Links 8/30/17

The Animal Hospital Treating Injured Turtles with Life-Saving Surgery Vice

Crowdsourced gaming of Google Translate dubs Kim Jung Un “Mr. Squidward” ars technica

Google to Comply With EU Search Demands to Avoid More Fines Bloomberg. Google says it will comply. We’ll find out in a month if the EU deems Google’s plans to be adequate.

These Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male Cofounder To Dodge Startup Sexism Fast Company

Pepper Now Available at Funerals as a More Affordable Alternative to Human Priests IEEE (Chuck L)

Did Monsanto Write Malawi’s Seed Policy? Triple Crisis

Dubious stem cell clinic got hold of smallpox vaccine. FDA just took it away ars technica

Medical Journals Have a Fake News Problem Bloomberg

Bucking FDA, Peter Thiel funds “patently unethical” herpes vaccine trial ars technica (Chuck L)


China Becomes World’s Third-Largest Shale Gas Producer

Africa and Chinese rebalancing Bruegel

North Korea

Implications of the Hokkaido missile miss Asia Times

Kim Jong Un Says Latest Missile Test Was ‘Prelude’ to Containing Guam Bloomberg

As Harvey devastates Texas, catastrophic floods unfold in South Asia Grist


Absurd and Fascinating Birtherism Crisis Wreaks Havoc in Australian Parliament Slate. Chuck L:

If newfound Kiwi Barnaby Joyce—whose father was born in New Zealand and who has now been confirmed to be a citizen by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs—loses his seat, he may take the whole government down with him: The Liberal-National coalition holds the government by a one-vote majority.

French Bike Couriers Give Macron’s Gig Economy a One-Star Rating Bloomberg (resilc)


Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker criticises UK’s position papers BBC

UK Brexit charm offensive falls flat Politico

New Cold War

NEW PROOF: Intelligence Analysts Say Russia Didn’t Hack U.S. Election Lee Camp, YouTube

Imperial Collapse Watch

‘Missile Gap’ Redux: Heroic Days of Threat Inflation Aren’t Over American Conservative (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Comcast builds out ‘smart home’ strategy as cable shrinks Reuters (EM)

Man in jail 2 years for refusing to decrypt drives. Will he ever get out? ars technica

Trump Transition

>Trump blocks Obama rule on collecting info on pay by race, gender The Hill

ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody American Civil Liberties Union

Something’s Rotten in the DNC National Review (furzy)

Not What I Signed Up For: Why This Fighter Pilot Is Running for Office JTM: “Just what we need, more military people in charge of things…”

DHS warned authorities of potential violence ahead of Charlottesville rally: report The Hill

White supremacists joked about using cars to run over opponents before Charlottesville marches Salon (furzy)

Hurricane Harvey

13,000 Rescued In Houston and Surrounding Area Associated Press. Video.

Harvey again makes landfall, this time as a tropical storm, near Cameron, La. Washington Post

>Harvey’s Test: Businesses Struggle With Flawed Insurance as Floods Multiply Wall Street Journal

How Washington Made Harvey Worse Politico

On Roads Turned Waterways, Volunteers Improvise to Save the Trapped and Desperate New York Times. Resilc: “DoD too busy eating Whoppers in Kabul”

Why Houston’s reservoirs aren’t likely to fail after Hurricane Harvey Texas Tribune

Assisted living residents wait in water for rescue

Houston mom with wet, cold kids rips into CNN reporter for putting mic in her face Inquisitr (Kevin W)

Tech Censorship

Facebook now blocks ads from pages that spread fake news The Verge (furzy)

Rural America Is Building Its Own Internet Because No One Else Will Motherboard (Chuck L)

Publishers Are Making More Video—Whether You Want It or Not Bloomberg. Chuck L:

This trend is an issue for older people who do not upgrade to a newer (and hence faster) computer or mobile every 2-3 years. Or less. Web pages that include an auto-start video, as well as a multitude of scripts that run in it, peg the CPU usage meter thus slowing everything down if not crashing the page.

Note that Khosrowshahi hasn’t been hired yet. They are still negotiating his employment contract. Not that Uber had much negotiating leverage given their eagerness to announce they had settled on a pick, but this sort of thing reduces it from “little” to “none”.

Richard Wolff interviews Michael Hudson

Massive Finnish pension fund unloads U.S. stocks because… Donald Trump MarketWatch (furzy)

Class Warfare

You Prevent Private Coercion With Labor Market Regulation Matt Bruenig. From last week, still germane.

Gary Cohn: Only ‘Morons’ Pay the Estate Tax New York Magazine

Antidote du jour. From frosty zoom:

Phydeaux goes camping! Phydeaux passing the dog days of august relaxing in his tent.

And a bonus from mark n:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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