1. Pat

      Hell, I think both Yves and Lambert need a long winter nap. I don’t know how they do it.

      I just hope they can sneak a short one in, along with a nice dinner with not a thought about Naked Capitalism, while doing the required maintenance.

      1. tegnost

        I vote for an extreme minimum, say 1 random, as in unusual to the blog theme, post per day from dec.20 to jan.3 with an open thread, with outis or a guest moderator. I think it’s too much to be on all the time and in general the news cycle is sort of odd now, or maybe in august during the european vacation period so they don’t have to wait a whole year…

    1. Crosley Bendix

      There is no need for the Russians to hack this site. They are already in control of it and any other site that has been less than glowingly positive about Hillary Clinton.

  1. flora

    Thanks for the heads-up. My large uni will be taking down each of its servers in turn for scheduled maintenance over the winter break. They also sent out a maintenance notice. NC is doing this on new year’s eve? Party !

  2. Irrational

    I am impressed by your dedication on New Year’s Eve, no less. Conveniently for a European reader that time window is right in the middle of dinner, so from my perspective the site could be down for longer and few would notice this side of the pond ;-)
    Happy New Year to all

  3. hunkerdown

    Sounds like someone’s database needs a-tunin’ (MySQL speak for “dump and reload”)… good luck and we’ll see you on the flip side.

  4. JTMcPhee

    Is this to deal with the notorious yet mostly unknown Y2017 problem? Does that mean you have found a solution? Can you copyright it, like that guy who copyrighted “Y2K” and set up a bunch of lawyers and paralegals to threaten litigation and collect royalties on the phrase? One way to fund any future 1st-4th-5th-6the Amendment defensive or offensive litigation…

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