Lone Star State Readers! Hope to See You at Our Dallas Meetup Tonight, Tuesday June 27!

A wee reminder! Hope you can join us for some fun and libations if you are so inclined at our meetup today, Tuesday June 27.

We’ll convene at

Cantina Laredo
4546 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX 75244


We’ll start at 5:00 PM. I’m sure I’ll be there until at least 8 PM.

Looking forward to another engaging and enjoyable event. I am flying into Dallas today AM on AA 149, so the only caveat is that if the Dallas or NY airports are reported to be having serious problems in the morning, you might double check the site or the flight status services for updates (although I think you should plan on meeting regardless even if I wind up being delayed). See you soon!

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  1. NoGig

    Oh rats, just saw this. And just down the street. Oh well, hope you had a good visit and excellent discussion.

  2. scott 2

    I live a mile away from there but I wanted to see Tucker’s take on the PV CNN video. Next time

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