Announcing Meetups for Dallas and Los Angeles

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I’ll be in Dallas later this month and would like to do a meetup on Tuesday June 27. I’m flying in that morning and would like to do a meetup that evening, say starting at 5 PM. I am likely staying near DFW rather than Plano this time. Last time we had about 30 people turn up, so we would need a space that could accommodate a fairly big group. Suggestions for venue welcome!

I’m also set to go to Los Angeles and would like to do a meetup Saturday July 15. I’m giving early notice because the date is on a weekend. Given the traffic, I thought, perhaps mistakenly, a Saturday would be better than a weekday. I’m staying at airport Hilton, and we could do the meetup there. We could start quite early (4 PM) if that would suit so as to not interfere with evening plans.

Readers have enjoyed these events, and I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing the lively discussions!

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  1. Lee

    I live in LA, and an LAX meeting at 4 pm might present some problems. The traffic on the 405 is normally very heavy at that time of the day, especially on Saturdays. The best time for LA meetings is usually between 10 am and 3 pm…after that it becomes a 50 mile free-for-all (enter Elon Musk).

    I have a previous commitment on the 15th, and I’m afraid it will probably prevent me from attending, but I am a longtime follower of Naked Capitalism and hope you will continue to schedule LA events.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for the tip. I’m coming in the night before, so we could start much earlier, like at 1 PM. I’m sorry to miss you!

    2. Anonymous

      I live in LA and ditto this comment. The 405 is typically a parking lot after 3pm around West LA and the South Bay.

      There is also long-term construction on Century Blvd leaving LAX that can make traffic a nightmare.

  2. John Zelnicker

    Yves – You’re getting closer to Alabama with Dallas, but not quite close enough for me to get there. Perhaps you could set one up the next time you’re in Birmingham. That’s close enough to Mobile that I can (and will) drive there.

      1. John Zelnicker

        Yves – Thank you. I appreciate that. I do remember a couple of people mentioning going to Atlanta if you were to set a meet-up there. Maybe they are also close enough to Birmingham.

        Actually, I would try to get to Atlanta if you did have one there, it’s not a whole lot longer drive than B’ham.

  3. John k

    LAX traffic sucks, we only fly from there if going overseas.
    Any chance you could fly into Orange County instead? Several hotels nearby, e.g.hotel Irvine, has reg airport shuttle, and a meeting room we have used during conventions. Second choice (for me) is Long Beach.

    Weekend better for most locations, traffic generally not bad then except LAX.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Sorry, I’ve already booked the flight and prepaid the hotel too. A local recommended the airport as the best of bad location choices, as in anywhere would involve crossing freeways for most people and regarded this as a workable compromise.

  4. Omega


    I would love to attend the DFW meet up. I was not able to make it the last time you were in Plano. Where was the venue?

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Steve in Dallas suggested it. I can look it up but some readers had other ideas, and I’ll have to schlepp a bit regardless.

  5. Dead Dog

    Hey, Cairns is a nice place. Be great to put some faces to …

    We could do some marlin fishing, drink a fruity red on the Esplanade. We’ve got a casino too, and (what’s left of the great barrier reef) wallabies – it’s a big list…

    Just jealous

  6. mk

    Hurray! Would love to join you and fellow NC-ers at the Hilton, LAX and have no appointments scheduled that day so easy for me to schedule around your visit.

  7. Tony Butka

    Cool. I look forward to actually meeting you! Don’t worry about the traffic. Traffic in LA sucks 24/7

    1. Dirk77


      Though I have experienced crosstown drives on Sunday morning for brunch that were almost pleasant.

  8. Jess

    LA, at the Airport Hilton in early afternoon, is awesome for me. Just about ten miles from my house and I use surface streets all the way. Putting it on my calendar now.

  9. Kim Kaufman

    I look forward to it at any time. I’ll be taking Sepulveda which runs parallel to 405 and is an easier drive.

    Yves, if you need any “chauffeur” service while you’re here, I’ll be happy to take you where you need to go. Traffic is a drag but not life threatening.

  10. beth

    When you come to Ft Worth, are you staying at a hotel near the airport? I will ask a friend to suggest a bar/restaurant after I know where your hotel is located.

    From Dallas I expect the drive to be about an hour. If I am moving 40 mph at that time of day, I feel like I am flying.

    1. Larry from Oak Cliff

      Where did Yves say that she was going to Ft. Worth? I happen to work in Las Colinas, which is near DFW. Some places that can accommodate large groups are The Ranch, Via Real and Cool River. None of these has a lot of character or great food, but they are practical for meet ups.

      1. beth

        You are correct, Larry.

        I’ll be in Dallas later this month and would like to do a meetup on Tuesday June 27. I’m flying in that morning and would like to do a meetup that evening, say starting at 5 PM. I am likely staying near DFW rather than Plano this time.

  11. Roberta in SoCal

    Yves Smith, if you come to LA on Saturday July 15, then I will be wherever you hold a meetup in the greater LA area. I would love to be there and hear some discussion about your ideas and naked capitalism in general. This is the only website that I follow religiously.

  12. Sylvia

    What’s the status of the Dallas meet up on June 27th? Have we settled on a place? Do I need to look for one????

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