” show’s third hour, “pending further review of the matter.”

    11 years later, nbc has decided there’s “no excuse.” Something about glass houses and stones.

    Hard not to think that the “impact” of this clinton media “assist” was not as expected.

    1. fresno dan

      Katniss Everdeen
      October 10, 2016 at 9:16 am

      I did not know that Billy Bush was an actual part of the Bush clan. Does Barbara know a clan member is involved in naughty, naughty Hollywood???
      And as far a NBC, there was less hypocrisy in the medieval church than there is in modern media.

      1. Katniss Everdeen

        Kinda makes you wonder how this didn’t come up when Trump was turning jeb! into a puddle of his mama’s jello during the primaries.

        1. Pat

          The official story now is that some producer on Access Hollywood remembered it after the Machado dust up, and started looking for it. I’m sure NBC/AH is happy to have paid this person to scour their archives for this, especially since the Washington Post got the story not them.

          Mind you that is the official story. As the emails have shown us the official (public) and the real (private) don’t necessary meet.

          1. bob

            The whole thing was showbiz. ‘They’ released the tape on a friday holiday weekend, before the debate. No one was ready for that.

            SNL seemed to be able to capitalize on it. Keeping it in the NBC family.

      2. Pat

        IIRC she was interviewed by her granddaughter for that same network a couple of years ago. Jenna has a long running gig there.

        I do have to say the hypocrisy at NBC is astounding, Billy Bush’s entire career there has been about projecting a hanging out with your slightly drunk sycophantic friend who will edit out anything damaging you might say persona to celebrities. Although the very fact that this tape was around might have eliminated his ability to hang with celebrities, so could be putting the best face possible on destroying their ET clone.

        1. fresno dan

          October 10, 2016 at 10:56 am

          I presume the tape wasn’t played publicly at the time….(was it???)
          SO, WHY WAS IT KEPT???
          Is there a whole “blackmail” library at NBC? At every media outlet?

          “A Fish Called Selma” is the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons’ seventh season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 24, 1996. The episode features Troy McClure, who attempts to resurrect his acting career by marrying Selma Bouvier.
          Throughout “A Fish Called Selma”, it is hinted that Troy engages in strange sexual activity. The writers initially did not know what the “unsavory” sexual preference would be, but eventually decided on a fish fetish, a suggestion from executive producer James L. Brooks, since it was “so perverted and strange, that it was over the top”.
          Well, maybe to some….what I have done with octopuses forever precludes me from running for president…

          1. Pat

            I’m sure it wasn’t. Having now seen the video, it is raw footage before editing. I’m betting the aired segment probably had a shot of the bus arriving with voice over by Bush but the mike feed begins with a cut to Donald exiting the bus and saying hello to the actress from Days of Our Lives. And it does answer my question as to why the conversation was recorded at all. As the mikes were going to be used for the walk and talk from the bus, they were part of the video of the bus arriving. I had wondered if it was recorded separately because someone was interested in the conversation (the mikes are live whether they are being recorded or not.)

            As to why it was kept, these shows use archival footage all the time. Sometime it is just filler to expand a segment. Sometimes it can be before you knew them we did, for instance say that Arianne Zucker, the actress, somehow does some indy film that becomes Oscar bait, they can show this during their coverage.

            It probably will have a bunch of people trying to remember their shooting the breeze before we start conversations since they now know how early Access Hollywood start taping.

          2. bob

            “Is there a whole “blackmail” library at NBC? At every media outlet?”

            I’d call it a 100% certainty.

            I’d also bet that getting access to that library is very difficult.

            1. hunkerdown

              I’d also bet that’s a big part of why “news” organizations have joined in the War on Save As. Only the deserving shall have libraries of blackmail material.

              It seems to me the proper response to such derailing is “So?” It works for the alliance scum.

    2. optimader

      I’ll concede that I’ve never heard of Billy Bush before this major domestic policy event.

      A 44 year old who goes by Billy? OK, that’s a data point.

      Did he get a cut on the sale of the vid?

      Personal life
      William Hall Bush was born in Manhattan, New York City,[2] the son of Josephine (née Bradley) and Jonathan Bush, whose older brother George H. W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States.

      Bush attended middle school at St. Bernard’s School and high school at St. George’s School in Rhode Island,[1] and in 1994 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Government from Colby College in Waterville, Maine,[1][3] where he was also a two-time captain of the college’s men’s lacrosse team.[4][5]

      So the folks were finally able to pack him off in the 9th grade to boarding school to learn some lifelong bad habits!

      Went on to major in keg parties at Colby College in Waterville, Maine!

      Lambert, were you on the lacrosse team there too?

  12. Chauncey Gardiner

    Thank you for the article about the otters of Goa. Whoda thunk? Triggered a thought about Arundhati Roy, who I believe lived for a while in Goa, her life’s work including her opposition to dams on the Narmada River, and her personal courage; as well as demographic, industrial and environmental pressures on water resources and wildlife almost everywhere.

  13. Alex

    The piece on RBS’s looting is deeply disturbing. How no one is in prison for such blatant theft and fraud is mind-blowing, and shows how deep the corruption and rot is in the UK finance industry. This is ten times worse than Wells Fargo.

    1. reslez

      I agree. What a devastating article. I’m still working my way through it but here are some choice quotes:

      Note: “GRG” refers to the bank’s “feared troubled-business unit”

      RBS has repeatedly denied allegations that it destroyed healthy businesses for profit…

      The files reveal that 16,000 firms were sucked into the restructuring unit after the financial crash – including care homes, hotels, farms, and children’s centres. […]

      BuzzFeed News has spoken to 15 small-business owners who say their healthy firms were ruined after they were put into GRG. Some have lost their homes, marriages, and health as well as the companies they built from scratch and all their assets. […]

      Firms that had never missed a loan payment were pushed into GRG under the bank’s secret policies for reasons that had nothing to do with financial distress, including for telling RBS they wanted to leave the bank, falling out with managers, or threatening to sue over mistreatment. […]

      Once in GRG, firms were hit with crippling fees, fines, and interest rate hikes that could run into seven figures, helping to net the restructuring unit a profit of more than a billion pounds in a single year. […]

      The property division, which amassed assets worth £3.3 billion during the crisis, was passed information that was not available to other bidders when it wanted to acquire properties from businesses in GRG. In contrast to what RBS executives told parliament, properties could be sold to West Register without being advertised on the open market. […]

      Alison Loveday, who says her law firm Berg has dealt with “hundreds of cases” in which healthy firms were “devastated by GRG’s activities”, called on the FCA to take urgent action to ensure business owners are “properly compensated for the loss and damage they have suffered”. She blamed GRG’s heavy-handed tactics for causing “heart attacks, family breakdown, and even suicides”.

      Wow, this is disgusting. The people responsible should be in prison. Thank you to the anonymous leaker who made this story possible.

      1. TheCatSaid

        What’s more, the government apparently sanctioned this vicious approach as it wanted RBS to stay solvent after it had been bailed out. They didn’t care about destroying businesses if it presented opportunities for RBS to strip cash and assets.

        This is particularly chilling as what’s to stop this happening all over again (and with US banks, too) with the upcoming worse downturn?

  14. Donald

    An anonymous Obama official maintains the official line that the Saudis are on,y killing civilians by accident.

    Which makes sense. If the US admits that it support people deliberately bombing civilians, it makes our government an accessory to crimes against humanity. It also makes it hard for Samantha Power to keep a straight face when condemning the Russians.

      1. John k

        Just like shill admitting establishing no fly in Syria would kill a lot of innocents… Gotta expect losses… Though she didn’t mention WWIII…

  15. Donald

    Weird. I thought I posted this, but it didn’t show.

    Anyway, the US is maintaining the pretense that the Saudis only bomb civilians by accident. Otherwise they’ d have to admit that they are supporting mass murderers even as they condemn the Russians for bombing civilians.

  16. Adam1

    Here is a sure telling of our times. As I was getting ready to leave church yestarday, looking in my rear view mirror I noticed that the car behind me had a Trump sticker on it. Now I am sure there are plenty of church parking lots full of cars with Trump stickers, but the church I belong to is a Unitarian Universalist church! Now I understand there are potential reasons for a progresive or leftist to conister voting for Trump, but I surely wasn’t expecting to see such overt displays.

    1. Otis B Driftwood

      Well, Trump made good use of the “us vs. them” posture in his triumph in the GOP primary. With the 3-on-1 meme he’s going to work his populist appeal some more. He’s the underdog (true), the guy fighting the corrupt establishment (not really true), and I reckon that is what keeps him close. This resonated before and it continues to resonate with a deeply disenchanted and angry population (including Unitarians, I guess) that may just outnumber the “I’m with Her” crowd on election day.

      I’m still voting for Jill Stein.

    2. justanotherprogressive

      I think you are going to see more of those stickers at Unitarian Universalist churches. More and more people (including me) are getting concerned about Hillary’s jingoism and her apparent attempts to prepare us to accept a war with Russia. This needs to be stopped now and if the only way to do that is to vote for Trump, I think there are many people who would prefer having to put up with Trump for four years than to allow Hillary anywhere near the Presidency.
      Trump last night at least said he wants to work with Putin.

  17. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Ancient Persians in Japan.

    Perhaps this will help prove Jesus was in Japan:

    Shingō (新郷村 Shingō-mura?) is a village located in Sannohe District of south-central Aomori Prefecture in the Tōhoku region of Japan. As of 2016, the village has an estimated population of 2,685 and a population density of 17.8 persons per km². Its total area is 150.85 square kilometres (58.24 sq mi). The village promotes itself as the home of the Grave of Christ (キリストの墓 Kirisuto no Haka?) after a local legend.

    – Wikipedia

    1. TheCatSaid

      Nice catch. It’s interesting that Saban was more worried about the people around HRC in a future administration, than about her own views. If it’s true HRC has serious health issues that makes perfect sense.

  18. justanotherprogressive

    Thank you Lambert and others for the running commentary on the debate last night. There are just some things I cannot watch without getting sick – I’m glad you have stronger stomaches – or higher waders.
    If you believe the news accounts this morning, obviously all of you made it all up or your eyes and ears were AGAIN lying to you (NOT!). Loved WaPo’s “fact checking” because apparently the only ones who can tell them the facts is the Hillary Campaign!!
    But then I found this one:
    I think Zero Hedge might have been reading naked capitalism last night……

    1. TheCatSaid

      That is hilarious! And an accurate description of the real energies and thought forms flying around. Virtuoso.

  19. Pavel

    From the #PodestaEmails2 publication by Wikileaks. We see here how Robbie Mook worries about when HRC should come out against the Keystone pipeline (“After POTUS vetoes?”) after the publication of the “Clinton Cash” book and the disclosure of Bill Clinton’s $1M payment by the pipeline group:

    The enviros may latch onto this going forward. Have we discussed when she will come out against Keystone? After POTUS vetoes?

    and more than $1 million in payments to Mr. Clinton by a Canadian bank and major shareholder in the Keystone XL oil pipeline around the time the project was being debated in the State Department.

    The enviros may latch on to this” — shows real respect for environmentalists, don’t you think?

  20. Stopthecarouselplease

    RE: Nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and Obamacareless.(Love it btw)

    After paying higher monthly premiums that increased my fiscal resource outflows, I had a medical emergency that entailed I pay my portion of responsibilities that was slightly over $2,500. Fortunately, I had the savings to cover it. I tried to do it electronically and the bank put a hold on it and requested I call their fraud department. After a 5 minute phone call, I was asked to come into the bank and make my withdrawal in person. After explaining to the bank manager my situation(the bank teller didn’t have the authority), the funds were released. Having to explain why I need money for something that is not even the banks business is frankly, dehumanizing. Now, I have savings less than $1,000 in my accounts but have a thicker and more robust mattress.

  21. LT

    Re: Clinton Trump Electoral Map (The Nation)

    Based on that analysis, it would appear that the only thing to move American politics out of its duopoly induced stasis is —–.
    (you fill in the blank).

    At the moment, I’m not sure what I’d answer with.

  22. allan

    Crime-prediction tool PredPol amplifies racially biased policing [Tech.Mic]

    … Algorithms are also taking over policing. In cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia, “predictive policing” algorithms comb through past crime data to tell officers which people and places are most at risk for future crimes. The most popular is PredPol, an algorithm developed by the Los Angeles Police Department in collaboration with local universities that takes in hard data about where and when crimes happened and then makes a “hotspot” map of where crime will likely happen next.

    But according to a study to be published later this month in the academic journal Significance, PredPol may merely be reinforcing bad police habits. When researchers from the Human Rights Data Analysis Group — a nonprofit dedicated to using science to analyze human-rights violations around the world — applied the tool to crime data in Oakland, the algorithm recommended that police deploy officers to neighborhoods with mostly black residents. …

    In an ideal world, the maps would be similar. But in fact, PredPol directed police to black neighborhoods like West Oakland and International Boulevard instead of zeroing in on where drug crime actually occurred. Predominantly white neighborhoods like Rockridge and Piedmont got a pass, even though white people use illicit drugs at higher rates than minorities. …

    File under Code is Law (Enforcement).

  23. Jim Haygood

    Down and out in Atlantic City:

    Carl Icahn closed the Trump Taj Mahal on Monday morning, making it the fifth casualty of Atlantic City’s casino crisis.

    The sprawling Boardwalk casino, with its soaring domes, minarets and towers built to mimic the famed Indian palace, shut down at 5:59 a.m., having failed to reach a deal with its union workers to restore health care and pension benefits that were taken away from them in bankruptcy court.

    Nearly 3,000 workers lost their jobs, bringing the total jobs lost by Atlantic City casino closings to 11,000 since 2014.

    Picketers affixed an anti-Icahn poster that they had signed to the casino’s main Boardwalk entrance door. It proclaimed “We held the line.”

    When NJ introduced casino gambling 40 years ago, it was supposed to work miracles: rejuvenate Atlantic City, and provide increased funding for education.


    Yet unbelievably, construction soldiers on for the billion-dollar folly of Montreign Casino & Raceway in New York’s Catskills.

    It’s likely to open right in the teeth of a hair-curling recession. Do ya feel lucky, punks?

  24. dalgal1999

    RE: OWLs and Hill
    I had not known I belonged to such an august acronym, but good. That makes Bernie an OWG(ent) & perpetuates the group think misogyny of the Reagan Generation. Hillary, whatever her gender, is appalling. The point of democracy at its core was supposed to be that skills and merit would override the privileges of class and fortune. Think Tom Paine. No one should vote for a human because of his/her physical attributes. That’s what democracy is meant to embrace. Yves’s comment about OWLs of her acquaintance is doubtless correct. Hill represents the interests of elites, be they professors, attorneys, or merely remittance wo/men. Quite a sizeable group of OWLs possesses the wisdom of hard knocks. We see both H and Trump for the travesty of democracy they are. Yet, what is the choice? A vote for Hill is a vote for war; a vote for Trump is a vote for Caligula (though the two are interchangeable in my book). I recall this OWL/G lyric: “There’s something happening here/ What it is ain’t exactly clear/ There’s a man with a gun over there/ Telling me I got to beware . . .” We’ve been set up and there will be no winners. Assigning blame to any generation displaces our collective guilt for whatever is going on that none of us can quite understand.

    1. hunkerdown

      No, that was the point of liberalism. Democracy is not teleological, despite the Red Scare propaganda with which you might have grown up, nor is it necessarily liberal. Indeed, liberal democracy that refuses to allow itself to become illiberal isn’t democracy.

      If you want collective guilt, go to church — which liberals seem to desperately want to find in politics for some reason — or make the case that voters control policy (that is, contradict Gilens and Page 2014). But “values” are only ever fig leaves for illegitimate interests in politics, and talking about them is irrelevant. Imaginary friends do not have feelings or consciences, as Ralph Nader pointed out long ago.

  25. fresno dan

    Speaking to Yahoo! on Monday morning, Ginsburg had some harsh words for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players who have decided to kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality.

    “I think it’s really dumb of them,” Ginsburg said. “Would I arrest them for doing it? No. I think it’s dumb and disrespectful. I would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. I think it’s a terrible thing to do, but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it.

    “I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act. But it’s dangerous to arrest people for conduct that doesn’t jeopardize the health or well-being of other people. It’s a symbol they’re engaged in.”

    Who is worse for the US constitution: Trump or Ginsburg?
    I report, you decide

    Bear in mind, a Supreme court appointment is lifelong…
    On the other hand, Ginsburg is old…

    Presidents can fire off nuclear missiles….

    1. Tom

      Yes, one must pay proper respect before taking to the field to run into each other head first at full speed. To take a knee to protest black people being murdered by police takes away from what should be an enjoyable football game wherein people of all races partake of legalized violence that regularly inflicts debilitating, crippling injuries and causes pre-mature death.
      Well reasoned observation, Justice Ginsburg!

      1. Jake

        Does anyone think that anyone on any Federal bench has not bought into the neo-liberal/conservative Republicrat American exceptionalist mythology? They may orbit around various ologies but all within that limited shell of crystal spheres that defines their universe.

      2. human

        Unfortunately, Justice Ginsberg appears to be past her sell-by date.

        The athletes symbolism is matched by the symbolism of the ritual that they are protesting. I call fair (and necessary!).

        I’m old enough to remember another powerful non-verbal protest: the raised black fist, together with the rally cry: Ungowa, black power. The bourgeoisie of this country have a long way to go to understand and accept effective non-violent protest.

  26. Dave

    “Former Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at Donald Trump Sunday, slamming him as “dangerous” for threatening to jail Clinton if he is elected.”

    He should know, “Place Holder” never prosecuted anyone. Wall Street’s General Attorney.

    1. human

      “It is also difficult to comprehend that my work at the NSC ? all of which was approved and carried out in the best interests of our country ? has led to two massive parallel investigations staffed by more than 200 people.

      “It is mind-boggling to me that one of those investigations is criminal and that you have attempted to criminalize policy differences between co-equal branches of government and the executive’s conduct of foreign affairs.” ~ Lt. Col. Oliver North, July 1987

  27. Pat

    Saw reference on yahoo to some poll where apparently over a third of the respondents said that Trump should resign/quit/leave the race. I do have to ask if the same question was asked about Clinton, because frankly I would love to see those numbers. I could be wrong, but I’m betting they would not be that different from Trump’s.

    If I had a lot of money, the poll I would fund would probably go like this:

    After not being cleared but not really indictable by the FBI regarding her email server and classified information and the revelations that the DNC cheated to boost her during the Primaries and that her private positions are different than her public ones on trade, entitlement reform (cuts to Medicare and Social Security) and how instituting a no fly zone in Syria would likely lead to war with Russia do you think that Clinton should quit the Presidential Campaign and the Democrats find another candidate?

    After the revelations that Trump legally paid no federal taxes several years and talks trash about his treatment of women do you think that Trump should quit the Presidential Campaign and the Republicans find another candidate?

    If yes, Would you still want this if the major parties could not legally field another candidate?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being good and 10 being the worst based how bad a candidate do you think Clinton is with regard to:
    Her honesty?
    Her accountability?
    Her business dealings?
    Her faux charity?
    Her trade policies?
    Her policies regarding employment, including employee rights and job security?
    Her policies regarding climate change?
    Her policies regarding healthcare (not access to insurance, access to health care)?
    Her policies regarding civil rights and civil liberties?
    Her policies regarding regime change?
    Her diplomatic vs military tendencies?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being good and 10 being the worst based how bad a candidate do you think Trump is with regard to:
    His honesty?
    His accountability?
    His business dealings?
    His having a faux charity?
    His trade policies?
    His policies regarding employment, including employee rights and job security?
    His policies regarding climate change?
    His policies regarding healthcare (not access to insurance, access to health care)?
    His policies regarding civil rights and civil liberties? policies regarding regime change?
    His diplomatic vs military tendencies?

    Do either of the two major candidates have a clue what to do about anything?

    Why aren’t you voting third party?

    Why are you voting third party?

    1. OIFVet

      The Bulgarian patsies: “We stopped South Stream, we stopped NPP Belene, we stopped Russian overflights to Syria, and all we got is a lousy refugee influx.”

      What a sad day for Bulgarians who are not on the payroll of the US Embassy in Sofia. They stopped South Stream, only to have the perfidious Germans agree to Nord Stream 2, and now the Turks get to collect the economic benefits that Bulgaria so kindly threw away after McCain’s visit in June 2014. Oh yeah, Bulgaria also gets to pay 650 million euros to Russia for breach of contract on NPP Belene, while Westinghouse is blackmailing for billions to build one lousy reactor. Finally, Bulgaria blocked Russia overflight rights to Syria and sold the “rebels” Grads, anti-tank shoulder rockets, and AKs, only to be designated as a “buffer zone” by its grateful US and EU “partners”. What a trifecta!

    2. polecat

      U.S. neocon instigated Turkish regime change/ new-n-improved color revolution in 3 … 2 … 1 …

      “Release the Harpies !!”
      (Rice .. Power …… & Nuland)

  28. Sluggeaux

    Interestingly, the NYT Business Page story about the town of Loyalton drops the bomb that part of why they pulled-out of CalPERS was that the town had been the victim of a massive embezzlement by local officials. The Sierra County Grand Jury’s report reveals a tight little backwater racked by corruption and incompetence on the level of a Coen Brothers operetta.

    The NYT makes these self-dealing rubes sound like the victims of the big, bad state pension fund. They are SO not.

  29. ewmayer

    o “Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as ‘game changer’ | BBC” — ‘game changer’ for the patients, or for the manufacturer’s profits? And even more impotrantly, will it have a suitably inane newPharma trade name like Rejanuviaplixinzessocor?

    o “‘Liechtenstein solution’ could hold key to softer Brexit, says Tory MEP | Guardian” — ‘Liechtenstein solution’ … as in, base your economy on sales of chocolate, fancy commemorative postage stamps (during several lengthy visits to my Austrian relations in my teens I used to regularly cycle across the border to Vaduz for both) and tax evasion? I don’t think that is likely to work at UK scale. [OK, to be fair, there is some actual industrial business there, e.g. Hilti. But I bet it’s the chocolate and stamps that attract the workers!]

    And another reader thanks Lambert and the rest of the NC commentariat hardy enough to “take one for the team” and drink/shoe-throw-at-TV their way through debate #2. I listened to the Sun nite football game and got some decently-productive work done during, then after dinnertime on the West coast settled in to read the resulting live-blog thread.

  30. ChrisPacific

    The “less than $1000 in savings” article misses the elephant in the room, namely that the Great Recession and government austerity have sucked a lot of money out of the private sector and the elites/big business have grabbed the lion’s share of what remains (most notably via public money bailouts for Big Finance). Spend more than you earn and you are a profligate wastrel. Spend less than you earn and aggregate demand drops, the economy contracts, unemployment goes up, and you find yourself earning less, or possibly nothing at all. Learning how to play the game better (as the article suggests) doesn’t help if the game is rigged.

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