Hope to See You at Our Chicago Meetup Tonight

Please be sure to swing by our meetup tonight, March 24, in for some fun and lively conversation. I’m flying out middday and should arrive at O’Hare just after 2:00 PM.


5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Roanoke Lounge
Marriott Residences
11 South LaSalle Street, between Madison and Monroe on the east side of the street
Chicago, IL

The Roanoke Lounge is on the second floor of the hotel. While there is a separate entrance to the Roanoke Restaurant, it’s easier to enter from LaSalle through the hotel lobby to the elevators. You get off at the second floor and turn right to the bar and restaurant.

See you soon!

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  1. baron von krummenbum

    I’m just another lumpenprecariat kitchen worker who long since gave up on becoming uselessly-credentialed permadebt fodder. Just after the ’08 crash, I was sipping mightily on the Doom-Aid, and came across NC through Mark Ames. NC has remained a lighthouse in the gloom and my go-to newsfeed. I might show up to the Chicago meetup to be a fly on the wall and ask for work, har har.

  2. Jeff N

    there was going to be a Paul Ryan protest at the nearby Chicago Club, but for obvious reasons Pauly-boy can’t make it today LOL

  3. Optimader

    Lovely time.. glad I was able to attend and so nice to meet you and others. I wish I could have stayed longer.
    Hopefully it was a low impact travel from terminal to hotelroom and you do this again during the summer sometime when traveling through ORD!

    OIF..glad we had a chance to meet and chat.. ha almost missed my BNSF train, good thing it was reliably delayed..

  4. Michael (the shrink)

    This was a lovely chance to meet fellow spirits with good spirit lubricated by well-mixed spirits. As I might have guessed, the independence of the thinking present was heartening in a time when the general thinking surrounding us is so degraded. Thank you, Yves, for the opportunity and this fantastic forum. I look forward to future Windy City meetups.

  5. NonTrois


    Glad you came to the Windy City to enthrall, entertain, engage, and argue. Having the chance to interact certainly brings a deeper appreciation of the analysis and reporting you bring to Naked Capitalism.

    Less mercenary interest permits increased freedom. Salud!

    PS I did catch my train…maybe next time, not so early.

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