Meetup Reminders! Portland with Gaius Publius on Wednesday July 18, Seattle July 19

We had a great meetup in San Francisco. If you live further north on the West Coast, I hope it works for you to join one of our meetups later this week and chat with like-minded people.

Each runs from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM formally although we usually stay somewhat later.


Portland Wednesday July 18

Kell’s Irish Restaurant and Pub
112 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204
503 227-4057

The people at Kells have been super helpful but they’d like a headcount update. I told them 35 to 50 but think 35 to 40 might be a better guess. If readers can pipe up in comments to let me know if they are coming and whether they are brining significant others and/or friends, that would help.

Seattle Thursday July 19

1510 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
206 325-8263

Hope you can join us for some fun and lively conversation.

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    1. Gaius Publius

      Yves is on the west coast now and she’s attending the Portland meet. I’m sure she’ll be in Seattle as well.

  1. hemeantwell

    By happy coincidence I’m visiting a friend in Portland and should be able to make it.

  2. WendyS

    I am hoping to make the Portland meet up. I am right in the middle in Olympia, but Portland should be an easier drive. I am trying to convince a friend to come too.

  3. Punxsutawney

    I plan on being at the Portland meeting. For those that would like a secure parking garage, I recommend the one across from the US Bank tower (Big Pink), entrance on SW 4th and Pine.

  4. WendyS

    If we get too many people we could decamp to Powell’s the giant book store on Burnside St and 10th.

  5. StuartW

    I’ve long been more of an observer than a participant on this site, but I’m going to make an effort to drop in at Kells.

  6. Angie Neer

    Can any Seattlites tell me whether it is possible to securely park a bike near the venue? Locked, of course, but locks only go so far.

    1. Lord Koos

      As a former long time Seattle resident I’m guessing you’ll be fine with a good bike lock. I’m bummed I can’t be there myself, but I live 100 miles away and it’s not good timing for me… maybe next time.

    2. barrelrolldash80

      The sidewalks in that neighborhood have (here and there) small fences made of heavy metal pipe embedded for the purpose of chaining up bikes. There is one at the theater next to the barqa, there is one in front of the Elysian brewpub a couple blocks away on 13th and E. Pike that I recall from my last visits in the area. Seattle Central College a couple blocks to the n.w has a lot of bike racks on Broadway side.

    3. Richard Kline

      Yes. Lock it up, and you should be fine. There isn’t much bike theft that I know of in town outside of one remarkable cowboy rustler Downtown. It’s too easy to jack the bikeshare armada, and you’ll never get busted. Nobody will strip your bike either, despite the large number of streetlifers in the Pike-Pine neighborhood around Barca. You should be able to find a suitable lock up on the same block, maybe more on the north end, although there is major construction going on across the street just right now. They were hard at it today when I went by. I’m hoping the heat breaks here tonight, but it definitely should before Thursday.

  7. Robert

    I plan to come to Kells. I appreciate your writing and look forward to the opportunity to meet in person. Thanks for coming to Portland.

  8. Oregoncharles

    You picked the right time to come to Portland – the heat broke today. Not that temps in the 90’s would impress a New Yorker.

  9. ks

    Poked my head into the Portland Kells meetup room to gawp (don’t feel econ-literate enough to contribute) and saw a large and very animated crowd and a lot of checked shirts. Looked fun and lively indeed.

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