Be Sure to Join Our NYC Meetup With Lambert Tomorrow, May 31

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If you are in the NYC area, we hope you can join us this Wednesday for some lively conversation and a drink if you are so inclined. Lambert will stop by on his way back to the wilds of Maine to tend his garden.


5:00 PM through 8:30 PM
The Grey Mare
61 Second Avenue (between 3rd and 4th Streets)
New York, NY 10003


We have reserved the back room, so please have the host send you in our direction.

See you soon!

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  1. Casanovas

    Dommage, I can never make it to meetups in the US *sigh*
    Whenever you hold one in Barcelona, count me in! ;-)

  2. Democrita

    Superfrustrated because I could not make the last one, and now not this one either. One of my in-laws passed away over the weekend, and wake is that night in the Bronx.

    I probably sound horridly callous. Iris had a long and rich life, and spent the last weeks of it in a bed in her living room, surrounded by a constant stream of family, friends and well-wishers, gazing lovingly on her children and grandchildren. There aren’t many better ways to go.

    I will “stay thirsty” my friends, until next time.

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