Meetup in Dallas on Wednesday, November 2?

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Dear readers,

We promised more meetups as part of this fundraiser and I’d like to start delivering on our commitments sooner rather than later. I’ll be in Dallas on a short trip and have managed to keep the evening of Wednesday, November 2, open if readers can help organize a meetup.

Since you Lone Star State denizens may not be familiar with our format, meetups are informal get-togethers. We usually assemble in a bar or restaurant with a large bar area, although we have occasionally booked spaces where we were certain the turnout would be high enough so that the minimum would be covered. Since we’ve never done a meetup in Dallas, I have no idea how many of you might turn up, so booking a space does not seem like a good option. (Having said that, we have found a venue in NYC that allows us to hold an area of their bar with no financial commitment, so if you know of such a spot and it’s otherwise attractive, that would be ideal).

In DC, a helpful reader identified a hotel with several bars and restaurants, and one with a large area away from the front that we were able to take over by virtue of starting on the early side. That worked for a group that was 35 at its peak.

I doubt we’ll have anywhere near that many in Dallas. My assumption is 20 tops, but it would help to refine the estimate if readers who are pretty certain to come would pipe up in comments.

But I need you to find a venue for this to come off! The criteria are:

1. Not too noisy at peak times

2. Big enough that 20 people could assemble and mingle reasonably well in addition to a normal midweek crowd

3. Not too far from Plano. I don’t like driving in Dallas so I’ll be taking a cab. If I have a long trek, I might get hung up in traffic and miss the start of the meetup!

Assume a 5:00 PM start time, since that allows the people who have latitude in their schedule to join early and paces the crowd better over the evening.

And most important, please give recommendations in comments as to where you suggest we get together. No suggestions means not enough interest and hence no event!

Hope to see you soon!

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I’m glad you are interested, but please see my criteria! Not far from Plano is preferred. And please suggest a specific venue. I’ve never lived in the area and it’s important for the event to work that we have a good setting in terms of noise level and ability to mingle. Thanks!

    2. Steve in Dallas

      Yeh… let’s do it!!! I hope there’s enough NCers here in Dallas???

      Yes… Addison’s ‘Restaurant Row’ along Beltline Rd would be convenient from Plano… and is center-north Dallas… convenient for most… (it’s also one mile from where I live!).

      Our group has been doing happy hour at Cantina Laredo (4546 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75244 … just east of Beltline and Midway… on the south side) for years. We know the manager there and I’m sure he’ll commit a space for 20… inside or out (on the patio if the weather’s good).

      I will talk with friends for other ideas… let you know…

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        Oh that sounds great, and having a relationship with the manager is even better. Outside sounds ideal if the weather cooperates. People can move around better and we wouldn’t have to worry about competing with the sound system.

        We might be as few as 7 or 8 but if he can deal with uncertainty, can you talk to him in the next few days after we’ve seen what the response to this post looks like?

        1. Steve in Dallas

          Just talked to the manager… no conflicting events… says that “uncertainty” is no problem… and I’m sure 5-30 for happy hour onward is no problem… they’ve been dealing with our happy hour group 6-15 for years.

  1. Sylvia Demarest

    I’m all in!!! I live just south of downtown Dallas so north of loop 12 is nosebleed territory for me–but will travel north if necessary.

  2. Sylvia Demarest

    Yves Where in Plano? I will search for a venue to fit your criteria Plus someone could pick you up.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      That is very kind! Plus it is always nice to spend more time with NC members.

      I will be at the cheap and cheerful La Quinta Plano West. 4800 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093. It’s actually not bad. It’s a new facility, very clean, and staff makes a real effort to be helpful which you seldom find in chain hotels at this price point. They have also have a little van that will run you around in the area. Yours truly is the queen of bargains, so trust me I stay high end if I can get a deal but this is surprisingly nice for what it is.

      Steve in Dallas above may already be on to a good option, so you might check if the logistics work well. But if you have another good idea please let us know.

      1. Steve in Dallas

        Oops… just noticed “someone could pick you up”… I thought Sylvia had already volunteered to “pick you up” (and take you back)… I can definitely do that… I will gladly forgo the margaritas for such an honor!!!

      2. beth

        Just a heads up about the La Quinta hotel chain. Yes, the one you are staying at is nice & cheerful. I spend my first night in Texas there. Some others in the chain are also nice.

        But, but after staying in a nice one I reserved nights in others for a long trip and some are disastrous! Just be careful. They do not have quality control across the chain.

      3. scott 2

        The Flying Saucer in Addison has food and a hundred or more beers on tap. It also has a private room and has plenty of seating.

        Getting to Addison from Plano at that time isn’t difficult.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I don’t think you need to worry! Thanks to the good fundraiser result so far I will be able to take the night off (as in have Lambert or Jerri-Lynn cover the site), so we can hang out as long as readers want to. I know it’s a school night so that probably puts a limit on how long folks can linger, but I’m certain I’ll be there until at least 8:00 PM.

  3. Sarah Henry

    Really happy to hear about a possible meetup in the Dallas area! I live and work in the Lower Greenville area, but my afternoon schedule is flexible. I could certainly be in Addison/Plano by 5.

  4. Steve in Dallas

    Just talked to friend Mike… he’s in… that makes 6 + Yves so far… surely we can get to 20?!?!?

  5. beth

    I’m in for sure. Addison is convenient. Better to meet south of Plano for events after 5:00 since traffic going to Plano during rush hour is really dreadful on every major thoroughfare.

    What is this nonsense about “where is Plano?” Funny.

  6. Avalon Sparks

    Hey Guys- I’m in. Just wanted to give a suggestion of Luna De Noche, which is not far at all from the La Quita Plano, but it’s only open until 9pm. Address is below:

    Preston Parkway Center, 1401 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093

  7. Sylvia Demarest

    Yves, I would be happy to pick you up and take you back to the La Quinta. Will we be at the Cantina Laredo on Belt Line???
    What time???
    If you will e-mail me I will give you my cell phone number.

  8. Sylvia Demarest

    I just saw the last note about the Luna De Noche which is close to where Yves will be staying. I think this would be best as the traffic from Plano to Belt Line and back might take up time that could best be spent meeting together. I vote for something close to Yves’s hotel.

    1. Steve in Dallas

      We in Addison can drive up north to Preston and George Bush Turnpike… I don’t know the area… will ask friends for recommendations… both Luna De Noche and Whiskey Cake sound good.

  9. Jean

    I’m in Plano and would love to meet up. My husband and friend would also like to join, so that’s at least 3 (there may be a 4th). I will refrain from adding even more choices to the list of possible meeting spots :-) I’m good with any of the suggestions so far, with a preference for a Plano location.

  10. Peter

    I’d vote against the Whiskey Cake. It’s got good food, but the last time I was there, it got really noisy. It’s almost like they designed the area around the bar to amplify the noise.

    I’m in. Cantina Laredo works for me

    1. Rick

      Also like to vote against Whiskey Cake for the stated reasons–crowded and loud (even outdoors)the last two times I’ve been.

      But I’m in, should be able to make Plano or Addison between 5 and 5:30.

  11. WorkingInPlano

    I work in Plano and I plan to attend. I have a co-worker that would like to attend as well.

  12. Steve

    I’m in too. All the places mentioned are good so I won’t add any more. I work in Plano on W Plano Parkway so Plano sounds best to me. I will attempt to bring a coworker.

  13. Sylvia Demarest

    Since Luna De Noche is close to Yves hotel– I will call today and see if they are open and what they can do to accommodate us. I will also check Jack Macs. Cantina Laredo sounds great but it’s much further away. I don’t live up there but when i go–traffic is always a nightmare.

  14. Sylvia Demarest

    I assumed a group of 20-30 people.
    Luna Del Noche is almost walking distance from Yves’s hotel. They could accommodate us “in the back”–I guess this means a separate part of the dining room. This sounds like a “high end” Mexican Restaurant.
    Location: 1401 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75086 972-818-2727
    Jack Macs is not far away. It is more of a grill, pizza place. They have a separate room that could accommodate our group. If we went there, we would be separated from the restaurant. It would be more private.
    Location: 19009 Preston Rd Ste 209 Dallas, TX 75252 972-267-2782
    Both would like us to call and reserve.
    The decision is Yves to make. Let me know and I will be happy to call and make reservations.

  15. Sylvia Demarest

    I called both Luna De Noche and Jack Macs. Both can accommodate our group.
    At Luna de Noche we would be “in the back”. This is a Mexican Restaurant
    At Jack Macs we would have a separate room. This is a grill/pizza place.
    Both are very close to Yves’s hotel. Jack Mac sounds like it would be more private
    Jack Macs: 19009 Preston Rd 972-267-2782
    Luna de Noche: 1401 Preston Rd 972-818-2727
    It’s Yves’s decision to make. I someone will let me know, I will make a reservation for 5-8 on 11/2

    1. Steve in Dallas

      Yves said “I’m certain I’ll be there until at least 8:00 PM”
      Avalon said “Luna De Noche… it’s only open until 9pm”

      If 9pm is the latest Yves can stay then Luna is an option… otherwise Jack Macs is open till 1:30 PM… and a separate room would be best if we all want to hear Yves… assuming it’s big enough for 20-30 people???

  16. Sylvia Demarest

    Since Yves is busy–I will make reservations at Jack Mac for the separate room for 20-30 people from 5-8 or 9. If Yves disagrees, we can always cancel.
    If anyone objects, please let me know. I will call tomorrow.

  17. Sylvia Demarest

    I called Jack Mac and spoke to a different person who advised that the room would not be suitable for a party of our size.
    So, I called Luna del Noche. They have a semi-private area that could easily accommodate 20-40 people.
    I made a reservation at Luna del Noche for 11/2 at 5 PM.
    Luna de Noche: 1401 Preston Rd 972-818-2727
    Unless Yves changes this–see you there.

  18. Sylvia Demarest

    I hope everyone has seen the new post from Yves that the meet up will be held at Cantina Laredo!!!
    I have cancelled the reservation for Luna de Noche.
    Sorry for the mix up.
    See you there.

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