Readers have made great response to our final appeal, to meet our final goal of $35,000 for more original and to beat our new donor target of 1750 contributors. Since our last update, only three hours ago, you’ve closed in on the gap. We now need only 87 donations. Will you be one of them by going to our Tip Jar?

We have a bit more than eight hours left. Our 2018 fundraiser closes at midnight Pacific time Will you help push us over the top? Whatever you can give, $5, $50, or $5,000 all helps get us to these final goals and give you more original reporting!

And we are very close on our money goals too. Three hours ago, we were $12,335 short of our $35,000 goal but now are only $9,950 below!

And more readers are chiming in.

From Petter:

Why do I give each year? Because I have to – for me it’s a moral imperative. It just would not feel right at all, and I mean at all, to read NC everyday and not support it.

From boz:

I haven’t paid for a news/opinion subscription service for a long time.

NC has opened my eyes in a number of ways I won’t go into, and it is my go-to site nearly every day.

Pleased to now be supporting with cash as well as comments.

From Roger S:

$225.00 to help continue the otherworldly force that is nakedcapitalism.

And David G:

Donated right away. You are the very best out there. Keep it up!.

Only a few hours remain in the Naked Capitalism fundraiser. Show your support of critical thinking, merciless evisceration of lame punditry, deep diving into turbid financial waters, and cute animal pictures.

Every dollar you give now goes to support more original reporting. And even though we’re delighted to have raised $42,000, consider how modest that is compared to newsroom budgets, let alone that of the think tanks whose output we regularly take down. Make a high-leverage investment in exposing the fabrications that help support looting and policies that serve the rich at expense of the rest of us.

Be one of the last to push our fundraiser over the top. Let’s see if we can get to 1750 donors and provide even more funding for original reporting before the close of this effort, midnight PDT. Every donation helps get us towards our goals and make this site even better.

There are multiple ways to give. The first is the fundraiser page, where you can use a debit card, a credit card or a PayPal account (the charge will be in the name of Aurora Advisors).

You can also send a check (or multiple post-dated checks) in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated to

Aurora Advisors Incorporated
903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10075

Please also send an e-mail to with the headline “Check is in the mail” (and just the $ en route in the message) to have your contribution included in the total number of donations.

Again, I’m overwhelmed by this response from readers. Lambert and I want to give a big thanks to all of you who have donated already. If you can give a little, $5, $10, $50 or $5,000, it all has an impact. You are investing in creating a different debate, a different vision, and a different, more just society.

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  1. JTMcPhee

    How much damage to your planned efforts over the next funding period will be done if the $35,000 amount is not reached? I am about tapped out myself. But would like to know.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      It’s not easy to quantify. More $ means I can pay a researcher (either at a modest hourly rate or with an honorarium) and can lay off more to Lambert and Jerri-Lynn to have the focused time that is required. It does mean that less would get done and/or what gets done gets done more slowly.

  2. ambrit

    It’s only a token contribution, but it comes out of some money I raised from the sale of one of my MilSurp rifles. So, please consider it a “beating swords into ploughshares” contribution.
    Salutations from “The Plateau of Geezer.”

  3. Laughingsong

    K, I confirmed that the paychecks go in at midnight tonight and we have no debits scheduled so we can make it within the timeframe! Woo hoo! This is the third contribution, because I really can’t express how much this site and the writers and commentariat have educated me.

  4. BhamDan

    $100 check will be in the mail manana Yves. You, Lambert and Jerri-Linn rock and are making a real difference. Also too it was a pleasure and honor to meet you and your lovely mom at the first Birmingham meetup!

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