Links 9/2/17

Intelligence of apes misunderstood because of bias and bad science Treehugger

Argentina police kill drug-carrying pigeon Agency France-Presse

Emotionless chatbots are taking over customer service – and it’s bad news for consumers The Conversation

Sri Lanka bans plastic after garbage crisis Agency France-Presse

Kenya plastic bag ban officially goes into effect in effort to reduce pollution Jurist

Why are New Zealand’s waters so polluted? Al Jazeera

Upgrade downturn: why are people holding on to their old phones? Guardian

Police State Watch

Is U.S. Congress Declaring War on WikiLeaks? American Conservative

Utah nurse arrested for refusing to hand over blood BBC

New America, a Google-Funded Think Tank, Faces Backlash for Firing a Google Critic NYT

Reporter: Google successfully pressured me to take down critical story Ars Technica

Richard Posner announces retirement Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Although retiring from the bench, he’ll continue to teach and publish. Posner, 78, has called for mandatory retirement of judges at age 80.

Wells Fargo

On Wells Fargo Ian Welsh (martha r)

New Cold War

US Orders Closure of Russian Consulates and Annexes The Wire

Smoke seen billowing from Russian consulate in San Francisco as staff ‘burn unidentified items’ before leaving Independent

Former Defense Secretary William Perry on the Nuclear Threat Truthdig

Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin on that notorious meeting at Trump Tower FT


I warned Jeremy Corbyn about Brexit – now Labour must regain its radicalism New Statesman. Yanis Varoufakis

Brexit: UK retirees rushing to settle in Europe, say financial advisers Guardian

Brexit warning: Forget the European Parliament at your peril Politico

Immigration amnesty for Grenfell Tower survivors labelled ‘meaningless’ as Home Office admits few are coming forward Independent

Class Warfare

Maker of $400 connected juice press closes up shop Ars Technica

Robert Reich: Google Is Proof Positive That Big Money Is Poisoning Our Politics AlterNet

The affirmative action ‘we don’t talk about’ — 30% of Harvard freshmen are legacies: survey MarketWatch

NAFTA: How ‘ghost’ unions exploit workers in Mexico Al Jazeera

Our Famously Free Press

How Exxon Used the New York Times to Make You Question Climate Science DeSmogBlog

No “Russian Hacking” In Durham Election – NY Times Report Belies Its Headline Moon of Alabama


North Korea

“We’ve Lost Our Geopolitical Compass”: John Feffer on North Korea Truthout


North Korea tourism: US travel ban takes effect BBC

Health Care

Novartis to Charge $475,000 for Cancer Treatment US Taxpayers Paid $200 Million to Discover Free Thought Project

Proove Biosciences, which sold dubious DNA tests to predict addiction risk, sells off assets as CEO departs amid criminal probe Stat


Smartphones Sharing Personal Info on 40% of Indians With CIA, Says Ex-Home Secretary The Wire


The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See NYT. Nicholas Kristof.

There’s a disaster much worse than Texas. But no one talks about it Guardian

War Drums

McCain’s Transmutation from Cautious Realist to Super-Hawk Unz Review

If Hillary Had Won Counterpunch

The Narco-State to the North Jacobin

Trump Transition

John McCain: It’s time Congress returns to regular order WaPo

Multiple Industry-Funded Nominations to EPA’s Clean Air Advisory Committee DeSmogBlog

5 things Trump did this week while you weren’t looking Politico

Trump Seeks $7.85 Billion in Harvey Aid, Urges Debt Limit Action Bloomberg

Court Rejects Environmental Groups’ Attempt To Block EPA’s Delay Of Chemicals Rule International Business Times

Trump army puts Dent, GOP moderates on notice — in his backyard Politico

Business warns Trump over ‘Dreamer’ deportations FT

Robert Mueller just undercut Trump’s use of the pardon power WaPo

Texas Chemical Plant Company Has Industry Ally Writing Rules At The EPA International Business Times

‘Not a single thing was dry’: Mumbai’s residents count the cost of floods Guardian

Southern China seeing more typhoons than usual this year – with another on the way SCMP

Irma is now a Category 3 hurricane and it could strengthen over the weekend MarketWatch

Hurricane Harvey

Texas residents face new evacuations and overflowing rivers caused by Harvey LA Times

In Big Test of Wind Farm Durability, Texas Facility Quickly Restarts After Harvey WSJ

Disaster Politics Can Get In The Way Of Disaster Preparedness FiveThirtyEight

As Harvey’s Price Tag Skyrockets, a Reckoning on Climate Costs Looms Climate Liability News

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