Catch Us on Harry Shearer’s Le Show Today!

We will be on these on-air broadcasts. You can listen to the live stream by clicking on any of the links when Le Show is on:

Los Angeles: 10:00 AM PDT on KCSN 88.5 FM

Albany: 1:00 PM EDT on WAMC 90.3 FM

New York City: 10:00 PM EDT on WNYC 820 AM

Chicago: 11:PM CST on WBEZ 91.5 FM

This is only a partial list. Le Show is playing on stations all over the US (New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake…) and many stations in California. You can find your nearest station here.

I hope all readers in California will tune in or listen to the program later (most stations let you listen later, and you can also listen or download a podcast from Harry Shearer’s site) since the topics are private equity, public pension funds, and shenanigans at CalPERS.

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  1. Susan the other

    Wow. The Harry & Yves show was great. Like old times. Except now I don’t get pissed off. I listened to the LA live broadcast. Yves never wastes my time. I get a glass of wine and actively listen to her. She gave a complete summary of the crazy and impossible “investing” mindset at CalPERS (and all pension funds actually) in denial of one big fact: there is way too much money chasing too few investments and promising high returns that are impossible to deliver. It occurred to me that capital investing is kinda dead everywhere because there is so much money demanding an impossible return. And naturally private equity would turn to the deepest well to feed their greed: the pension funds. It’s a time bomb. And just think about the population growing by 25% over the next 25 years in terms of capital investment returns on a resource limited planet. Harry also dropped a promo for another show about mortgage document forgery – I certainly hope that is a coming attraction. Thanks Yves.

  2. Mike Mooney

    This was my first exposure to Yves Smith, just idly listening to Harry Shearer in the car while on the way home from coffee. What a brilliant analysis. I plan to start delving into to Yves Smith’s writings now. I loved the broadcast.

    I listened on WAMC, Albany, NY

    1. ChrisPacific

      Welcome. Be warned that this is a red pill/blue pill moment. If you can handle that, you will find a lot of value here.

  3. patrick

    Le Show introduced me to Alice Russell, Trombone Shorty, Quantic, John Cleary and Rhiannon Giddens and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Karzai Talk is hilarious and if he doesn’t do Apologies of the Week I get depressed. Let us try and check out Le Show because its a movement and everybody needs one…everyday! (I mean every Sunday). One hour goes real quick with all the entertaining segments that are incidentally copyrighted features of the broadcast. I think this is the third or fourth time Yves has been on. Thanks Harry and Yves too.

  4. Sue

    I liked the broadcast. It gave us a general and current and historic perspective of private equity investments within CalPers and public pension funds without compromising quality. I am glad I listened to it

  5. Pancho

    I briefly worked for a state retirement fund. It clearly looked to me as if the investments were being churned and I left. I picked up your talk on Le Show late and will have to download and hear it in its entirety. Sounded unusually accurate.

  6. cripes

    I tuned in to Le Show about ten minutes into the broadcast, and although i didn’t recognize the voice, I knew in five minutes it hadda be Yves. No one explains pensions, private equity and CALPERS as authoritatively and plainly.

    The demonization of public employees rests on maintaining the story that greedy loafers are bankrupting public budgets. True!

    The task is to identify the culprits.

  7. Kevin Carhart

    A very informative complement to the articles and streaming video footage of CalPERS meetings. It sort of blows up the balloon of vividness with intonation and context.

    There is a fascinating back and forth between the lens of investment soundness and the lens of human impacts of particular conduct. I can’t get enough of this theme. In a recent talk David Harvey was talking about an ironic moment. A private equity firm owned some housing and was going to have a round of evictions in order to develop the place and increase the returns. One of the beneficiaries who was potentially going to have a higher return because of this redevelopment was the very same person who was about to be evicted. It’s the same exact people!! (“… Soylent Green is PEOPLE! …”)

    Those ironic crux moments are kind of a gimmick…. it’s not usually that stark … but they are part of why CalPERS is a remarkable topic.

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