Confirming a Kansas City Meetup Next Friday, September 22

Thanks to the diligent site sleuthing of Kansas City based reader Karrin, we have a venue for our first Kansas City meetup. I expect we’ll have a very good turnout, for in addition to the locals, we should also get some attendees from a Modern Money conference at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, which starts Thursday evening and runs through Saturday.

We’ll start officially at 5:30 PM. I’m not sure exactly of the conference schedule, so although I will endeavor to be there from the start, please cut me some slack if I am a bit tardy.

Karrin has reserved the Trophy Room at Charlie Hoopers, which I gather is a low-key pub in Brookside.

Charlie Hooper’s
12 W. 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64113

Karrin adds:

Though walkable from UMKC, tired conference goers in dress shoes may want to catch the Main Street Max bus line that also goes past UMKC.

Free parking is available behind the block on which the bar sits, and there are several other public, free, parking lots sprinkled throughout Brookside, as well as street parking. All parking is walkable to Charlie Hooper’s, even for tired conference goers in uncomfortable shoes.

Bus route from UMKC to Charlie Hooper’s
The Main Street Max can also take people all the way back down to the Plaza, Crossroads, or downtown.

You get off at Brookside at 63rd.

If you use the Google Maps link, it says that it’s only 15 minutes in transit, even including walking on both ends. But the bus runs only every half an hour, with the scheduled pickup time at 14 and 34 minutes after the hours at the 52nd Street pickup. If you walk, it’s 1.4 miles, or a roughly 30 minute hike.

Looking forward to this event. See you soon!

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  1. david lamy

    I grew up in the Brookside area of Kansas City and will be in KC next week so no meet up for me.

    Kansas City is mostly on a grid with named streets running North and South and numbered ones East and West. The interval between eight numbered streets, for example 55th to 63rd is one mile if one stays on a named street like Oak. A numbered Terrace, 55th Terrace is halfway between 55th and 56th. The distance between parallel named streets is not that great, between a third and a fourth of a numbered block.

    If you want a nice walk without danger of getting lost then leave UMKC going east to Holmes (there is a large old yellow brick building that is part of the Music department that was my grade school), turn right onto Holmes going South and proceed to 55th, go right (West) on 55th to Oak, there is a small shopping district named Crestwood Shops at 55th and Oak, turn left onto Oak going South and walk to 63rd where you will turn right and amble to Charlie Hoopers which is on the North Side of 63rd, so do not cross 63rd at Oak. You will walk past a mixture of affluence and solid middle class with not a glimmer of poverty.

    If the Google map was accurate, it’s not, I might suggest a different route to Oak going through tony Crestwood.

    Hopefully Hoopers is not as busy as it was when it was part of my Friday night watering hole rotation.

    Now for a heartfelt recommendation to Ms Smith: the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a short walk Northeast of UMKC. If nothing else just enter the gallery and sit in the Rozelle Court for a drink and something from their excellent buffet. As well the grounds are stunning and the Henry Moore sculptures, the shuttlecocks, and aluminum tree are worth the view. Too the sycamore trees you will walk past look the same as they did 60 years ago when my parents moved my four year old self to KC.

    1. flora

      Nelson-Aktins Museum. Yes! The Henry Moore sculpture garden showcases his sculptures as Moore intended. Also, if there is time and one is interested in East Asian art, the Nelson has one of the finest collections in the world, ranging from the overwhelming to the individually sublime to the small daily use gems, like the delicate porcelain water and food dishes for pet crickets.

  2. shinola

    I plan to attend – looking forward to it!

    MMT conference at UMKC – any chance someone like Bill Black might show up?

  3. Justin Santopietro

    I will be there and excited to attend as well! I anticipate this will be a fantastic event. It will be fascinating to see so much of the NC/MMT crowd all in one place.

    Since the conference dinner starts at 7:30, I’ll probably head to the bar around 4pm, if anyone wants to start a little early.

  4. Karrin

    This is Karrin. I’ll jump in and add a few tidbits for those out-of-towners who might be interested.

    I reserved the Charlie Hooper’s Trophy room precisely because this (and most) local watering holes in this stretch of town get really busy on a Friday night. We don’t have the room until 5:30, but certainly those who want to start at 4 will be able to find ample seating in the main bar, and there’s a nice outdoor area in the back of Hooper’s. Not sure if my work load will enable me to get there that early, but keep an eye out for activity in the room that runs parallel to the bar itself (its entrances are set back a ways at both ends of the bar) so you can join us.

    The walk from UMKC to Charlie Hooper’s is indeed pleasant and tree-lined, although do note it’s supposed to reach 90 degrees F, with 64% relative humidity in KC on Friday. The Brookside Boulevard option on the following linked walking map offers an off-street trail (the Trolley Trail, with walkers, riders, joggers, dogs and baby strollers) for much of the way, or one could just turn south down Oak at 55th. Or weave around at your leisure.

    As for nearby attractions, the Nelson-Atkins is fantastic, and a little more walking northward will get you to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. The Plaza offers mostly chain retail nowadays, but it’s something people will tell you to visit. A bit farther north is Westport, and I haven’t frequented it in years, but it has more local flavor. Make it up to the Crossroads for more local art, food and retail. On the way you’ll pass the National WWI museum! Some blocks east of the Crossroads is 18th & Vine, with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. If you are really into the Blues, there are a couple of places you shouldn’t miss there and another in the East Bottoms (Knuckleheads). Head west from the Crossroads to the West Bottoms for what is becoming regionally recognized for antique and junk shopping, though the first weekend of the month is really the big time to go. I’ll leave BBQ recs to those who have more fervor than I.

    You can ask just about any stranger in KC for directions or suggestions and you’ll receive an enthusiastic response.

    Welcome to KC, and I look forward to meeting you!

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