Yoo Hoo, Dallas Meetup Next Tuesday, June 27: Venue Ideas Needed!

Lone State readers,

I confess to being remiss about firming up what ‘hood would be best for our meetup. I thought I’d be starying near the airport, but instead I’ll be in Plano (very near the city line of Dallas). The last time I was there, the traffic was much worse than it had been on previous visits, which I gather is due to some companies opening offices there.

We had met at a spot suggested by Steve in Dallas:

Cantina Laredo
4546 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX 75244

We could do that again, or try a new place. The pluses of Castina Laredo were that it was quiet, the people who ordered food said it was good, and we had no problem taking over a part of the place (although management knew were were coming and made sure we had a section to commandeer). The only bad part was everyone wound up seated at first a table that got longer and longer as we kept adding square normally four-seaters to it, and then readers set up satellite tables. Everyone being seated impeded mixing a bit. But that may be the drill elsewhere. We had about 35 people at the peak last time.

Another issue (and this is operative no matter where we wind up) is I am not renting a car (I’m not keen about driving in some cities and Dallas is one of them, plus I have a sprained ankle, so driving would hurt). Cab service to anything other than the airport in Plano is crappy. Steve in Dallas was kind enough to give me a lift last time, which was above and beyond the call of duty.

That is a long winded way of saying that I will endeavor to be there at the start of the meeutup, but I am subject to the whims of the Logistics Gods. Readers have enjoyed meeting each other, and I’m sure you’ll have stimulating conversations regardless. So please forgive me if I am not there to be a proper host from the outset!

I’ll announce the location one we have that sorted, but assume that it will go from 5:00 PM till at least 8:00 PM. See you soon!

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  1. Madeleine

    Yves, is there a chance we could have a meetup in Atlanta this summer or in the fall?

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      The location would be good for me but it looks like a coffee spot, not a place where we can get a drink….so that’s a bit off the sort of place we usually go. We usually go to pubs or restaurants that will take a crowd that orders drinks and some people order munchies. Non drinkers can always get a non-alcoholic beverage.

      1. beth

        Dream Cafe is not a coffee shop, but their list of beverages is not as extensive as a traditional pub. And yes there are munchies and full dinners as well. I suggested them because the owners are friendly to our air quality environmental groups.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          I looked it up online and only saw breakfast and coffee, nothing like what you were saying and no dinner menu. Can you send a link?

  2. EndOfTheWorld

    Cantina Laredo was, overall, a good place, but they were a little slow on delivering some of the orders. The guy across from me ordered a margarita, and he thought maybe they were waiting for him to die first before delivering the margarita. Then, with the customer dead, they could legitimately drink his margarita back in the kitchen.

    1. beth

      My problem with Cantina Laredo was that I could not get a seat close enough to Yves to hear the conversation at all. That includes the two or three spots where she sat. Others had the same problem.

      I would prefer a separate room. Any ideas?

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        A room won’t necessarily solve the problem. It’s the seating set-up. We’ve had rooms and when they’ve had tables and chairs, you have exactly the same problem with only the six or so people in earshot being able to hear and it being difficult for people to mingle (as in they grab a spot and stay there). Plus pretty much any place requires a minimum non-refundable deposit on a credit card and it’s usually $500 to $1000.

  3. Buddyfunjet

    Depending on the part of Plano you are in, getting to Addison around 5 is pretty tough. A place in Plano might be easier for you.

  4. Forgotmynick

    I’m in Austin and might have made it, but am and will still be out of the country. Come back to Texas again at some point!

  5. For_Christ's_Sake

    The last time I was there, the traffic was much worse than it had been on previous visits

    The rest of the state had figured that out eons ago.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Sorry, I had been in Plano a mere nine months prior and had visited more than once a year for the three years before that. I’m not as unfamiliar with that particular part of Dallas as you think. One of my friends who has lived in Plano for decades said on my last visit that the traffic had recently gotten way worse due to two corporations moving operations into Plano. So the traffic increase I noted is specific to Plano and was triggered by recent developments.

      1. For_Christ's_Sake

        It’s no reflection on you, just a sentiment held by many about driving through the Dallas area.

  6. Propertius

    Cab service to anything other than the airport in Plano is crappy

    There’s always Uber ;-)

  7. Phemfrog

    I’m going. I will make it after 6. Wish I had a place to suggest, but I live to far to be of use. I’ll hit up some friends​ for ideas.

  8. Avalon Sparks

    I’d be happy to give you a ride if we decide on a location. If you share the main streets where you will be, I can scope out some restaurants. Tuesday night might be fairly quiet for some of them.

  9. Ancient 1

    Since I live in the Fair Park area. I am not familiar with North Dallas gathering places. The Uptown, Oak Lawn areas have plenty of places suitable for a meet-up, but I think most of the NC readers are from the North Dallas Suburbs, and that would not work.
    Here are two links with information that might help: http://www.dallasobserver.com; http://www.dmagazine.com

    Also, sorry to hear about your cat. Unsolicited advice: take the “cone” off and watch carefully. We have a 15 year old schnauzer, who had emergency surgery to remove a grapefruit size growth on his spleen. Had a “cone” which we removed when home, and he did not “lick” his incision, but we kept a close eye on him . Fortunately, he is on the way to recovery, but contrary as ever.

    Best west wishes to you and yours.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for the kind words re the cat. Unfortunately, the cat is clearly trying to paw at his mouth so he does need the cone.

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